Solskjaer TRANSFER Set Back! GLAZER's MasterPlan? Man Utd Transfer News

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Man Utd transfer overhaul won't be as big as hoped according to reports as the Glazers take back the momentum. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. DISCORD Invite link

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abhinavsohal 07
abhinavsohal 07 6 dager siden
There is no transfer plan
Colin Eavis
Colin Eavis 8 dager siden
Why are United trying to buy second rate players we need top players to compete with city and liverpool sorry but all the names are second rate
Football Fans
Football Fans 8 dager siden
@theunitedstand and @manchesterutd fans.. let me ask you a question, and please answer it honestly. How would you react if ManUtd had finished second and lost Europa League final to villareal and the manager was Jose Mourinho?
Realist90 8 dager siden
Should of kept Jordan on for longer
Tats Tdawg
Tats Tdawg 8 dager siden
HUGH McNEILLIE 8 dager siden
Expect another disappointing summer window. Sancho won't happen. The net spend will be £60m max. They will fail to sell the deadwood. Absolute shambles.
tedson kabiru
tedson kabiru 9 dager siden
Mick Hind
Mick Hind 9 dager siden
Iv missed the call in shows. Please keep doing them 🙏
oliver frisby
oliver frisby 9 dager siden
Watching utd for the past 5 years 🤡 so many fake plastic fans about
K L 9 dager siden
Jordan is great
Mubs Hq
Mubs Hq 9 dager siden
Brilliant duo here boys! Get innn
drumz8 9 dager siden
Battle of the analogies vibes anyone
GDO 9 dager siden
LOL at Goldbridge’s manscape promo
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 9 dager siden
Who let the glazers in in the first place????
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson 9 dager siden
Besides getting rw, cb & cdm. We need to also prioritise a high level setpiece and set play coach. A big reason that we didn't push Man City harder in the league and we are trophyless is because we ain't resilient at keeping teams out if they start crossing the ball into the box or start winning set pieces. We fold like a pack of cards. I wouldn't blame any individual player either as they are all making mistakes. Which is a coaching issue. Also with the good setpiece creators we have now in the team, we shouldn't be terrible at scoring them. Imagine someone like Big Sam Allardyce coaching them this part of the game.
christopher bradley
christopher bradley 9 dager siden
I hope that nobody at MUST fell for the rubbish Glazier was on about yesterday.Did any of you ask Glazier why he had nothing to do with the fans for 16 years but suddenly after a wake up call they've decided they are interested in the fans.This club started to be destroyed 16 years ago and now that Glazier's have got the dumb people at MUST on their side the decline into oblivion will be quicker than i thought.
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 9 dager siden
The glazers r all words words words words
Mpumelelo Mandi
Mpumelelo Mandi 9 dager siden
When is it going to End For The Glazers Guys?!!! When?
Luke Hughes
Luke Hughes 9 dager siden
Not been able to watch TUS much recently, but Jordan is a quality addition. Easy to listen to
Harjit Domeli
Harjit Domeli 9 dager siden
Apart from a handful of games over four years when has pogba ever shown any real desire to lead the team by example so who should you build the team around. This is all cods wallop you guys saying utd never built the team around pogba. He's never consistently shown enough to build team around him
Dwayne Rogers
Dwayne Rogers 9 dager siden
Harry Winks is a joke signing. 25 so he isn’t going to improve much. He can take the ball off the back 4 and play a bit but he can’t protect the back 4 and that is just as important. If we get Winks we still need a CDM and that says it all.
Harjit Domeli
Harjit Domeli 9 dager siden
Ole is too weak to make tough decisions too soft to out players. There's too much softness in his thinking too much loyalty shown to players to don't perform. He should adopt Fergie stance if you not performing you are out the team and out of the door
Mark Welsh
Mark Welsh 9 dager siden
Y do people just repeat virtually everything Mark has said over n over but just in a different way 😂😂
Adrian steele
Adrian steele 9 dager siden
I figured out why we have to pay more for players: because they look at the mess of a club and are like...ehhhhh naw...and we're like, what about for 20mil more??
Asad Marji
Asad Marji 9 dager siden
The terrific prose jelly amuse because fiberglass rapidly coil failing a nasty deer. phobic, ruthless fedelini
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 9 dager siden
Meme signing Black Lives Mata. We're collecting goalkeepers not building a team or anything close to resembling a proper support system for that team. Rotten top to bottom, new owners, new CEO, new sporting director, new manager, new trainers, clear out the dead wood and new CBM, right back and Sancho. This is depressing coz only one of these is likely to happen
dzeus.l 9 dager siden
Jordan And Mark the Analogy Twins
Wolves Change rivers
Wolves Change rivers 9 dager siden
The glazers have created their own family like the mafia. No one including Ole will turn on the Don!
Adrian Rivaldo
Adrian Rivaldo 9 dager siden
Harry winks my God whos next Danny drinkwater
totok gendeng
totok gendeng 9 dager siden
despite more pressure for ole nxt season, i wld still give garner, laird, tuanzebe more chance to play, at least against lower teams
PaulRoscoe11 9 dager siden
Never mind Mata, are we finally selling Phil Jones?!
Jason Morris
Jason Morris 9 dager siden
They will not give up 50 percent of there club
Rob P
Rob P 9 dager siden
Think it will be sancho, Pau tores and right back not trippier he has sense and will stay in spain
Percival Castillo
Percival Castillo 9 dager siden
Get Rid of Ole solskjaer, he is No Good n inexperienced as A Coach of such a High Profile Team,like Manchester United, ok. He can't Buy Good Foreign Footballers from other Teams. Sack him immediately now before the next Season starts in England.
Daragh Kennedy
Daragh Kennedy 9 dager siden
Kristoffer Ajer - Celtic is a great player for celtic.. can he step up to premier league - don't know, but if he is 6 million, he is certainly worth a punt... far better than most of our Cbs a the moment... though not saying he's the answer
Jason Girvin
Jason Girvin 9 dager siden
Bullshit deals incoming
Jason Girvin
Jason Girvin 9 dager siden
Get rid glazers out ,we as fans and utd as a club are over due some clarity, some honesty, and a chance to develop into title contenders in all fronts
Krypton HDYT
Krypton HDYT 9 dager siden
We need a compilation of analogies
Ganesh Gans
Ganesh Gans 9 dager siden
And Mark speaks as if Manutd have a say on Varane. Why on earth would Varane want to play alongside Maguire and ruin his career. He would rather choose Bayern or PSG.
Ganesh Gans
Ganesh Gans 9 dager siden
@ok ok They might swap him involving Tolisso😎
ok ok
ok ok 9 dager siden
Bayern aren't in for verane
Ganesh Gans
Ganesh Gans 9 dager siden
What about Jones? No one in 3rd tier will take him... Why single out Mata? Btw Mata under Pep would have been a different player😎
Kristóf Jakab
Kristóf Jakab 9 dager siden
One cent is considered major investment for the Glazers.
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson 9 dager siden
If Mata played N10 with bruno behind him and a proper world class CDM then mata is not finished. Highlighting again that we need a CDM
Mario Velan
Mario Velan 9 dager siden
So it’s sell first buy later? Ok good to know.
Niladri Sekhar Dutta
Niladri Sekhar Dutta 9 dager siden
Ole needs senior players around him because he is not experienced enough to handle the team...this is bullshit...we want him out aswell..
Dexter Gondo
Dexter Gondo 9 dager siden
Our Club is in the Mud🤦🏿‍♂️
In the loop
In the loop 9 dager siden
I agree. We need more youth to place Mata's place. I don't want next season to see Mata on the bench!
Godwin Egumame
Godwin Egumame 9 dager siden
I don’t care if the glazers sacrifice a member of their family for Manchester United, what about the past 8years, would it change that ? They are only trying to get the fans off their back by making these promises, they plunge us into debt. 16 years is a very long time, I don’t want to hear anything about the future anymore, we can’t tolerate the glazers anymore. GLazers Out...
phelan edopu
phelan edopu 9 dager siden
People let's stop see mctominay as a kid his 24, his over rated and his improvements after all the game time Ole has given his is not to the level of a top club. If he was at city Liverpool, spurs even leicester he would be on the transfer list. His not good enough his very basis.
phelan edopu
phelan edopu 8 dager siden
His an over hyped united player that is not getting better
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 9 dager siden
Mctominay is a good consistent united player..
Gareth Busby
Gareth Busby 9 dager siden
Great to have Jordan with you Mark.
Yewbzee 9 dager siden
The limited funds make it even more baffling why they waste it on players like Donny. Why spend 30 or 40 mill on a player if you aren't going to play him? Thats a serious amount of cash that could be spent in areas of real need. For the record I highly rate Donny and think he should be getting way more game time but obviously Ole doesn't.
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell 9 dager siden
Ronaldo would be such a PR signing to please fans. Shirt sales would be massive.
phelan edopu
phelan edopu 9 dager siden
If Ole thinks winks is the solution,sack him right now.
Runganathan Naidu
Runganathan Naidu 7 dager siden
We need another manager. We should not buy from Spurs since Levy did not want to sell 100 ml Kane. He wanted 200 ml to release Kane when he saw the interest from both Manchester clubs. We should rather go forTilemans who is a class player, even Liverpool were showing an an interest on him.
Steven Stefan
Steven Stefan 8 dager siden
sack him anyway
lazyeejay 9 dager siden
@Yusuf Best Ask Expressions 😂😂
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 9 dager siden
Whats wrong with winks?
Louis Lim
Louis Lim 9 dager siden
With glazers as owners and ole as manager, United is screwed. Period.
c y b e r w e s s
c y b e r w e s s 6 dager siden
John Nugent
John Nugent 9 dager siden
Honest servants of the club who have seen better days should not be referred to as dead wood.
Miguel Logan -
Miguel Logan - 9 dager siden
With Hopeless Glazers, Clueless Coward Ole man utd will never ever going to win anything. The glory days are over. Manutd is progressing towards being the next Arsenal .
spraycan81 9 dager siden
Transfer setback? But i thought Joel delivered Sancho? HeRe We gO
Lebo Makhubedu
Lebo Makhubedu 9 dager siden
Martial Lindelof Fred Mata De gea/Henderson Pereira HOW THE FUCC ARE WE LOW ON FUNDS? bloody sell em
Thomas Gundersen
Thomas Gundersen 9 dager siden
One reason could be that we are in a pandemic.
Anthony 9 dager siden
So the priority is an attacker yet some people want to back Ole???
Stephen Gill
Stephen Gill 9 dager siden
We don't have a transfer budget
Lebo Makhubedu
Lebo Makhubedu 9 dager siden
Scott mctominay's dad is awfully convincing
Ronin 1977
Ronin 1977 9 dager siden
we are gonna end up with Ben White , Longstaff , Sarr and Josh King 😅😅
Byce BYRON 8 dager siden
😂😂😂😂 l would dive off a bridge
William Tan
William Tan 9 dager siden
Just diversions, that's what they r doing..
C Y Lok
C Y Lok 9 dager siden
Pogba is a world cup winner, what else is there for him to win? so it wont be a surprise if he signs another contract for $400K a week.
DAN 9 dager siden
we should offer pogba straight swap for Varane that way we get a high value player that we need and don't get shafted on price
The last Child
The last Child 9 dager siden
We dont want pogba in madrid we have the best midfield
Harjit Domeli
Harjit Domeli 9 dager siden
Very good point
Victor 9 dager siden
Contracts to old legs and deny play time to the likes of amad!!!! Hahahaa ole trusting the process
Brian Dëv
Brian Dëv 9 dager siden
IDEAL LINE UP •Henderson/De Gea •AWB/ •Varane •Maguire •Shaw Trippier •Rice •Tielemans •Greenwood •Bruno •Sancho •Cavani
kelvin 9 dager siden
Get zidane in , ole out!!!
Mustak Ahmed
Mustak Ahmed 9 dager siden
Mark goldbridge honestly I don't rate Marcus rashford. I seriously dont think his that good. He okay for a mid table teams. But for man utd we need more better players. Here and there he plays good and here and there he make good crosses. He losses the ball so easily. The hype we have for him, his not even close I think sorry to say. I like the guys. I want him to be our Legend his our boy but mark goldbridge I have dont see that in him. When his near the box with the ball straight in my head i get this thought. that his going to mess it up and he messes it up. but when we have Greenwood or cavani with the ball near the box you kno something going to happen and it happens. But not with rashford no seriously his is over rated. I remember people use to say Rooney was over rated. but seriously mark Rooney wasn't over rated he was world class.
Thomas Gundersen
Thomas Gundersen 9 dager siden
Could not agree more.
James DaT WoN
James DaT WoN 9 dager siden
Almost inclined to switch off with the McFred comment, they can't pass and are inadequate at taking a pass either, Pogba and Donny are b2b would you pick Mctominay over those? At utds level they should atleast be adept at everything in that position and excel in atleast one aspect. The Glazers today shouldn't have impressed anyone a statement would have been today we are! Not empty promises. Equally though the supporters forum or another open letter from the fans should have been promising, more game interruptions next season if they don't deliver concrete plans and in the transfer window.
Ben Feldman
Ben Feldman 9 dager siden
We are fucked.
DARTH VADER 9 dager siden
The only way Mata would get a contract is by doing Juan Mata: The Cycling Centre Attacking Midfielder Vlog with go pro..
DARTH VADER 9 dager siden
@Paarshva Shah hmm
Paarshva Shah
Paarshva Shah 9 dager siden
Ben Foster
Bundhoo Nazila
Bundhoo Nazila 9 dager siden
UTD must sell Henderson Jones Lindelof Matic Fred Mata Lindgard James and Bailly to fund transfer and bring the youngster in the squad
Zak Hussain
Zak Hussain 9 dager siden
Mark why are you the only one that drags a promotion item for minutes? Even AFTV don't do that and they got more followers ffs so desperate
Martin Smith
Martin Smith 9 dager siden
He makes a bit of a joke mate. Relax. It’s an hour long show.
Hamz 9 dager siden
Ronaldo is not the same player we had , he is now no better than cavani. He moans a lot on the pitch when the ball doesn’t get played to him.
Horatio hornblower
Horatio hornblower 9 dager siden
United won't be 2nd next year
Darsheel Dedhiya
Darsheel Dedhiya 9 dager siden
Someone needs to fire the title maker of this videos
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 9 dager siden
Surprised the focus is on Sancho when the present CB pairings and CDM cost us the Premier and Europa League Titles;For crying out loud we were the second best in goals for ! ; and what is our position in goals against ? ! Common get us Varane and Bissouma even before Sancho !
Miki Melo
Miki Melo 9 dager siden
Doesnt getting 2nd mean Ole is really effective considering that all the coaches and structure are so shitty?
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo 9 dager siden
Errr, hell no
Arturo Filio Villa
Arturo Filio Villa 9 dager siden
What if Ole is the one behind saying he doesn't want a CDM
Gaz Gaz
Gaz Gaz 9 dager siden
Would not surprise me, he seems to love McFred, ain't got a clue why, there must be better players than those two out there somewhere
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 9 dager siden
That dialo line almost had me switching off
Pat Bhukkanasut
Pat Bhukkanasut 9 dager siden
Billionaires want dividends, and they will do the same old steps, build the hype, and spend net 60M on the fourth choices. Sancho, my arse. And fans owning shares to make a difference, my foot. 🟨🟩
Richard Sutton
Richard Sutton 9 dager siden
Video starts at 3:15
Patrick Carney
Patrick Carney 9 dager siden
Wrong. Pogba hasn't shown he is worth all the hype. Not a great player. Overpaid overhyped
Thomas Gundersen
Thomas Gundersen 9 dager siden
Yes, he should leave in the summer.
warner douglas
warner douglas 9 dager siden
his not, united have been on a decline for almost 8 years, keep blaming the players....all the players we have signed since sir alex retired have not been consistent par bruno. united kills talent!
Papa Pa
Papa Pa 9 dager siden
swap pogba for varane simple
theone&only bj
theone&only bj 9 dager siden
Mark is the Irish translator😂
eyob tekle
eyob tekle 9 dager siden
If Manchester United keep going this path we are going to fall big time and United Stand will become like AFTV am being serious
Steven Stefan
Steven Stefan 9 dager siden
And just like that, the Glazers Out movement is completely dead.
Niall Hanrahan
Niall Hanrahan 9 dager siden
Daily message GLAZERS OUT
Xenex 999
Xenex 999 9 dager siden
gonna say lmao, never sell diallo , lmaoooooo
Mr D P Tracey
Mr D P Tracey 9 dager siden
I think we should get Edmond Tapsoba from Bayern Leverkusen future potential mark my words
Tony Init
Tony Init 9 dager siden
The glazers would love that manscape with its 20% off.... they'd still look for more discount and only buy when things "are really out of control"...
st jimmy16
st jimmy16 9 dager siden
Man Jordan is a great new edition
kisbey drones and cars .
kisbey drones and cars . 9 dager siden
We need a holding midfielder our midfield has got more holes than a rhinos jumper 🤯
Mickstar 9 dager siden
Not sure Mata will get the same wages offered Likely pay as you play or halved The key words are “ it’s up to Mata”
iRed 29
iRed 29 9 dager siden
If we got Sancho and Varane/Torres and a good CDM + got rid of 5 more deadwood it would be a good window
Splendiferous Finch
Splendiferous Finch 9 dager siden
Jordan the boss, great show with the king Goldbridge
Shivam Tailor
Shivam Tailor 9 dager siden
I think we will sign RW, CB, RB. There will be no cdm this summer.
Sam 9 dager siden
This dude said we didn’t desperately need a right winger this morning and now is calling Henderson dead wood? Like for real?
IrfanUnited 9 dager siden
More than RW
IrfanUnited 9 dager siden
Cdm is a very important priority
IrfanUnited 9 dager siden
Basically we have too many goalkeeper
Kasra 9 dager siden
dead of CR7 is better than Harry Kane
Lf1 O76
Lf1 O76 9 dager siden
50% only works is only going to work if someone pays them. How would you feel mark if we said it’s all about the fans and we want half of your business.
Paul M
Paul M 9 dager siden
Spot on, it's a nonsense debate. 50% equates to £2B in the Glazers mind and they are not just going to give it away. Even 10% is £400M. Government can't do anything either.
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