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Man Utd will bid for Jadon Sancho this week according to reports. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer news on The United Stand. United Stand Exclusive Hoody collection

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A W 7 dager siden
justin aw liang tze
justin aw liang tze 11 dager siden
Sancho nearly come United
Paul Synnott
Paul Synnott 12 dager siden
If we do sign jadon sancho then it will be great but I get annoyed with the rumours
Mark butler fox
Mark butler fox 12 dager siden
Man City chairman just sent a message to the whole world.... He announced world class talent will arrive at City what has our done.....
Frank Rybicki
Frank Rybicki 12 dager siden
MU need a Cb they shouldnt wait for Veran
Karl brocklesby
Karl brocklesby 12 dager siden
Utter garbage
NightmareGAV 12 dager siden
I remember the thumbnail to this vid last year. Total Bullshit Mark. Sancho is Not going to United. Get over it
GLAZERS OUT 12 dager siden
david Stirton
david Stirton 13 dager siden
also i think ollie should be kept on a 12 month contract and he needs to meet certain goals to get it renewed every year
david Stirton
david Stirton 13 dager siden
what number would he get though ?8 if mata leaves ?
Ragnor Thormass
Ragnor Thormass 13 dager siden
Good ebening 👍
CCgold 121
CCgold 121 13 dager siden
I would pick Declan rice because we have not got a CDM we have to fast CB
Mpumelelo Mandi
Mpumelelo Mandi 13 dager siden
Bt Aguero did for Barcelona holding the Current T-shirt for Barcelona when he was Presented yesterday 👀🤷‍♂️😅 Mark
Ian Hay
Ian Hay 13 dager siden
and so the massive debt grows
MG 13 dager siden
Doesn't matter who United sign until they get a serious manager in nothing will change
JCab87 13 dager siden
Ronaldo and Kane would sell more shirts. Not even debatable mate
Juha Rahkonen
Juha Rahkonen 13 dager siden
sancho's careers done if he goes to utd
Arne S
Arne S 13 dager siden
Getting the deal quick is obligatory because Dortmund will not agree if Manu waits till august.
Akash P Kalarikkal
Akash P Kalarikkal 13 dager siden
2050 exits: United Stand:Sancho will definitely arrive at next season
toe cutter
toe cutter 13 dager siden
If Sancho is willing to come to united and play for ole then he obviously is just after a pay day.
William N
William N 13 dager siden
i used to like off season..... not anymore with United.......i only clicked on this for some background noise
walata11 13 dager siden
We are not signing sancho,let's stop recycling this story everytime
Zee One
Zee One 13 dager siden
It’s disingenuous to say the only reason the glazers want sancho is to appease the fans because of the failed super league as they tried to buy him last year and the rumours were still wanted to buy him before the Abortive super league
J W 13 dager siden
sancho, sancho, sancho. United fans, other players exist beside sancho. You will always be angy and disappointed with your transfer windows if you are set soloy on one individual that is very expensive.
Wayne Davies
Wayne Davies 13 dager siden
Mark what a terrible thing to say " if my gran had wheels she would be a bike" are you trying to say everyone has had a go?
Visual Social Science
Visual Social Science 13 dager siden
One player, Varane.
Visual Social Science
Visual Social Science 13 dager siden
Absolutely, centreback and CDM are the ones we really need.
Chetan Mandalia
Chetan Mandalia 13 dager siden
This guy! We failed because we are having banter with another club. Its part of football win or lose. You were spoilt by united winning all the time.
Bez 13 dager siden
Absolute shocking information...... not sure he knows where old Trafford is.......this is the same person who bigged OLE up as a ledgend?????? A few important goals and a smile....and the same person who has bigged up bang average players like Rashford, Mctominay, Shaw etc for three years......
Joseph Wright
Joseph Wright 13 dager siden
this brother is rinsing united fans like the glazers, i swear he puts out 2/3/videos a day,its becoming a joke, just go back over the last 48 hours and see how many videos he has put out,crazy u cant take this guy serious any more.
Sagar Minhas
Sagar Minhas 13 dager siden
I think rice is overhyped. He is a good player but he is not as good as people think he is. People he is a Xavi regen. We would all be hypocrites if we sign rice for 80 mil. 80mil for rice ? I’d have pasta instead. 50mil at best
Kavel Media
Kavel Media 13 dager siden
Terms have been agreed check one football
Lee Wesley
Lee Wesley 13 dager siden
joel and avram glazer are con men!
Lee Wesley
Lee Wesley 13 dager siden
when is there going to be some fucking truth told for once?
Dajaun Downer-Earle
Dajaun Downer-Earle 13 dager siden
Is you had to make a prediction now where do you think we will finish next season and why?
Milo Dsouza
Milo Dsouza 13 dager siden
Let's hold more protest unfortunately im not staying in England. But most of the fans are . Pls hold more protest let's get these owners out . GGMU
Rajeev Paul
Rajeev Paul 13 dager siden
what does preparing mean, are they curing it, then deep freezing it, then de-frosting it, and finally put in the oven to bake it ?
Lee Wesley
Lee Wesley 13 dager siden
the glazers are bullshit merchants!
วงเดือน เชอร์แรทท์
วงเดือน เชอร์แรทท์ 13 dager siden
Same old bs had it last year
Lebo Makhubedu
Lebo Makhubedu 13 dager siden
Marks jokes are underrated 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Akinloye Ayorinde
Akinloye Ayorinde 13 dager siden
Well, knowing it takes 5 or 6 weeks to negotiate a deal with Man United , they can probably spend the next 5 weeks negotiating with BVB and they agree the deal in time to launch the new kit... Watch July 7
Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson 13 dager siden
Does anyone really wear boohoo man 🤦
Chelsea AreKillingMe
Chelsea AreKillingMe 13 dager siden
Small club in my book
Het thacker
Het thacker 13 dager siden
He will be signed before 12 may if not mu than other club
slightly unstable wwe fan
slightly unstable wwe fan 13 dager siden
Says he cant be arsed with this bullshit makes an hour long video about every bit of bullshit he hears
I have no name
I have no name 13 dager siden
Yes Goldy do you reckon your gonna get Sancho for definite summer?
Jon Oconnell
Jon Oconnell 13 dager siden
Flex 90%
Aayu Mukho
Aayu Mukho 13 dager siden
It's better to get him as soon as possible , idc abt the hype , liverpool are rivalling us in getting that player .
John Bamford
John Bamford 13 dager siden
So is Mark in 90% club again!
will 13 dager siden
Sancho has been awful this yr and here we are blowing the budget on him! Ffs!!!
Banky Bankyy
Banky Bankyy 13 dager siden
Is there really a company called boohoo man?
Tyrone Mills
Tyrone Mills 13 dager siden
Thumbnail: SANCHO BID INCOMING! Mark: Nah ain’t happening mate
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 13 dager siden
Lee Faulkner
Lee Faulkner 13 dager siden
Eithan Laird is the man. Don't need trippier.
Zee One
Zee One 13 dager siden
Anwin Babu
Anwin Babu 13 dager siden
Donny van de Beek was a quick deal
suicideking 69
suicideking 69 13 dager siden
Ole already got a 3 year contract locked, what are people wildin for? It ain’t finna change🤣🤣🤣
Keerthz U
Keerthz U 13 dager siden
Mark : "Let's dance" Uchiha Madara: "Do u want to dance too"
Anthony 13 dager siden
Get Sancho and let Rashford have whatever surgery/rest he needs
Aniruddha Jawanjal
Aniruddha Jawanjal 13 dager siden
90% club returns🤣🤣🤣
Anthony 13 dager siden
If Ole's priority is Sancho then how on earth do you have faith in him?
Zee One
Zee One 13 dager siden
Only the truly delusional have faith
Sourish Kadam
Sourish Kadam 13 dager siden
At what time is the zein thing
Anthony 13 dager siden
Ole will probably be up for buying Ronaldo. The more individual brilliance, the better for him because it patches over his gaping flaws.
LeeTAZ2312 13 dager siden
So nobody would take Ronaldo if we could get him, you would honestly not take CR7 back if he wanted to come. This rubbish about individual brilliance needs to stop, every team relies on it. Do you think the only reason Fergie brought RVP in his final season was because he suited a United shirt? No Sir Alex knew that we needed a natural more clinical striker if we stood any chance of winning the league and he was right, without RVP we wouldnt have won the league.
3000KJH 13 dager siden
Exactly. Ole's philosophy. Lads let them attack us and then run into that empty space
Donal Power
Donal Power 13 dager siden
Rice would be the priority but not at 90M which would be around the type of deal West Ham will demand or close too that price. Needs alternatives though which I don't believe Utd have Rashford needs a break so no he shouldn't go too the Euros especially if he needs surgery.
Zee One
Zee One 13 dager siden
So many other players as capable as rice
Anthony 13 dager siden
£75m + add ons for what? 😂 They want £75m end of
Shankar Arunthathiyar
Shankar Arunthathiyar 13 dager siden
Replace pogba with grealish please🙏
Kimber Rothwell
Kimber Rothwell 13 dager siden
We wont sign anyone
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas 13 dager siden
Boohoo man sponsoring you as your a specimen in peak physical condition!? Deluded specimen a little more accurate! Love Ole, so wanted it work, but on the fence now. 50/50. His tactics on Wednesday were very questionable!
Owais Azmeer
Owais Azmeer 13 dager siden
i have no faith in glazers to make it happen
tony tucket
tony tucket 13 dager siden
Mark says Sons not a marketing tool? Definitely a tool comment!
denisg2000 13 dager siden
I disagree. If we wait till after the Euros Sancho’s price may skyrocket and we might be in a bidding war with other teams.
denisg2000 13 dager siden
No, no , no....I thought Ole wasn’t good enough. But that Europa league final confirmed to me OLE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! He is a postage stamp not a manager.
Zee One
Zee One 13 dager siden
It took you that long
Earl drive storage. katikati
Earl drive storage. katikati 13 dager siden
Turned off
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez 13 dager siden
Lol mark your arms are pale 🤣. Good show 👌
Pavanan M S
Pavanan M S 13 dager siden
Painful Deja vu
Bob Burgers
Bob Burgers 13 dager siden
Is boohooMan an italian brand, if not, WHY is there hanging spaghetti out of the sleeves of the shirt "Mark" is wearing?
Greg Simpson
Greg Simpson 13 dager siden
Martin oniel and Roy kean. To bring back the passion for man utd 👍
Andrew I
Andrew I 13 dager siden
More lies from the Glazers....GLAZERS OUT
DBZ DB 13 dager siden
Don't need Sancho. We have amad. He is finished now. 🙄
Aquila Rossa
Aquila Rossa 13 dager siden
If somebody said Ole out to my face I would do my very best not to get violent. They are morons and plastic AF I think. Learned nothing from how MUFC hired two top rated managers and it got them nowhere. I am all for a period of managerial stability at MUFC to sort the squad out and fix all those years of bad investment etc. Ole is clearly doing a good job of that. Celebrate Bertie failure? I just laughed at how their trolls were saying for months that they were winning the quadruple, i.e., outdo MUFC's treble. Count chickens and hatching etc.
justin aw liang tze
justin aw liang tze 13 dager siden
Sancho +kane ❤️❤️❤️
Adithya V
Adithya V 13 dager siden
I get what Mark is saying about Manchester United needing 4-6 weeks about sealing the deal but what is the use of it? 4 weeks for Bruno, we paid 60 mil(?)(absolute bargain but tbf, Sporting CP undervalued him) and 6 weeks for Maguire and we ended up paying 80+ mil. If they are not going to negotiate properly and just get a mil or two off, you might as well just sign him now and keep him available for the pre-season.
Brad 13 dager siden
hopefully we get some sancho transfer news of a bid after the euros have finished, no time to bid now with the euros around the corner
Passakorn Biaothungnoi
Passakorn Biaothungnoi 13 dager siden
The price will be up after Euro
Asha Singh
Asha Singh 13 dager siden
David on Twitter is active for whole season and is good on stuff but I don't trust him but always tend to take a look.
Asha Singh
Asha Singh 13 dager siden
I do believe it as a pr brief
imran 13 dager siden
2036: Sancho finally to sign for utd on a 1 year deal?
William N
William N 13 dager siden
don't forget Ronaldo too... Mark still hoping
Sandy sandeep
Sandy sandeep 13 dager siden
Soon ?? We have been waiting for a year.. if anybody was serious at the club by now he would be unveiled
Gabar-GCS 13 dager siden
Doesn't matter whom they sign, they still have an inexperienced and incompetent coach.
Aayu Mukho
Aayu Mukho 13 dager siden
@Khabib cherrypicking weight bully my school coach is better than them bet on that.
Khabib cherrypicking weight bully
Khabib cherrypicking weight bully 13 dager siden
PE teacher
PRISON.BOY.79 13 dager siden
R F 13 dager siden
Lol why this guy getting so tits up about randoms on twitter saying the bid is going in? He and his life tier journalists *romaaaaano* were all wrong the last time! LOL.
Over Drive
Over Drive 13 dager siden
@Zee One "apart from" 👈 that's the other 10%
Zee One
Zee One 13 dager siden
@Over Drive then it wasn't sorted then
Over Drive
Over Drive 13 dager siden
Romano said its all sorted apart from United bidding the amount dortmund want for him, so he was accurate and united are inept!
gerard solomon
gerard solomon 13 dager siden
Hi mark....maybe sancho is the appetizer...and cr7 is the marquee signing for the for the summer and new kit sales etc...
Irish_Sinner 13 dager siden
The Media will use the Sancho saga as an excuse for England getting knocked out of the Euros
Luke Davies
Luke Davies 13 dager siden
Listen to the England video also. He says "Home for good' the woman then goes "For good or" then can't hear them.
Amin Johari
Amin Johari 13 dager siden
I believe this is how we should play; Sancho & Amad on the wings for a low block. Rashford/Sancho/Amad when counter attack is best deployed in a game. Cavani/Greenwood on top. Pogba/Bruno for #10 Pogba/VDB/McT for the box to box position. (One of the pivot) Whatever the combination is we’d still need a CDM for the other pivot. I’d go for Neves. Premier league proven & a step up for him. Plus he’s Portuguese. Get the bloody CDM!!!!
Aatman Chand
Aatman Chand 13 dager siden
Neves isn't that good defensively. Hes technically really good but as a CDM, no
Rally A
Rally A 13 dager siden
We need Ronaldo, cdm, and cd!! Those or we forget winning anything. Conceding so easily will always cost us especially in close games when we need to keep clean sheet to give us a chance. Europa league final was an example. Chelsea winning champions league is an example why they kicked out real and shut down city. Without solid in leaky defense, no way
Jim Craik
Jim Craik 13 dager siden
love the shirt mark
Reload TV
Reload TV 13 dager siden
Fellani (at Everton) miles better than Mctominay tbh
Helaria Iipinge
Helaria Iipinge 13 dager siden
Oh my, I know Cityzens are rivals but when any team with Manchester in its name lose I am sad. Nothing to celebrate😡
Jahvon G
Jahvon G 13 dager siden
HENDERSON (40Mil) on a buy back plus 60 mil for SANCHO
bruce benzie
bruce benzie 13 dager siden
R7 over anybody, especially a goreard! Cdm and cb are the priority, varane over anybody else!!!
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