UNITED in for VARANE & NIGUEZ! VAN DE BEEK OUT of EUROS! Man Utd Transfer News

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Man Utd are in the transfer race to sign Saul Niguez and Raphael Varane according to reports and Donny Van De Beek is out of the Euros. Plus Jadon Sancho latest. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer news on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here bit.ly/1CmczHm

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asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 dager siden
Saul ain’t the player he was 2/3years ago, Utd shouldn’t be paying anymore than 40mil for him.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 dager siden
Are we linked to the milkman now and his wife
Mr Blanc
Mr Blanc 4 dager siden
United board are a disgrace, inept and greedy.
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm 4 dager siden
VDB get better soon
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm 4 dager siden
God help VDB
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 3 dager siden
Everything looks amazing ??
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm 4 dager siden
Glazers out out out out
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 3 dager siden
If we go into next season with no new cdm, then not only am I more firmly glazers out than before, then I am Murtough, Fletcher, the board, Ole and the coaches out!!
Richard Obiekwe
Richard Obiekwe 4 dager siden
Man utd is currently the most unserious and the biggest carrier destroyer on the planet. They are still chasing shadows of players that have rejected them.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 4 dager siden
Are we linked to the milkman now and his wife
Oscar Wade
Oscar Wade 5 dager siden
Better call Saul
Rock girl
Rock girl 5 dager siden
Feeling sad for van dee beek.. 💔 😞😭
Alpha Bravo
Alpha Bravo 5 dager siden
United transfer news makes you cringe lmao
Udbhav Malhotra
Udbhav Malhotra 5 dager siden
Udbhav Malhotra
Udbhav Malhotra 4 dager siden
@bcvbb hyui LoL
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 4 dager siden
Sancho same debacle as last year. So annoying reliving this all again
Really. You could of titled this. BETTER CALL SAUL. missed a trick there mark
Jamil Yassin
Jamil Yassin 5 dager siden
No one is good enough. Ha2
Rock girl
Rock girl 5 dager siden
Donny NEEDS to leave...NEEEEDDDSSS to leave. Just get out fam.....and I mean that in a nice way
Jamil Yassin
Jamil Yassin 5 dager siden
What difference will it make to make deals before the Euros? We are not going to get them to OT for training etc. As long as negotiations are going on and get the players in after the Euros
C KQ 5 dager siden
We need Milinkovic Savic Neves Saul Grealish Varane Sancho
J1Remz 5 dager siden
30:03 Come back to it at the start of next season
NightmareGAV 5 dager siden
All this nonsense chat about players coming in. I bet we get not one of them and end up with some bums from the championship
Aurel Bajrami
Aurel Bajrami 5 dager siden
The thumbnail is absolutely brilliant, well done whoever did it😂😂
Chrisxerri 5 dager siden
If we go into next season with no new cdm, then not only am I more firmly glazers out than before, then I am Murtough, Fletcher, the board, Ole and the coaches out!!
Jj 5 dager siden
There are only two calls to make. Glazers out, Ole out. No amount of signings will make Ole a better manager. You can give a bad driver a Ferrari and they will still be a bad driver in a Ferrari.
Chrisxerri 5 dager siden
The Glazers are trying everything they can to stay in power and nullify any threat. Including putting out bullshit stories to get fans hopes up. Dont believe them and keep up the pressure to get them out!
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 5 dager siden
How can Goldbridge praise Solskjaer's man mananagement, when he's been moaning about Van de Beeks lack of game time all season??? His blind favouritism of his "trusted performers",??? Goalkeeper shambles.... I like this channel, but the bloke is unbelievable, he really is, contradicts himself at every turn???
The Truth
The Truth 5 dager siden
That has nothing to do with man management, that falls under tactical knowledge, I think you’re confusing the two
GORKstar 5 dager siden
shame on you Manchester United and the Ole for ruining our national player < Donny van de Beek>
Victor Moya
Victor Moya 5 dager siden
We should go for Tyler Adams of Leipzig
CTM VIDEOGRAPHY 6 dager siden
Sancho same debacle as last year. So annoying reliving this all again
Giorgio B
Giorgio B 6 dager siden
A great man manager uses his whole squad, not just his favourites.
Giorgio B
Giorgio B 6 dager siden
What will Mark say when Pogba walks away on a free?
Elliot McShine
Elliot McShine 6 dager siden
Donny NEEDS to leave...NEEEEDDDSSS to leave. Just get out fam.....and I mean that in a nice way
Elliot McShine
Elliot McShine 5 dager siden
@Giorgio B fr man. "great man manager" lmaoo
Giorgio B
Giorgio B 5 dager siden
Donny was horribly mismanaged by our great man manager.
Steve Torrance
Steve Torrance 6 dager siden
What a quality year for donny
Darren Sarson
Darren Sarson 6 dager siden
Brilliant video well done Mark
R'as Moriarty
R'as Moriarty 6 dager siden
I'd say it's rushing players development and pressuring them on the biggest theater in the world. That's too much for most. They need time to adapt and get their. Only a few can do it from start to finish.
Ash 6 dager siden
Loan Mejbri to a hairdressers so he can get that barnet fixed.
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke 6 dager siden
I'm gutted for Donny stay safe
Dodge M
Dodge M 6 dager siden
If Mark continues with these transfer type videos, people will be thinking that United is going to sign half of Europe's top transfer signings, that would be approx. 20 players.
Giorgio B
Giorgio B 6 dager siden
Transfer stories are for amusement purposes only. No players or agents were harmed in making these videos.
Bleachguy 6 dager siden
how can u say ole is a top class man manager he crap man management selection crap man management subs crap man management tactics are crap favourites over performance how is he a top man management manager ?????????
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke 6 dager siden
Mark we said the Jude Bellingham should have been at Manchester United but would Ole use him hmmm Nope
Shane Currivan
Shane Currivan 6 dager siden
Are it's in for wolves dcm
Stanley Naidoo
Stanley Naidoo 6 dager siden
At one time united was a big supermarket now its becoming a corner shop
S L Jones
S L Jones 6 dager siden
Let's forget about sancho we need varane more
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke 6 dager siden
I'm getting fucking fed up with Ole and his bias English coaching set up
A J 6 dager siden
United ruined Donny..
Ricardo James
Ricardo James 6 dager siden
If man u ain't going to play next season I believe a loan in the premier league would be good for him. But don't sell him
PY 6 dager siden
Yes I agree. Not going to happen for sancho deal
Mark Agius
Mark Agius 6 dager siden
A lot saying get Grealish instead of Sancho,i think these fans have never seen football ! Grealish plays on the left and Sancho plays on the right !! and we need a right winger not a left winger.
Craig sharp
Craig sharp 6 dager siden
Adverts are crazy
K S 6 dager siden
Another hopeless season for United. Why only United after Sancho? While City, Chelsea, Liverpool, United and maybe others are after Grealish and Kane.
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 6 dager siden
Saul is an upgraded version of Fred, I’m starting to believe if we do buy a midfielder it will not be a true number 6 it will be someone like Saul who can play in the pivot next to Scott
Shaji Sivaraman
Shaji Sivaraman 6 dager siden
Along with Ed Woodward all other executives should go. Why Glazer's won't wake up.
Jeremy Chia
Jeremy Chia 6 dager siden
Who’s Brono, Mark?
Neil G
Neil G 6 dager siden
Varane is just doing what all Madrid players do. Agent talks about man utd to get a bigger contract
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd 6 dager siden
Ole is awful!
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena 6 dager siden
if you take a team to second in the Epl, he has some qualities
Trey Stiemsma
Trey Stiemsma 6 dager siden
I think that for midfield “cover” we are going to have Donny and Garner sitting on the bench
Lester Lee
Lester Lee 6 dager siden
Would believe it when I see it. Sancho holding up the shirt, more than 1deal at a time.
Hiten Patel
Hiten Patel 6 dager siden
Here we go again Saul, to United , every damn transfer window.
Ruairi Murray
Ruairi Murray 6 dager siden
Philips from Leeds be a great signing
Shelly D'souza
Shelly D'souza 6 dager siden
I wish Scott or Fred get a bad injury for about 6 months which will get ole to get a goddamn midfielder
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena 6 dager siden
Saul did not have a good season......not for 60M!
MP Robinson
MP Robinson 6 dager siden
Free Van de beek
Kadeisha Wright
Kadeisha Wright 6 dager siden
Ole is not competent and will take the team now where. Why is everyone hyping up 2nd place? Can we get a trophy for 2nd place ? My priority is winning trophies and I don’t believe we can with Ole, and people like Ole is what is wrong with workplace. Giving someone a promotion because u like that person but they don’t have the merit for it.
Ivan Ibhawoh
Ivan Ibhawoh 5 dager siden
No need to complain bro. Ole is not gonna last. Just be patient. Everyone's patience will run thin when we get a hard reality check next season and tbh ibhope we don't make top 4 for the greater good of the club. Ole has to go. Just be patient my brother. Ole can't keep up with his bs tactics and process for long
Precious Omolewa
Precious Omolewa 6 dager siden
I'm getting tired of personal agreement agreed, we are going to sign him before or after euros. Blablabla .... Man u transfer news specially.
Kadeisha Wright
Kadeisha Wright 6 dager siden
Man Utd is ruining football for me. Not making it fun to watch anymore
Danny Gnaniah
Danny Gnaniah 6 dager siden
Lord this is annoying
Mohammed Abdullatif
Mohammed Abdullatif 6 dager siden
Saul Niguez is a better Ander Herrera. Smarter. Better passer. Better shooter. Ambidextrous. I’d take Neves over him though
Antonio Kamber
Antonio Kamber 6 dager siden
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 6 dager siden
Can someone explain how Ole out= Glazers in? Surely Ole in= Glazers in. He protects and is perfect for them. A club legend who the fans love and will lower their standards for. Even when he fails you still find all the excuses. If we didn't have the glazers Ole wouldn't even have gotten the job. But because we don't have ambitious owners he here. What does that say about the manager?
GEORGE ROE 6 dager siden
boring boring boring
Khabib cherrypicking weight bully
Khabib cherrypicking weight bully 6 dager siden
In other words another day another rumour still signed no one all talk no sign
Wuming Kelvin
Wuming Kelvin 6 dager siden
from the owners to the board right down to the coaches every single one of them needs to be kicked out
Stuart Abbott
Stuart Abbott 6 dager siden
The bit where you're talking about Ole saying his coaches are world class and saying he is mistaken - I don't think it's that he is mistaken, I think he says that because he is a man manager even if he actually believes differently.
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross 6 dager siden
Therte all crap Solskjaer ,Carrick Phelan ,Mckenna Fletcher Butt did the right thing
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula 6 dager siden
Saul isn't as good as he was especially for anything above 40 million , let's look at other players please.
christopher bradley
christopher bradley 6 dager siden
No surprise that our first signing is an old goalkeeper.Please trust me,there won't be many more signings from the Glazier's who rob this football club of large amounts of money.I would love it if we had new owners with integrity above the parasites who own the club at the moment.
James Knowles
James Knowles 6 dager siden
I completely agree, why do we suddenly think they will invest? Will be like the Fred and lee grant summer.
Robert Simpson
Robert Simpson 6 dager siden
Why does it take soo long at united to close any transfers
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross 6 dager siden
Because there ain,t any its all paper talk
Steven Nostaw
Steven Nostaw 6 dager siden
We Are UNITED but are We Need to Clear The DEAD WOOD Not JUST the Ed Woodward!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 6 dager siden
Glazers out
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 6 dager siden
Mark saying saul is good enough of pep is irrelevant. Cause pep is a world class manager and will get the best out of him. Ole won't get the best. Ole and his coaching staff will fail massively
Kiros Tsegay - Kiya
Kiros Tsegay - Kiya 6 dager siden
OLe # the worst and softer Manager in PL!
74castle 6 dager siden
Mark, the team got 2nd place the coach did his best to get 7th. Complete amateur. Ole out ffs
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 6 dager siden
Once fans r in the ground ole will get so much stick for what his done to players like donny etc, he is our best midfielder who compliments bruno
Kiros Tsegay - Kiya
Kiros Tsegay - Kiya 6 dager siden
MA United will be the next Nottinghamforest unless dead gone, and stars in!!
rkujay 6 dager siden
Fire the board? Laughable, since eight of the twelve either have the name glazer or are associated by marriage. Not likely, Mark.
Michael Lawler
Michael Lawler 6 dager siden
Better Call Saul
Seanmufc89 6 dager siden
Cavani Rashy Sancho Bruno Neves Garner Shaw harry tuan bissaka Hendo
Seanmufc89 6 dager siden
Just a prediction but I think we will only sign sancho neves and trippier
YourBiggestFan 6 dager siden
Better call saul!!
TEDD J 6 dager siden
Mark at the end of this transfer window, "useless absolutely useless"
TheDisruptiveOne 6 dager siden
Why was VDB even on the team? Definitely didn’t earn it with his club season.
Anna Hawula
Anna Hawula 6 dager siden
Utd paid 120 million for pogba after they had originally owned him and fergie did not rate him. They then stupidly paid 120 million to get him back to discover he is not good enough to play in midfield. And still cannot flog him to someone else. What a waste.
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross 6 dager siden
Know Club is stupid enough to sign Pogba only UTD
Barry Christopher
Barry Christopher 6 dager siden
People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it's retracing....BE WISE
PES21 Q Lover rob
PES21 Q Lover rob 6 dager siden
We need sanchoooooooooooooo glazer
Robbie Jones
Robbie Jones 6 dager siden
Poor Donny :(
Anna Hawula
Anna Hawula 6 dager siden
Football is no longer the same anymore. Players today are ridiculously over hyped. Whole game has become slow and boring.
Leonard Kim
Leonard Kim 6 dager siden
'Better Call Saul' >__
Md Shupto
Md Shupto 6 dager siden
After a day united wil be likned with Messi Ronaldo Neymar Pep as manager klopp as assistant
Markc Ody
Markc Ody 6 dager siden
deejay nkhatho
deejay nkhatho 6 dager siden
sick and tired of hearing this “Neves to United” talk! everyone is just hyping him up and he ain’t even that good, he’s a mid-table player at best
B C 6 dager siden
Saul don't say the rest
Animelytical 6 dager siden
Sacking the board would be an amazing step. The Glazers are employing incompetent people. It shows they don't care
Dhiraj Desai
Dhiraj Desai 6 dager siden
United will sign Jerome boteng and Harry wings
Made in Mizoram Official
Made in Mizoram Official 6 dager siden
Better call saul
Luke Mcbrien
Luke Mcbrien 6 dager siden
better call saul
Amad Diallo is a BIG TALENT!
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