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Richard Rojas
Richard Rojas 6 dager siden
Pogba must Go. He had the chance to bright at United and He Did Not ! Time to Move On !
Jj 8 dager siden
If Pogba or Ronaldo have any ambitions left of winning anything, neither would want to be at Utd. I still don’t understand why Sancho would want to come to Utd for the same reason. If I were Bruno I’d be looking for a move. Look at Lukaku. He left and has won things. All the players he left behind have won naff all.
Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan 10 dager siden
Funny how Mark has an issue with pogba getting higher wages yet no issue with other players, was Mark calling mata a mercenary when he signed his new contract to do charity work 🤔
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 10 dager siden
We will probably end up making Philip Jones defensive coach 🤦‍♂️
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 10 dager siden
Let's not forget....GLAZERS OUT! 💚💛
Satria Kelana
Satria Kelana 10 dager siden
Grealish = poundland Beckham 😂
Tims barnet
Tims barnet 10 dager siden
sell bruno and pogba for 40 each they deserve better than united, please do them favour and let them go
Derick Williams
Derick Williams 10 dager siden
Mark this platform for every one to express there opinions you can’t be deleting peoples from the channel just cause they express there opinions
Mad Murdoch
Mad Murdoch 10 dager siden
Utd could go out and spend half a billion on new player's where ole would still fail to deliver..
Liam Joubert
Liam Joubert 10 dager siden
Pogba is nothing but a flop. Came in saying he's going to win Ballon dors and champions leagues but took the club backwards. A stain on football
wy 10 dager siden
mourinho wanted maguire right?
charles Jaide
charles Jaide 10 dager siden
Why should we sale him when we need to win tropies. Why? Why? Someone' need to explain to me.
Nurshidi Fauzi
Nurshidi Fauzi 10 dager siden
If im not mistaken paul pogba only have a year in his contract and he did not have intention to sign new contract so tht will make him free agent next year
Billy Wijaya
Billy Wijaya 10 dager siden
Trippier to right back then try awb cb?
DeeDogg#1 10 dager siden
Cant wait till pogba leaves.hes not done enough and hes not worth the wages.bruno has done more in his short time at the club
cykachu 420
cykachu 420 10 dager siden
but paul is basically our best player
Ian Baldock
Ian Baldock 10 dager siden
In the U.S. we would call Pogba a dog. Lazy overrated player.
Saif Talpur
Saif Talpur 10 dager siden
I wonder why we're not linked to Yves Bissouma, Wilfred Ndidi, Ruben Neves, Manuel Locatelli, Saúl Ñíguez, Franck Kessié, Aurélien Tchouaméni, Teun Koopmeiners and Denis Zakaria.
PY 10 dager siden
Ronald will regret moving back to United. Just let it be a good memory and move on to psg boy
Joseph Kenyon
Joseph Kenyon 10 dager siden
I’d take Zaha back as a rotational player
Mpumelelo Mandi
Mpumelelo Mandi 10 dager siden
No Mark Glazerz hv more than 100million I'm sure it's close to 200M ,they jst Stingy n don't wanna Use The Budget ,they jst wanna Promote into their Own Project aside I mean who knows?👀🤷‍♂️
d Cook
d Cook 10 dager siden
Bored of speculation marks full of 🤮 ole will never win the league
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula 10 dager siden
Let's just sale Pogba already and no we don't Ronaldo, our midfield is still MEDIOCRE and our Cb's are the same.
Will G
Will G 10 dager siden
Seriously dont get the Trippier obsession. He is a solid right back and nothing more getting high praise he never got at SPurs cause he has won a title. Bissaka starts ver him for us all day long for me and we have Laird and WIlliams as back up, simply dont need him even at £15m,,,,right back isnt a priority at all, we need to improve the first eleven and balance, not squad players
Pat B
Pat B 10 dager siden
Pogba is worth 150 a week
Dave 10 dager siden
Well actually, Goldbridge, anyone who watches your channel could come to believe that you hate every player in the team !! You rail on them with a ferver everytime they do something bad. But heat of the moment, I guess ...
David Browne
David Browne 10 dager siden
VDB don’t rate him .. haven’t seen anything from him as yet..
HUGH McNEILLIE 10 dager siden
Chelsea have more than Jorginho, Kovacic and Kante. The boy Billy Gilmour is better than McFred and Matic. Simple baller who can play one and two touch with ease.
HUGH McNEILLIE 10 dager siden
Shaw and Telles could play in the same team with Telles playing as a LW. Ole should have opted for that when Rashford was clearly struggling with injury. Two natural lefties rather than an inverted LW who makes the pitch smaller in possession.
Robbie Hutchinson
Robbie Hutchinson 10 dager siden
Ole made a big mistake leting lukaku go i would rather have him than martial
J 10 dager siden
Swap pogba for Chiesa and Arthur from Juventus RW and CDM done
EC Da G 10 dager siden
Ronaldo for a season to give rashford a break. I would love pogba to stay but we cant let him go for free
Jimbo O brown
Jimbo O brown 10 dager siden
Wouldnt give pogba 40k a week never mind 400k he's terrible
Corey Lord
Corey Lord 10 dager siden
Aren't we still owed cash from Inter for Lukaku!
Jydo Jo
Jydo Jo 10 dager siden
Identifies troll. continues to be trolled.
Leo 10 dager siden
Why does Mark get annoyed with some comments. But sort of embraces when Zain comments?
Tims barnet
Tims barnet 10 dager siden
@Chris Matson you obviously don't know zain if you think he needs his mum's credit card lol he's a millionaire
Chris Matson
Chris Matson 10 dager siden
Because zains mums credit card makes up about half of marks weekly wage.
AJ NZ 10 dager siden
Utd should not be scared to lose players, that"s the mentality of a small club. We need to be competitive with wages but within the framework of the players market worth. Pogba form during his time at UTD does not warrant a 400K wage. 400K is in the elite bracket and Pauls lack of consistancy does not make him elite. 4 years on people are still argueing about which position he is best suited to.
Tipsy Keys
Tipsy Keys 10 dager siden
[clap clap clap] Well said!
Choon Sayavipulya
Choon Sayavipulya 10 dager siden
Spot on mate
nauxsi 10 dager siden
Do we have a formation yet? They don't need to overpay for anyone. But they should be tempting Son to depart from Spurs...
Qashqai King
Qashqai King 10 dager siden
Why the fecking hell are Man Utd looking for a striker when they leak like a broken tap at the back. Does anyone at the club have a fecking clue how to manage it?
kelvin 10 dager siden
Get zidane and sack ole
Michael Thangminlien
Michael Thangminlien 10 dager siden
De gea for Ronaldo, Varane for Pogba, Fred+Lingard+40m for Rice, 40m+Diallo for Sancho, sell perreira,Dalot,james for 50 m total, Martial+Bailey+70m for Kane.
Young Mo
Young Mo 10 dager siden
8:44 he might have a case there....every show you do you talk about Pogba wanting to leave without any story being reported about this claim.....so you are pushing a narrative about Pogba everyday..most bad narrative
metube 11 dager siden
Utd should cut Pogba loose -together with Ollie & greedy Glazers
Prakash Khadka
Prakash Khadka 11 dager siden
What about saka just think manu
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 11 dager siden
There was a news article about Mark Goldbridge on MSN news today
Clifford Bradley
Clifford Bradley 11 dager siden
Waffle waffle waffle ......zzzzzzzzzzzzz
SupereMe 11 dager siden
they said our net spend is £150M Sancho - £80M Trippier - £30M Varane - £40M = £150M
o - o
o - o 10 dager siden
@Manus Doorley clearly he doesn’t 😂
Manus Doorley
Manus Doorley 10 dager siden
Do you know what net means?
o - o
o - o 10 dager siden
Trippier won’t cost 30 million
kevin macca
kevin macca 11 dager siden
I think we shoud sell mark, fed up of all this transfer rubbish🎻🎻🎻🎻
USAS-XII 11 dager siden
A little less conversation a little more action please! 🤣😆
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 11 dager siden
Would really like an experienced centre back partner for Tuanzebe, and play McGuire as a holding midfielder, where, his lack of pace wouldn't be exposed, and his distribution could be very effective??? Worth a try.....Lindelof, Bailly Jones OUT!!!
Lyle Wares
Lyle Wares 11 dager siden
That Elvis at the end ? Brilliant performance
Ruth Mayers
Ruth Mayers 11 dager siden
Don't trust the Glazers as Far as i Could THROW EM they won't be satisfied till they have Run Manchester United into the GROUND.
Blue Frogman
Blue Frogman 11 dager siden
Mark You are Pogba hater
Digger Gardi
Digger Gardi 11 dager siden
I'll take Ronnie over Paul any day or Jack Grealish and I'm totally pissed of with the Pogba play Act 12.
Richard Rojas
Richard Rojas 6 dager siden
Pogba is Lazy, he doesn't Run and lose the ball constantly.
Christopher Savill
Christopher Savill 11 dager siden
We've got greenwood on the right we need a left sided player to replace the school dinner boy
Jim Abraham
Jim Abraham 11 dager siden
Sancho can play in both flanks
geoff harris
geoff harris 11 dager siden
Pogba has been a hit only on rare occasions and thinks highly of himself. He has a greedy agent pulling the strings so it's time he was shown the door. Ollie needs to move on and make difficult decisions otherwise we are all going to witness the same failures next season. Ronaldo is fast becoming past it for the rough of the premiere league, he's not the future of United..
Desmond FPV
Desmond FPV 11 dager siden
Censorship is not okay
Carey Mahoney
Carey Mahoney 11 dager siden
And for the record..... We need new owners, a new CEO, a proper Director of Football, a Manager with a set of balls between his legs, half a new squad of players and a new Stadium.
Red Timez
Red Timez 11 dager siden
While Liverpool is on the verge of completing another bargain player, we are busy getting linked to players. Why did the Glazers out protest stopped, we need to make them sell the team by not buying or attending matches next season. Someone needs to kidnap the tourists that constantly attend home games or just make the place around Old Trafford a dangerous place.
MrOzzygator 11 dager siden
Pogba wont sign a new contract and him and his agent will be a royal pain in the ass all year.
Utkarsh Patil
Utkarsh Patil 11 dager siden
Pp should go ...enough of him
David Pursglove
David Pursglove 11 dager siden
I would just do the swap for cr7 for pogba
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath 11 dager siden
United aren't even in talks with sancho he doesn't even want to go to United
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath 11 dager siden
We all know Zaha wants to leave crystal palace slow sports news
Peter Walker
Peter Walker 11 dager siden
Another video which nobody has heard anything new. The last 8 vids have basically said the same thing 🙄
Robert Alvarez
Robert Alvarez 11 dager siden
We need a left sided player. Grealish over rashford any day
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 11 dager siden
Anyday, everyday and forevermore!!!
MrGoldtrader 11 dager siden
I hate Paul Pogba
walata11 11 dager siden
We know
MrGoldtrader 11 dager siden
Stephen best
Stephen best 11 dager siden
you are too pro Pogba. he needs to go. poor performance and to my mind a malign influence
musa colley
musa colley 11 dager siden
Why did United still want Ronaldo 36 years old it make me sick Ronaldo is not our problem our problem is CDM, CB, RB and RW and Ronaldo is none of them
MrGoldtrader 11 dager siden
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd 11 dager siden
Do you think Ole will play Trippier instead of WBisaakka .... Ole pkays defensive .. Trippier wont get a game
Eric Oppong
Eric Oppong 11 dager siden
United is so finished, talking about Ronaldo at 36 I mean seriously?
William Campbell
William Campbell 9 dager siden
@Will G u replying to wrong dude wasn't my comment sorry
William Campbell
William Campbell 10 dager siden
@Will G wrong spy not my comment
Will G
Will G 10 dager siden
Why, he was the top scorer in Italy and still one of the best strikers in the world
toe cutter
toe cutter 10 dager siden
We have ole at the wheel the club is a laughing stock.
William Campbell
William Campbell 11 dager siden
Finished he ain't but top prem signing 60 games a season .one true season and he will be off to inter miami
Chrisxerri 11 dager siden
Let pogba go to psg for £40m, get in bissouma and saul.
Tendai Matambanadzo
Tendai Matambanadzo 6 dager siden
Pogba should go if he wants to go and more importantly if there are clubs out there who want him at his wages and his transfer fee.Let him go.
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson 10 dager siden
@Chrisxerri im not saying we will... I find it kinda funny we brought him to the club, only to let him leave for free. Then bought him for 90mil just so we can sell him for 50mil less😂😂
Chrisxerri 10 dager siden
@Riley Anderson 40 -50. You won't get much more than that.
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson 10 dager siden
supra4lif3 11 dager siden
You are DELETED!
Michael Powell
Michael Powell 11 dager siden
Mark you say our bench is good, but only in numbers. Doesn't matter as Ole didn't rotate the squad anyway. If we move the players you mention & we get the CB, CDM & RW, Ole still won't give game time to squad players
Bozzi Bozziana
Bozzi Bozziana 11 dager siden
Ronaldo in Pogba out,
jobz Joe
jobz Joe 11 dager siden
Please why can't the media live pogba alone, pogba, pogba
MAD MAX GAMING 10 dager siden
Mark is the one making up these news
Ritchie Beckett
Ritchie Beckett 11 dager siden
This season we destined not to win a thing. What kind of pre season did we have.. Even in the Sunday league you would have more games before kicking off the season. We were not prepared like the other clubs. COVID no excuse for not arranging a few more friendlies.
Mad Murdoch
Mad Murdoch 10 dager siden
Won't win nothing whilst under ole..
Justin Tulloch
Justin Tulloch 11 dager siden
Bozzi Bozziana
Bozzi Bozziana 11 dager siden
Another time has come again for you to keep talking nonsense
Vídarr Odinson
Vídarr Odinson 11 dager siden
If we sell Pogba, we wouldn't need a direct replacement. Donnie can play that role, McTominay can provide depth there, so long as we buy a press-resistant, ball-winning midfielder to support the creative players. So i'd replace Pogba with a Defensive midfielder let Bruno and Sancho create in the final third, let Donnie dictate tempo or mctominay go box-to-box alongside a proper ball winner behind them.
walata11 11 dager siden
Mctominey is crap
Harry Destaffano
Harry Destaffano 11 dager siden
There have been very few game winning performances by Paul Pogba at United in the last 4 years. Swap/Sell Now.
Jim Abraham
Jim Abraham 11 dager siden
@walata11 for the price we paid for him,he didn't really justify it.
walata11 11 dager siden
How many for the rest of the team,has anyone been consistent?. Mcfred has been consistently poor but I guess it has to be pogba
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin' 11 dager siden
Does anyone else get SICK of hearing Mark say "Paul Pogba"?
M6 Matty
M6 Matty 11 dager siden
harry j
harry j 11 dager siden
deluded no way utd get a quality rw dm cb and you want the glazers out utd fans like goldbridge in fantasy land just look at the previous windows you should know this already lol
james aaron
james aaron 11 dager siden
Tbh the reason why united will pay 400k is nothing to do with football
Paul Lees
Paul Lees 11 dager siden
Too many adverts, your as bad as the Glazers
Aaron Tooley
Aaron Tooley 11 dager siden
United don’t know how to sale players and offload dead wood
Philly Detta
Philly Detta 11 dager siden
I think we should let Pogba go
Los Verdes ATX
Los Verdes ATX 11 dager siden
Lol at guy in chat who said we Buy Zaha at 75% with our 25% return
Hilmi widyatno
Hilmi widyatno 11 dager siden
The club's clueless, Glazers's big Liar!!
Prometheus Tv
Prometheus Tv 11 dager siden
All this just for him to sign a new contract with the same wages. Bookmark this.
Lyndon White
Lyndon White 11 dager siden
Zaniolo hundred percent guys gonna be a beast
Will Wells
Will Wells 11 dager siden
“Just came in, what have I missed?” Yep really good answer, Mark 😂
Bussin Egyal
Bussin Egyal 10 dager siden
@Anto Jones also if u rewind it’s difficult to send super chats as you’re always behind on the topic of discussion.
Anto Jones
Anto Jones 11 dager siden
@Will Wells true enough man
Will Wells
Will Wells 11 dager siden
@Anto Jones it’s the fact that the guy paid but Mark didn’t even acknowledge it apart from reading it out, just a bit rude imo
Anto Jones
Anto Jones 11 dager siden
Do some folk know about the rewind feature on NOwindow?🧐🙄
Josh MS
Josh MS 11 dager siden
Josh cornes
Josh cornes 11 dager siden
Why have everyone forgot about cavani why is everyone obsessed with signing a striker when the midfield is dead
Digger Gardi
Digger Gardi 10 dager siden
@Mad Murdoch It's close goals v minutes on the pitch in the PL since Cavani arrived but Kane has youth on his side though but as to the number of career goals Kane probably will never reach Cavani's tally even if he plays to he's 36.
Mad Murdoch
Mad Murdoch 10 dager siden
@Digger Gardi kane is better..
Miki Melo
Miki Melo 10 dager siden
Wait till Cavani goes back to Injury season again and you will understand..
Sween JP6
Sween JP6 10 dager siden
@Mick Foskett and your a keyboard warrior
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 10 dager siden
@Sween JP6 you're talking💩!👹
zulficar hussain
zulficar hussain 11 dager siden
Feels like another Horrendous transfer window!!!
Karl 11 dager siden
CR7 is probably the only player who could save Ole's job next season.
Rhatul Hasan
Rhatul Hasan 11 dager siden
Ronaldo couldn't save Sarri's and Pirlo's Jobs and those guys won trophies.
MegaMsc123 11 dager siden
bulldogsfan 11 dager siden
Ronaldo will not leave Juve I’ll be shocked if he does.
Lyndon White
Lyndon White 11 dager siden
Martial needs to go..
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