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Manchester United are keen not to be ripped off this summer in a deal for Jadon Sancho. United are frontrunners but no deal has been finalised yet. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.

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BabsW 3 dager siden
Jordan's a brilliant addition to The United Stand.
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 6 dager siden
The back and forth is good between Jordan and Beth.
Vishal Sorout
Vishal Sorout 8 dager siden
Anybody who says they wouldn't like to have Ronnie back to old Trafford is smoking crack. So you guys are ok with us losing pogba for free in a year but you are hesitant to bring one of the best players in the world to our club. Madness
ERIC BANTONA 9 dager siden
Jack grealish over sancho all day
Only Hooman
Only Hooman 9 dager siden
Son is the player we should go for, but we need to be prioritising a DMF and CB before worrying about a winger.
QH 10 dager siden
Beth is my favorite
Gyimah Francis
Gyimah Francis 10 dager siden
Buy Jadon SANCHO
jamie radmore
jamie radmore 10 dager siden
can't wait for another utd flop
K L 10 dager siden
Jordan is very good. More of him.
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 10 dager siden
Im not interested in glazers meeting but i am interested in seeing them disappear!!!!!
Mpumelelo Mandi
Mpumelelo Mandi 10 dager siden
Sign Trippier 🔥🔥🔥
Mpumelelo Mandi
Mpumelelo Mandi 10 dager siden
I still Say Sign Varane or Kounde Sign Sancho Sign Saul or Bissouma while it's Still Early 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️💔
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 10 dager siden
Jimmy gale is glazers in!!
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 10 dager siden
Hes a great player he has sell on value & hes young!!
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 10 dager siden
Man united should offer between £75million & £85million
Nedal Haddad
Nedal Haddad 10 dager siden
Beth. I have to admit. I’ve lost a little respect….I admire your soccer knowledge but wouldn’t make you DOF for ManU 🥰
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny 10 dager siden
If Cavani left then I would maybe think Ronaldo could be an option but now that he's staying one more year it doesnt make sense. Especially if Greenwood is supposed to be our number 9 once cavani leaves.
msameerhamid 10 dager siden
respect to beth for wanting Ronaldo back..........a true united supporter
mark siqendu
mark siqendu 10 dager siden
Good Show lmao. awesome
Mark Wilkins
Mark Wilkins 10 dager siden
Big up beth and jordan great show 👏👏👏👏👌👍❤️
Hello, Bye!
Hello, Bye! 10 dager siden
we Will probably end up with : King, buy back smalling and phil Jones will be able to play again from his 5 year Long injury and the board Will look at that as a New signing and a Great window.
Shounik Sen
Shounik Sen 10 dager siden
Jordan wants Jack to play as rw or move rashford to the right instead of buying a proper RW and says we lost to UEL final due to defence and not bcs of lack of goals! 😂😂 Good lord!
thalayakgomo 10 dager siden
We need Sancho and LW and Rashford to the bench l, I'm tired of his guaranteed game time even when he's not good enough for this club
Joon - young
Joon - young 10 dager siden
Bissouma is better than Rice, his stats show this
Mahad Asif
Mahad Asif 10 dager siden
Sell Pogba, buy a DM as we need anyways and get Calhanoglu on a free to replace him. You also have VDB and that should be sufficient to replace Pogba and that will be Raiola gone. Then we sign Sancho and also a fast, dominant CB, not forgetting to get Trippier and we should be creating a lot of chances and a variety in attack to make it harder for teams to defend against us, we should drastically improve in defence as well. We don't need a striker because we have Greenwood who I honestly think can be our no1 Striker, we would only need a striker to replace Martial (a striker like Cavani, Andre Silva or Calvert-Lewin) if he doesn't sort himself out next season; next season will be the penultimate season for Martial's Man Utd career
James Jennings
James Jennings 10 dager siden
Pogba out cr7 in all day long, no matter how bad he does hes still nowhere near as disappointing as pogba has been, im 100% done with pogba
OLA GEORGE 10 dager siden
Big up Jordan
OLA GEORGE 10 dager siden
Love this show.. Beth is top class
mowekelvin 10 dager siden
This may be the last chance to get Sancho. Next in line Chelsea, Liverpool.....
Rob P
Rob P 10 dager siden
In all honesty if you were Kieran trippier would you want to leave a successful team, living life in the sun, to come to us after seeing the disaster of villareal and the way the club is run. Ref signing bassouma and benching him the way dvb has been, cant see OT crowd standing for that Oli will have more pressure to make substitutions donny would have played more with OT full
tomtomufc 10 dager siden
Bissouma could do the job next to pogba or dvb,look at it this way can it be worse than mcfred NO NO NO.
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch 10 dager siden
Where does Mason go if we sign Sancho? Sort our woeful defence out first. Sell one of our keepers. Clear out the dead wood. Simple strategy.
JustDanny 10 dager siden
Hannibal Mejbri in the youth will be a star.. he has alot of similarities to Jack Grealish
Syl Mil
Syl Mil 10 dager siden
This was a good show guys 🙌🏾. We need more of this.
Amit Abrol
Amit Abrol 10 dager siden
Pogba not worth $400k a week, no matter how he performed last season. He's not committed enough, still shaky about committing himself & let's his family/ manager shoot off their mouths relentless
Amit Abrol
Amit Abrol 10 dager siden
Totally with Jordan. don't need Ronaldo. Keep absolute focus to develop the back & Mid, without which he would be a waste
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 10 dager siden
Why would sancho want to play under olly golly.
Mpumelelo Mandi
Mpumelelo Mandi 10 dager siden
Bt Sancho should Come to Utd Whether Glazers are Going out
Mpumelelo Mandi
Mpumelelo Mandi 10 dager siden
Raphinha or Jack Grealish for Sancho
The Lizard King
The Lizard King 10 dager siden
Can't stand all these Prats saying things like "rubbish show" and "I only watch if it's mark". Trust me guys and gal's, you're missing out on some amazing analysis. Also if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all 🤫 Great show you two!
Amit Abrol
Amit Abrol 10 dager siden
Much as I would like the Club to buy but agree with Jordan 100% - stem the flow in the back & Mid + remove deadwood (absolute TOP priority). And use the buys (Diallo, Telles, VDB) and give Tuanzebe a chance. Lindeloff/ Fred/ McTominay benched. Plus the new ones moving up the ranks - Mejbri etc.
Satria Kelana
Satria Kelana 10 dager siden
Yes i'm prefer buy Grealish than Sancho
Ron 10 dager siden
You're not mentioning Martial, should we sell him?
mark cunningham
mark cunningham 10 dager siden
Ole out he is whats holding us back.. Ole out
Christopher Savill
Christopher Savill 10 dager siden
We've got greenwood. It's rashford we need a replacement for. He's absolute shite
Prometheus Tv
Prometheus Tv 9 dager siden
@Stewart Cameron He was crap before Ole came, people were calling him to be sold when Jose was here.
Stewart Cameron
Stewart Cameron 9 dager siden
He's playing absolute shite because dumbo Ole as ran him into the ground -playing him with injuries - he should not be going to the Euro's he needs an operation on his shoulder injury and he needs time to recover properly from knee & ankle injuries -Its Oles fault he's been so shite.
Prometheus Tv
Prometheus Tv 10 dager siden
Greenwood is a striker not a winger and we can always play Sancho on the left
Vedanth Nanesha
Vedanth Nanesha 10 dager siden
musab gamer1301
musab gamer1301 10 dager siden
"We lost the Europa league final because of our defence not our attack" 😂
musab gamer1301
musab gamer1301 10 dager siden
So the geezer based his whole opinion on the Bundesliga from the Sancho highlights reel? 🤦‍♂️
2serious4sam 10 dager siden
Big up Beth and Jordan, great show
spraycan81 10 dager siden
Sancho aint coming guys - the sooner you realise this the better. And Ronaldo aint coming either - we can only set our sights on Willian.
Vishakan s.k
Vishakan s.k 10 dager siden
We were searching, we are searching, and we will be searching for a winger and by the time we will sign him the window will be closed .we've been seeing this for years
arlo Bobbins
arlo Bobbins 10 dager siden
Really good show! Both made some excellent cases during the disagreements yet imo were constantly endearing in manner of approach.. More of these two please :)
Lea Greenall
Lea Greenall 10 dager siden
Beth is a muppet when it comes to wages and Pogba.... she has no idea !!
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 10 dager siden
Come on united get GREALISH..
kelvin 10 dager siden
Ole don’t know how to coach even we get the right players. Tactics all wrong and don’t make subs. I suggest sign zidane to replace ole first
Amit Abrol
Amit Abrol 10 dager siden
Qualitative discussing, pertinent intelligent arguments by both, real good analysis
ani bro
ani bro 10 dager siden
ayo what are those complex words
Zak Hussain
Zak Hussain 10 dager siden
Cant remember anything Pogba done apart from Milan? Lol West ham ? Fulham? Spurs?
El COMPA JOE 10 dager siden
United should get 🇲🇽🇲🇽 HIRVING LOZANOOO 🇲🇽🇲🇽 the current Napoli player
William N
William N 10 dager siden
Kane is a luxury signing... City can afford that luxury but United just can't Also i have enough of Pogba's silent flirting with other clubs, not once did he say he wants to stay @ United all these years and let Riola mouth ran wild.... just swap him for Varane and close this chapter for good
Banton85 10 dager siden
Id rather sign jack grealish. I feel sancho will be a massive disappointed
georgie gorge
georgie gorge 10 dager siden
forgot , great show you two youngsters Beth and Jordan , great to hear two people not shouting over each other .
alvitofernandes graciano
alvitofernandes graciano 10 dager siden
what happened to Van De Beek ,Ole has destroyed this boy he a very intellectual player with this type of attitude Oli Solskjaer won't go far with Utd
Andros C
Andros C 10 dager siden
Guys, this is serious. If a winger is needed and Glazers need to sell shirts, why not Sanche ?
SOTH MUSIC 10 dager siden
Danny Trippier cmon this is our problem we are going for the mediocre other top clubs don’t want him why are we getting him we could get better in Europe Hakimi for inter to name one ☝️
jay cam
jay cam 10 dager siden
Trappiers best days are over, he's cheap that's why we will get him
Harto Widjaja
Harto Widjaja 10 dager siden
Price war for Sancho ?? Come on who is he ? Messi ? Ronaldo ? Come on there are hundreds of players like him out there, spend somewhere else 😤😤🙂🙂
Carl Ellis
Carl Ellis 10 dager siden
Hands down want Grealish over anyone else this summer, the guy is an overall great player and proven in PL
K9 Academy
K9 Academy 10 dager siden
Honestly get jordan off. Ronaldo all day
Rally A
Rally A 10 dager siden
That’s why we can’t win anything. We don’t know our priorities. Why are we still chasing him if they won’t sell for a reasonable price?? Focus on Christiano, more worth it. Then CDM and CD. You know why Kante is making clubs win titles, Leicester then Chelsea? Work horse!! No one does the work he does. United is lacking such a player! Disrupting opponents play as well as making plays. The secret!! He makes average teams look great!! Instead of Sancho, rather go for grealish!!
VK in Bangkok
VK in Bangkok 10 dager siden
I would like to see Ole really playing the 2nd team n youth for Carabao n FA Cup. Focus the 1st team for EPL n UCL and learn to rotate 1-2 players in the starting side n bring a couple of fringe players in for game fitness (VDB, Amad, Axel, Baily, Williams, Tellas, DJ - if he cant even manage these players then might as well sell them)
Tremaine Bishop
Tremaine Bishop 10 dager siden
Pogba isn’t worth 400k a week too inconsistent.
jgibson645 10 dager siden
$400K/week contracts are toxic to the dressing room. Look at what happened with Sanchez. Can’t let that occur with Pogba and either sell or let him go on a free. Sir Alex was right to not deal with Raiola, disruptive to clubs and team chemistry.
Prashant Hariharan
Prashant Hariharan 10 dager siden
Also, though Pogba has been "better" in the 2nd half of the season, but that's the bare minimum that should have been expected for the amount he earns currently. Jordan is absolutely right, no one buys him if he earns 400 k a week.
ani bro
ani bro 10 dager siden
Yes but Pogba is very popular in dressing room so i dont think they will mind if he gets 400k
Franchize Tribe
Franchize Tribe 10 dager siden
Csnt let him go on a free! The club has no conviction ! Giving Pogba another contract would be ridiculous this all United does is offer every player a new contract and stay stuck with deadwood waiting for players to turn good that have been at the club from 4 to 7 years it’s ridiculous! Have to move players for Martial and Pogba can get players that will be way more consistent it’s a no brainer but the club won’t do it no conviction
jgibson645 10 dager siden
Jordan is the man! Nailed the controversial topics and knows what he’s talking about!!!
Sangtea Darngawn
Sangtea Darngawn 10 dager siden
Let Chelsea sign SANCHO, then united can sign ODOI!
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas 10 dager siden
Lewondovski wouldn’t score as many over here as he does in Germany. Agree Bundesliga is not as competitive as Premier, but still a lot of good players over there
Luke Erlandson
Luke Erlandson 10 dager siden
0:53 gOoD eBENiNg
Yewbzee 10 dager siden
Spot on folks, great show.
Pat Bhukkanasut
Pat Bhukkanasut 10 dager siden
Even if miracle happens and we get Sancho, Ole will not win the Premier League, and will be fired by Christmas He is simply not the one. Love the show Beth and Jordan ❤️
Nati ze Ethiopia
Nati ze Ethiopia 10 dager siden
Sancho isn't enough to win us a title even with the best managers in the world.
Mohd Hisham Abdullah
Mohd Hisham Abdullah 10 dager siden
You are damn right. I have said very much earlier last season that OGS is CLUELESS we won't win the CL or PL with him.
tomrob06 10 dager siden
If we sign a good experienced manager then we have a good chance of winning something
Omar Spence
Omar Spence 10 dager siden
Don't think we should go all out for jadon, dyallo and pellestri in the wings waiting, we should get a dm and a possibly a cb.
Arrow In The Quiver
Arrow In The Quiver 10 dager siden
@Prometheus Tv he should play on the right when Cavani is starting because he's ready enough to push edi out of the starting xi
Prometheus Tv
Prometheus Tv 10 dager siden
@Arrow In The Quiver No Greenwood should play up front
Arrow In The Quiver
Arrow In The Quiver 10 dager siden
@Prometheus Tv Diallo and Greenwood for the rw spot is okay
Prometheus Tv
Prometheus Tv 10 dager siden
They’re not good enough to start every game.
Raj Singh
Raj Singh 10 dager siden
I agree with Jordon regarding Sancho
Splendiferous Finch
Splendiferous Finch 10 dager siden
Great show guys, well done 👍
Peter Moore
Peter Moore 10 dager siden
are you guys delusional sancho overated and even IF we got sancho,verane and a cdm we still will be miles away from city
Joshua Gouveia
Joshua Gouveia 10 dager siden
Ings over Calvert Lewin anyday!
Paul Hynes
Paul Hynes 10 dager siden
Sentimental FC
VnnXyz14 10 dager siden
Sancho was all done lol ; and now a price war as begun? lol
Lester Lee
Lester Lee 10 dager siden
Glazers out! Make them pay on everything United needs! No Glazernomics! Buy the players NOW!
kutmasterkurt22 10 dager siden
Wouldn’t be annoyed if we came out with Varane and bisouma - we do have diallo coming through.. he will be class, doesn’t look out of his depth when he’s been used and players above would do a lot for our frailties
Señor Hisoka
Señor Hisoka 10 dager siden
Jack is one of the most entertaining players to watch, absolute class.
James Jennings
James Jennings 10 dager siden
I fully agree, we should sell pigba and bring grealish in, it would do wonders for the team
Franchize Tribe
Franchize Tribe 10 dager siden
He’s not needed unless Pogba is sold period
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 10 dager siden
Sancho isnt proven in EPL which should reduce his price 70 mil But Mu isnt good at closing deals
jay cam
jay cam 10 dager siden
Sancho is not worth 80 or 70 mill he is a 40 mill player but because he's English, He will be inconsistent.
Ay0X Games
Ay0X Games 10 dager siden
Pogba should get the 400, he is a world cup winner and we can't lose him on the free
Omid Mirzadeh
Omid Mirzadeh 10 dager siden
United will win nothing with this manager even if we snacho kane veran and rice!! He has no clue how to manage a team!
1Unitedforlife 10 dager siden
“We’ve been calling for a winger for a few seasons now” A few? We haven’t had a winger since Ronaldo ffs 😂
I 10 dager siden
Nani Valencia and young were all in and around their primes, give or take a few years at the same time short after ronaldo left. I think probably 2014 was when it started
SwaggyJD 10 dager siden
@rashyyy yeah I know they are no where near Grealish or Sancho but they were our wingers at the time and they can put a cross in but yeah they aren't good enough especially when they played as full backs they were horrible
rashyyy 10 dager siden
@SwaggyJD converted and played as full backs, though. Also not good enough. Maybe if Young was younger.... (if they were younger they’d be better but do they compare to a Grealish, Ronaldo, Sancho?)
SwaggyJD 10 dager siden
Valencia & Young were wingers
ani bro
ani bro 10 dager siden
Valencia was a winger wasnt he
Paul Maders
Paul Maders 10 dager siden
Suggest all Ole outers, go & watch SAF documentary & first 4 years of nothing & hatred towards him, then go back to your prawn sandwiches or support Chelsea lol
Samuel Rogerson
Samuel Rogerson 10 dager siden
This guys don’t understand that Sancho can develop than grealish because he is so much younger
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo 10 dager siden
Grealish is better in my opinion. If rumours are to be believed, then the United players want Grealish but Ole wants Sancho.
Jxcko Beans
Jxcko Beans 10 dager siden
I'll take my chances with grealish
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best 10 dager siden
We are still waiting for Martial, Rashford and Lingard to develop. So lets add sancho to the list right..
Sam 10 dager siden
Turned off after I heard right wing is a position we aren’t desperate for . Peace out.
bharwani 10 dager siden
Our team could be closer to the title if we hadn’t let the wrong players leave also. Smalling, Herrera, Lukaku>Lindelof, Fred, Martial.
Arrow In The Quiver
Arrow In The Quiver 10 dager siden
Daniella Stuart
Daniella Stuart 10 dager siden
400 K around 21 Million a year , you be mugs if you do this , J is right you sell him at best price even if you loss on him it better in the long run You been offing Lingard as a swap offer Pogba as a swap
Richard Smart
Richard Smart 10 dager siden
Jordan speaks sense
Shane Ryan
Shane Ryan 10 dager siden
Good show Beth and Jordan
Darren R
Darren R 10 dager siden
We will not be signing any players this season. Mark my words.
phelan edopu
phelan edopu 10 dager siden
Last wingers and forwards signed for 90+ million, coutinho, Griezmann, Dembele, Hazard. What is the similarly? They have all failed to leave up to the price tag. So will Sancho because Ole does can't coach and bring out the best out of his players. Why should we make sure a deal then.
ian reid
ian reid 10 dager siden
@Konrad Exposito - Graphic Designer finally some1 speaking sense on this spot on
Nadir Munoo
Nadir Munoo 10 dager siden
@Konrad Exposito - Graphic Designer Do you think that Rashford and Martial have been great??? 😂😂😂. Two completely overrated players. Oles management is abysmal. Running the players into the ground and awful at making subs.
Konrad Exposito - Graphic Designer
Konrad Exposito - Graphic Designer 10 dager siden
@20 times @phelan edopu Martial had his best season under Ole last season, Rashfords number have been amazing since Ole took over, Greenwood is developing his overall game on the RW and has been handled perfectly by Ole, Shaw is genuinely up there for the best fullback in the world this season and it's all down the Old. If you see in every interview they all say it's down to the managers belief even Pogba wants to play for him
phelan edopu
phelan edopu 10 dager siden
@Konrad Exposito - Graphic Designer So to you Martial is performing well,Rashford and Greenwood is carrying out all the roles of a winger, the way the ones of our rival clubs do it. And Luke shaw is the best fullback he can be. Most of these players where top talents already. All the are relying on is individual brilliance to perform, most of them haven't improved on there all round play as a player in a given position. As for Bruno his been doing that for the last four seasons of his life before he even came to united.
20 times
20 times 10 dager siden
@Konrad Exposito - Graphic Designer spot on
Margaret Hii
Margaret Hii 10 dager siden
Trippier has tripped both of you up! In a recent interview, he indicated that he was happy living in Europe. Can you not hypothesize, fantasize
GOAT 23 10 dager siden
David Maxwell
David Maxwell 10 dager siden
UK is in Europe...
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