United Choose Sancho Over Kane! Man Utd Transfer News

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Manchester United will prioritise a move for Jadon Sancho over Harry Kane this summer according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer news on The United Stand. United Stand Exclusive Hoody collection united-stand.myshopify.com

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Adam Dag siden
This was Flex’s last show😭😭😭 good luck my friend
YOUKNOWMYNAME 13 dager siden
I understand we are all frustrated! We win together, we lose together. Since Olè came we have been heading in the right direction as a football club! However I’m not sure if he’s the man to take us over that hump. So ole has to be a bit more ruthless and less naive. We are United.. it can’t get any worse than it was the last 8 years! Let’s root for the boys and go again next season! 🔴⚫️⚪️
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre 13 dager siden
Support Ole, defend him but don’t complain when he doesn’t win anything simple.
M C 13 dager siden
Sick to death of these pathetic Ole Out comments... Sad geeks writing in to try and share their toxic uneducated opinion!! Don't have a clue about foundations Ole has created! No idea about the hard work done in the background and don't recognise progress. No progress? Got to a semi last season... Final this season! Progress! 3RD last season 2nd next season! Progress!! Klopp won nothing in his first 4 seasons you absolute idiots And Beth, you just say whatever you see on Twitter. You know nothing!!
John White
John White 13 dager siden
what a load ov Bull three players!! , we just need a manager and a center back, Ole lost the final for us he should have took Pogba off at half time and vanbeek in his place, Rashford is not focused on football fergie would have dropped him
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 13 dager siden
34:03 I would like to know in what world does Alex live in. I mean how can you say you are not levels behind Chelsea when you cannot even beat Villareal.
nish patel
nish patel 13 dager siden
That guy on the bottom right is absolutely clueless. Get him off
Shane Deeprose
Shane Deeprose 13 dager siden
A decent cb would be nice ?
Mel Appleyard
Mel Appleyard 13 dager siden
It’s not a luxury signing we need a right wing,greenwood is a striker
IrvMeister General
IrvMeister General 13 dager siden
Jesus Christ how long are you gonna bang on about Sancho? Which bit of "I don't want to play for United" do you not understand????
lol guys (the whole united fanbase), we need at least two quality midfielders. at least two
Stefan Samuels
Stefan Samuels 14 dager siden
Steven Nicholson
Steven Nicholson 14 dager siden
We have the worst midfield in the league cb pairing as well ole is naive in a sense but i still think his up side is greater with better players so he as option
MISBAHUL IMAM 14 dager siden
There's no way Ole will be able to complete with Tuchel, Pep and Klopp next season. The best he can do is top 4 ( no matter who he signs). So what's the point in giving sticking with him. Ole has done some good work here, but he has reached his ceiling. It's time to get a top manager.
Agatha harrison
Agatha harrison 14 dager siden
The way we lost the final and the way we were booted out of the FA Cup shows how crab and clueless Ole is. Please let's show Ole out of the iron gate and get Conte, Zidane or Nagelsman in!!!!!!!!
TheCircusmidget 14 dager siden
Our style of football is hit and hope.
Steven E.F.
Steven E.F. 14 dager siden
United don't play like a team, full of individual talents playing selfishly eg. Rashford. Chelsea play as a team that's why they're that compact and hard to beat!!!
Axel Fond
Axel Fond 11 dager siden
That's why they have a new manager to ensure that happens. What a difference it made.
Steven E.F.
Steven E.F. 14 dager siden
Give OGS the right players he wants. The addition of a CDM into our midfield irrespective of whether Pogba stays or leaves and a world class CB with experience is the beginning of wisdom for United. We have enough attacking fire power to beat any team, we just have not had that spine for a long while. Most matches are won from the midfield!
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 10 dager siden
@Steven E.F. Oh I'm discussing this with a moron. Sancho joined Dortmund on 31st August. 2017. Man Utd signed Dan James 2019. Dortmund or any club wouldn't sell a player barely over a year into joining them. Dortmund were not going to sell. Last year is when man utd pushed to sign Sancho & now they are making the same efforts to sign him this year. Case closed!
Steven E.F.
Steven E.F. 10 dager siden
@Zeon Eons This tells me what I needed to know, you're the clueless one my friend. I rest my case!!
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 10 dager siden
@Steven E.F. He got James for £15-18mill. This was before Sancho. Bruno was the high ticket price they were looking at. Get a clue.
Steven E.F.
Steven E.F. 10 dager siden
@Zeon Eons And you have a clue? He got James because he could not get Sancho, go and get your facts right Mr Clue!!
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 11 dager siden
@Steven E.F. You obviously have no clue. His signings were Maguire, Wan, Dan James & Bruno. Not everyone he puts on a wishlist he will get for numerous reasons. All managers have to accept that.
Jeff McGuire
Jeff McGuire 14 dager siden
Ole out too many school boy errors time after time he doesn't learn by his mistakes
Roger 14 dager siden
Henderson AWB ? Maguire Shaw Rice Bruno Grealish Sancho Rash Cavani Sell the dead wood kids can understudy
mohin chowdhury
mohin chowdhury 14 dager siden
Lindelof is big cause of United’s problems, lack of experienced coaching staff, need a solid CDM ie Bassuma or Rice, need a solid centre back ie Varne, we 100% need Grealish and Sancho and a back up right back. I think if we have these positions filled correctly and not 2nd or 3rd choice players I can see us competing.
bryan yau
bryan yau 14 dager siden
We all love Rashford but how long are we gonna tolerate his poor decision making by excusing him for his ankle injury. Does his ankle decide for him what to fo on the field?
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin' 14 dager siden
😂😂😂😂😂 Kane doesn't want to come to United! He wants TROPHIES!
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 14 dager siden
It's all rinse and repeat. We all know Lpool will win the Prem next term..with chelsea, city. United are finished as a top club.. until we get the Glazers out.
cherylisme 14 dager siden
Simple question: If Ole were to be available as a manager today, would any other top clubs, in any league, get him in? The answer is NO. So he has 100% got the Man United manager job not by merit but by sentiment. And that is why we will never challenge properly again until this is fixed.
Ewok FromEndor
Ewok FromEndor 14 dager siden
US transfer bullcrap
Shohid Ali
Shohid Ali 14 dager siden
Ole out - tactically not good enough
Money Penny
Money Penny 14 dager siden
Kane is premiership proven
Nohman Ahmed
Nohman Ahmed 14 dager siden
We do need a real RW these guys are mad if they think mason is a proper rw what is wrong with you guys Rw is a must we need speed on both sides of the pitch i dont think at all sancho is a glazer sigining cus we friggin need him Aholes
Paul Dawe
Paul Dawe 14 dager siden
Wanted jadon sancho but you got tom heaton 😄😄😄😄😄 banter club
74castle 14 dager siden
This vid is ole out so just come out n say it ffs He doesn’t deserve another penny OLE OUT!!!!
Fat Thor
Fat Thor 14 dager siden
Jack, please stop jumping in with your points when they are speaking. Calm down buddy :-)
Ryan Watkins
Ryan Watkins 14 dager siden
Bissouma Bissouma Bissouma
Patrick Zulu
Patrick Zulu 14 dager siden
74castle 14 dager siden
Rashford being positive and complimentary about ole after the game is wholly irrelevant, he’s a fuckin favourite!? Ask Donny how the game went
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 13 dager siden
That's why we won't win under Ole.
fcom123 14 dager siden
Good point
Pratik Tendulkar
Pratik Tendulkar 14 dager siden
Very boring topic Sancho They are like the do all transfers
G B 14 dager siden
I don't agree that Sancho is luxury. He is a match winner, and we can't have too many of those. However, agree we have more pressing issues. We need a fast CB and we need a better CDM(s). Kane is great, but he wants trophies. That doesn't really suggest he wants to sign for United. Ultimately, depends how much the Glazers are willing to lay out. £100m? £200m? More? Big question.
Nicholas Kearney
Nicholas Kearney 14 dager siden
Beth would get smashed 😂😂
shadeshadow 14 dager siden
Ole out is not the solution. No manager could win anything with this player group. Back your manager, Ole needs 4-5 new good players, then we will be contenders.
Tiny Doc
Tiny Doc 14 dager siden
Michael T
Michael T 14 dager siden
Facts! A lot of these players have been inconsistent before Ole became manager. Especially the players Mourinho signed: Lindelof, Pogba, Bailly, Matic and Fred
Zee One
Zee One 14 dager siden
Beth is delusional most of our signings were not planned well Harry Maguire a right footed CB you play on the left AWB is poor going forward yet you want your full backs to attack why was dan james signed has the coaches improved him no getting Luke Shaw to play as he ids paid to do is not Genius Pogba insisted on playing further forward so his happier if our coaches are not good enough it’s down to the manager not to employ his mates
Blue ! Monkey
Blue ! Monkey 14 dager siden
Beth is the best !!
Jay Malviya
Jay Malviya 14 dager siden
Lets sort out one thing - We all know in our head's that Ole is not the right guy but the heart says to stick with him. It's a matter of how we make the decision - using our heart or our head🤔
C Mc
C Mc 14 dager siden
Beth make the most sense out of this lot
Pat Co
Pat Co 14 dager siden
Ole and his staff have hit their ceiling
Greg Winston
Greg Winston 14 dager siden
We absolutely need a right sided player who creates. Mason has done well but how many assists has he got from there. Mason will transition to no 9. Sancho is perfect for our right hand side. United need proper wingers!!!
Justin Hongkai Ng
Justin Hongkai Ng 14 dager siden
still cannot phantom why we are talking about new signings when the coaching staff and manager should go now, so that the new manager and coaching staff can make plans.
Donal Power
Donal Power 14 dager siden
A glazer driven signing would be Ronaldo more Sancho we need for more balance in the team and Greenwood is a natural number 9
Prakash Indranath
Prakash Indranath 14 dager siden
jules kounde 55m/ sancho 75m/ pape matar sarr 20m / pedro goncalves 40m/ joelson fernandes 30m/ thiago almanda 300m and for reserves gonzalo plata 10m/ jose juan macias 10m/ todd cantwell 25m
Steve Mundy
Steve Mundy 14 dager siden
Rashy has had back and ankle injuries and has been forced to play through them...
Joon - young
Joon - young 14 dager siden
Jay is very mature
HUGH McNEILLIE 14 dager siden
We will get Pau Torres who is a slight upgrade on Lindelof. For me Torres would be a back up CB to Maguire and Varane. Not one who makes us Champions elect.
Steve Mundy
Steve Mundy 14 dager siden
Give Ole a season with a CDM and a centre back...
Saqib Akbar
Saqib Akbar 14 dager siden
Remember the season when Wolves used to take points of the top 6; that is how Ole took points against the top 6. Those are the games when the onus is not on him to attack and he can play his counter-attacking style. This does not make you a top team; just a bogey side for some top teams. In more than 80% of the games when the other teams play a low-block, he is clueless. You cannot JUST be a counter-attacking manager.
The Flash
The Flash 14 dager siden
Yes, because Fred and Pogba are top midfielders with the ability to break down teams, we have creative wingers who know how to play the position, Martial is a top no9 who can bully defences.. We don’t have the fucking players to break teams down, got a bunch of clowns who ain’t good enough for United running about doing nothing
tomtomufc 14 dager siden
I just want too fast forward the transfer window and see where we are,every year hearing the names were linked with and then what we end up with is just the total opposite its bullshit,I.e why are we talking about Kane FFS and even Sancho we all no what we need but I can't see it happening I've got no faith whatsoever in our board,hope I'm wrong.I've got to say and all the way ole managed that final was shocking and I'm losing faith in him all together we've got mediocre staff coaching one of the biggest clubs in the world.
Michael Palfreman
Michael Palfreman 14 dager siden
If true a big mistake
Oluwamodimu Odunayo
Oluwamodimu Odunayo 14 dager siden
You people are crazy
LT 14 dager siden
We need to prioritise a CDM and break this mcfred partnership up and get a solid CB to sit alongside Maguire. Until then don't even think about Sancho or kane
LT 14 dager siden
Rashford is shocking, poundshop version of Ronaldo
amarpall sidhu
amarpall sidhu 14 dager siden
I think players are ok to challenge Chelsea Liverpool City. I think there is something seriously wrong with either the manager or his coaches. Whose job is it to motivate, man-manage & prepare tactically? After a bad performance or a silly loss, you say day it happens, unlucky, mistakes etc. Get the whip crackibg on under performers. You do not need to get cosy with slack players otherwise they get pampered, eg Rashford. After the Euros, i expect Pogba Circus 3.0.
Unbearable 2020
Unbearable 2020 14 dager siden
Alex...Ole will be our best manager since Fergie is a fucking laughable comment
Top Top
Top Top 14 dager siden
Nuno Mendes for Alex Telles??? I would do that as I want a better competitor for Luke Shaw.
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 14 dager siden
Don't worry guys klopp not interested in sancho. Over to you. But why Sancho would go to UTd is beyond me.
Unbearable 2020
Unbearable 2020 14 dager siden
Shaw is not the best lb in England
Top Top
Top Top 14 dager siden
This club needs not one CDM but two, I mean two top CDMs!! Bissouma and Rice together and just sell Fred!!!! If Varane won't come , go get Kounde!!!
Mohd Ridhuan Md Kamal
Mohd Ridhuan Md Kamal 14 dager siden
What kind of shithousery is this? Get a proper CDM and CB man... Look at how Rudiger and Kante was instrumental to Chelsea's UCL win. Screw it with either Sancho or Kane, don't prioritise either of them tbh.
Gabar-GCS 14 dager siden
Chelsea goes out and hires Tuchel and end up winning the Championship in few months and we're still talking about Ole and keeping him for another year. It's a joke.
Oluwamodimu Odunayo
Oluwamodimu Odunayo 14 dager siden
Ole out pls everyone we are manuninted ole out 😭
James DaT WoN
James DaT WoN 14 dager siden
Ŕight side leaps and bounds! unfortunately like the left side it cant pass or cross but you know......
Siddhant Prasad
Siddhant Prasad 14 dager siden
Beth makes more sense than Jack the Pratt
The Dahlaners
The Dahlaners 14 dager siden
Hate to say this, but with Ole we won't get a trophy for the next three years. Ole came from Norwegian League with lack of tactical knowledge. If you compare to Pep, Tuchel, Klopp, all of them start to gain basic knowledge of tactics from junior level. In addition, he keep doing a poor on starting eleven decision (always prioritize Lindelof over Tuanzebe/Bailly and always prefer McFred over VDB, Rashford/Martial as a golden boy and never give time for Amad/Shoretire), this really make me sick!! Too many problems in United, start from Owner, Manager, Players (at least we need CB, CDM, proper striker), and no proper Leader in the team!!! So be patient United fans, this is a difficult period for us :(
Sangtea Darngawn
Sangtea Darngawn 14 dager siden
Sancho is not what United need at the moment...
Yewbzee 14 dager siden
Great show folks. I'm still effed off with Ole's total lack of in game management in that final.
Dillon Sass
Dillon Sass 14 dager siden
I wonder if Ole saw what time Chelsea and Man city made subs in the CL final. First time i see no subs in a final 😁
Nabel Masri
Nabel Masri 14 dager siden
Ole has to go, he's completely out of Depth! He exposed himself during the match...........he should go and so does the entire coaching team, defensively they are horrible
Dorothy Pedron
Dorothy Pedron 14 dager siden
United blue print has always been using academy players with mixture of world class signings. United is the only team to have 50% of its players from academy in English football till this date. Getting a manager is not easy. None of the available world class managers don't use academy players. Except Poch who's won nothing even in France.
James McCarthy
James McCarthy 14 dager siden
I hope that United, if they are insisting on keeping Wally Ole, that they are offering him 150 grand a year cos thats about all he is worth. He is not a million pound a year manager. He is useless and will not get another top level job when he gets fired next season….. I’m sure he will pull the arms off the Glazers for 150 grand a year….
Ahmad baihaqy
Ahmad baihaqy 14 dager siden
Adam Otto
Adam Otto 14 dager siden
No1 gonna mention how extra gorgeous Beth is looking
Sling Blade
Sling Blade 13 dager siden
The thirst is very real
Conor Hayes
Conor Hayes 14 dager siden
Enough about transfer talk can we just appreciate how stunning Beth is😅
Kadeer Khan
Kadeer Khan 9 dager siden
No hate to Beth but stunning is exaggerating a little
Oli T
Oli T 14 dager siden
Bruh I was thinking the exact same thing haha
Ahmed Al-Khatib
Ahmed Al-Khatib 14 dager siden
Not the only one mate
Dillon Sass
Dillon Sass 14 dager siden
Beth is stunning yes but how will you feel if Chelsea sign Sancho? Just putting it out there?
Devinto Darlis
Devinto Darlis 14 dager siden
Why backing Ole?? HE CAN'T EVEN USE HIS PLAYERS..!!! He doesn't have the knowledge to do it. Giving ole more time means another season to waste
Ronin 1977
Ronin 1977 14 dager siden
Seriously thou , Ole has to go..Even with Rice ,Varane and Sancho we r not goin anywhere under Ole.
Gabriel 14 dager siden
Is there going to be any transfers until manager crisis is solved?New contract for Ole,really?
Ermal krasniqi
Ermal krasniqi 14 dager siden
Chelsea >United
k Se7en
k Se7en 14 dager siden
i don't agree with the Jadon Sancho is not needed and was not Bruno signing went the same way as well as Harry Maguire , got them next transfer windows . jadon sancho is needed
Charan Dhondaley
Charan Dhondaley 14 dager siden
Looking good Beth
Sandy sandeep
Sandy sandeep 14 dager siden
Wonder wtf did ole speak to vdb when he signed ? Get better coaches around ole . Get zidane or poch !!
Oliver Heaney
Oliver Heaney 14 dager siden
Doesn’t matter who united take in.. that squad of players is going nowhere
clive gilbert
clive gilbert 14 dager siden
Rashford is a flawed diamond..with his pace, shooting, and skill..he should be up there with Mbappe, Neymar......But, invariable in mega-matches he disappears,..he lacks BOTTLE unfortunately.
David Bratton
David Bratton 14 dager siden
Why are we giving a 3 year contract to someone who simply is not good enough. Now , thanks to the Glazers, they will have to give him 20 million when they sack him. Good man management will not win you titles and Champions Leagues. Time to get real. If players are not good enough you get rid and move on and that is what we have to do with Ole.
Sling Blade
Sling Blade 13 dager siden
@Ifty Crown Yeah corrupt organizations need weak figureheads
Ifty Crown
Ifty Crown 13 dager siden
Because he protects the glazers real intentions of robbing us.
Tae-Hyung Kim
Tae-Hyung Kim 14 dager siden
I’m Ole out precisely because I’m Glazers out. One is simply a consequence of the other.
The Flash
The Flash 14 dager siden
So any manager they hire, you instantly want out? Think you should find a new team to support mate
bellyfrog 14 dager siden
I think you have to sign Sancho if you can. He could be one of the best wingers in the world over the next 10 years, and he's probably gonna want to come to England so not only do we want him, we don't want Chelsea, City or Liverpool to get him.
Rally A
Rally A 14 dager siden
Misplaced priority
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 14 dager siden
Our club is broken. I care less about having a manager who can win a trophy next year and more about having a manager who can fix the club and prevent us becoming the next Everton or Arsenal. Is Ole that person... maybe. I can put up with another trophy less season but I can’t cope with us becoming a “used to be” club. Ole in until someone better at fixing our club comes along.
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 14 dager siden
RMadrid BMunich and Liverpool have signed CB's already Mu cannot get signings over the line. CD then a CDM is a priority the rest is all media hype. Lets get real
Leon Lovelock
Leon Lovelock 14 dager siden
Beth talk smarter than these fool months show , this team need sancho it have no creativity.
Gregory Ho
Gregory Ho 14 dager siden
If United don't pay the fee that BVB want then there's no deal. Otherwise, what's there to debate or discuss? Are you guys desperate for content?
Reza Razak
Reza Razak 14 dager siden
Sanch IS NEEDED to oust trashford.
Nico Joshua
Nico Joshua 14 dager siden
no bridge bridge
Sean Forbes
Sean Forbes 14 dager siden
That trans girl in the top corner is fucking deluded
Adam 14 dager siden
Robert Elias
Robert Elias 14 dager siden
I really don't get the "Ole will leave the signings on the bench" comment, he WILL do that if they are players he didn't want like DVB but if they are the players he actually wants he will play them, for instance if we had of gotten Haaland Ole would be picking him every week. Ole doesn't leave Maguire out of the team does he.
Alton Blake
Alton Blake 14 dager siden
Beth i can't help myself from saying it. You are absolutely gorgeous. Ole out.
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