SANCHO Terms Agreed! VARANE Next? Man Utd Transfer News

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Man Utd are close to sealing a Jadon Sancho transfer as they discuss personal terms with Varane and other targets according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here

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kolim jone
kolim jone 3 dager siden
Ole shows ruthlessness by not playing Van De Beek😫😂
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 3 dager siden
England won't pass the first round, so Rashy will have to do his surgery earlier with time to recover.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 5 dager siden
Mark , regarding Sancho I have had enough time only post about him when the fee is agreed...I'm done with terms agreed .
luna 5 dager siden
kolim jone
kolim jone 3 dager siden
We need two mids
Paul Dawe
Paul Dawe 6 dager siden
Sancho wants la liga move 😆😆😆😆😆😆
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 3 dager siden
Mark I dont even understand why we thinking to buy RW. where we have serious problem with other position like CD and CDM its must buy. Not a RW.
Matthew Smyth
Matthew Smyth 6 dager siden
Love to see us going for Kimmich the guys top class and would take us to a different level
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 5 dager siden
Mark I dont even understand why we thinking to buy RW. where we have serious problem with other position like CD and CDM its must buy. Not a RW.
Moe. Moe.codgamer
Moe. Moe.codgamer 7 dager siden
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 4 dager siden
If we don’t sign sancho imma lose it lol🤬
beef6653 7 dager siden
Sancho cash buy. Lingard plus cash for rice. Martial plus cash for Kane. Varane cash buy. De gea plus cash for oblak. Still leaves us playing counter attacking football with no changes and poor coaching. No chance all that will happen but even if it does, I still can’t see us winning anything that’s the sad state of affairs.
John Bastien
John Bastien 7 dager siden
Centre Back - Altanta (Romero)
Paul Dawe
Paul Dawe 7 dager siden
Wow! Last three videos on this channel has been about sancho either mark has a secret crush on sancho or hes clutching straws be a shame when chelsea sign sancho 😄😄😄😄 80 million on a right winger when you need a cb cdm and a striker
Andrew Kasi
Andrew Kasi 7 dager siden
After every interview........SANCHO TERMS AGREED.
The Truth is best
The Truth is best 7 dager siden
You don't half talk some Bollocks on here mate...
Lau Andrew
Lau Andrew 7 dager siden
deja vu
isaac missoy
isaac missoy 7 dager siden
stop this sancho nonsense in 2021 am not buying it
wy 7 dager siden
what is wrong the the guys who keeps saying wanbisaka to play center back?? did you ever see wanbisaka clear a ball with his head? it will be easier for opponents forward and wingers. just high ball to wanbisaka, we get free header
The SoM
The SoM 7 dager siden
Can't we offer WestHam 35mil+Lingard for Rice??
Fast Eddie
Fast Eddie 7 dager siden
Terms mean crap unless the owners pay the dam transfer fee!!!
sourabh kasar
sourabh kasar 7 dager siden
Perfect brand for the face 🤣🤣
davewhtn 7 dager siden
We need two mids
Mustak Ahmed
Mustak Ahmed 7 dager siden
Mark I dont even understand why we thinking to buy RW. where we have serious problem with other position like CD and CDM its must buy. Not a RW.
crunch time
crunch time 7 dager siden
If we don’t sign sancho imma lose it lol🤬
Not Me
Not Me 7 dager siden
Fergie let Rooney and beckham go so that’s false
bharwani 7 dager siden
I loved this channel when it was for bringing news to us, but now the same video is being made over and over again just to force BoohooMan down our throat so Mark can get paid.
Taimoor Malik
Taimoor Malik 7 dager siden
Sancho, Grealish, Koopmeiners, Carmo are the signings we should make. With a few sales, these would be realistic signings and make us a squad which would be able to challenge for trophies.
William lillicrapp
William lillicrapp 7 dager siden
If sancho plays for United like he does for England then jesus that’s such bad transfer 😂
DAVID WING 7 dager siden
Man u want it to be £75 million with £50 Millon now and £25 million next year Dortmund want £80;million but are happy to do £60; million thus year and £20 million next year So not too far apart
DAVID WING 7 dager siden
Remember you heard it here 1st
Irfan Yunus
Irfan Yunus 7 dager siden
Go and get Grealish and not Sancho nnnnno'owwww !!!!!
Steve Morley
Steve Morley 7 dager siden
Tripper is great back up for wan bissaka but I why don't we get Arrons from Norwich throw them Williams or Neville jr on a 2year loan deal or James garner
Steve Morley
Steve Morley 7 dager siden
Don't say anything about Sancho as soon as Chelsea won the champions League kiss varane and Sancho goodbye Chelsea have deep pockets maybe I'm wrong about Sancho but I bet Chelsea get varane I suppose the board will say we wasn't even in for him or we will get Ben White or Tyrone Mings thinking we wouldn't notice
Ezekiel Ajayi
Ezekiel Ajayi 7 dager siden
They should just give it give it give it to edi Cavani
Bilal Brown
Bilal Brown 7 dager siden
Rather get Grealish
Emma Stringer
Emma Stringer 7 dager siden
Dream transfer window (very unrealistic) Sancho Bassuma (idk how you spell it) Bellingham Haaland Varane Coman ( maybe if rashy is getting an operation)
Reptil 7 dager siden
Paul Scholes terms agreed? Nemanja Vidic next? Nothing new on United Chernobyl....
Alpha Bravo
Alpha Bravo 7 dager siden
These videos are just pathetic.
ish maharaj
ish maharaj 7 dager siden
sell mata and lingard
Tony T
Tony T 7 dager siden
Sancho looks bang average
YDun 7 dager siden
Mark: United are just stringing us along with Sancho until the Euros . (Whilst United Stand string us along with Sancho until the Euros).😂👌
Ash 7 dager siden
Sancho deal done but PSG have offered Double!
izzy hassan
izzy hassan 7 dager siden
only Mark is worth watching at United stand...imo...😀
The Beast
The Beast 7 dager siden
Year 2050 United Stand: Sancho terms agreed.
Francis Smyth
Francis Smyth 7 dager siden
Not interested in Sancho. More critical positions to fill.
Nyati SM
Nyati SM 7 dager siden
How can KDB be better than Kante.
Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson 7 dager siden
And quit the stupid Sunday roast anecdotes!!
Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson 7 dager siden
Great show Nark (mostly), but there’s a finite amount of times I can listen to you repeat yourself, then repeat yourself, then repeat yourself AGAIN AND AGAIN!! Have you got anything new ffs!!??
S L Jones
S L Jones 7 dager siden
Neves in please
Sheph 7 dager siden
Like a broken record.. yawn. Not watching this.
Jonathan Tang
Jonathan Tang 7 dager siden
I won’t believe it until I see the player holding the shirt MARK
scott 7 dager siden
This guy chats bubbles
Dean 7 dager siden
Mark saying 90% is a bloody jinx these days.
Adrian steele
Adrian steele 7 dager siden
On the bright side: Greenwood is ALREADY more mature than rashford because he knows when to say "no". Greenwood already has an equal-or-better potential as rashford, but he realizes he has a long way to go. No need to rush. All this pressure for him to play is from people who dont care about his overall health. I'm glad he's not playing. There will be other tournaments.
Michael Peckover
Michael Peckover 7 dager siden
No competition Mark, you win hands down
Jeeth Mathai
Jeeth Mathai 7 dager siden
They are stalling the deal just to make more news and sell papers
eslermanu47 7 dager siden
Sancho if his performance for England is anything to go by keep him useless is the word i would use.
Az LST 7 dager siden
Varane 35m, Neves 35m & Sancho 80m = 150m... And even then i aint buying anything from the glazers! We need at least 3/4 years of transfers like this or bigger and better before any "trust glazers talk" is even thought about!
shaun young
shaun young 7 dager siden
Who actually cares? We don’t need Sancho at the moment and I thought that Mark wouldn’t get excited or involved in this news. We probably will buy him to appease people without actually fixing any of our problems and I think Ollie will sanction them as he is part of our problems to.
GE 7 dager siden
All this talk about Sancho, but the reality is that if you're not at the table, you're not "close to the deal." In other news, Leave a Poo FC are after Tielemans. If we sit back and let them do that, we're idiots! He's levels above Mctominay, Fred or Matic. We need to go out and get him.
Sal SA
Sal SA 7 dager siden
The longest transfer deal in history is reaching finality. But don't celebrate just yet, it may continue until next summer
Reaper Hemz
Reaper Hemz 7 dager siden
Absolutely gutted it's not grealish
Tony Init
Tony Init 7 dager siden
Maybe we are unduly harsh on the agreeing parties....Perhaps they are agreeing that the agreement from before was agreed and that particular agreement remains agreed ? ..... or can we agree that is what is happening ??🤔
Adidjah Clarke
Adidjah Clarke 7 dager siden
When mark said I just want to wrap up in the Sancho story...I spilled my drink
Ajmal Cosman
Ajmal Cosman 7 dager siden
nah my bro he wants this saga to be extended so that he can make more video, juice the story to the max. if you want to play this video play it X2.
Capt. CoCo
Capt. CoCo 7 dager siden
Terms agreed with player since last summer. I think we should stop talking about it, the more the hype the more the disappointment and fee😂
Grant Fisher
Grant Fisher 7 dager siden
Ole and Southgate are similar managers. They don’t have great offensive tactics so signing sancho for 90 million will look like a flop with Ole managing him. You have to change the tactics when you bring in players like Sancho
Kiedis Critchlow
Kiedis Critchlow 7 dager siden
Why would we waste up 100mill on sancho , is totally beyond me.. , we ave about 4 like him to start with
Thomas Scott
Thomas Scott 7 dager siden
Watching Sancho for England, I still think I prefer Greenwood on the wing
1realmoor 7 dager siden
Not one person on here is a Pro anything . Sit back and enjoy the ride . Stop crying. 😭😭😭😭
david cox
david cox 7 dager siden
shubh 8 dager siden
MArk the cartoon is back with his sancho bandwagon
Lucifer sixsixsix
Lucifer sixsixsix 8 dager siden
Blah,blah,blah. This story is as long as the Bible.
Sathya Narayanan Chakravarthy
Sathya Narayanan Chakravarthy 8 dager siden
Really Mark? Better off replaying your videos over the last 12 months about Sancho. There's enough content to cruise through next three transfer seasons
Vinod Vagadurgi
Vinod Vagadurgi 8 dager siden
Goldbridge making the living out of done deals, news!!
Bleachguy 8 dager siden
masons shown maturity in pulling out of euros
H 8 dager siden
Sancho is so fucking overrated it’s unreal, I’d rather take grealish every day of the week. Sanchos gonna be a flop if we get him
bradley cash
bradley cash 8 dager siden
I’m not that convinced by Sancho
Jake Buck
Jake Buck 8 dager siden
Time for martial to step up when rashford is recovering from the op.
HawkHardstylez 8 dager siden
I really want kounde but his height frightens me! 178cm..
LeeTAZ2312 8 dager siden
So when did Sir Alex stop Beckham and Rooney from playing for England when they both had injuries leading up to tournaments. Managers cant stop there players if they want to play.
Utd Vlog TV
Utd Vlog TV 8 dager siden
I will believe it when I see Sancho holding the shirt
John Reeve
John Reeve 8 dager siden
United like to string signings along ? So do NOwindow channels
Joshua Kaumba
Joshua Kaumba 8 dager siden
Sancho deal will still be up in the air in August. I hate to be the reality check. 90% club smh
Dan Breen
Dan Breen 8 dager siden
imagine if we sign sancho what are they going to use to click on the videos then.😂
LeeTAZ2312 8 dager siden
Has anyone considered the reason AWB us being trained at CB is because his only weakness as a defender is his concentration on crosses, just maybe hes gonna have a few friendlies at CB, to work on it. Cheksea did the same with James he was played as the right sided CB to help with his concentration.
Jadon Sancho
Jadon Sancho 8 dager siden
nice i'll sign soon
Patrick Muyonjo
Patrick Muyonjo 8 dager siden
United's transfer display is a mirror of how the club has been operating in the last few years. Sadly, the new season's promise is no brighter. In fact, next season promises to be bleak in the face of the rise of Chelsea, Liverpool, and of course, Man City.
Khabib cherrypicking weight bully
Khabib cherrypicking weight bully 8 dager siden
Heard all this before talk when he’s official
Michael Palfreman
Michael Palfreman 8 dager siden
Sancho is playing tonight for England I'll be watching him closely to see if he matches all the hype .
Michael Palfreman
Michael Palfreman 7 dager siden
He didn't,!
Simply Sofas
Simply Sofas 8 dager siden
This plonker is just regurgitating the same old tripe like last year, repeating filth like it's brand new...
Wuming Kelvin
Wuming Kelvin 8 dager siden
saw an article on manchester evening news saying rice could be the new keane hahahahaha cant help but laugh a carrick maybe but keane no no no
Ann Kenny
Ann Kenny 8 dager siden
Rice is not in same class as Keane & never will be There’s only one Keane fact !!!
Andreas Marouchos
Andreas Marouchos 8 dager siden
We do have Martial on the left. Maybe Dialo can play a bit more, Elanga, Shoretire. Rashford will be missed but maybe with the addition of Sancho and a CDM, there will be opportunities for others to come in and contribute for a while
Bucky MacClusky
Bucky MacClusky 8 dager siden
These sancho videos are like groundhog day.. Feels like im stuck in a time warp
Patrick Muyonjo
Patrick Muyonjo 8 dager siden
Sure they did last year......! In fact, Sancho was a United player last year....! He just played online! Is Mark part of the United PR team? He sure behaves like them!
PY 8 dager siden
i am more interested in who Chelsea is going to sign for the next season.
chuck lombardo
chuck lombardo 8 dager siden
Surely with elanga diallo pellistri shoretire there is no place for mata lingard
Ps5 Stew
Ps5 Stew 8 dager siden
Nothing on sky sports?
Bob Diddlebock
Bob Diddlebock 8 dager siden
Cdm is the priority. If we start with Fred next season then we ain’t winning nothing. I refuse to believe he’s Brazilian… he can’t even pass a ball
Antipodeano 8 dager siden
United won't upset the Eng team by going in before the Euros. Sancho should be concentrating on the Euros.
Antipodeano 8 dager siden
if Dortmund want 77 quid, we will go in with 40 plus unobtanable add-ons.
Edward wynder
Edward wynder 8 dager siden
Is this Dave? I swear I've seen this one before?😂
Arnav Sethi
Arnav Sethi 8 dager siden
Ah..... Here we go again......
Santhosh Umesh
Santhosh Umesh 8 dager siden
I wish Sancho was named Terms. Atleast then, terms agreed would make me happy!
Santhosh Umesh
Santhosh Umesh 8 dager siden
@Ann Kenny my pleasure! 😂
Ann Kenny
Ann Kenny 8 dager siden
Haha 😆 I’m getting loads of laughs from a lot of the comments Love yours It’s very funny Could do with more laughs while waiting for Sancho to sign It keeps going on & on but at least I’m getting lots of laughs from all the comments Thanks 😂😂🤣🤣👍🏼👍🏼
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