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Man Utd could face Chelsea in a Jadon Sancho transfer race as reports suggest United are in advanced talks with Raphael Varane. Get the latest Man Utd transfer news on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here

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abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 5 dager siden
I'm sure if Chelsea interesting in him no question he will be blue next season we can't compete on football pitch anymore
aola wili
aola wili 6 dager siden
deal for Igahlo. We are after Social media activity.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 8 dager siden
GLAZERS OUT no matter what
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 8 dager siden
The sad part of all this is that even with a free run on Sancho transfer manchester united still find it difficult to close it. Poor ting dem.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 5 dager siden
varane is not coming to man utd
archiewall16 9 dager siden
Chelsea do their business quietly so yes you wouldn’t know about it
Greatgoku4 9 dager siden
Goodridge may I ask how is chelsea considered big spenders anymore coz last 5 years their net spend is $320million where as man u and city are well above $600million each? Isn't it hypocrisy to just go with the age old narratives?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 8 dager siden
Passing a ball to one and another and a warm up. That is the pre match training from the Manchester United. And now people think it is about players, speaking about possib
En Severn
En Severn 10 dager siden
I wouldn't say Ole's favouritism applies to Lindelof... Bailly and Tuanzebe might be better, but they're both made of glass.
aola wili
aola wili 6 dager siden
Abra kadabro it’s SANCHO!!!!
Duncan Henderson
Duncan Henderson 10 dager siden
Would you do Donny + £40mil for Grealish? 🤔
Henri Vargas
Henri Vargas 10 dager siden
Keith Joseph
Keith Joseph 10 dager siden
Chelsea name being put in to hurry united
archiewall16 9 dager siden
Maybe but I wouldn’t be so sure. Chelsea do business quietly and quickly. No journalist can keep up with Chelsea deals and transfers because they don’t know what they’re doing. Take Ziyech and Werner as prime example of that, they came out of nowhere
Saif Talpur
Saif Talpur 10 dager siden
I wonder why we're not linked to Yves Bissouma, Wilfred Ndidi, Ruben Neves, Manuel Locatelli, Saúl Ñíguez, Franck Kessié, Aurélien Tchouaméni, Teun Koopmeiners and Denis Zakaria.
asdqwe 10 dager siden
Fred is replaceable, but vdb hasn't really shown enough confidence on the pitch, so we may as well find the replacement of the two. As for the McTominay, he needs to remain.
tarantula united
tarantula united 10 dager siden
Donny haters out there you don't know class when you see it donny is class miles better than mcfred
tarantula united
tarantula united 10 dager siden
I will eat my words but I think sancho will sign a dortmond contract and stay at dortmond because why would u leave when u got haaland to play along side I wouldn't leave not for man utd
alibabashero 10 dager siden
How about getting rid of pogba. And get proper midfielders in instead of waisting 120 million on a player that over the last 4 years has proven cannot be trusted to play in midfield.
Hart Praise
Hart Praise 10 dager siden
We tried doing the fabinho/Ndidi/Kante type of deal with Fred, it just didn't work out
Kris Borovac
Kris Borovac 10 dager siden
I feel like Varane, just doing what all real madrid players do. Use United to get a better deal in Madrid. Waste of our time! But we will waste that time and miss out on real deals. We are a joke in the transfer market.
Alusine Konteh
Alusine Konteh 11 dager siden
I think a presence like Ronaldo in the team and his desire to raise his team would be very good dir morale
David Lawrence Graham
David Lawrence Graham 11 dager siden
varane is not coming to man utd
pilling83 11 dager siden
Abra kadabro it’s SANCHO!!!!
K L 11 dager siden
Lindelof IS better than tuanzebe and bailly. Mark is blinded by his hate towards Lindelof
J Plays
J Plays 11 dager siden
If you, as a manager, play a back 6, the pace of the ball is way to slow, passing takes around about 10 to 20 seconds, positional play has the level of a Sunday League team, the way of play doesn't change by bringing in new players. It just doesn't make sense at all. Not every team plays a 4-2-3-1 with a back 6! That requires tactical training and positional training. If I remember there is a pre match training online before the Europa League final. Absolutely none of these specific training aspects came by. None! Nothing! Passing a ball to one and another and a warm up. That is the pre match training from the Manchester United. And now people think it is about players, speaking about possible reinforcements. It possibly change a little, but it wont give you the expected results. "We are a work in progress" ... "We are in a rebuild" ... It probably and only take the club some decades to achieve that all! Same old story keeps on going, repeating itself time and time again! Anyway, keep on dreaming...
Sabastian 11 dager siden
Rice >>> Varane
Omnislash 11 dager siden
YKnow Zaha is availiable for 40mil this window bargain will score more than sancho too. proven in this league too.
Kob 11 dager siden
Did Romano say Sancho was agreed last season and it was Dortmund who pulled out last minute NOT Utd, or am I wrong?
Irie United
Irie United 11 dager siden
The sad part of all this is that even with a free run on Sancho transfer manchester united still find it difficult to close it. Poor ting dem.
Steven Nostaw
Steven Nostaw 11 dager siden
Some of you should Read The News papers before tuning into the show would get less stupid comments. But of course you need mark to read it for you STOP complaining about repeats the NEWS IS THE NEWS you either read it yourself Or Unitedstand Lmao
yo levi
yo levi 11 dager siden
let’s say that united don’t get sancho which would be a disgrace if it didn’t happen. i definitely wouldn’t mind signing raphina
S L Jones
S L Jones 11 dager siden
We don't need sancho
NOMVD 11 dager siden
i dont know why people are acting like donny isnt a great player, he just needs more game time
James Sutkowski
James Sutkowski 11 dager siden
Lol goldbridge’s passive aggressiveness toward super chats who repeat what he already said
Ilir United 4live
Ilir United 4live 11 dager siden
I'm tired off this transfer news I know in the end we gonna buy 3 4 choise players
Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford 11 dager siden
Make tuchel wants adama traore 😂😂😂
Brett Butler
Brett Butler 11 dager siden
Is this just recorded from last season ?
Jacob Thornton
Jacob Thornton 11 dager siden
I always watch the show but you have just said jack grealish is better then rashford 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jacob Thornton
Jacob Thornton 10 dager siden
@Mick Foskett how ? 😂🤣
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 10 dager siden
He is!👹
Afaan Grewal
Afaan Grewal 11 dager siden
To be honest when we should really be concentrating on Skriniar and Tapsoba, why would we be worried about Varane going to PSG or Kounde going to Chelsea? There's so many options tbh. even if Varane goes to PSG does that not open the door to try and do a deal for Marquinihos or Kimpembe if preferred to Skriniar? There's also Badiashiele and many others Pau Torres in my estimation should be a lot further down the pecking order. He's more like a Nemanja Matic for me and far more suited to CDM same as Lindeloff for the other side in my honest opinion best to stay well away. There's even a lot of talent on our home shores in Godfrey, and really think that somebody like Ben Cabango can make it at the upper echelon of the table in a premier league winning side. Nothing to worry about plethora of talent out there and we will soon have league over the next 10 - 20 years maybe even sooner where any of the 20 can win the league.
Bryan Xavier
Bryan Xavier 11 dager siden
Still choosing to believe Sancho is going to United. Give it up. He was never going LOL
James Sutkowski
James Sutkowski 11 dager siden
This is ya latest newwwzzzzz and transfah newwwzzzzzzz
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke 11 dager siden
As fans we will see what the team needs but does Ole and his coaching staff see that cause all they want is British FC
imposter 11 dager siden
grealish light years better than rashford
cacko 11 dager siden
Varane is going to PSG as part of the Mbappe deal, Ronaldo is not coming to Utd too, he's going to PSG
Aaron Barnes
Aaron Barnes 11 dager siden
Pogba played brilliant because everyone else around him were top class players.. He's needs class around him proof at Juve and France and pure shite at Man Utd apart from Bruno
Sahil Saraogi
Sahil Saraogi 11 dager siden
We need to sell some players too to create space in the team
hk mrtwo21one
hk mrtwo21one 11 dager siden
Only way we are signing varane, Is if pogba signs on again
Aaron Barnes
Aaron Barnes 11 dager siden
You'd be sick Mark if we didn't get Sancho 🤦🏻‍♂️😂I'd be happy with Grealish and Varane and maybe Ndidi
Sean Tam
Sean Tam 11 dager siden
Chelsea needs a "striker". The rich just get richer....
Martin Wang Kerr
Martin Wang Kerr 11 dager siden
Swap Pogba for Varane and get Saul Niguez to fill in for Pogba
Rajiv Bacorisen
Rajiv Bacorisen 11 dager siden
Mark,are you still dreaming Sancho will come to United ? Who many hours you spent with us telling these non sense last year n now you still stubborn. When Chelsea n city want a player they will get but not manchester United because of Ole
bobbybombo 11 dager siden
But Van De Beek haven't done himself any favors. Bruno got into the team and never looked back. Van Be Beek should force his way into the team. Simple. Very simple. If he can't do that then it's on him not Ole.
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar 11 dager siden
I don't know if we will win smtg. But I do know that I will love utd till death.
Jon Terry
Jon Terry 11 dager siden
Chelsea want rice and kane they dont want sancho
Stuart Morris
Stuart Morris 11 dager siden
Wow playing for Ole would be the most uninspiring bland journey ever. Who would sign on to then listen to that turgid bore?
ben clarke
ben clarke 11 dager siden
Yea Chelsea don’t leak who their after like Utd do if Chelsea wanted Sancho you wouldn’t know till it’s done like most deal they did last summer
Daz14_Lad 11 dager siden
“Advanced talks” is just negotiations we’ve sat in negotiations for months so it never means deal close for us
Abg Jo
Abg Jo 11 dager siden
I don't see this player,confirm from Manchester United
ArD Magic
ArD Magic 11 dager siden
We need to sign botman in defence he's a animal and very dominant
OddsJet 11 dager siden
Yeah, Chelsea need more forwards. Sure.
phoenix rus
phoenix rus 11 dager siden
Wow only the 50th Sancho vid of the week, and it's almost Friday.
boyta23 11 dager siden
You know and I know we will not pay £80m they will offer £65
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha 11 dager siden
Why don’t we buy Bissouma and can get him for £40M, before he’s snapped up by another club, as we won’t get Declan Rice !!!
Saif Talpur
Saif Talpur 10 dager siden
I wonder why we're not linked to Yves Bissouma, Wilfred Ndidi, Ruben Neves, Manuel Locatelli, Saúl Ñíguez, Franck Kessié, Aurélien Tchouaméni, Teun Koopmeiners and Denis Zakaria.
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross 11 dager siden
Between Chelsea and United Sancho will go to Chelsea for obvious reasons
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre 11 dager siden
Bro at the very least come out with better titles 😂 it’s the same damn titles
Rene Des
Rene Des 11 dager siden
I’m not in the 90% club. 🤮 My wishlist is new coaching staff.
Russ Williams
Russ Williams 11 dager siden
Itll be fine Mark, just aboard your 90% club boat (the new one after the 90% Bruno boat that sank first time round) and Sancho will be announced in the morning 🤣🤣🤣
Yudha Bagaskara
Yudha Bagaskara 11 dager siden
He won't downgrade
L G 11 dager siden
Is Ed Woodward still in charge of deals cos if he is then .... expect 5mil tranfer leaks to media every day and then a last ditch attempt to buy Lewandowski and then a new loan deal for Igahlo. We are after Social media activity.
Jonathan Stancer
Jonathan Stancer 11 dager siden
We don’t need sancho,he’s way overrated and overpriced,get grelish and rice
Roger 11 dager siden
We don’t need a CB just play Tuanzebe...strong and fast not the best on the ball but if he plays he will get better..if he was at Dortmund we would be paying 50m for him....get grealish sancho RB cover,and a proper CDM,cut the dead wood job done...easy
ian reid
ian reid 11 dager siden
A back 4 of awb tuanzbe maguire and Shaw next season won't be challenging for anything we need a world class cb and I'd even go as far as saying instead of buying a rb cover go and buy a new rb to play cause awb just isn't top level either
James McCarthy
James McCarthy 11 dager siden
Save yourself 34 minutes today by remembering this is the same nonsense as last seasons transfer window….
N M 11 dager siden
Hilarious how gullible fans like Mark really thinks that signings will solve all of Ole's issues, when HE is the problem himself - doesn't have a clue on how to set this team up properly
Tom Andrews
Tom Andrews 11 dager siden
Stopped listening to the United Stand ages ago, but thought I'd jump on to listen to some transfer news. Then Mark started talking nonsense about Ole having favourites like he's leaving out top class players that would improve united, so I'm fucking off before I listen anymore to this fucking man child.
Abdul Deen
Abdul Deen 11 dager siden
Get all the players you need again, OLE will failed you even further. Stop misleading your viewers
Jude SN
Jude SN 11 dager siden
Everything mark says about Rice can be applied to Sancho
Another Channel
Another Channel 11 dager siden
Do we need trippier of we have dalot coming back?
T B 11 dager siden
Yes because dalot isn’t good enough
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell 11 dager siden
Normally I love the transfer window and think signing a couple players will sort us out. This year I feel like we could sign 5 players we all want and it won't make a bit of difference with Ole at the helm.
Robert Hellmich
Robert Hellmich 11 dager siden
Grealish > sancho
Kelz 11 dager siden
If we are facing a battle with chelsea, we might aswell give up on sancho and focus on someone else
Alex Mulugeta
Alex Mulugeta 11 dager siden
Sancho Sancho Sancho Sancho Sancho Sancho Sancho 🥱🥱🥱🥱
EthanOH 11 dager siden
I’d say awb was one of the only players who was consistent for us. He just can’t go forward whatsoever theres a difference
Iman Mustafa
Iman Mustafa 11 dager siden
He can bruh, 6 assist same as luke shaw, just not so much, more on defending
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment 11 dager siden
Rice has never been a top quality player he's bang avg and everyone is doing the whole England hype again he does some good things but not enough to be getting the credit he is.i just see him as drinkwater in 2021
Stephen Haddock
Stephen Haddock 11 dager siden
Totally agree ,Rice overrated ,we have enough side and backward passers of the ball
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment 11 dager siden
@Riley Alexander when rice was inured they actually won the games they needed to and stayed in top 4 when rice came bk they then dropped points in the next 4 games hes avg and might be good in a team with better players but like filliani looked good at everton bcuz all the rest were trash hes the same at westham
Riley Alexander
Riley Alexander 11 dager siden
I agree with you to an extent. I believe Rice is better than you think he is, but I also think we could get a player better if we look abroad.
Ryan Fernandes
Ryan Fernandes 11 dager siden
Its sad that we are one of the top clubs or at least were one of the top clubs and now only are being called top beacuse of our name and reputation ..we have by far the worst people who deal with transfers in our club..that's why we take ages to complete one transfer and then u see see clubs like man city chelsea and even liverpool who can complete a deal within a day or two if they want to .
Bra Ciyee
Bra Ciyee 11 dager siden
When’s the next Sancho video ffs
3000KJH 11 dager siden
Maybe tonight but definitely one tomorrow
Bra Ciyee
Bra Ciyee 11 dager siden
Sancho this Sancho that Sancho tomorrow. Damn Mark . Nothing else to talk about? 🤔
MAD MAX GAMING 10 dager siden
Mark is the one making up these stories
Cheebi 11 dager siden
United don’t give us anything else to feel good about
erick mainamu
erick mainamu 11 dager siden
im tired of this sancho update sancho set back, price set transfer talks and so on and so forth
MAD MAX GAMING 10 dager siden
Mark is the one making all these up
Essan Dedaur
Essan Dedaur 11 dager siden
Look at liverpool. They are already their business. N we at man utd we still discussing. Jusk like last year. Will be nothing. Glazers must go
J haych
J haych 11 dager siden
Completely different deal as he's got a buyout clause
Rahul Wanjari
Rahul Wanjari 11 dager siden
Raiola demanding £30m agents fees & £400-500k wages. Sell Pogba for anything, he's agent is termite. Dream Transfer: Sell(£100-125m): Dalot(£15m), Periera(£8m), Matic(£15m), Pogba(£40-60m), Lingard(£20-25m), Chong(£2m), Mata(free) Buy: Sancho(£85m) /Coman(£50-60m) /Bailey(£50m) Torres(£45m)/Romero(£35m)/Botman(£35m), Niguez(£45-50m) Palhinha (£25-30m Matic replacement), Trippler (£15m) Calhangolu (free)
samuel njenga
samuel njenga 11 dager siden
Mark should quit Sancho story
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment 11 dager siden
Awb always gets put down when he got the exact same assists and goals that took shaw 6 years but he's amazing.sad
Yorkshire Kush
Yorkshire Kush 11 dager siden
I disagree Neves can play next to pogba he a very clever footballer and is a holder like Carrick was
chris ollie
chris ollie 11 dager siden
I don't think Ole wants a defensive midfielder. I believe he's happy with Fred and McTominay
Prometheus Tv
Prometheus Tv 11 dager siden
Mind reader I see
Trivi Govender
Trivi Govender 11 dager siden
I was talking to someone the other day about how man united over pay for players and I even said that Liverpool will get Rafinha for 35mil...🙄
Paul Tyson
Paul Tyson 11 dager siden
On Rice, Ole only wants players who will bleed for United and Rice wants Chelsea.
United84 11 dager siden
If we have to play McTominay and Fred or even one of them regularly next season we are really gonna struggle. Can’t see us grinding games out for a whole season again
-- 11 dager siden
Ever stop and think why Chelsea, City and Liverpool arent interested? Or your PSG Barca Madrids etc. Because he's not good enough for them. Most overrated player on the planet. This stinks of United buying a player to sell shirts.
Perpendicular 11 dager siden
Buy Raphina instead of Sancho . Invest the remaining amount to buy a top class defender n the defensive midfielder
UP YER KILT!! 11 dager siden
So the morning show is u repeating the shite that's already out there instead of actual facts so u should be calling it transfer rumour show cuz rumours isn't news its noise
Malik Samuel
Malik Samuel 11 dager siden
What manchester united is going to negotiate dortmund set price and ain't do we get that since last summer
choby02 11 dager siden
Chelsea need a striker, they won’t go for Sancho. They already have Zyeich, Hudson-odi, Pulisic, Werner and Haverts. Chelsea literally just need a striker that’s it.
Chelsea Highlights
Chelsea Highlights 10 dager siden
@Ye Lin yeah that’s what I’m saying, he’s capable of playing as a striker but that’s not his proper position. So we need Lukaku/Haaland/kane
Ye Lin
Ye Lin 10 dager siden
@Chelsea Highlights Havertz is not a striker, dude is Thomas Muller the upgraded version.
Saif Talpur
Saif Talpur 10 dager siden
They need Lukaku.
Chelsea Highlights
Chelsea Highlights 11 dager siden
@Stephane Abraham and Giroud are both leaving. The only strikers we would have left is Werner and havertz (both are better playing with a striker in front of them) but are capable of playing in that position.
Junior 18
Junior 18 11 dager siden
We need a striker a cdm and cb
Saqib Akbar
Saqib Akbar 11 dager siden
What certainty do we have the Ole will play a 4-3-3 if we sign someone like Rice? He will play Rice and Mctominay in a double pivot.
Andrew I
Andrew I 11 dager siden
GLAZERS OUT no matter what
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