Solskjaer Transfer Delay! Koulibaly Transfer Offer? Man Utd Transfer News

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Man Utd transfers plans could be put on hold for a month and is Koulibaky a new CB transfer target? Get the latest Man Utd transfer news on The United Stand. United Stand Exclusive Hoody collection

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Jj 8 dager siden
Why would any really good player come to this current Utd set up. Unless they are being paid over the odds. I can see why Verane would come because he’s now just after a pension but I can’t see why a young player looking to win stuff and s successful career, like Sancho or Koulibsli would come.
วงเดือน เชอร์แรทท์
วงเดือน เชอร์แรทท์ 10 dager siden
Same as every time last minute scramble
deejay nkhatho
deejay nkhatho 11 dager siden
Napoli aren’t in the champions league, this is as good a time to go get Koulibaly
diesel 11 dager siden
Apparently Yeovil Town want Ole lol
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch 11 dager siden
Ed is too busy planning his caravaning holiday
wy 11 dager siden
senior management is shxt, klopp went away too
Pierre Alberts
Pierre Alberts 11 dager siden
We are a mini spurs club now ole same as poch as long as ole get top 4 his job is safe
Pierre Alberts
Pierre Alberts 11 dager siden
And its a transfer delay for everyone all clubs buying european players will be in a delay not just us
Pierre Alberts
Pierre Alberts 11 dager siden
Can we just stop with the sancho thing he could easily end up at chelsea
Vladdyimpaler 11 dager siden
The only signings coming in before the euros will have been agreed in the previous transfer window.
Mustak Ahmed
Mustak Ahmed 11 dager siden
I don't understand this, why didnt we get van der sar as our football director.
Mustak Ahmed
Mustak Ahmed 11 dager siden
This new guy who is our football director never heard of him. Come on we are man utd we needed world class football director
Dre Mac
Dre Mac 11 dager siden
The reason why Liverpool and city buy good it’s because they don’t buy english players !!!!! We got Bruno for 45 vdb for 35 it’s not the negotiating... we want to buy overpriced overhyped ENGLISH PLAYERS .... city wanted maguire and they backed out when they heard the price !!!!
Tenn Kenobi
Tenn Kenobi 11 dager siden
My god, is he really going to start this Sancho delay reasoning again ????
Gary Jackson
Gary Jackson 11 dager siden
Sod sancho... Get jack all day long
Alfred Mumbula
Alfred Mumbula 11 dager siden
Koulibaly is coming.
VnnXyz14 11 dager siden your dreams! Now wake up, and stop following bollocks!
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 11 dager siden
Are the board too aloof to ask David Gill for a few pointers as to how to get signings done? Fergie is around, watching all the games, smiling through all the chaos that still surrounds his departure....Surely, if these people still care about the club, rather than protecting a legacy, they could offer some help to these incompetents, if they would accept it???
Damian Clarkee D
Damian Clarkee D 11 dager siden
Forget about transfers we aren't going to sign anyone
terry stockwell
terry stockwell 11 dager siden
None of them are going to happend end of
Man United Fan Channel
Man United Fan Channel 11 dager siden
We won’t get rice
Jim Abraham
Jim Abraham 11 dager siden
If we consider the reports from credible sources alone(like fabrizio,Athletic,MARCA),The only players we are actually trying to sign are sancho,Haaland(not anymore)Trippier,Llorente,Camavinga,C.Romero,Botman,Kane,Donnaruma and Ings. None of these sources have made reports regarding varane,pau torres,koulibaly,Declan Rice,Varane. Better don't believe those bullsh*ts
rob davies
rob davies 11 dager siden
Trippier says he’s happy where he is
Scott Castle
Scott Castle 11 dager siden
35 million for koulibaly? Bloody hell, get him and varane. Bissouma, trippier and sancho
Franklin Oparah
Franklin Oparah 11 dager siden
Is it just me or is there anyone out there who is tired of the same mumbo jumbo about transfers year in year out.
christopher bradley
christopher bradley 11 dager siden
I know that Van De Beek could have been a star at United but the PE teacher didn't know how to utilise his abilities so if i was his agent i would get him away from our team,i'm sure he will shine at some other club.
proud to be a geordie
proud to be a geordie 10 dager siden
Donny was brought in because everyone thort pogba was leaving thats it dunno how people cant understand that 🙄🙄🙄
christopher bradley
christopher bradley 11 dager siden
Why should he be a bench warmer?,he's far too good for that role
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan 11 dager siden
United have the worlds worst businessman!!!!
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan 11 dager siden
Next transfer mess!!!!!! We have to take out thoose glazers...
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan 12 dager siden
We mess up sancho deal again!!!! Who wanna bet??
Mark United
Mark United 11 dager siden
We ?
Slimm Pickens
Slimm Pickens 12 dager siden
Everytime Koulibaly is brought up it gives me nausea. He is old, expensive and good in Italy. Smalling kills it in Italy. Lakaku kills it in Italy. Hell Ashley Young is putting in work in that league. They can't cut it in England anymore. Why are we talking about this?
Mark United
Mark United 11 dager siden
We ?
Timileyin Olowogbade
Timileyin Olowogbade 12 dager siden
MISSING!!🚨MISSING!!🚨 Name- Kevin De Bruyne Missing Since: 29/5/2021 Characteristics: Crying Last Seen: In Kante's pocket
Asif C
Asif C 12 dager siden
Anto Jones
Anto Jones 12 dager siden
England will be out of the comp soon enough so Sancho will have nothing else to do but sign 🤣
D 12 dager siden
Are we live? We are live! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
James Hameister
James Hameister 12 dager siden
Wow the glazers are having the media release a euros transfer delay wow shocker they are copping out so that way they have an excuse. 😐😐😐
james gibbons
james gibbons 12 dager siden
Transfer hold up? You mean there's an increase on the two years it usually takes us to sign a player 🙄
james gibbons
james gibbons 11 dager siden
@Mark United 🙄
Mark United
Mark United 11 dager siden
us ?
S D 12 dager siden
What happened to the panel show last night can't watch it anymore?
Ali Hadi
Ali Hadi 12 dager siden
Another excuse united is done finish ole never won anything
Robert Elias
Robert Elias 12 dager siden
The problem we would have if we did go and get Conte is that he like Jose prefers much more experience players over youth, he would target 28+yr old players and largely ignore the younger players as he wants success now rather than developing any younger players.
Finn Jacobsen
Finn Jacobsen 12 dager siden
Wow that news, this Chanel is become a joke
proud to be a geordie
proud to be a geordie 10 dager siden
@Finn Jacobsen I love u
Finn Jacobsen
Finn Jacobsen 10 dager siden
@proud to be a geordie maybe I’m not from 🇬🇧
proud to be a geordie
proud to be a geordie 10 dager siden
Your spelling is a joke
VnnXyz14 11 dager siden
As always has been...
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment 12 dager siden
Won't be long till England are out of the tournament and we can get sancho.if not before
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie 12 dager siden
We get bad transfer fees because we have shown consistently we will be stupid enough to pay it.
VnnXyz14 11 dager siden
As all it's Fake as usual; and Napoli are sure njot so stupid selling Koulibaly for that cheap! Never mind the bollocks!
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 12 dager siden
The reason we get bent over every transfer window is that other clubs add on a premium for the hassle of having to deal with people who don't know football.
Chai Man
Chai Man 12 dager siden
snooze and you lose!
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL 12 dager siden
This season weve already seen ole unable to use his squad intelligently with amad, pellestri, vdb n others... give him Sancho, rice and kounde and he'd still just about make top 4 and win nothing..and yes he'd still bottle important crunch matches with his coward approach and shyte in-game management skills (or lack of it).. We're gonna b the Liverpool of the last 30 years (in the EPL) with or without ole...our club has peaked under SAF and now it's plateau-ing
Robert Simpson
Robert Simpson 12 dager siden
Same rubbish about transfers
Kim Wong
Kim Wong 12 dager siden
Same stuff every year
Lesego Malevu
Lesego Malevu 12 dager siden
Its bargain purchase. United is desperate and Liverpool and Man City have options. So they can negotiate better
VnnXyz14 11 dager siden
@Lesego Malevu , really? Cause you are more aware than Napoli economy than me ; who lives and support Napoli? We napoli that have players on our hands have more power of bargain than Illuded! Ask manchester City and Liverpool about it...
Lesego Malevu
Lesego Malevu 11 dager siden
@VnnXyz14 it’s simple economics. Don’t use your heart to think next time. They have bargaining power.
VnnXyz14 11 dager siden
No, it's total bullshits as usual and don't come to us with cheap ridicolous offers like M. City did; have you seen the result? All about Koulibaly is Fake!
Makavelli Tha Don
Makavelli Tha Don 12 dager siden
While all the top managers are managing our rivals were still stuck with Ole the wally. Dont care who we sign it wont make any difference with such an inept manager and coaches
proud to be a geordie
proud to be a geordie 10 dager siden
Ole the wolly who got yous second yeah makes sense 🙄🙄🙄🤫
power ranger
power ranger 12 dager siden
Rubbish you talking I can't wait till next season is over and Ole puts you in a box a nails the lid shut.
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath 12 dager siden
U say spurs don't win trophies look at United
Diverse Trainers
Diverse Trainers 12 dager siden
Lies lies and more lies
Chitraksh Yadav
Chitraksh Yadav 12 dager siden
Let’s pretend let’s pretend let’s pretend we signed Sancho Oooooo
PY 12 dager siden
Man Utd is not a football club, it’s a business.
Powa Moxa
Powa Moxa 12 dager siden
Club"s clueless bullshits.hahaahaalol
Mr Noname
Mr Noname 12 dager siden
Rubbish. Waste of time listening to untied stand with transfer rumours. Just accept we will cop out again with a couple last minute signings. Followed by a mediocre season. Ole out board out and most the main squad out.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 12 dager siden
We are live Mark mark.
Christopher Savill
Christopher Savill 12 dager siden
Ole wouldn't be employed by any other prem club maybe not even a championship club so why the f__k do we employ him
Thomas Gundersen
Thomas Gundersen 12 dager siden
Where did you read that ?
Filip H
Filip H 12 dager siden
Javier Ribalta - he left as scout and went to St.Petersburg to be their football director...its just sad
christopher ellison
christopher ellison 12 dager siden
No surprise on the transfer delay.
stu plant
stu plant 12 dager siden
Mark you just referenced 8 massive transfers in 8 seconds. You think man utd are that efficient. Laughing all the way to Liverpool
PC Gamertag
PC Gamertag 12 dager siden
Spurs in talks with Conte. League winners incoming...and we are like Ole's at the wheel. We did better than last season, we see "Progress" ..
Alfred Mumbula
Alfred Mumbula 11 dager siden
I mean Conte, Poch and Zidane are available and we are sticking with the PE teacher? United is going nowhere fast.
Jn Fn975
Jn Fn975 12 dager siden
a hold up? a never actually going to happen more like!
Steve Farm
Steve Farm 12 dager siden
Kouibaly is not for us he has had some shockers last season I want Varane .
VnnXyz14 11 dager siden
Manchester United it's not for Koulibaly's class; forget it!
Steve Farm
Steve Farm 12 dager siden
Revenue from shirt sales to Utd is small it's irrelevant in the big picture .
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 12 dager siden
Koulibaly now. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
VnnXyz14 11 dager siden
Koulibaly never !
John Roth
John Roth 12 dager siden
Go. Sign. Raphinha.
Vic Jones
Vic Jones 12 dager siden
United might delay any deals so long we might not get anybody at all
Nathan Roser
Nathan Roser 12 dager siden
We're gonna be talking about koulibaily when he's fucking 70
VnnXyz14 11 dager siden
You won't take then anyway!
Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus
Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus 11 dager siden
hahahahaha . awesome
John Roth
John Roth 12 dager siden
We're alive and live.. great stuff 🤣🤣🤣
Carla Sejas
Carla Sejas 12 dager siden
Chelsea is eyeing at Sancho what do y’all think?
Saj Irshad
Saj Irshad 12 dager siden
Deadline day panic buying mark my words.
Steven Stefan
Steven Stefan 12 dager siden
2021: United In Talks With Arturo Vidal
Sandy sandeep
Sandy sandeep 12 dager siden
Mark can you talk sense
Matt Jones
Matt Jones 12 dager siden
Live!? 😂
Through_The_Turnstiles 12 dager siden
I'd laugh for weeks if Sancho went to Chelsea.
Mark United
Mark United 11 dager siden
you must have a very sad life to think such things
Jorge Pinedo
Jorge Pinedo 12 dager siden
12:14 "Correct me if I'm right" - Mark Goldbridge.
Justin Moakler
Justin Moakler 12 dager siden
Varane doesn't want to come to United, we have to get Kouilbaly, he is a monster at defending, athletic, and a force in the air. Napoli missed out on champions league and Romano said he will most likely leave if Napoli didn't acquire champions league. I am not sure if Senegal qualified for AFCON, but Tuanzebe can step into that role when Kouilbaly goes to AFCON, as well as Kouilbaly is a good age that by the time he ages out Tuanzebe will be more than ready to be full time Manchester United center back. I do wish we had a left footed center back and I know this is not possible but I would swap Lindelof for a left foot center back such as Torres or the center back from Monaco
Abel Makori
Abel Makori 12 dager siden
Mings is left footed
Legit Walrus
Legit Walrus 12 dager siden
If you adjust your targets from Sancho and Rice you can instead get Raphinha, Koopmeiners, Botman, hijack the Oliveira deal (from Fiorentina) and get Trippier. Also need to be in for Goncalves.
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula 12 dager siden
Sometimes I wonder how stupid the people who run our club are, if you suck at something why not hire someone who rocks at it? As in the success is evident for Van Der Sar or Luis Campos, we may not need big name signings just quality ones that fix our problems e.g Raphinha,Antony, Neuhaus, Koopmeiners, Bissouma,De Vrij,Palhinha, Brozovic, Skrinier etc.
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson 12 dager siden
Varane, sancho. Ruben neves would be a good window
Bucky MacClusky
Bucky MacClusky 11 dager siden
That wluld be a great window, love it 👍
Ahmed Al-Khatib
Ahmed Al-Khatib 12 dager siden
Smh it’s gone from Sancho Bid! Sancho Blow! Sancho imminent! To Sancho Delay! Repeat x10 for the rest of the summer
Steve Farm
Steve Farm 12 dager siden
Very funny 😂
rohitansh trehan
rohitansh trehan 12 dager siden
AND then sign another Lindelof
Matthew Black
Matthew Black 12 dager siden
Mark Glazer.
Gza Ob1 (Graham Miller)
Gza Ob1 (Graham Miller) 12 dager siden
Absolute bullshit. Why wasn't there a delay on the Konate transfer for Liverpool? Or Aguero to Barca? More lies and more bullshit. Stupid decisions.
Trigger Man
Trigger Man 12 dager siden
I'm loving it.....🤣🤣🤣👍
Amin Banderker
Amin Banderker 12 dager siden
Expectation: Sancho, Rice, Varane Reality: Sarr, Noble, Dunk
pisko 21
pisko 21 12 dager siden
Sad part is fans will beg ole to play them. Some are lowering their expectations already
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 12 dager siden
Chelsea want Sancho.
Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus
Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus 12 dager siden
Noble... lol
Luis Valdez
Luis Valdez 12 dager siden
The board probably did talked to zidane and he was like I’ll take the job if you give me 300 and full control of the squad, there like au revoir
Ziani Nadir
Ziani Nadir 12 dager siden
At these prices we should buy Varane AND Koulibaly
VnnXyz14 11 dager siden
What prizes? All is Fake; don't pay attention to bollocks! And sure prizes are fakes; not so cheap!
Mikey Red
Mikey Red 12 dager siden
Ole OUT!!
Wuming Kelvin
Wuming Kelvin 12 dager siden
swap mcfred for phillips and bissouma hell i would even take arambarri and koopmeiners
Niall Hanrahan
Niall Hanrahan 12 dager siden
Mark United
Mark United 11 dager siden
What a sad life you have to write about a business that has nothing to do with you
Andrew 12 dager siden
Ole is yes sir three bags full sir. His a boy for the greedy owners
MAD MAX GAMING 12 dager siden
Mark always make up some boring story
Craig Morrant
Craig Morrant 12 dager siden
This wouldn't happen if we had a board that knew what they were doing our targets should of been decided months ago and deals already arranged
Andrew 12 dager siden
Rafinha suppose to come last year. We stuck with the English players and the mentality of united to get eng. Players. Crazy. Scouts
Karezza Kenosis
Karezza Kenosis 12 dager siden
@Jenny Neame He is going nowhere. Loserpool can't afford him.
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 12 dager siden
He's going to Liverpool now
tamil333 12 dager siden
Achraf Hakimi from Inter 🙏 him and Sancho were lethal together at Dortmund!
Adz Music
Adz Music 12 dager siden
No chance. Trippier and Sancho maybe. It will be drawn out and painful though
Pitu Guli
Pitu Guli 12 dager siden
The same Bullshit will happen like with Mourinho when the world cup was played. No transfers because of the World Cup. Then the players go on vacation, and then we end up in a pre-season without our first-team players. Again, pre-season is fucked, and we are not ready for the Premier League start on August 14. And yes, by this time Sancho is still not a United player, neither Varane nor any big name. By this time we might end up with only one player signed, someone in the lines of Trippier. This is what's going to happen. I'm sorry Mark, but no matter the positivity, this is the reality of our club, and the way it's been managed.
Andrew 12 dager siden
You hit nail on head Mr MG they will get naadaaaa signing
TA206 12 dager siden
Just watched premier league years 07/08. We had started the season so poorly while chelsea and liverpool were battling at the top of the table. We ended up winning the title with quite a big margin. Shows us even though its very unlikely we must believe in our club
William Turner
William Turner 12 dager siden
We had a real coach then in Fergie, not this PE teacher.
Gavin Wallace
Gavin Wallace 12 dager siden
This transfer news is just like the start off the show yes no yes no yes no inevitable it ending with a no
Andrew 12 dager siden
They bluff. We see the shirt on their backs then I'm a happy chappy
kokohaha360 12 dager siden
We should be considering Frank Kessie, he only had one year left on his contact. He would boss our midfield
christian nwachukwu
christian nwachukwu 11 dager siden
His is not a DM, he's is CM
Shahid Mansoor
Shahid Mansoor 11 dager siden
Frank Kessie will stay at Milan and play champions league football with them next year👍
Thiago Brown
Thiago Brown 11 dager siden
Excellent suggestions
Kavi Kind
Kavi Kind 12 dager siden
serie A players are interesting, we've been linked to Christian Romero who's now named as one of the best defenders in the league. but now all the rumours are quiet
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya 12 dager siden
@Subhadeep Dutta can’t be more inconsistent than mcfred
Kevin Fraser
Kevin Fraser 12 dager siden
You are live
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