Solskjaer Contract Incoming! Haaland Transfer Latest! Man Utd News Now

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2 mÄneder siden

Man Utd are behind Solskjaer and a new contract is close as more reports link United to an Erling Haaland transfer. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.
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Quincy Birant
Quincy Birant 23 dager siden
We need Haaland to the club
Sam Flint
Sam Flint 2 mÄneder siden
Third in the league......
Nemboy 2 mÄneder siden
End of season, he should be sacked. Everybody saying that he didn't get the players he wanted, what has he done with the ones he's got... Absolutely nothing
Rose Marie Finnoen
Rose Marie Finnoen 2 mÄneder siden
people with to much emotions cant make a right dessision. We need som more new one in...
Rose Marie Finnoen
Rose Marie Finnoen 2 mÄneder siden
well its not up to us what happends in future . Maybe he stays maybe not . Lets see
John Harvey
John Harvey 2 mÄneder siden
We've a problem : Favouritism. Ole is manager because he's an ex-United player and he is liked. The media like him because he smiles a lot. The Glazers are not criticised by Alex because Alex likes THEM. Mag & Lindelof are almost always chosen because Ole likes them. Someone likes Woodward apparently. Our coaches : Carrick and Fletcher are not top class proven coaches, rather Ole and co like them because they're ex=players. Mag is not a leader, he is given the armband because Ole likes him. We've deadwood at the club such as Jones because Ole or someone likes them. Lingard is here because he's homegrown so he's liked. CONTRAST this with what Roy Keane answered when asked what Alex's best qualities were as manager '1st ruthlessness', '2nd ruthlessness'. RUTHLESNESS is the way, our way now is FAVOURITISM.
James Ainomugisha
James Ainomugisha 2 mÄneder siden
I smell a repeat of the 2011/12 Manchester derby. The 6-1 humiliation
Murathime 2 mÄneder siden
Arteta is at position 10 but arsenal are not thinking about sacking him instead they are thinking about backing him because they did not back him well, we are here thinking about sacking ole when we all know what the problem is
Sarah Buhl Robinson
Sarah Buhl Robinson 2 mÄneder siden
Ok, so unless you have the best manager in the world and a set up like City, no point in trying. Got it. Everyone in the PL go home! City have first spot, let's not bother trying to play entertaining football for our fans 🙄
Jonathan Manuel
Jonathan Manuel 2 mÄneder siden
Sorry Mark you are talking a load of BS. Our strikers get enough chances but can’t put them away. Bruno and Shaw are near the top when it comes to creating chances. If Rashford, Martial could finish then we’d be so much better off. We have no real number 9 besides Cavani.
Retro-Pop Norwegian video clips
Retro-Pop Norwegian video clips 2 mÄneder siden
Ole can buy Messi, Ronaldo, Haaland and Mbappe and will still not win the league.
dec1985 2 mÄneder siden
If he gets a new contract I'm not watching anymore games...had enough
Retro-Pop Norwegian video clips
Retro-Pop Norwegian video clips 2 mÄneder siden
charlee Nesbitt_rooney
charlee Nesbitt_rooney 2 mÄneder siden
Progress he says football is crap it’s like watching cricket hard watch and have been under solskjaer for two years solssjaer out ASAP
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 2 mÄneder siden
City are just better at the moment ,cos ole is iring he's mates ,playing his mates
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson 2 mÄneder siden
What progression,apart from city everyones average, Leicester are progressing ,were going backwards.remember saying were in a false position, thought not ,reds fans in denial
S.M.K 2 mÄneder siden
OLE OUT! United need to move on, Ole has done his shift
Matt Handford
Matt Handford 2 mÄneder siden
Ed Woodward is a professional liar. Woodward and Glazers out.
Yusri Abdul Razak
Yusri Abdul Razak 2 mÄneder siden
Ole out..ole out..ole out...stupid manager
Miles McGrew
Miles McGrew 2 mÄneder siden
Are you really making progress if you have to look back a few months to find a two month period where it seemed like we might be? If we apply this on the big scale we could finish 5th next year and say “well, we finished second last year, so that’s progress”. If you have to look back to find it, is it progress? To me, progress means each game, each month, each season is better than the last, even if just by a little bit. What concerns me is that we seem to very easily go back, which suggests to me that we haven’t actually made progress. Progress requires consistency.
Miguel Logan -
Miguel Logan - 2 mÄneder siden
Man utd will not win any titles or trophies with coward Ole. New contract for ole is just simply waste for someone without ambition. Ole's only ambition is to safe his job by not losing . It's a disgrace how man utd playing under ole like cowards.
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas 2 mÄneder siden
I don't care about Ole's sensibilities he's a pretender to the throne! wtf I don't get it you get all your expensive coaching badges but then turn around and leave the coaching to your staff???
rem etz
rem etz 2 mÄneder siden
Haaland to United is just as likely as pep getting sacked in the summer.
Kurmir Defreitas
Kurmir Defreitas 2 mÄneder siden
Makr I agree but not completely..progress entirely isn’t happening, we’re at a halt because of the negatives parts..yes at times we see the progress in the attack & certain players (Luke Shaw - Rashford - Bruno & so on) but our club is run poor & we won’t win anything big to say we’re back at the top The coach is also still learning, he doesn’t also has the players he wants. The coaching staff doesn’t seem to be qualified to be playing tactical attacking football. So yes for you to say that city is run better from top to bottom & that’s why they are better than us & others. Good points.. the coach needs to be learning on the job, a coach needs to be back, players need to be scouted better for the coach to play his style. Saying his, I’m grateful for Ole.. he showed us what united can be with the right mindset. I’m really hoping he either learns quick & be better or he leaves for a experience better coach to come in, if not a coach like that forget it
Jj 530
Jj 530 2 mÄneder siden
Bla bla bla ole out
Man Lip11
Man Lip11 2 mÄneder siden
Ole let go lingard, can’t complain about injuries if he don’t trust his players and cannot get the best out of them.
Eamonn Barrett
Eamonn Barrett 2 mÄneder siden
New contract oh oh
Rust Rider
Rust Rider 2 mÄneder siden
Keeping dressing room happy ok to a n extent u want a fihhting dressing room of commitment to united and it dosnt seem to be there.maybe worst squad rotation inprem
Rust Rider
Rust Rider 2 mÄneder siden
The days of fergie getting past a whole season with the same 14 players are gone wish fergie would open his eyesa wee bit .cause ollys pure blind just now
Rust Rider
Rust Rider 2 mÄneder siden
United stand presenters if u could pick a United legend as manager who would it be and please anwser this question as u say u read all comments .would it be olly or would it not tealy matter which legend as maybe there hands would be tied like ollys. .but which legend would it be i personaly would go for giggs has some managerial experience as much as olly jas arguably..could be a question that could be up for fantasy debate .please please
Paul Hynes
Paul Hynes 2 mÄneder siden
he does not deserve a new contract will soon be a mid table team at this rate whilst other clubs progress
Gokhan Onem
Gokhan Onem 2 mÄneder siden
Board just borrowed another 60mil we aint buying nobody.
Ben Brewer
Ben Brewer 2 mÄneder siden
The board needs to back ole 100, its a win win......if the board backs ole and we succeed they can say look at us look what we have done, but if the board wants ole out they should give ole everything he wants, then the board can say well we tried and gave him everything he wanted and he failed so now he must go......a win win for the board either way
DIRK BIROT 2 mÄneder siden
Its that fuzzy math voodoo economics
SAli Another day
SAli Another day 2 mÄneder siden
If we really want to get rid of cb can we please get rid of Jones first before we even consider getting rid of our best cb bailly.
SAli Another day
SAli Another day 2 mÄneder siden
Knowing Ed he would want a big name signing probably end up sancho
SAli Another day
SAli Another day 2 mÄneder siden
Give ole time he will win us a title in ten years
Shaun Bradley
Shaun Bradley 2 mÄneder siden
When is Paul Pogba coming back
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd 2 mÄneder siden
Mark realistically ... dont you think to close the gap on Liverpool and and Man City we need a better manager? Seriously...
Dar Mon
Dar Mon 2 mÄneder siden
Be crazy to give him a new contract
Fisayo Run
Fisayo Run 2 mÄneder siden
Hire Laurent Blanc
s1hl3 2 mÄneder siden
New contract, this must be a joke
Robbo's Armband
Robbo's Armband 2 mÄneder siden
Last season, OGS rotated the team, used 5 subs when it was availaible and everybody moaned the drop off was too great. Last season the record against the so-called top six was good and everybody moaned about the football (short memories about Ferguson's teams). People need to learn the difference between watching a winning team and actually supporting a football club.
Tashaddul 2 mÄneder siden
Ole out
Valerie Naidoo
Valerie Naidoo 2 mÄneder siden
Stop talking about Ole contract....we need to do the summer talk about the contract
Israel Amorim
Israel Amorim 2 mÄneder siden
The plastic cycle sadly kick because customer puzzlingly rub up a sloppy mother-in-law. hideous high, auspicious april
Shivam Agnihotri
Shivam Agnihotri 2 mÄneder siden
it's amazing how everyone knows what to do in other's job but not know what to do in their jobs
MD Sanjid Tuhin
MD Sanjid Tuhin 2 mÄneder siden
Buy koulibaly,Grealish,Rice,Sancho&Halaand then we will be there... And obviously a Dof..đŸ˜ȘđŸ˜Șbt we know what we get from this board đŸ˜ȘđŸ˜Ș enjoy what we r doing every year... We r not gonna win anything this year too..đŸ˜Ș
yakubu Daniel
yakubu Daniel 2 mÄneder siden
Even if we get halaand, it won't change anything as long as we have a coach who is tactically deficient.
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 2 mÄneder siden
Next Step: To improve the Squad in the Summer Windows. Time to cut out the Mediocrity & Sentiment out the Club, where depth and competition for places is needed. Man Utd Squad needs more refreshing but with Lingard, Jones, Rojo, Mata, Matic, Dalot, Grant, Romero, Joel Pereira, Maguire, Lindelof & Fred at the Club shows that we lack the necessary ambition to go to the Next Level, Challenging for the Title & more. Time for them to move on. A keepers Clear Out is needed too due to standards have dropped. We have to consider Fred & DeGea for a possible departure, we must keep Bailly & Andreas Pereira where defending & cover for Bruno is Priority. We also need at least 5-7 more players e.g. GK, 2CB, DM, CM, RW, LW.& ST and at least 10 players need to move on by the summer!
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 2 mÄneder siden
Maguire and Lindelof are the 'Usual Suspects', Individually & as a pair cannot defend 'Unacceptable' Not Man Utd type. But Bailly & Smalling are 'World Class' Individually & as a pair can defend 'Acceptable'! Man Utd type! Sell Maguire & Lindelof for ÂŁ30M each and Replace them with Koulibaly & Smalling for ÂŁ60M. That would be Excellent Business! The Team as a Whole is more confident & plays better when Bailly the 'World Class Defender' is in the Team, So Our chance of winning the game is a lot higher! Maguire & Lindelof are the worst defensive due at Man Utd for 35 years!
BK 201
BK 201 2 mÄneder siden
If he gets the extension, this is literally the new arsenal, banter fc
Kim Wong
Kim Wong 2 mÄneder siden
I just realized, is Ole making the time practice on their finishing from the passes luke shaw hits for the forwards or anyone in that matter cause no one is finishing good, Ole needs to go by the end of this season..these players need to trained and not just fitness but other things..Why is Ole staying tho lol..this isn't going to work..the training staff manutd has is not good enough..Ole thinks he can win just by talent of his players alone..he is no Fergie..not even close..sry but sour for you manutd fans
James Bendelow
James Bendelow 2 mÄneder siden
That salah sub was dumb lol I get what you’re trying to say but salah was easily better then Firmino and mane in that game yet he tooo him off
Blue Viper
Blue Viper 2 mÄneder siden
Great I'm happy to see ole get a deal hopefully it's a 10 year contract,
ducksauce123 2 mÄneder siden
I love Ole, but he's a trash manager and must grow some balls if he wants to make something happen. Nothing we all don't know
Gwyn Morris
Gwyn Morris 2 mÄneder siden
How can you want Ole to keep his job when you don't expect him to be successful makes no sense
Chileshe Mutale
Chileshe Mutale 2 mÄneder siden
Rewarding failure is unacceptable
Max P
Max P 2 mÄneder siden
It is quite clear why the board need Ole this is because pressure is off them from the fans. We were in the same situation with Mourinho and because most of the fans voiced their opinion and wanted Mourinho out bringing negativity to the club he was sacked. The problem here is that the fans are divided to out Ole’ because ‘He is a nice guy and a so called legend’ yes he was a fantastic and important player but that all he was and it is history. He is the manager now and should be judged on performance like all managers are and fans to be sitting on the fence and not ousting him will only prolong the pain.
Gwyn Morris
Gwyn Morris 2 mÄneder siden
Absolute crazy to give him a contract I'm not happy Woodward is blind and stupid to think this have had enough of this crap
Degea10 Unitedfan
Degea10 Unitedfan 2 mÄneder siden
1mill so deserved for be honest truth channel haters can say what they like
Kelvin Goh
Kelvin Goh 2 mÄneder siden
The only thing that is progressing is Woodward's renumeration
Ted Lawyer
Ted Lawyer 2 mÄneder siden
Ed Woodward is not a football guy, so until we get a DOF I don't see progress towards regaining the title.
S L Jones
S L Jones 2 mÄneder siden
If ole gets a new contract I'm done with this club useless manager
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 2 mÄneder siden
Manchester United Business Club 🙄
Giorgio B
Giorgio B 2 mÄneder siden
Let's be serious. Fail to make top four, and Ole's gone.
James Pringle
James Pringle 2 mÄneder siden
I would keep him.
SAli Another day
SAli Another day 2 mÄneder siden
Wasn't born yet.
Derrick Ozoemelam
Derrick Ozoemelam 2 mÄneder siden
Don’t really see progression except for this suppose man management and getting us top of the league
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd 2 mÄneder siden
Haha we should be ruthless with the Manager also not just Baily.. hahaha... its been two years.. come on..
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 2 mÄneder siden
Ed and the Glaziers are all bankers winning isn't important unless it affects the bottom line Top 4 is good enough
Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson 2 mÄneder siden
Woodward gets too much hate. Who gave Ole a £40m midfielder yet continues to sit him om the bench. Who signed Wan-Bissaka, Maguire, and Telles but Ole still can’t organize a defense and is still leaking goals. Who signed Cavani, Bruno Fernandes, to add to Rashford, Greenwood, and Martial yet Ole struggles to pick a team that will score goals. Woodward has gave Ole more than plenty yet Ole has hardly utilized any of the signings apart from Fernandes. I wouldn’t blame Woodward if he was hesitant to give Ole any more signings, he hasn’t proven even remotely capable of properly building and organizing a team. I’m not saying Woodward wasn’t the problem in the past, but he has been spending the cash under Ole yet getting no returns from it because of an incompetent manager.
Timothy Aaron
Timothy Aaron 2 mÄneder siden
Why does the board/Woodward always force things , just wait till the end of the season and see how it plays out . Rewarding mediocrity is why Phil Jones and other players are still at the club ... just make an informed decision
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 2 mÄneder siden
We are not progressing they should not give Ole a new contract
RTL 2 mÄneder siden
ZERO reasons to back Ole. Champions league OUT, title race gone, football worse than Jose, substitutions/tactics pathetic, players running the dressing room and slipping down the league.
Jack Le marechal
Jack Le marechal 2 mÄneder siden
If we give ole a new contract I don’t think I can watch this Man Utd again, the board is a mess, no director of football. No players good enough to play and a PE teacher in charge
Ana Gaspar
Ana Gaspar 2 mÄneder siden
We need a coach like tuchel
James Pringle
James Pringle 2 mÄneder siden
Ole is better
Rami Al Khateb
Rami Al Khateb 2 mÄneder siden
I like this video
RTL 2 mÄneder siden
Ole getting a new contract for doing worse than Mourinho and playing even worse football. This club is finished.
ayumaa 2 mÄneder siden
We would see better football without a doubt if we had a decent manager maybe not win the but we could easily be in a title race.
Henry Kwidini
Henry Kwidini 2 mÄneder siden
Here we go - 1Mil Subscribers 👉. Congratulations mate!
Andy Miles
Andy Miles 2 mÄneder siden
No chance Harland will go to United.
spar987 2 mÄneder siden
Oh god not a contract extension for ole
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd 2 mÄneder siden
And... look we are at the league... you know thats false position... come on look how we play and players are drained.... this crazy keep defending Ole when the question is asked about being Ole out.. and all your points are facts against Ole..... you are right he is not good enough... so why not get him out at the end of the season or now... ok so your plan is if he gets third no trophies.. and next year we do the same thing or prob worse.. even with signings .. we might a few more points from individual brilliance!!!! Thats what you are going to get with Ole... theres no evidence that it will change with Ole..
Nkosinathi Makhaza
Nkosinathi Makhaza 2 mÄneder siden
Ole's progress is like Santa Claus, you just have to believe it
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
Sir marcus Rashford MBE 2 mÄneder siden
More like Jesus đŸ˜‚đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd 2 mÄneder siden
I hate that blaming the board, players, coaches.... but Ole gets a passssss!!!!
joka619 2 mÄneder siden
why is everyone resigned to keep ole because they think no one can get success under the current board. doing this accepts defeat and accepting mediocrity for the foreseeable future.
Nesh Michaels
Nesh Michaels 2 mÄneder siden
Tinsae Deresse
Tinsae Deresse 2 mÄneder siden
We need Ole to stay.. - City Fans
Ben 2 mÄneder siden
I'm sorry but the only difference between our football now and under Moyes is we have better players
Dave Riches
Dave Riches 2 mÄneder siden
Get him out
Ajmal Cosman
Ajmal Cosman 2 mÄneder siden
Whatever Mark is bringing on his shows, looking at the comments, its being translated to Ole out.
joka619 2 mÄneder siden
fact is, glazers wont leave unless some billionaire comes and buys it for 10b, until then we just have to make do. atleast get a decent coach that can spend better than the likes of maguire, dj, telles, vdb, et al.
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd 2 mÄneder siden
Wow awful manager!!! These players are getting drained... this guy selfish.. becase he is playing for him with his favorites not taking care of the squad
Sujay T
Sujay T 2 mÄneder siden
We are happy with 20 unbeaten away games (most of which are draws) vs City who have won their last 20 games irrespective of home or away!
Jamie Cusack
Jamie Cusack 2 mÄneder siden
Buy Haaland Varane Kante Sell Martial - couldnt score in a brothel De gea - Henderson is more reliable Mata - never played Matic - about as fast as year average 50 year old I'd give Cavani a 1 year extension. I know this transfer in/out list won't happen but if where to attempt a proper challenge it's a must and while where at it the right hand side of the pitch is crap wan bissaka is great at defending but jesus he cant cross and always ends up losing the ball
joka619 2 mÄneder siden
if we renew ole's contract we wont the league for another 4yrs minimum. he's a yes man, he wont challenge the board to get the right players. ffs, what a shambles.
Cole T
Cole T 2 mÄneder siden
@Sir marcus Rashford MBE nah I think ole gets till the end of his contract. If he’s not top4 witha. Trophy then he doesn’t get a extension. I’m not blind. It’s just literally no manager can take this team past 2nd*. Pep and city are miles ahead of everyone. Take any manager from the prem and they all would be right around the same place. With our forwards form. Our cbs form. Pogba injury and Bruno form. I’m surprised we’re 2nd.
Sir marcus Rashford MBE
Sir marcus Rashford MBE 2 mÄneder siden
@Cole T so why stick with ole? I rather take my chances blud
Cole T
Cole T 2 mÄneder siden
We ain’t winning the league for another 10 years no matter what. No cap.
Andre King
Andre King 2 mÄneder siden
💯💯💯Same thing i said just now in response to someone else talking utter garbage
RTL 2 mÄneder siden
Forget the board. Ole wont drop or sub certain players. He let's the players run the club.
mark siqendu
mark siqendu 2 mÄneder siden
What does Ed Know?
Aleksander StrĂžm
Aleksander StrÞm 2 mÄneder siden
How can you be so sure about Woodward's lack of football knowledge?
Stuart Parker
Stuart Parker 2 mÄneder siden
Ole at the phreostic whell before it was made round
Ashan Mendis
Ashan Mendis 2 mÄneder siden
We need a CDM and a Central defender (young and fast)
Itua Ehis
Itua Ehis 2 mÄneder siden
Utd board should stop backing this clueless ole on transfers. The earlier they bin ole the better for utd.
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