Solskjaer Wants Ronaldo! Van De Beek Exit Talks? Man Utd Transfer News

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Man Utd want a Cristiano Ronaldo transfer this summer and Donny Van De Beek is set for talks about his United future. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer news on The United Stand. United Stand Exclusive Hoody collection

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Ed m
Ed m 8 dager siden
Ronaldo is too old. He hasn't got enough left in the tank.
Raj shah
Raj shah 10 dager siden
Goldbridge accepts mediocrity by wanting Ole to stay..he is useless!! Stand up and be ruthless..he is an average manager. Not for the biggest team in the world
Anthony Platt
Anthony Platt 11 dager siden
Why does ole want Ronaldo bollocks no he dosnt its bollocks 🤔
Amit Sinya
Amit Sinya 11 dager siden
So you know that Ole isn’t the guy who will win you titles and yet you want board to back him with another 150-200 million. The guy has already had 80 million on CB, 50 million on RB, 15 million on winger, 45 million on CAM, 40 million on another midfielder, a veteran striker, a young attacking player in Aamd for 30 million, a left back for 20 million. What kind of stupid logic is that ?
Fandi 456
Fandi 456 11 dager siden
We need player like ronaldo who have great mentality
EDWARD DE CRUZ 12 dager siden
Mark is right about DVDB> Besides OGS ought to be daring enough to substitute poor performers and not keep them playing and in that way playing into the hands of our foes.
pj neon
pj neon 12 dager siden
kinda knew it from how many games vdb plays. he must leave. he will get better. same like every play who comes in for a short time and moved on and be much better, in other words old trafford is not theater of but more like stepping stone to big break
EDWARD DE CRUZ 12 dager siden
VDB is good enough and trusted enough to be starting every game. How can the team get the best out of him if he isn't given playing opportunities?
Matthew Ramsay
Matthew Ramsay 12 dager siden
Utd buy list: -sancho -varane/gimenez -rice/ndidi/zakaria -ings/cr7! Ings mainly for squad depth
Cole 12 dager siden
Ronaldo can boost Man utd 's attack
RAWAY 12 dager siden
Ole - "hii, Marcus, It's Ole, i just signed Ronaldo, so you are the bench, and i'm not using the bench at all still, just letting you know, buyeeee"
eslermanu47 13 dager siden
Ronaldo is nearly 36 finished if he liked us he would have stayed don't want him
TheDisruptiveOne 13 dager siden
That Ole new contract announcement is going to be rough. How can United do it without generating outrage?
Moe. Moe.codgamer
Moe. Moe.codgamer 13 dager siden
David Tan
David Tan 13 dager siden
Ronaldo has passed his prime. Alexis Sánchez rings any bell?
Simon Lomax
Simon Lomax 13 dager siden
Trying to bring ronaldo back (if true) is backward thinking. And symptomatic of what utd have become. A team that looks back over former glories. Have they learned nothing from Sir Alex?
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 13 dager siden
If you are buying United merch then you are giving the Glazers a BJ 🙄
Jet Remikie
Jet Remikie 13 dager siden
Why didn't olly sub Fred against psg why pay players who have come back from injury against leipzig. Where was the team when we played lesta why wasn't rashford subbed when clearly he was having a nightmare olly that's why
Ragnor Thormass
Ragnor Thormass 13 dager siden
Good ebening 👍
Robert Ramos
Robert Ramos 13 dager siden
United has the transfer page on the website a while back and then they removed it and now they have brought it back.
J C 13 dager siden
I think Ronaldo should go united and coach the team from the bench like in the euros 🤣
Adam. Z
Adam. Z 13 dager siden
He is nothing
Get jack grealish c.ronaldo to man u and harry kane
game ram
game ram 13 dager siden
Ole out. He's not good enough fact the end of the next season I will be saying told you so.
Mike Alex
Mike Alex 13 dager siden
Ole my stinking ass..
Afaan Grewal
Afaan Grewal 13 dager siden
Surely we could do Lionel + Cristiano and 4 others + play the European Super League alongside everything else with a squad of 35 - 40 players including our youth and make the Champions League the Domestic cup for the European Double? Same format.
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas 13 dager siden
I'd love goldbridge to ask a few questions at a press conference
Linh Tran
Linh Tran 13 dager siden
Ronaldo , Ramos , Declan Rice and Ole out , hope we can have Zidane , if we can get them we have better chance to get PL and CL
LOVE CYPRUS 13 dager siden
Ronaldo back to utd yes 👏
Marlon Davidson
Marlon Davidson 13 dager siden
I don't think Ole is the one. Ole out !
paul farrar
paul farrar 13 dager siden
bring back cantona
John Cocking
John Cocking 13 dager siden
We need to keep vd Beek & give him a chance next season
jarzhinio 13 dager siden
Ed Woodward is sitting down with the Glazers to discuss making plans to commit efforts to move towards listening to constructive ideas about mending the leaky roof at Old Trafford. We've identified a list of elite local plumbers, we've had official talks and we continue to monitor the situation with interest, but we won't be held to ransom.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 13 dager siden
Strange my comment of Glazers out,has been removed. So that died a death of our sinking club.
jarzhinio 13 dager siden
On the Sunday show someone made a good point that our coaching team is basically stuck 25 years in the past
Ngakona Mwanza
Ngakona Mwanza 13 dager siden
ole out
Paul Sinnamon
Paul Sinnamon 13 dager siden
Mark Play with Fred good to sleep
Johnny FreeSpeech
Johnny FreeSpeech 13 dager siden
I swear every summer for the last seven years or so United have been ‘signing Cristiano Ronaldo this summer.’
Mpumelelo Mandi
Mpumelelo Mandi 13 dager siden
Jst downloaded OneFootball App.
PapiColombia 13 dager siden
Haven’t been against ole until this final, why can’t we just sign Conte?
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 13 dager siden
He is crazy! U seen his eyes????
Ashutosh Maraj
Ashutosh Maraj 13 dager siden
How are you lot still dying about Harry Kane. Least of our priorities.
amyton3043 13 dager siden
Second in the league is excellent work
Fletcher Reed
Fletcher Reed 13 dager siden
Love cr7. But Not sure this is a good move. Too many other areas to improve. I think this will be our only significant transfer if it were to happen, we need youth and depth, and a rebuilt midfield. Look at Chelsea. Major improvements in quality and depth, and being heavily rewarded for it. We all say this isn’t the league for retirees. No diss to Ronny. 2-3 years ago I’d have no prob with this
yakubu Daniel
yakubu Daniel 13 dager siden
Ole building a team by buying Ronaldo, what a strategy!
skullgamez 14 dager siden
2540 united still trying to sign Sancho and Ronaldo
Sudharshan v e
Sudharshan v e 14 dager siden
Who the hell invents these sort of nonsense???!!! As if Ole is their personal friend who keeps chatting their plans and told them he wants Ronaldo!! My foot. Ole is least concerned about forwards, you can already see from this season itself how desperate he is for a CDM!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡
VogonyoTV 14 dager siden
Xavi is doing good work as a coach would want him at united
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 13 dager siden
He hates MUFC standard. U shudnt crave other teams players it’s dumb..!
Badri Bhattarai
Badri Bhattarai 14 dager siden
I am wondering what is stopping Mark to say Ole out.
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 13 dager siden
Give it to Mikey
Give it to Mikey 14 dager siden
Every team is an imitation of their manager. This team is the image of who Ole is, nice, weak and friendly. No guts, no strength, no balls
jimmyafernandez 14 dager siden
The only thing i can say about Ronaldo is, this is a player that can win a game by himself. Also, need a better header for set pieces, corners etc
HALD-MATALONGOS 14 dager siden
no no we don't want penaldo
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 14 dager siden
Mark as always speaking facts out club is weak
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke 14 dager siden
I will never believe anything in the transfer window until they are holding up the shirt. This club is in a mess more 💔 ahead time to change LOYALTY
Tochukwu 14 dager siden
To come and do what?
Didi Dada
Didi Dada 14 dager siden
Thats dumb ole..we rather have Everton Soares, Richarlison and Sancho upfront using Rashford, Cavani and Greenwood as spares. Then Rice or Grealish and Verane. 5 players that can change united to the better..
John Fulco
John Fulco 14 dager siden
Can someone explain to me what Ole does then? No wonder he never stands on the pitch, he hasn't got a clue what the team worked on or the tactics, let alone how to make adjustments mid-game. It pathetic, we have championship level coaching staff
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 14 dager siden
I undertand when he says he doesn’t coach the team but like don’t u watch and observe ?
William Campbell
William Campbell 14 dager siden
Bring ronaldo back
Get Wrecked
Get Wrecked 14 dager siden
Van De Beek performs very well in the Netherlands national team. Makes no sense that he was unused.
tarn Bainbridge
tarn Bainbridge 14 dager siden
Ole should be gone after that europa league final. Disgusting that a man utd manager parks the bus in extra time and plays for penalties. I've been a supporter of olly but it's going knowhere. I'd be looking at the lille manager who just won the league in France. I can see us finishing 4th next season and having a disappointing season and glazers saying well done olly crack on again. That's a big worry.
Stan McDonald
Stan McDonald 14 dager siden
This club is truly a shambles. I don’t see a time period were this club could challenge for anything under this regime ... United, are the Dallas cowboys & The New York Knicks of football . It’s become Manchester United LTD
Gang Jitsu
Gang Jitsu 14 dager siden
Why are we talking about transfering players?? We need to transfer out Ole with his coaches.
Bleachguy 14 dager siden
on ronaldo id love to have him bk but we dont have a proper spine yet cb dm and rw and rb need be first then ya ronaldo who mason can learn off after cavani
Matthew Black
Matthew Black 14 dager siden
Ole has reached his Max potential. Thanks mate, goodbye! Zidane Conte or best if we can steal Pochettino.
Nadja Andralea Maliki
Nadja Andralea Maliki 14 dager siden
Why bought vdb when there was no intent to play him? So confusing
Leslie Rw
Leslie Rw 14 dager siden
Under Solskjaer, United bought Mcguire, Wan Bissaka, Van de Beek = 170m. they could have negotiated for Hakimi, Diaz, Neves. Solskjaer cannot be trusted with any transfer advice. It's sad how united spends millions on bad transfers.
My names Jeff
My names Jeff 14 dager siden
Ole is literally Glazer propaganda so if you're against the Glazers you have to be Ole out there's a reason they wanted him and signed him up as quick as they did. Take a damn stand you can't have your cake and eat it.
Rob Facey
Rob Facey 14 dager siden
Every NOwindow video I watch on my tv my volume is on around 10-12 and it’s comfortable I hear things clearly no distortion . Even Utd stand videos are fine …. Until it’s goldbridge presenting 😂 it sounds like my speakers are going to blow 😂 HELLO EVERYBODY WELCOME TO THE UNITED STAND 😂😂😂😩 ffs I’m sure he’s going deaf
Rob Facey
Rob Facey 14 dager siden
But mark is talking facts today about donny . Any manager who chooses to play Fred and mc t over donny is a bad manager I’m sorry but that’s a fact . I’d be absolutely fuming if I was donny
Andre Mitchell
Andre Mitchell 14 dager siden
I wish these videos have time stamps
MAMAMA MUMUMU 14 dager siden
What if Ronaldo went to city or Chelsea?
JM12 14 dager siden
Mark maybe ole doesn’t make subs because he doesn’t trust his bench, which leads into us not having a big enough squad
Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne 14 dager siden
We won’t buy a cdm. Donny will be pitched like a new signing
Kragaliciuos 14 dager siden
Yes lets get a 36-37 year old to complement our 34-35 year old striker. Come on with this BS.
Shuvam Gajurel
Shuvam Gajurel 14 dager siden
We don't need CR7 anymore. Please rebuild the club rather than bringing Ronaldo. Give more time to VDB A strong CB,CDM and a RW.
Gary Lau
Gary Lau 14 dager siden
Why need Ronaldo? We should look forward. The period of C7 is gone. We need a strong player with Pobga, then he can focus on attack.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII 14 dager siden
Pogba is not an attacking midfielder
Frank Ingebrigtsen
Frank Ingebrigtsen 14 dager siden
Glazers out!!
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross 14 dager siden
Ronaldo 36 are you fucking sure
HawkHardstylez 14 dager siden
Imagine having a kante!
Neri Martinez
Neri Martinez 14 dager siden
Cmon how is Ronaldo gonna got to utd wtf
Abdilahi Obsiye
Abdilahi Obsiye 14 dager siden
we will never win a trophy under ole even if he spend 400 million dollars
Adam Motley
Adam Motley 13 dager siden
Ole is a fraud
Crege Clarke
Crege Clarke 14 dager siden
Ronaldo is the best striker in the World now
Crege Clarke
Crege Clarke 14 dager siden
Fred, Lindelof, and Rashford are problems, Rashford is a very good player but I think he can improve more! I’m still hurt by the Europa League but it is what it is..
Crege Clarke
Crege Clarke 14 dager siden
I do agree with U on Don Van DeBeek
Matthew Gillies
Matthew Gillies 14 dager siden
We need two good midfielders,a winger and a centre back ...maybe another left back, I don't trust Shaw
wy 14 dager siden
yes, maybe even same thing happened on klopp, that is why he decided to join liverpool
M.A 14 dager siden
Ronaldo doesn’t want Solskjaer.
Rene Des
Rene Des 14 dager siden
News show? 🤪
Alan Mcmichael
Alan Mcmichael 14 dager siden
Ole the legend would probably want Beckham.Scholes Robson, Irwin and Neville and Van Persie back at United to make progress
Ilir United 4live
Ilir United 4live 14 dager siden
Never will happen Ronaldo will not back home ole want him will get brothers longstaff
John up gaming
John up gaming 14 dager siden
Cristiano swap, for Pogba, A cdm, and sancho would be a great window. I’m hoping we have a good summer but I’m not expecting anything im so drained of the fake reports so will see what we do in September hope it’s a good one 🤞🏼
Alan Mcmichael
Alan Mcmichael 14 dager siden
Ole the legend wants Ronaldo. Progression under Ole is back to the future. Ole is a nice guy, he probably apologized to the players of Villarreal for taking them into extra time. Nice guys don't win anything. Football has moved on and Ole the legend and his coaching staff are still living in the past. They are has beens who have had their day. To progress Ole and his coaching staff, Fletcher and the so called director of football needs to go or live in the past and get used to never winning anything. Iam sorry would Pep take Ronaldo no would Klop or Tuchel no. Mark Goldbridge talks utter garbage. Mark said Moyes was useless and then he said Declan Rice has come on leaps and bounds this year and guess what that was under Moyes So I am beginning to think Mark talks a load of crap
Obulisamy Dilip
Obulisamy Dilip 14 dager siden
Sir Alex stopped spending because of Glazers. Team he left can win Premier league only under his genius brain!
dalee quipp
dalee quipp 14 dager siden
Man I wished these cdm's weren't so humble lol, would make it easier to sign them if they were flashy.
christopher bradley
christopher bradley 14 dager siden
United are in cuckoo land if they think big names would want to sign for our manager,it won';t happen.
Joshua Kaumba
Joshua Kaumba 14 dager siden
Ole was in touch with sancho all summer last summer and nothing happened.
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 14 dager siden
Ronaldo will do everything to be top scorer in epl.
Really89 14 dager siden
United now have no chance in going head to head with Chelsea on players. Why? Chelsea are European Champions, have Super Cup and World Club championship to come - AND have an elite coach. United? NONE OF THE ABOVE.
Aviral Chaudhry
Aviral Chaudhry 14 dager siden
"You don't need to worry about Ole out or this player out when new owners arrive. They will take care of it." I never gave this one a thought. I mean, how many times have we seen City fans or Chelsea fans moaning for a manager's sack? Their owners do it beforehand.
Zootuber Tran Nhan Tong
Zootuber Tran Nhan Tong 14 dager siden
Yurak Hunt 😂😂😂😂
Austin O
Austin O 14 dager siden
100% agree mark about donny vdk he’s a brilliant player who has been screwed all season! Ole needs to seriously get things right and start using his best players.
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross 14 dager siden
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL 14 dager siden
Why isn't United linked to Zidane?
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