ROMANO Sancho & Rice Transfer Update! Man Utd Transfer News

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Man Utd summer transfers plans are handed a huge transfer update by Fabrizio Romano. Get the latest Man Utd transfer news on The United Stand. England vs Austria Watchalong

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Stephen Amankrah
Stephen Amankrah 10 dager siden
Declan Rice will be a bad acquisition .. I have doubts about his passing and his intelligence of reading the game
Rizwaan 10 dager siden
What's with this brexit means brexit transfer policy? Why not just buy Yves bissouma who'd cost half of Rice.
John Gillespie
John Gillespie 10 dager siden
The available barber ontogenetically suffer because jumbo perinatally muddle excluding a scintillating meeting. giddy, null prepared
david cox
david cox 11 dager siden
LiamHowlett1 11 dager siden
Sancho is coming in this summer transfer. I am sure✌️
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan 11 dager siden
Phil Jones was always wanted by a couple of clubs even Derby wanted him. Wayne Rooney would love him and Mengi at the heart of their defence next season
just call frank 00
just call frank 00 11 dager siden
Another summer of bollox
Kurt Knowles
Kurt Knowles 11 dager siden
You not buying into Ronaldo Return then lol
Moe. Moe.codgamer
Moe. Moe.codgamer 11 dager siden
FAKE MANCHESTER UNITED FANS!!!! Baily can never be a half Jones on his top performance 😡😡😡😡
Moe. Moe.codgamer
Moe. Moe.codgamer 11 dager siden
FAKE MANCHESTER UNITED FANS!!!! You can't sell Jones and keep Baily...... 😡😡😡😡😡
Moe. Moe.codgamer
Moe. Moe.codgamer 11 dager siden
Moe. Moe.codgamer
Moe. Moe.codgamer 11 dager siden
Moe. Moe.codgamer
Moe. Moe.codgamer 11 dager siden
bikash Pandey
bikash Pandey 11 dager siden
I fucking don’t know! why does it take ages for United to complete the signing?
Mahmudul Arefin
Mahmudul Arefin 11 dager siden
Oh noo I’m gonna miss Phil Jones 😭
Ghes Hudăfac-Emai
Ghes Hudăfac-Emai 11 dager siden
Varane, Cristian Romero, Saul Niguez/Neves, Nuno Mendes, H.Çalhanoglu, Jadon Sancho and maybe Ronaldo in a swap deal for Pogba.
Eli Hoori
Eli Hoori 11 dager siden
Why koulibaly is not on our radar?
Eli Hoori
Eli Hoori 11 dager siden
If we can’t get rice I’ll be happy with ndidi
Tims barnet
Tims barnet 11 dager siden
Mark you kinda take football too seriously, it's only a game of sport remember that
musa colley
musa colley 11 dager siden
Sancho Sancho Sancho Sancho Sancho Sancho
Pundarika Vidyanidhi das
Pundarika Vidyanidhi das 11 dager siden
I like your enthusiasm about Phil got you singing and DANCING in your chair. Great chat!
74castle 11 dager siden
People don’t change mark.. Jose didn’t change, he keeps getting fired. Van gaal was a seasoned coach, same style his whole career. Ole will be the same weak minded nobody coach next season, no subs no courage.. it’s fuckin amateur hour at United, it’s time to sack or accept we’re gonna be Arsenal 2.0
Ari Ardiansyah
Ari Ardiansyah 11 dager siden
Ole will never get the players he needed, like this club always did.
Mahad Asif
Mahad Asif 11 dager siden
honestly would love Sven Botman, obviously not as good as Varane or Kounde but is a good alternative - young, left-footed, aggressive and insanely good in the air , also quite good on the ball. Not as fast as Varane or Kounde but still quite quick, almost like a vidic style CB. He wont the title with Lille and was one of the best CB in the league for this season. I think he would compliment Harry Maguire quite well because as well as being fast, he complements Maguire's conservative/passive play style at CB by being aggressive and winning the ball back at all costs. His play style very similar to Dias but he's quicker.
Rajeev Paul
Rajeev Paul 11 dager siden
Jones will happen, remember City signed Hargreaves
Rajeev Paul
Rajeev Paul 11 dager siden
and a steal at 80 thousand a week 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
kc plus
kc plus 11 dager siden
Phil Jones glory Glory unitedddddddd... Wow best transfer of the season
TRUTH BOMBS Acktour Finder
TRUTH BOMBS Acktour Finder 11 dager siden
Rice looked like a dead baller last night for England.
G R 11 dager siden
When Dortmund , Real Madrid as Two examples sell Varane and Sancho and bring in a replacement maybe we should be looking at their replacements . Especially if Real are willing to let Varane go and sign someone else why not buy the player their looking at 😚
G R 11 dager siden
Can you imagine Chelsea sign Rice and Sancho oh dear would be the worst transfer window ever
A W 11 dager siden
Please wake me up when we actually bought a player..... 😴😴😴😴
dt hoang
dt hoang 11 dager siden
I swear I can't stop laughing when he talks about Phil jone's transfer at the beginning :))
Icecold Noob
Icecold Noob 11 dager siden
I mean, why the hell we can't buy Sancho, Bissouma and Botman or something like that?
Safwan Wazed
Safwan Wazed 11 dager siden
Rice is nowhere near as good as koopmeiners and koopmeiners will cost 20 mil where rice will cost 100 mil
Christian T
Christian T 11 dager siden
Am I the only one who couldn’t care less about Sancho? Is he a decent player? Yes... for Dortmund. Has he set the world alight in an England shirt? No. Is any other club in for him? No I’d be very wary of any player costing 80mil that no other clubs are interested in.
Jacque Legoy
Jacque Legoy 11 dager siden
When Jones goes they must give Ole as well as a bonus hahaha
Anthony 11 dager siden
Everyone who thinks Varane is good, I please ask you to watch him in the Euros very closely.
Roger Benjamin
Roger Benjamin 11 dager siden
United fans: Rice is so good. TV viewers: their shirts are numbered but we can't figure out which one is Rice. He plays like he's in witness protection. if he's worth 80 million, then there's something wrong with player valuations.
Haresh Nair
Haresh Nair 11 dager siden
Y can't we buy naves and kamavinga instead of rice it's gone cost the same and we have a backup in CDM
Viraj Deshpande
Viraj Deshpande 11 dager siden
Man, we aren't short in attack at all. We don't need Sancho badly. Prioritizing Sancho like this makes me afraid that we won't buy one of a CDM or a CB. I can't possibly be confident without one of those going into next season.
Kashols 2s
Kashols 2s 11 dager siden
Forget about Sancho Mark. We have Greenwood, and If is young. I personally think Sancho is overrated
rudy m
rudy m 11 dager siden
Why isn't phil jones part of the england squad?🤔
Callum Allnight
Callum Allnight 11 dager siden
If we sell Jones Lindelof should follow.
Stewart Cameron
Stewart Cameron 11 dager siden
When Jones leaves rather than have a testimonial he has requested if he could just take the United Treatment Table from the Treatment room as he has got quite attached to it.🤣🤣🤣
Anto Mac
Anto Mac 11 dager siden
Google search bar and shot your load 😂😂😂😂 underrated comment 😂😂😂
Through_The_Turnstiles 11 dager siden
If you like City Rejects why not buy Sterling for 200m. Happy days.
Scripture Unbroken
Scripture Unbroken 11 dager siden
Phil Jones - 10% club
Matt Tweed
Matt Tweed 11 dager siden
Phil Jones, the only time a club pays someone to take him away 😂
Through_The_Turnstiles 11 dager siden
Your Galactico Phil Jones is going nowhere. He's united sick bed for life.
Kristoff Stevenson
Kristoff Stevenson 11 dager siden
We have Wan-Bissaka why do you need to buy Trippier?
Zee One
Zee One 11 dager siden
Because the club seems to think the only way to improve AWB is to buy another RB like the Shaw thing no comprehension that's what coaching is for
Kristoff Stevenson
Kristoff Stevenson 11 dager siden
If we get Varane and Sancho we don't need anyone else in the transfer
hubert muller
hubert muller 11 dager siden
Jerome Boateng!
Mark Miller
Mark Miller 11 dager siden
Are we really gonna do this again 😂
prash jad
prash jad 11 dager siden
Manchester united should arrange a big farewell for mighty Jones, and when he comes back to old Trafford to play aganist us there should be the return of the king celebration.
NaVeeD 14
NaVeeD 14 11 dager siden
Enough with this BS
Raptaholic 11 dager siden
14:36 "google search bar and you've shot your load" oh god I'm definitely clipping that I'm in tears...
DaFootyChannel 11 dager siden
“Who licks a doorknob?” Arsenal fans
De TWEETY /MIGHTY D 11 dager siden
Sancho,Varane, rice and Ronaldo for short term and get Haaland next summer this will be the prefect signings💪
Zee One
Zee One 11 dager siden
Then you woke up
Cali Shakes
Cali Shakes 11 dager siden
I do not want Pau Torres. He is another Lindolf Would rather give Axel a real shot
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 10 dager siden
Need christian romero
Simon Brooks
Simon Brooks 11 dager siden
I’m going to drop out I can’t take a whole summer of gossip and rumor updates !! I’ll be back peace out
Bimal Gaire
Bimal Gaire 11 dager siden
Listening to this again and again makes me think...if people stop buying merchandise and all..wouldn't that hamper the spending in the coming transfer windows? Just curious.
Perpendicular 11 dager siden
Giving Phil Jones a new contract was the worst decision Ole has taken .. if he doesn't get sold , his contract should be terminated.. I don't understand why Ole is so obsessed about Rice when there are other better defensive midfielders
Saka Deji
Saka Deji 11 dager siden
Cos he said he likes British players , I wonder why cos he is not even British
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 11 dager siden
Could we find an older decent CDM for a season or two while Garner develops into the role
Ambujam Raghunandanan
Ambujam Raghunandanan 11 dager siden
Phil Jones and Saint maximin swap deal ?
Billy Wijaya
Billy Wijaya 11 dager siden
If newcastle and westham cancel to buy phil jones after watching this video,it is all ur fault hahaha
Mohammed Abdullatif
Mohammed Abdullatif 11 dager siden
We should all buy fake shirts
Segni Feyssa
Segni Feyssa 11 dager siden
You gonna talk about this the whole summer and nothing will happen
Abhiraj Galande
Abhiraj Galande 11 dager siden
End of an ERA Mr. Jonesta leaving MUFC heartbreaking .... Good luck Legend 😂😂😂
Jaise Delaney
Jaise Delaney 11 dager siden
Saul Niguez from Athletico would be a great option??
Zee One
Zee One 11 dager siden
Option for what
Sreedevi T K
Sreedevi T K 11 dager siden
Absolutely... A class player
Matt Hunt
Matt Hunt 11 dager siden
Glazers out❤️
Matt Hunt
Matt Hunt 11 dager siden
It’s been time to win
Lee Wesley
Lee Wesley 11 dager siden
here is the latest news there is more bullshit being spouted out by every gossip merchant!
dary atha
dary atha 11 dager siden
SS B 11 dager siden
CDM is the lowest priority for Ole , he believes alot on Mctominey and Fred. Mctominey was brilliant against Villarreal. But Fred on the hand shouldn't be a starter.
Zee One
Zee One 11 dager siden
Mctominay is an average player at best
Creddy Fruga
Creddy Fruga 11 dager siden
Love it when you burst into song mate... makes my day 👏
Creddy Fruga
Creddy Fruga 11 dager siden
Steven Attias
Steven Attias 11 dager siden
Wake me up when United sign someone of relevance.
cloud 11 dager siden
Props to the guy editing the thumbnail because goldbridge making a transfer video twice a day 👏
Carbon Instinct
Carbon Instinct 11 dager siden
Sancho 99% Club Pt2 Sounds like a $hii"t sequel.
Rajarshi Sadhya
Rajarshi Sadhya 11 dager siden
Personally I think CDM is a must coz we don't have a proper one but Matic who is past his prime. CB can be still sorted out without any signings if we partner Axel with HM. I see a great defender in Axel who always showed the composure and calmness whenever he was called upon.
Desmus Otieno
Desmus Otieno 11 dager siden
Very true
Mario Velan
Mario Velan 11 dager siden
You ain’t getting rice.
TheInfamousTroll 11 dager siden
Carlo will keep Varane
Adrian steele
Adrian steele 11 dager siden
I really REALLY dont believe sancho will make that big a difference. A good offense scores you goals but a good defense wins you titles. I mean, look what Chelsea's defense did at the UCL final.
Chad Taylor
Chad Taylor 11 dager siden
Chelsea's defense isn't all that to be honest. Barcelona hasn't been the best defensively for YEARS but they still get results due an ultra offensive strategy with the personnel that they have. United's last title was secured by Van Persie's goals. So goals win titles as well.
jomiloju olajide-oriowo
jomiloju olajide-oriowo 11 dager siden
Most fans of United are just about Big names Signing and Not Quality Players that can build up a Good Chemistry to win titles, look at Chelsea from the Goalie to the Striker, a very powerful Chemistry
mr starfire
mr starfire 11 dager siden
Gregg is from cheshire..
Carl Schmeil
Carl Schmeil 11 dager siden
Please Sing more Mark, I love it.
Ciaran Kinsella
Ciaran Kinsella 11 dager siden
Everyone celebrating Phil Jones leaving is a disgrace to the club.
LiveWireRed B.
LiveWireRed B. 11 dager siden
I'm confident we will get Sancho and Rice. The cb signing will be suspect.
LiveWireRed B.
LiveWireRed B. 11 dager siden
@Creddy Fruga I just want a competent cdm. Someone that can pass the ball properly.
Creddy Fruga
Creddy Fruga 11 dager siden
Not confident on rice .. but I think there’s a lot of options out there
Oohaah Hantona
Oohaah Hantona 11 dager siden
Sancho gonna sign, coinciding with Glazers chat forum cover up.
Kyle Dwomo
Kyle Dwomo 11 dager siden
I think we gonna use Heaton as a second choice and let De Gea go
Mustak Ahmed
Mustak Ahmed 11 dager siden
Wow woow wooow Phil Jones going really!!!!!!!!!!!. This men been in our club for before Alex ferguson retired. This men been getting paid for sitting in our club over 8 years. I dont even think he played for us more 50 game for last 8 years.
Nanu Miah
Nanu Miah 11 dager siden
Mark my words: Sancho = Periera return Varane = Phil Jones return CDM = garner returns Trippier= Dalot returns Am= Lingard returns 5 new signings for Manutd there new contract for mata Matic jones
Robert Wagoner
Robert Wagoner 11 dager siden
Jones will get hurt while filling out paperwork for transfer 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dritan Tahiraj
Dritan Tahiraj 11 dager siden
Lol they are lying to you haha you ain’t getting sancho you ain’t getting oblak and defo no body getting Phil Jones haha 😂
Dimitri Joseph
Dimitri Joseph 11 dager siden
I used to watch every J Sancho update last year and now I’m worried it’s happening again. I’m really not believing anything this time
Mohd Ridhuan Md Kamal
Mohd Ridhuan Md Kamal 11 dager siden
Not crucial transfer targets... Don't care.
Alpha-X-Wolf98 11 dager siden
Marks brain: don't say it....... Marks mouth: 90 percent club! Taaa daaa Here we go!! 😂😂😂
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977 10 dager siden
Ta daaaaaaaa...!!! It’s Sarr...!!! 🙀
Moe. Moe.codgamer
Moe. Moe.codgamer 11 dager siden
sanjay nathan
sanjay nathan 11 dager siden
Love the way Mark pronounces McFred😆😆
Isabella Ailiseuh
Isabella Ailiseuh 11 dager siden
To be like chelsea,SACK OLE NOW.OLE OUT
jim west
jim west 11 dager siden
14:06 to 14:42
jim west
jim west 11 dager siden
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