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Man Utd face a delay in signing Jadon Sancho as Kieron Trippier's move from Madrid moves closer according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here

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Sam Call
Sam Call 5 dager siden
Here.goes the 100mE sancho circus !!..
Shadrick Davids
Shadrick Davids 5 dager siden
So much optimism now that the transfer window is open. Watch Man Utd screw it up AGAIN.... We as fans can see that we need a CB, a CDM and a RW. Do the people who run the club not notice that or are they just incompetent...?
GEORGE ROE 5 dager siden
RL10 5 dager siden
Fred was linked to City before we bought him so not sure that's a vote of confidence.
pppscooby 5 dager siden
Glazerout movement has gone quiet & transfer news gone quiet, need to start targeting sponsors again
samuel njenga
samuel njenga 5 dager siden
United Stand should stop making themselves look desperate. No matter the Sancho update they should shelf it, concentrate on Ole’s shamboliv management for once before the season begins
ลํายอง นะโพไช
ลํายอง นะโพไช 5 dager siden
Who else isnt surprised one bit??
XO XO 5 dager siden
Enough of Sancho !!!! Pleassssseeeee!
Zeyaan Zaveri
Zeyaan Zaveri 5 dager siden
Has the transfer windows opend?
Robert Ramos
Robert Ramos 5 dager siden
If you need someone for the Portugal games you can give me a call
AKA_MAZ 5 dager siden
#glazersout 🔰
TheImaginaryBeing 5 dager siden
We all blame Utd, but Dortmund wanted over 100 million last year during a pandemic, they want everything up front, they sign secret extensions -they suck. I hope we never have to deal with them again personally
David Bilko
David Bilko 5 dager siden
This Sancho news has more variants than CoVid.
rodrigo possebon
rodrigo possebon 5 dager siden
Why are we chasing trippier when we have dalot. Imagine if utd sign trippier, rice and sancho....already turning the team to England F.C. I expect them to be going all out for a reliable center back and a good defensive midfielder, not on a player that will still be benched after being signed
Katleho Raphasha
Katleho Raphasha 5 dager siden
Are you not tired of talking about United’s ‘Transfer activity’ ffs 😕 just wait for the deal to be done if it ever gets done, then talk about it
Andrew Tomlinson
Andrew Tomlinson 5 dager siden
Considering how much smoke Goldbridge blows up the arse of Alex Ferguson and the golden era, you'd think he might have asked himself "Why did Fergie buy so many Goalkeepers???" Since he seems to know so much about how Goalkeepers impact the team. But that would have required thinking something through from concept to conclusion and letting the results inform your opinion.. Far better to just have an opinion that the "Hard of Thinking" can get behind, and arrange everything around supporting that.
Izdihar Ali
Izdihar Ali 5 dager siden
G R 5 dager siden
Next The United Stand Sancho chat, following United Stand Sancho chat .....weeks and weeks later The United Stand still talking about Sancho
G R 5 dager siden
How come Liverpool are owned like Man Utd American owners who aren't super rich like chelsea , city owners but Liverpool get their deals done fast yet Man Utd are so slow . Liverpool signed a defender straight away they get deals done . We need to sack our transfer man /negotiation man
Julia Richards
Julia Richards 5 dager siden
Because it's Manchester United they increase the price,they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it,but Woodward doesn't help,he should have been removed straight away not at the end of the year after the ESL debacle,just so insulting to our fans.
walata11 5 dager siden
Ole is also grateful for the job and will never stand up to the glazers.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 5 dager siden
If ole was,watching France last night and look at the performance of kante and the difference in having a proper DM like him with pogba he ran the show i.would rather spend my budget on varane or torres and rice or Bellingham nevez or Saul instead of sancho RW is not a necessity its a luxury position IMO
Bradley Aitchison
Bradley Aitchison 5 dager siden
Bloody hell, all we need is sancho to have a blinder at the euros and all the big boys will be in for him 🙄
Mark Davies
Mark Davies 5 dager siden
We take so long every transfer! Chelsea will probably come in get haaland and dortmond will change their minds about selling sancho
Wasim Ahmad
Wasim Ahmad 5 dager siden
we are on our way to be arsenal with help of glazers and their yesman
Rhatul Hasan
Rhatul Hasan 5 dager siden
Glazers Solskjaer United FC
Matt Hunt
Matt Hunt 5 dager siden
Keep the Santa send it to the North Pole joke 48:50
William N
William N 5 dager siden
next Sancho Break Through.... Sancho Deal Close..... Sancho Terms Agreed...... Sancho Breaking.... Sancho on Hold.........
MrPeterpronk 5 dager siden
Even Sancho won't save us....,problem is there is no football knowledge at this club " theatre of nightmare's"
A Ali
A Ali 5 dager siden
people keep on saying chelsea have a better squad but how much better is it or even is it better? or is it that the manager is getting the best out of them? Christiensen jorgino alonso rudiger all players chelsea fans thought would be finished yet half of them started in a ucl final and performed well.
Krunal Jadeja
Krunal Jadeja 5 dager siden
spraycan81 5 dager siden
Sancho Transfer Delay. What. A. Surprise. *Acts shocked*
Jacon March-Jones
Jacon March-Jones 5 dager siden
deals do happen during tournaments, not often mind but they do. Also don't forget, Sancho is in England for the next few weeks... its easy! keep your knickers on
oscar oscar
oscar oscar 5 dager siden
Sancho is not worth half the asking price as for De Gea time he should do one.
DLargey Art
DLargey Art 5 dager siden
Ad bridge
Jayzino 5 dager siden
Even if we do get Sancho he can’t win us the league by himself 🤦🏾‍♂️
Anwin Babu
Anwin Babu 5 dager siden
Incompetent club is killing me if I'm being honest
Jayzino 5 dager siden
I knew we wouldn’t get him we might as well get Grealish
mowekelvin 5 dager siden
Not "Here We Go!" but "Here We Go Again! Blady Ale!"
Matt Hunt
Matt Hunt 5 dager siden
The reports are gonna keep changing like last year until Joe announces Jadon at a time that can benefit them as well.
Derrick Zalo
Derrick Zalo 5 dager siden
Mark, it may be a good idea to see how Rash and Sancho perform together at the Euros as well.
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 5 dager siden
Watch another club sneak in and sighn Sancho. UTC want the name not the actual player. Shut the f----k up.
YouTube JR
YouTube JR 5 dager siden
If man United don't sign sancho,varane,trippier and saul niguez I'm joining Chelsea 😔
Azn N
Azn N 5 dager siden
Surprise surprise!! 😂 I'm so done with transfers when it comes to United
The RoyalMail x
The RoyalMail x 5 dager siden
'' im either lying or hearing voices in my head '' *Randy Orton*: .....
FARMY9 : 5 dager siden
Marks going for goldbridge taking about the shark dream I remember now 🤣🤣
Keith G
Keith G 5 dager siden
Our pub darts team is better organised than Utd’s transfer policy 😴😴
Martin Dennison
Martin Dennison 5 dager siden
krorawit tipprawong
krorawit tipprawong 5 dager siden
GoldBridge you look like ed woodward. 😊😊
Khalfan Nadhief
Khalfan Nadhief 5 dager siden
Saul would be a massive Pastor Fredinho upgrade
2serious4sam 5 dager siden
Mark don't be a hypocrite, I'm not watching united stand until the season starts or something actually happens. This Sancho deal saga was super over reported last season by the united stand and you doing it again now , unbelievable
2serious4sam 4 dager siden
@The Realist He is regurgitating the exact same news as last season. He even brought back the 90% club which is a tragedy in itself. And yeah tbh hope you don't have a good day and get a stone stuck in your shoe :)
The Realist
The Realist 4 dager siden
all he is doing is giving is opinion on the current news... it's a news show afterall? It's laughable that people still fail to grasp this concept
Gabar-GCS 5 dager siden
Lmao, why am I not shocked.
Niladri Sekhar Pal
Niladri Sekhar Pal 5 dager siden
As a supporter of Manu I don't trust Ole and his recruitment people. Basically the whole Manu board is a rotten egg
OConnor_60 5 dager siden
If players have a good tournament does their price go up? Get the deals done before
HOEY182 5 dager siden
Trippier? Ffs! 🙄
Louis Lim
Louis Lim 5 dager siden
U just can't trust the glazers. All boils down to the glazers. The sooner they sell the better it is. Shambolic and inept management of the club.
Julia Richards
Julia Richards 5 dager siden
Absolutely correct.
Tiny Hunter
Tiny Hunter 5 dager siden
Good ebening 😂
Four Dot Skills
Four Dot Skills 5 dager siden
hahhahahahhahhahahha Mike. Are you for real, this is the fourth transfer window and your script is the same .. Close - Delay - Shock Get a life mate..
Tony Pereira
Tony Pereira 5 dager siden
Mark, what happened to the 90% club with Sancho ?
Iztok Golob
Iztok Golob 5 dager siden
Here we go again :). We will probably bring Trippier and have this Saving private Ryan-like suffering for at least five players, getting my son at the end (who doesn't really care for football) and his friend (who plays a bit of basketball). But hey it is the future. It's progress from a long line of ghosts.
ARJUN MOORTHY 5 dager siden
Welcome to another transfer window of failure and we will accept it in the end trust me ...! It's nothing new for us
Byansh Grys
Byansh Grys 5 dager siden
Please stop the sancho reports It's disgusting
manmohan dhama
manmohan dhama 5 dager siden
now Chelsea are gonna sign haaland first and then they won't sell sancho😂😂😂😂
Raymond Mountford
Raymond Mountford 5 dager siden
Man United management could not run a brothel correctly, they make every decision 10 times more difficult.
Rajeev Paul
Rajeev Paul 5 dager siden
Hunter 5 dager siden
Question…..Does this channel have anything to discuss except Sancho every other day. Mark used to discuss how the ownership ruins transfer excitement. Well this channel is ruining transfer excitement the same way. Forget about Sancho and demand a better defense! FFS Man!
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 5 dager siden
Sharks with 4 legs coming to get Mark 😂
Dhiraj Desai
Dhiraj Desai 5 dager siden
Jeromy doku, ikone, kessi, werghost, vlahovic, daka, rafinha, renato sanches, de poul, so much talent ther n we want over hyped players
jared gresham
jared gresham 5 dager siden
If United and sancho already agreed on wages, all United need to do is settle on a price and pay it. That’s the easier of the two. This should take at max a week to complete, so they are 100% stalling so they don’t have to buy other players
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 5 dager siden
To whoever brought up USA vs Mexico, that was the best game we’ve had in years! I really wish we had one of Reyna, Pulisic, or Mckennie at United they are all such quality players
DARTH VADER 5 dager siden
Will we sign anyone in this transfer window on a serious note?
DARTH VADER 5 dager siden
@Rajeev Paul we can't live in the past eh we will be lucky if we get at least winks and ings.
Rajeev Paul
Rajeev Paul 5 dager siden
@DARTH VADER we once had smeichel ,van der saar , Pallister Bruce, Stam, Vidic, Ferdinand, Neville ,Giggs scholes , Beckham Keane, Ronaldo , nistelrooy, Rooney,today we consider the likes of James, Lingaard, Ings and Wings to be our star players ?
DARTH VADER 5 dager siden
@Rajeev Paul ings and winks would do good
Rajeev Paul
Rajeev Paul 5 dager siden
yes, Mings, Ings and Wings 😁😁😁
chandan mukherjee
chandan mukherjee 5 dager siden
I heard 93+23 for sancho. I don't think it should happened.
Sandy sandeep
Sandy sandeep 5 dager siden
Why do we need to pay so much for sancho? Bcz we have a coach who cant look elsewhere. He better emulate cr7 to be worthy of that price . There are so many players we can bring in from youth setup. Why do we think they are not ready . Hughes, mc neil so many forwards or wingers out there.
Sandy sandeep
Sandy sandeep 5 dager siden
Same story !! different book . We r Manchester United failure !!
Marvin Clarke
Marvin Clarke 5 dager siden
Sad thing is, we as fans knows what the club needs to improve but not the owners and Ole and his bias English staff. Sorry Mark I have No Faith in Manchester United to put of the right deal to make the playing squad more challenging and competitive
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja 5 dager siden
United only does good in getting old players in and kids who wud then being loan out sold to another clubs 👍 deal 👏👏😂😂
Samuel Onyango
Samuel Onyango 5 dager siden
I've watched Sancho severally and I just can't understand the hype. We can literally have Pedro Neto for half the prize
Steve Morley
Steve Morley 4 dager siden
Rashford is playing crap because he is depressed by splitting up with His girl been together for 10 years and also cause he is injuried but he ain't over rated that's harsh he can put Alexander Arnold on toast he is United through n through its United fault to much pressure on his shoulders i think he can take on defenders on that's doesn't happen as much anymore he learn it from the best Ryan Giggs but he ain't over rated
Lee Shipley
Lee Shipley 5 dager siden
@komoriRED well a few by definition isn’t a fixed number so it could means 99.9% of the squad
M G 5 dager siden
Half the player
Lee Shipley
Lee Shipley 5 dager siden
It’s not just about ability it’s also about the mentality of playing for a big club, a few of our players just don’t have that mentality so we need to sign players with that mentality. Fergie used to find a player he liked then he would pay someone to stalker them to find out how they lived and to find out from people around them about their mentality. Sancho has proven he has that mentality and can be a top class player hence why united should sign him instead of a cheaper unproven player
Tony T
Tony T 5 dager siden
Just another Rushford which we don't need
adym15 5 dager siden
Sancho deal DELAYED! Are we even surprised at this point?
megablah1 5 dager siden
Still 90% club Mark?
Little Johnny P
Little Johnny P 5 dager siden
Jaw's influenced analogy... We are gonna need a bigger budget 🤣
Gary Dunning
Gary Dunning 5 dager siden
If United were serious "pre Glazer's "would have sorted these transfers before euros..I never believed any of this these owners satisfied top 4
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena 5 dager siden
Ole has McFred.......he loves them!
Inv Mars
Inv Mars 5 dager siden
Chelsea could replace the whole team and win the league again before united could sign sancho
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow 5 dager siden
Forbrizio last year on this channel said these types of expensive deals take ages. But everyone carries on like we are going to do a big deal within a week....
D W 5 dager siden
I wouldn't even believe Romano the master on Sancho
KingOfTheJungle 5 dager siden
Sancho isn’t even needed ffs. He’s also very overrated Imo. Man United have all the fucking clowns at the club. Why are you fucking going for a guy you don’t even need!. A CB, DM, an AM and a striker is a must.
AMIT KUMAR 5 dager siden
United don't get any good player 😂😂😂 but josh king is available 😎
HYPAnation Gaming
HYPAnation Gaming 5 dager siden
People who don't learn are the people who believe that United are actually signing Sancho. Its been 18months and still no closer to signing him. I have serious concerns about this summer transfers (again). Wasting time on the Sancho deal rsther than signing the players in the areas we actually need like a CB and a CDM/CM who can get the ball from defence to attack quickly.
D W 5 dager siden
Will Sancho be another Maguire i hope utd bargain firmly on his value after all Dortmund were stubborn last summer or get Grealish with additional CDM and CB
The Legends
The Legends 5 dager siden
The transfer window opens on 9th june.
DavidJB -
DavidJB - 5 dager siden
The shite this channel comes up with
barry white
barry white 5 dager siden
'Saul isnt a cdm but he does play in a double pivot' 'OH MY GOD HOW CAN OLE PLAY BRUNO AS A CDM' lmao! you couldnt write it.
zeb jarrett
zeb jarrett 5 dager siden
Annoying same old stories won't believe it till his holding up the shirt
Barry Chee
Barry Chee 5 dager siden
Sancho deal is never ever gonna happen!!!!!... forget bout the "dreaming/fantasy" dream.... it's all STUPID n lots of bullshit!!!!
GudBeatz Ent
GudBeatz Ent 5 dager siden
Mustak Ahmed
Mustak Ahmed 5 dager siden
Mark same here I love to believe but for last three years I stopped. Now doesn't matter who's telling the news I just dont believe anything what our club says or people says until I see it with my own eye. And that is really sad because I love my club (man utd).
Qammar Shah
Qammar Shah 5 dager siden
If Chelsea get haaland and rice it’s over
Glenn 5 dager siden
Tomorrow's headline Sanchi deal back on United close to singing in 2025
James McCarthy
James McCarthy 5 dager siden
Tomorrow’s headline “ SANCHO DEAL GIVEN A GREEN LIGHT”
Joshua Onovo
Joshua Onovo 5 dager siden
Joao Palhinha from sporting is a player we're sleeping on. 25 yrs, top player, would suit us perfectly and we could get him for less than 40m. I wish we could actually work like a serious club in the window.
asr1227 5 dager siden
Irish_Sinner 5 dager siden
Don't watch the 4th Jaws Movie whatever you do, that abomination should've never been made.
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 5 dager siden
If the Glazers were serious about making amends to the fans then they would be signing Sancho and Haaland.
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