SANCHO DEAL Done? Transfer Very Close! Man Utd Transfer News

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Man Utd could seal a Jadon Sancho transfer today according to reports as Sancho's move to United escalates fast. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. Watch Paul Ince Interview

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Gabar-GCS 2 dager siden
Why would ANY world class player want to come to this sh*t hole of a team?
Ahmed Hashem
Ahmed Hashem 3 dager siden
Great shows, good addition
David newell
David newell 3 dager siden
Deal till 2026 more like the year 2026 NOwindow football channels still saying the deal for sancho is close
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor 3 dager siden
Man utd transfer strategy is pathetic ,be lucky if they sign anyone of note..bidding 59 mill for Sancho is a piss take ,wasting time ,allowing other teams to negotiate..Joke !
21k GOLD
21k GOLD 3 dager siden
Utd fans after getting Sancho....he is fki..g similar player like mason Greenwood why we paid 70 odd mill for him😂😂
oalics okali
oalics okali 3 dager siden
Mark my wish signings for this summer; Sancho, Greenlish, Rice and Veran
First Name
First Name 3 dager siden
It’s so funny how Goldbridge said he won’t believe it until he sees Sancho holding up a shirt the yet he’s titled his last 30 videos with Sancho 😂
Williams joe
Williams joe 3 dager siden
Buy your online ticket for affordable price DM for ticket
ben cassell
ben cassell 3 dager siden
I think this show is going down
aron yeates
aron yeates 3 dager siden
Raphina from Leeds would be a better signing, leave us with more cash in the budget for other positions aswell
arvie ocampo
arvie ocampo 3 dager siden
not this bloody tool again
Karan 3 dager siden
Sancho 100% Club t shirt when he signs ?
Shaun Bradley
Shaun Bradley 3 dager siden
Get Rid of Martial and Fred
zulficar hussain
zulficar hussain 3 dager siden
Thought utd were sorting out the wage bill.. If its true 350k is ridiculous.. He's not even a England starter 🙄
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 3 dager siden
How many cdms do Chelsea need? They've got Kante, Jorginiho Kovacic,
Brett Butler
Brett Butler 3 dager siden
Deal done how come I haven't seen it any where else shite
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 3 dager siden
Don't know much about Jadon Sancho(including how to spell his name). Didn't know much about Dan James before he came? Heard he was very fast, direct and a good provider and finisher??? Well, let's hope this works out better? I have seen more of Harvey Barnes, although he might prefer the left, and, Raphina, both proven premier league talents, and cheaper, but maybe more reliable options??? I love these platforms, especially the characters, who just slaughter other people's opinions, but seldom offer their own, and use ludicrous names......
Julia Richards
Julia Richards 3 dager siden
I can't help but feel that if Dan James went to say somewhere like Leeds he'd be on fire,the coaching at United isn't good enough.
Qashqai King
Qashqai King 3 dager siden
Why the fucking hell are you looking at a winger when you leak like a broken tap at the back. Does anyone know what they are doing anymore at this once proud football club?
ሃገረይ ፍቅርኪ ኣሎ ኣብ ደም ሰራውረይ
ሃገረይ ፍቅርኪ ኣሎ ኣብ ደም ሰራውረይ 3 dager siden
sancho to unite=unborn pregnancy
mohamed bayoumy
mohamed bayoumy 3 dager siden
GOLDBRIDGE definitely disagreed with matey when he said he doesn't like rise integrity cause he played for Ireland but then chose to play for England.... goldbridge 💯 percent disagreed but ther so up eachothers back*** you can see the brown on top of touge so cringe seriously guys seriously you can disagree the Irish man I so happy to of got his Fe under tables so far bluddy discusting
Agatha harrison
Agatha harrison 3 dager siden
In my opinion, I don't think Sancho is that good of the player to be valued at 70mil. Personally, I think he is a 40-50mil kinda player, and truthfully, I won't expect as much from him as I would Amad Diallo. I know given time a quality training, Amad will turn out to be one of our most priced possession. Just saying
William Campbell
William Campbell 3 dager siden
We better hope sancho dosnt bomb .di maria did and more .and 80million 20 million to much.the germans are taking our pants down and giving us a good spanking.i fear for this transfer window will we get anyone
mohamed bayoumy
mohamed bayoumy 3 dager siden
Hahaha sorry I forgot this Irish man's name...but he doesn't appreciate RISE talent and ability even tho he would make us a stronger team... because he desided to play for England well surly mate you shouldn't be so selfish and let the lad play for the stronger national team why would he want to travel the world for nothing cause everyone knows Ireland won't win a BLUDDY medal (hotdog even) that is simply reality
William Campbell
William Campbell 3 dager siden
Its a crying shame that weve got to go to germany for young british talent.and as for bellingham how can dvb lure these youg brilliant players but united cant .
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 3 dager siden
Mark you need to stop this nonsense. Nothing happened, Make a video when something does...
Jim taylor
Jim taylor 3 dager siden
more bullshit spin
Sunit Shetty
Sunit Shetty 3 dager siden
Remember this. Sancho gon be another Sanchez
sauceman1 3 dager siden
Never knew you had a brother Mark
Agatha harrison
Agatha harrison 3 dager siden
I can envisage the drag on,,, epic, just like last season. Lol
Tims barnet
Tims barnet 3 dager siden
Mark no player wants to go to united, they want to win trophies
mazar iqbal
mazar iqbal 3 dager siden
I think its happend but they will shock everyone saturday sancho to untied for 87 million
Dia Arnasala
Dia Arnasala 3 dager siden
Jadon sancho's grand-mother : jadon is my grand-child Man united: hold my beer , jadon is about to be a man united player , personal terms already agreed
Ibrahim Kamara
Ibrahim Kamara 3 dager siden
Baconchilly 3 dager siden
YEAR 2050 : Man United negotiating and confident to sign Jadon Sancho this summer. 👴🏻
Robert HHxiv
Robert HHxiv 3 dager siden
What's the deal with Sancho, i mean it's like he's a world class match winning player. What if United bought him for £80+ and Amad out performs him?
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 3 dager siden
Man united r a selfish club with selfish owners!!!!!!!! We r jst expected to want to invest fuckin idiots im not giving them a penny..full stop!!
Neil Buckard
Neil Buckard 3 dager siden
Shhhhhh same old crap Mark and you know it we're the worst negotiating club in history FACT!!!!!
Lee McDougall
Lee McDougall 3 dager siden
United stand = the Glazers. 15 adverts... Ruins the experience
Neil Buckard
Neil Buckard 3 dager siden
Lmfao change the record we had this last year forget the bullshit show me him wearing the shirt then we may I quote may beleive your comments
Fake This Crap
Fake This Crap 3 dager siden
Imagine if we sign sancho and he turns out to be a flop
Michael Palfreman
Michael Palfreman 3 dager siden
Yep your right he ain't used to English football anymore is he?
Vinay Biju
Vinay Biju 3 dager siden
Looks like a repeat of 2020 Sancho talks have been going on for years
geoffrey botha
geoffrey botha 3 dager siden
Tomorrow ,deal very very close
อภินันท์ โซ่เมืองแซะ
อภินันท์ โซ่เมืองแซะ 3 dager siden
Essexginge 3 dager siden
67 million rejected by dortmund lol
Davie Allan
Davie Allan 3 dager siden
When its announced on skyports news il beleave it..until then bullshit!!
Uncle Dezza
Uncle Dezza 3 dager siden
We getting Ronaldinho yet?
Margaret Hayes
Margaret Hayes 3 dager siden
Jawad Liaquat
Jawad Liaquat 3 dager siden
If Sancho is so good then why is no one else bidding for him?
UnitedUnleashed 3 dager siden
How old are you
R M 3 dager siden
Many teams would see it unnecessary to spend £80M on a position that they already have filled. Most top teams already have secure and very good wingers however Man Utd haven’t had a proper rw since Valencia and it is unbalanced as rashford is the only real first team winger in this team. He fits perfectly by creating chances and creativity in our squad that’s why only we are really going ahead with him.
Sean Mulloy
Sean Mulloy 3 dager siden
For once I believe this is gonna happen my issue is what happens after this. Barging basement defender poundland cdm Hope this is a sign of things to come
Séñør Tåçø
Séñør Tåçø 3 dager siden
We've had a 67m pound bid rejected, at least weve moved up from the 59m from earlier today
kabeho Arnold
kabeho Arnold 3 dager siden
Even 20 Sanchos cannot saves us from MacFred & LindGuire - -
Chris Phillips Drum Lessons
Chris Phillips Drum Lessons 3 dager siden
67 million bid rejected ... deal in doubt
LOVE HER 3 dager siden
shubh 3 dager siden
Mark fakebridge
DAVID WING 3 dager siden
Again the price is £80 Millon Man u wanted it to be £50 Millon upfront With £25 million next year So £75 million total Dortmund want £60 million upfront Yet are willing to take £20 million next year Meaning £80 Millon in total Said this a week ago Most likely will be Dormunds price As they won't budge
DAVID WING 3 dager siden
Dortmund don't want the £20 million to be add ons though It has to be £20 million next year no matter what
Akim Williams
Akim Williams 3 dager siden
Ruben Nevies is he a CDM
metube 3 dager siden
Mark needs therapy for Sancho obsession. This is not a troll. It's Glazers & Ollie out as starting point before any signings
Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes 4 dager siden
This guy Joe is just so nauseating. Saw him on a previous video, he’s dreadful. No idea why they’ve subjected us to him again.
metube 4 dager siden
Glazer marketing ploy. Glazers out ASAP first
Obie The Pony
Obie The Pony 4 dager siden
Jadon Sancho: Manchester United have £67m bid for Borussia Dortmund winger rejected. More bids on the way I would assume.
Ivan Gombar
Ivan Gombar 4 dager siden
I willl believe when the deal is done
Conor McKenna
Conor McKenna 4 dager siden
Mark Responded to someone's live comment or superchat on the show yesterday with Jordan. He said we don't talk about Sancho every show look at the last 5 thumbnails. Every description or Title has Sancho in it.
Chris 3 dager siden
Mark is milking it all the way to NOwindow bank
Alfie Badlan
Alfie Badlan 4 dager siden
We bidded 68mil but Dortmund turned it down
Alex TB
Alex TB 4 dager siden
I think United fans will be disappointed when they actually see Sancho play.
Johnny Whyte
Johnny Whyte 4 dager siden
Signing Sancho means we have a title winning attack to go with out league one midfield and Championship defence.
faz z
faz z 4 dager siden
Frank Greenhalgh
Frank Greenhalgh 4 dager siden
sancho not true boys (found on bbc website)
Fingers 4 dager siden
The deal was close on the last year’s May. The personal terms were agreed last year as well. Close means nothing. Sancho deal is sure record breaking as the longest transfer negotiations ever in the history of business deals
619 Trading
619 Trading 4 dager siden
How is this important ?
Ninjack United
Ninjack United 4 dager siden
Are we finally gonna get robben?
lee barbor
lee barbor 4 dager siden
BBC saying 67 million rejected
Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman 4 dager siden
Don’t forget Man City get 15% of sancho’s transfer selling price
Alan Treharne
Alan Treharne 4 dager siden
Roger Q
Roger Q 4 dager siden
Lets see how Ole’s man managment skills can convince PP into signing the new deal…
Jirayu Vijjakajohn
Jirayu Vijjakajohn 3 dager siden
It would be better if PP goes
Dead Pixel
Dead Pixel 4 dager siden
I reckon Goldbridge could of bought Sancho with the amount he's made from pumping out these videos.
jeff judo
jeff judo 4 dager siden
Its always close every single day
Dead Pixel
Dead Pixel 4 dager siden
Skysports: Transfer talks moving in right direction. United Stand: Done deal
Dead Pixel
Dead Pixel 3 dager siden
@TekkerzTV woooosh
TekkerzTV 3 dager siden
They didnt say it was done.
Shaun Howlett
Shaun Howlett 4 dager siden
I think that if the next offer is to low they will say don't want to hold any more talks,
James McCarthy
James McCarthy 4 dager siden
So we get Sancho….. with Ole as manager he will be required to cover the right vacK position vacated by Wan Basako, who spends his times in the box covering for Lindolf. Then when United get the ball he will have to depend on Fred or McTominey to spray passes to him….. Sancho is as much a requirement to United as an ashtray on a bicycle…. Good to show you have one but unable to be used as designed….
Jon Tucker
Jon Tucker 4 dager siden
92% club
Joe Whiting
Joe Whiting 4 dager siden
Should've got this signing done last window and start talking about a deal being close with Rice now. No ruthlessness in this club in terms of transfers while most the top teams (Chelsea, City, Liverpool) seem to thrive at this
costellomdfable 4 dager siden
This is a load of bollox. I have watched Sancho many times. Please explain what the hype is about? It will end up around £90m, totally overpriced.
Roger Benjamin
Roger Benjamin 4 dager siden
he's hard to watch. lots of stepovers and a whole lot of aimless running
Shaun Howlett
Shaun Howlett 4 dager siden
Pay the 80 million pound for crying out loud
Mark Egan
Mark Egan 4 dager siden
Cut back on the adverts
Paul Westlake
Paul Westlake 4 dager siden
Attila Rizo
Attila Rizo 4 dager siden
Im sure it's so close now we could almost touch it 🙄
TheLegend_Gamer 4 dager siden
Fucking hell man united have done this quick if they manage this transfer before next week sheesh I don't know if this is the same man u we've been chatting about
TONY D 4 dager siden
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah fed up with this story. No enjoyment even if he signed tomorrow
Samshad Ahammed
Samshad Ahammed 4 dager siden
Ah hear comes the next video on Sancho.... More boredom
Andrew I
Andrew I 4 dager siden
Pogba allowed to leave on a free after costing the club 89 mil plus all the other stuff up transfers this club has made and still making now they desperate to sign Sancho who is in charge of this circus and why aren't fans fuming at this mess the club has been thrown wonder the club has a mountain of debt...... why fans have let the foot off the gas.....GLAZERS OUT
Simon Brooks
Simon Brooks 4 dager siden
Let’s just have a video when it’s done
hasif dany
hasif dany 4 dager siden
No agreement with dortmunt yet means. Not agreement till last day of this transfer window
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin' 4 dager siden
This is Jadon Sancho III ------ Jadon Sancho's grandson.
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin' 4 dager siden
Personal terms have been agreed for 12 months... This is an exciting signing, this is! 😐😴
Femi Aiyeola
Femi Aiyeola 4 dager siden
C CDloo. Mo m pop po m pop p pop o pop pop ok lo pop l I mmo pop l I’ll pop pop K ok k Lool o lo
Graham Edwards
Graham Edwards 4 dager siden
All day every day
Ben Haider
Ben Haider 4 dager siden
Still waiting for garay to go through
harley_k_05 4 dager siden
Yes love this guy
craig Wynne
craig Wynne 4 dager siden
More of joe 🇮🇪👍
Adam Paris
Adam Paris 4 dager siden
Mark is so excited but I’m nit we need a CB and a CDM
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