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Man Utd have finalised their summer transfer plans as Solskjaer sets out what is needed at United to challenge for the title. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer news on The United Stand. United Stand Exclusive Hoody collection

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Symptom Dag siden
why rice, great player but look at the price tag,what about ndidi?
Binosh Rai
Binosh Rai 7 dager siden
Sancho, Varane, Rice,
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 8 dager siden
Big changes need to happen at man united!!!!
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 8 dager siden
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 8 dager siden
The glazers can afford all the players we need they just dont want to!!!!
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 8 dager siden
Solskjear couldnt manage a piss up in a brewery!!!! He has to go.
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 8 dager siden
The management set up at man united is all flawed & fucked up!!!!
Vasie Kumarasamy
Vasie Kumarasamy 10 dager siden
Forget about Sancho. Go and get Adama Traore or Grealish or Raphinna. Midfield get Rice or Bissoumma. Defence get Anderson from Fullham.
Wake Up
Wake Up 11 dager siden
I feel embarrassed for Man United fans as they are now becoming a club that will try and snatch a player like Rice only to be knocked back.
Oak Achie
Oak Achie 12 dager siden
Other teams lovers don't make noice as to who they are bringing in or want mgt to bring in, all you hear is that so and so are in the team. Why can't our so called know everything keep quiet a bit
Dessy Dessy
Dessy Dessy 12 dager siden
Dont ever sign mino raiola players please
Tomba 12 dager siden
Omg.. I must say i really hate the shouting in the intro! always need to turn the volume down and then up again..
Christopher Yates
Christopher Yates 12 dager siden
You are talking rubbish. Utd have completed all their business. Utd have signed up Kavarni .That's the lot.
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell 12 dager siden
Hiring Ole because he was a Legend is the same as hiring someone because they are related to you. We need the best players in the world but we dont need the best manager in the world???
Isa's Football Corner
Isa's Football Corner 12 dager siden
Hire me as a Striker/Manager/Owner Problem Solved Tittles won 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Andrew Bedford
Andrew Bedford 12 dager siden
Chris Burgess
Chris Burgess 12 dager siden
If we get a cb what about lindelof playing cdm ??
Mookameli Moeketsi
Mookameli Moeketsi 12 dager siden
I wonder why we dont look towards getting Ruben Neves, he can play CDM I think... Good with long balls, passing and long range shooting... Also why is United overlooking CR7? Important for the desire to win.
pierrane suh
pierrane suh 13 dager siden
Let United buy Yves Bousouma he is better than Declan Rise
Raymond Fitzgerald-kuhl
Raymond Fitzgerald-kuhl 13 dager siden
Ole’s not resigned...! What a c-t.......No centre backs......? No top four.....simple as that......United have issues full stop......we are fucked.
pj neon
pj neon 13 dager siden
i dont have to look at the video when i saw the caption, i can just google best 10 players today
Cooldre 13 dager siden
Rice is overprice and overrated, might as well get Ndidi for that price! Zakaria would be simple option.
Erik Stoop
Erik Stoop 13 dager siden
I watched the Netherlands under 21 vs France under 21 match and Botman is not the central defender United should buy, both Perr Schuurs and Jurrien Timber are Dutch centre backs, that are faster and better. Botman is quite clumsy. Tall, strong, left footed, great header, but slow and clumsy. So he is a young Maguire with a left foot. The best Dutch defender for United would be Jurrien Timber, he is not tall 5'11", but fast and a great footballer.
KOH Michael
KOH Michael 13 dager siden
Apparently Varance prefers PSG over joining us
Atul Michael
Atul Michael 13 dager siden
We need to get Antonio Conte
Atul Michael
Atul Michael 13 dager siden
Our targets should be Bissouma, Lacroix/fofana, Sancho/Buendia.
Atul Michael
Atul Michael 13 dager siden
Ole transfer targets 2030 - Varane, Sancho and Rice
Nhlonipho Msweli
Nhlonipho Msweli 13 dager siden
City signs a wall like Dias, Chelsea signs a true defender like Thiago Silva, and we are busy looking at sh*t has-beens like Varane. I feel sick 😷
Geo Emmanuel
Geo Emmanuel 13 dager siden
Players don't want to drag their future for a long time contrary to popular belief in favour of slightly better deal. So if we do a quick deal, varane would be happy to sign.
GR1MBARBAR1AN 13 dager siden
Declan Rice is not the player we need ! Ndidi would be better , even bissouma!
ARUN JOSHI 13 dager siden
JJ TIGHE 13 dager siden
yes because we prefer to sign English "talent"
Blue Frogman
Blue Frogman 13 dager siden
Mark at it again. Backing Ole every damn moment. With ole United is just a bunch of joke.
pracxis sr
pracxis sr 13 dager siden
40mil for Saul take it
Delman Pronto
Delman Pronto 13 dager siden
goldbridge really pulls a lot of stuff out of his backside.
soto 13 dager siden
Fuckin joke lol get rid of these clowns. Wtf is that, its not FM. How does he earn his bread? Match day Or even pulling up in the car park? 🤡
Juan Soto
Juan Soto 13 dager siden
I can name 5 less expensive CDM's that would improve ManU besides Rice or Ndidi: Bissouma Koopmeiners Tchoumeani Paulinha Zakaria
Juan Soto
Juan Soto 13 dager siden
How is everyones sleeping on Kounde? Personally, he is the best CB available after Varane, if not the best
Cali Shakes
Cali Shakes 13 dager siden
Wait why is Axel Tuanzebe leaving?
JJ TIGHE 13 dager siden
because we want buy him back for 90 million in a few years time
zibeddy 13 dager siden
Just had that klopp beer advert to watch this United video wtf
Ivan Cruz
Ivan Cruz 13 dager siden
Ole and united don't need millions and don't deserve millions in transfers, what united need is intelligent coaches and a better manager.
Sindo M
Sindo M 13 dager siden
March 20: Ole: we are in a position to take advantage of market 😂
Marlon Davidson
Marlon Davidson 13 dager siden
just sack Ole.I'm tired of hearing how bad the coaching is
vartika pathak
vartika pathak 13 dager siden
In- ruben neves 40m, sancho-80m, varane-55m, donnarumma-free,dalot back Out-lingard-15m, dan james-18m, matic-8m, mata-free, bailly-20m,henderson-35m Net spend-81m pounds
vartika pathak
vartika pathak 13 dager siden
Donnamurra Wan B. Varane. Maguire. Luke Ruben. Pogba Bruno Sancho. Cavani. Rashford Subs-greenwood,martial,amad,fred,van de beek, mctominay,lindelof,de gea,telles, dalot
Gard Sellæg
Gard Sellæg 13 dager siden
Sancho will sign in the upcoming week. You heard it here first ;)
Giorgio B
Giorgio B 13 dager siden
We have a manager who doesn't manage and coaches who don't coach. Why is anyone still surprised? If you'd been watching you'd have noticed no patterns of play for three years and in-game management coming from an IPAD. Time to end the sentimentality and hire elite football management.
Abu Hanifah
Abu Hanifah 13 dager siden
I think it's time for ole to leave... He has steadied the ship. Well done... Now its time for a proper 'coach' to spend time on the training field and get this team going. Also, United have probably the 3rd or 4th best squad in the league
Ezichi Nwosu
Ezichi Nwosu 13 dager siden
Pls what is lunchtime
M G 13 dager siden
Get neves and zakaria same price as rice
Yoni Marlow
Yoni Marlow 13 dager siden
How are we not going for Kessie? Kessie would come for less than 60m and he’d be a gun for us. Young, strong, quick, scores pens, assists, great pass success rate.
Lemons44 13 dager siden
Just wondering what formation and what line up you guys would use if you signed rice ?
register747 13 dager siden
Instead of buying Rice, Donnie shall be played alongside one of McTominy or Fred so midfield can become a bit creative too.
Solo Mecha
Solo Mecha 13 dager siden
Rice is operated. Fred plus 10mil is more than enough for him. Why would city want him? They have more capable players at CDM positions bruh
Matt roules
Matt roules 13 dager siden
Man utd need Zidane
Steven Farr
Steven Farr 13 dager siden
We won't get nobody the usual crap
Andrew Bracken
Andrew Bracken 13 dager siden
All talk about rice, I think tielemans could be a much better shout
JJ TIGHE 13 dager siden
and half the price , but he is not english so our stupid brexiteer policy rules him out 😂
Steven Farr
Steven Farr 13 dager siden
Hope they buy a center half if no then nobody
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho 13 dager siden
Why 80 mil for Declan Rice? Swap Lingard + 50m with west ham and you can get Rice
Hayden Svavarsson
Hayden Svavarsson 13 dager siden
Bit laughable that Real are looking at getting 60-70 mill for Varane,yet we're lucky to get 40 this season if we sell Pogba??really wtf!?
Invisxble 13 dager siden
i hope donny dosent go
azhar javidkhan
azhar javidkhan 13 dager siden
We should go for Ruben neves
Peter George
Peter George 13 dager siden
We need Grealish and Rice, Sancho would be an unnecessary luxury.
Connect More
Connect More 13 dager siden
Trey Knott
Trey Knott 13 dager siden
Why not just go for Ndidi instead of Rice
hawaiianfire27 13 dager siden
spot on- displayed by awful performance w set pieces on both end
hawaiianfire27 13 dager siden
Lindelof should go along w the rest of the deadwood. Make room for game time for Axel.
Patrick Carney
Patrick Carney 13 dager siden
There is no goddamn way that varane is coming to United
Shane O Dwyer
Shane O Dwyer 13 dager siden
Has McTominay ever played as centre back at any level for United?
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin' 13 dager siden
Tomorrow "Ronaldo desperate for United move!"
Adam Motley
Adam Motley 13 dager siden
Ole is manger and dont take training what a fraud get ole out Woodward is going and Glazer's to go aswell
Daz Knight
Daz Knight 13 dager siden
Ben white and Tom Heaton.... 21 is coming peeps 😂😂
onotu aliyu ohindase
onotu aliyu ohindase 13 dager siden
Up till now, United have not started negotiations to sign priority targets. A absolute joke.
ayo olujobi
ayo olujobi 13 dager siden
Man U is a joke to me @ this point. It’s only story upon story
Mad Murdoch
Mad Murdoch 13 dager siden
Alex crook on 5live earlier hit the nail on the head earlier.. Even he wants ole out..
Daz Knight
Daz Knight 13 dager siden
Ole, McKenna not good enough
New Happiness
New Happiness 13 dager siden
The coaches should be replaced with top quality
Rohit Khanna
Rohit Khanna 13 dager siden
If chelsea get £200m as read from metro sport... Utd need at least that. £300m wud b decent, cb cdm haaland and sancho... We need every position, squad depth is poor..
DJ SNOWY 13 dager siden
Kane wants city
DJ SNOWY 13 dager siden
Grealish wants city. Wtf going on
DJ SNOWY 13 dager siden
Verane said he favoures PSG
Raylen Naidoo
Raylen Naidoo 13 dager siden
Is anybody looking at Phillips from Leeds ?
ArD Magic
ArD Magic 13 dager siden
Botman should be the defender we go for he's a animal very dominant
Mihir Wairkar
Mihir Wairkar 13 dager siden
Would you please stop with these repetitive transfer talks. It gets boring and frustrating since nothing really comes to fruition. I would really appreciate if you come up with new discussions. The team hasn't performed well, maybe make a series on the strengths and weaknesses of every man utd player/ or the tactics that worked/failed over the season.
Marlon Morgan
Marlon Morgan 13 dager siden
Ole needs to go ASAP big wasteman
Gary Christy
Gary Christy 13 dager siden
Lets move on.Give Jones another 4 year contract and put Pereira in the holding midfielder role.There ,sorted
h00ps 14 dager siden
When you going on Spotify???
SMURF 1888
SMURF 1888 14 dager siden
Kane varane Sancho will win title get rid of the bums mctominay Fred martial etc ... Plus 150/200 mill.
choby02 14 dager siden
Such nonsense, as if this guy knows who Ole’s targets are. Other than Sancho cos we know united tried to get him last summer he’s just speculating. Just like he’s speculating about our training methods.. talking out your fucking arse again mark!
Lucas Wong
Lucas Wong 14 dager siden
why nobody suggesting camavinga?
JCab87 14 dager siden
Bissouma is better than Rice
samgzag11 14 dager siden
Irie United
Irie United 14 dager siden
I believed that our tempo improved when Fletcher came in.
WİLDRİFT 2Fortune4U 14 dager siden
LİNGARD (WESTHAM) MARTİAL(TOTENHAM) DANİEL JAMES (EVERTON) = + 90 m € Sancho buy. Varane buy (150m budget) Rice buy (150m budget)
Boss Bashka1
Boss Bashka1 14 dager siden
We have to pay for declen riiiiice matic is gone even it will cost us 100
oomar bassa
oomar bassa 14 dager siden
Next title Varane wants united move next day!Varane signs new contract with Real Madrid?
Kabir Ahmed
Kabir Ahmed 14 dager siden
jesus fucking christ Mark Kimmich for 60 Million ? so you basically rate Rice and Kimmich on the same level ? what a joke. Kimmich is worth 90 Million easyyyy
Josh P
Josh P 14 dager siden
Pogba will cover Varane + We Will Get £10 Million and then £80 Mill for Sancho, £20 Mill and Lingard for Rice, £10 Mill for RB competition. (20 Mill from random out goings) Boom 80 Million Net Spend.
Holifard 14 dager siden
I dont know how Mark talks about transfers so much. Unlike other clubs, who just go and get the person they want, we just talk about it all the time.
Zac Brown
Zac Brown 14 dager siden
Zakaria is an 8, not a CDM.
Dylan Guedry
Dylan Guedry 14 dager siden
Comment, opinion, gratitude, disaproval!
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch 14 dager siden
So McKenna is the PE teacher, Phelan is in charge of the kit and Ole drives the bus. If Carlsberg did pub teams.
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