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Sunny K
Sunny K 2 timer siden
Love pogba but united will survive without him he’s no zidane
Jamil Yassin
Jamil Yassin 3 dager siden
Pogba need good players to perform better, McGuire needs a quality partner in defence to be better. Great players make other players perform better, not the other way around
Richard Rojas
Richard Rojas 3 dager siden
Grealish would be a great asset, Pogba must go !
mike heap
mike heap 4 dager siden
Paul Pogba's agent Riola wants to move his clients on every 3/4 years and collect agent fees with the moves. Any club foolish enough to sign Halland will regret it, no dealing with the agent, he's trouble with a capital " T ".
Mark Kofi
Mark Kofi 4 dager siden
He's a c with a capital C. 😂🤣
Desmus Otieno
Desmus Otieno 4 dager siden
Pogba out 👍
Rjb771996 4 dager siden
Here goes the 90%club
Thomas Diggs
Thomas Diggs 4 dager siden
I think im starting a petition to make Mark our New Coach 😆
ppoul 4 dager siden
We're gonna end up with Jhonny Mcginny, an unknown youngster other than Jadon named Sanchy from germany, and an English defender from a newly relegated team with the same qualities as Harry. All while chasing Jacky G
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 4 dager siden
Pogba is old news MU have to move on.
Trigger Man
Trigger Man 4 dager siden
Please Ed Woodward sign Ben Shite from Brighton. Don't sign a CDM basically a midfielder. And don't sign Sancho let it drag out. And sign a down grade Right Winger. Don't let me down Ed.🙏🙏🙏🤣
Trigger Man
Trigger Man 4 dager siden
Sign Josh King instead of sancho. 🙏🙏🤣🤣
Chris Burton
Chris Burton 4 dager siden
No sadly we couldn’t get Varane and Rice with Grealish and Sancho. But we can get them two with Ben White and Yves Bissouma which I can see happening. With getting rid of the deadwood players
Sharad Champaneri
Sharad Champaneri 4 dager siden
Pogba > Varane < Swap?
Sinothando Dyolisi
Sinothando Dyolisi 4 dager siden
Ndidi can control that CDM role alone and I prefer Jack more than Jadon.... we need pogba
Mark Kofi
Mark Kofi 4 dager siden
Leicester will want £100m.
Bro Logan
Bro Logan 4 dager siden
Anyone think Sancho is overrated? Grealish would be a much better option tbh. Sancho is more realistic than Grealish though.
Fergus Alexson
Fergus Alexson 4 dager siden
Don't make me laugh about Pogba would be better with a better midfield. Fernandes came in to the same team without Pogba playing regularly and has shown he's world class! Pogba is still crap even with Bruno now added to the team. It's also to do with mental strength and wanting to play for the badge. Guess which one of the two I'm talking about.
Paul McLennan
Paul McLennan 4 dager siden
Pogba should go as he never played well consistently and has his head and heart turned to what other big club he could go to next.
Smokey187um1 3 dager siden
I don’t blame if he wants to go and play with better players, under a better manager with the chance of actually winning something.
satka kartar
satka kartar 4 dager siden
theres no way grealish will be up for sale....otherwise id even consider buying him.....
Bob Hope
Bob Hope 4 dager siden
Oli wants trippier and to make wan bisakka into a centre back ive read in the news
Bria Murphy
Bria Murphy 4 dager siden
Quality players will just mask how bad he is mark I respect your opinion, but you really have blinkers when it comes to Pogba
Franchize Tribe
Franchize Tribe 4 dager siden
He looks great for France let’s be honest . He’s inconsistent and uninspired at United he must not cate at United because it’s like he’s not a complimentary player for a francs he’s arguably the leader probably gets more touches than any other player in the squad . But he’s a failed project at United that hasn’t worked regardless of opinion on his quality or why it just hasn’t worked out . Priority should be Pogba out while his stock will be high , Fred , De Gea , Martial , Lingard, Perriera, Dalot , Jones lol, Matic ..,.that’s enough players to build a team with a manager like a Conte that can challenge for the league
Eric Haydock
Eric Haydock 4 dager siden
Ole has been a manager for 10 years now........................HOW much longer do we need to wait for him to be experienced as a manager and coach? Considering he was always a substitute for United, you would think he could manage to understand when to put on a sub...................it's clear he is waiting for his new contract before taking ANY risk at all.
Landon Gorman
Landon Gorman 4 dager siden
Your not getting jack
John Ameyaw
John Ameyaw 4 dager siden
why don't we just get milinkovic savic
Mark Kofi
Mark Kofi 4 dager siden
He doesn't want to join Manchester United. If we bought him we'd end up with another Di Maria.
Stanley Naidoo
Stanley Naidoo 4 dager siden
Players must make their own minds like Sancho try run down his contract possibility dortmund will ask for 20 mil in January extensions contracts makes problems in transfers
Steven f
Steven f 4 dager siden
Id rather have grealish than pogba
Manus McGrogan
Manus McGrogan 4 dager siden
More dead wood than a shipwreck
hawk valley
hawk valley 4 dager siden
ill settle for pogba out.... over rated expensive pain in the arse......
red flag
red flag Dag siden
Spot on
Dave Eccles
Dave Eccles 4 dager siden
80 mil that's it tops for Sancho
Nejc Sribar
Nejc Sribar 4 dager siden
Sancho isnt worth 100m €. Might as well make a deal for him to run out the contract and give him insane signing bonus
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 4 dager siden
All this talk about no holding midfielders being targeted( today, might change tomorrow), if true, doesn't it underline how inept Solskjaer is, if, indeed, he has any input in recruitment at all? He might think McFred are assests??? Wouldn't surprise me at all....
Dave Eccles
Dave Eccles 4 dager siden
Grealish Sancho and a CDM
Yusuff Yomi
Yusuff Yomi 4 dager siden
Only a fool will believe all this .
619 Trading
619 Trading 4 dager siden
Declan Rice should be our number one target with Varane or Kounde as the center back. If we have any funds left then I would say let’s get Sancho if we could unload Pogba and De Gea
Karla Boi
Karla Boi 4 dager siden
Mark you need to explain why people keep leaving !
Bill Brzh
Bill Brzh 5 dager siden
John mcginn 😭😭 why do you do this to me united why 😭
Taylor Holmes
Taylor Holmes 5 dager siden
Sancho will be the next mane or salah I’ll pay 100 million for that
Eric Haydock
Eric Haydock 4 dager siden
How much did Liverpool pay for them? (LOL)
david Stirton
david Stirton 5 dager siden
fergies been pushing for mcginn
ChrisKatsu 5 dager siden
If you know you know
|| @CR7stiano ||
|| @CR7stiano || 5 dager siden
More dead wood than: Susan Boyle in a room full of anyone
stevie mondo
stevie mondo 4 dager siden
even susan boyle would get some wood from wayne rooney :D
|| @CR7stiano ||
|| @CR7stiano || 5 dager siden
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya
Kaaviya Suresh vidhya 5 dager siden
They’re gonna put awb at cb and bring trippier
Matias Ameinge
Matias Ameinge 5 dager siden
Sir Alex is a great philosopher. He got rid of Pogba and bringing him back was United's biggest mistake. Never seen a man of wisdom.
Paul McLennan
Paul McLennan 4 dager siden
Sir Alex did not want pogba to leave the first time.
6 big ears
6 big ears 5 dager siden
Utd are shite hahaha heres to another 27 hahaha
Errol Phynn
Errol Phynn 5 dager siden
No really good player wants to play for a coach who wonders wats to do
Scott Saul
Scott Saul 5 dager siden
Do you know what I think we do,I think we get linked to players which we have no chance of getting and then United say " we tried to buy this big name player or that big name player" this is to bullshit us into thinking we,re still a big club, It's frustrating , like if you agree reds.
JLingz94 5 dager siden
We really need to look at Pogba for Varane. Save losing Pog for free and transfer budget this summer
TheStretfordArmy 5 dager siden
Sell pogba vdb more opportunity
Kireshan Moodley
Kireshan Moodley 5 dager siden
Honestly I see us becoming arsenal with this board
Paul McLennan
Paul McLennan 4 dager siden
More like everton
christopher bradley
christopher bradley 5 dager siden
I w3ish Sancho would go and sign for Chelsea then hopefully this channel will stop mentioning him on a daily basis.Actually they probably would keep on about him on here.
CTM VIDEOGRAPHY 5 dager siden
Pogba would have been ousted by Fergie and forgotten about by now. Pogba and Grelish play in different positions. Keep the Glazer's out campaign flames burning. Dortmund are con artists.
El Sol
El Sol 5 dager siden
Beth wld give pogba 1m per week 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Arturo Filio Villa
Arturo Filio Villa 5 dager siden
Man we are so quick to throw any player under the bus. If Pogba may want to leave is probably because we can't win an Europa League cup when Chelsea and Liverpool one a Champions League and City a Prem during Pogbas stay at United. I would be super frustrated too. We should be a bit more loyal to our players and our team. Maybe not the manager imo and definitely not the owners.
red flag
red flag 23 timer siden
@Arturo Filio Villa ole not up to it but pog didn’t look great under Jose either. Pog has been average in his term at utd
Arturo Filio Villa
Arturo Filio Villa 23 timer siden
@red flag And my point is that you cannot overlook that his performance could be hampered by lack of system provided by the manager and quality amongst his teammates. I like United and I'll stand back behind most players (ones that deserve it), even McTominay, I think he has potential but in all honesty Ole doesn't do it for me and as I said, I could understand Pogba's frustration.
red flag
red flag 23 timer siden
You talk as if we have held him back when he’s done nothing of memory that stands out for us.
red flag
red flag Dag siden
@Arturo Filio Villa mate my point is he was pathetic in that game ye not alone mind but if you want to win trophies you have to perform on the day
Arturo Filio Villa
Arturo Filio Villa Dag siden
@red flag I don't know what game you watched nut that Europa League final was atrocious. Ole was fighting with strikers to stay on line instead of going deep to get the ball. Again, we can't win an Europa League, he already won a WC an a League, he wants that champions League, we are so far from winning it.
Michael Webb
Michael Webb 5 dager siden
weve got more deadwood than the mary rose
shoaib bodi
shoaib bodi 5 dager siden
All news are rubbish nothing ever happens folllow liverpool board rhey dont talk but act
Paulson 5 dager siden
United has more deadwood than a Erectile Dysfunction clinic
Ebraheem Al Shatti
Ebraheem Al Shatti 5 dager siden
Mark actually said to me that pogba should perform regardless the players around him when I compared his situation to KDB and how city treat him. How times change, smh.
Surendra Khatri
Surendra Khatri 5 dager siden
Who else notice Argentine defender romero........ He is gem bro.....
Konstantin Jordal
Konstantin Jordal 5 dager siden
Dean Henderson had one decent season at Sheffield united and failed to displace a declining De Gea and now he is suddenly worth 40m? Who in their right mind is paying 40m for Dean Henderson, he is not even worth 20m according to transfermarkt.
Paarshva Shah
Paarshva Shah 4 dager siden
He is young and has high potential
Paarshva Shah
Paarshva Shah 4 dager siden
@Konstantin Jordal they need a keeper
Konstantin Jordal
Konstantin Jordal 4 dager siden
@Paarshva Shah hahah what are you smoking, does Dortmund even know who he is? More like Dean Henderson plus 60m for Sancho.
Paarshva Shah
Paarshva Shah 5 dager siden
Dortmund would take him, maybe in exchange for Sancho Dean Henderson plus 30 mil for Sancho
Willness to Wellness
Willness to Wellness 5 dager siden
You upload the same bullshit transfer videos everyday that are just useless and pointless. Just fucking stop until we have actually signed or sold people, it's just boring at this point
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 5 dager siden
I hope Pogba stays. But if he leaves Grealish is the perfect replacement for that left side. And before anyone says it No Pogba is not a central midfielder.
mohamed bayoumy
mohamed bayoumy 5 dager siden
If we bring sansho it will be aday of rekoning it will put fear into our apponents and lift the levels of current players he will make many chances and score goals exactly what we need I'm surprised other top clubs haven't already snapped him up he is proper proper world class in abudence
mohamed bayoumy
mohamed bayoumy 5 dager siden
Both keepers are quality david dea done his dutys for us but the penalty issues might just of made his future away from United
Eric Haydock
Eric Haydock 4 dager siden
If a GK saves a penalty with the current VAR rules, it is pure luck, not skill.
mohamed bayoumy
mohamed bayoumy 5 dager siden
Surely the goalkeeper situation is the least of our norwigien master Manager OLE problems....he needs a quality right winger
Name doesn`t matter
Name doesn`t matter 5 dager siden
Manchester United have long outgrown England and most of the fans do not come from England. If you listen to Gildbridge , ex players, TV pundits and most of the English fans, Utd dream team would be made of Shaw, Maguire, AWB, Rice, Sancho, Grealish, Rashford, Kane..., and I'm telling you, that team would not have a great chance of success in today's football. Accept , the Englishmen are not the most skilled with the ball, the upcoming European Championship will show that. If I were the owner of this club, I would break that English romantic dream and create a Dutch and German football school in Manchester, with foreign coaches and talented children from all over the world.
Michael 5 dager siden
If we want a midfielder from villa we should get Douglas luiz
Andrew Kanonik
Andrew Kanonik 5 dager siden
Been saying this for ages, the same can be said for DVB, Fred, but not Martial or Mcsauce
Art Blab May tejura
Art Blab May tejura 5 dager siden
We will very few players, united are incompetent. At best sancho and trippier
1 Tyson Fury
1 Tyson Fury 5 dager siden
Grealish noww.
Trend 5 dager siden
I disagree with u Mark on Pogba,better players will always play better even with bad players around them and in fact better players will always bring the best out of bad players and make them better
JMAC MCFC 5 dager siden
Grealish is coming to the blue side of manny
John Roth
John Roth 5 dager siden
Pogba out grelish in.... so much fn yessssssssss
Adam Motley
Adam Motley 5 dager siden
I absolutely love pogpa
charles Williams
charles Williams 5 dager siden
Wow the issue with Pogba is that he doesn't give 110% everyday. Of course he going to run his contract down he wanted to go this summer but utd activated the 1 year option. Utd should do a swap this summer just to save face
Jason RT
Jason RT 5 dager siden
United Fans : Keep Pogba, he is the best, we love him, he is the best player of the world Pogba: I am out of here. Casual fans have kept this blind love towards players that at any minute any second would leave, never back you up. Stop kissing De Gea and Pogba's asses, De Gea wanted Madrid and couldn't and POgba has always said he wants to leave.
Eric Haydock
Eric Haydock 4 dager siden
Real Madrid wanted De Gea and he wanted to go home. You cannot compare their performances. De Gea deserves top have his butt kissed, Pogba deserves to be gone.
Abdus Samad
Abdus Samad 5 dager siden
United are in not well run! Cos transfer should be done by now!
TheDelta57 5 dager siden
I come from the same town as Henderson, but I would much prefer De Gea as our first choice goalkeeper.
The Truth
The Truth 5 dager siden
I swear some of you click on the video just to complain about Sancho
Queenie Liswani
Queenie Liswani 5 dager siden
United are signing Sancho 😠
Dhiraj Desai
Dhiraj Desai 5 dager siden
We should sign tosin adarabioya for only 10m
Wayne Davies
Wayne Davies 5 dager siden
Never understood Goldbridge's attitude towards money. Its not his money! If United are happy to pay £100m for Sancho, great! We have Sancho!
Eric Haydock
Eric Haydock 4 dager siden
He's just smarter than you
Tracey Byrne
Tracey Byrne 5 dager siden
4 years what is his position?
Mr T
Mr T 5 dager siden
I see it when i believe of any signing mentioned today
Will 5 dager siden
Sancho is definitely a 100m pound player, united fans blame dortmund when united are rich and could easily pay it
Rahul Wanjari
Rahul Wanjari 5 dager siden
😂😂No German player except Haaland is €100m player, if Sancho is €100m, Grealish is €150m. Don't get carried watching Sancho hype.
KingUnruly Pree
KingUnruly Pree 5 dager siden
These rumors going right down till the season starts🍿
mazdak morati
mazdak morati 5 dager siden
Great players don’t use excuses. They MAKE teammates BETTER. Look up Maradona !! The argument that Pogba needs better players around him, IT IS SO lame !!!
red flag
red flag 4 dager siden
Ye build a team of eleven superstars just so pog can perform. Any one could. He’s so average.
Alexander0161 5 dager siden
the way ole wants us to play we need a world class defensive midfielder
Brandon Chen
Brandon Chen 4 dager siden
That's a given
Eric Polese-Lopez
Eric Polese-Lopez 5 dager siden
More dead wood than IKEA
John Nugent
John Nugent 5 dager siden
Real fans dont call loyal squad members dead wood.
Eric Haydock
Eric Haydock 4 dager siden
Rooney was loyal and yet he was useless for the last 4 years of his time at the club.
Alexander0161 5 dager siden
sancho is worth 100 million all day he's one of the best youngster's in the one he's dominated the German league with his stats but 80 million for him would be nice we need to get it sorted it's so boring
mazdak morati
mazdak morati 5 dager siden
Maradona made Napoli, a SORRY ASS team an instant champ. You are great if you make the players around you better & not use any excuses!!!!!
Julia Richards
Julia Richards 5 dager siden
He was a truly exceptionally gifted player,they come along once in a lifetime,may he rest in peace.
PSG eSPORT GAMING 5 dager siden
We should cash in on pogba ... we could get tony Kroos for about 50 million and Sergio Ramos and give real pogba ?
Inspector jack
Inspector jack 5 dager siden
When are people going to wake up? We made top 4 so we're unlikely to be doing any worthwhile business this year!
I B 5 dager siden
We made top 4 because other teams were struggling...
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell 5 dager siden
Next year City, Chelsea and Liverpool are going to be crazy! If Leicester can perform then it's a race for top 4 against us. I imagine theres going to be a huge drop from 3rd to 4th. Reckon we get 5th
uthank pettukola
uthank pettukola 5 dager siden
Personally I think the same 4 teams will finish in the top 4 next season,the order will probably change though
Leo Manutd
Leo Manutd 5 dager siden
Last year we wanted united to pay 120mil … smh 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ and got mad they didnt pay 120 mil… now we get mad if they 100mil for him 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔🤔
Anna Hawula
Anna Hawula 5 dager siden
Sell pogba. Forget about grealish and sign some central midfielders. There are loads of players that would improve on the selection utd currently have.
Duc Nguyen
Duc Nguyen 5 dager siden
Pogba, matial, rashfod,ole ........out... . Out........... Out....... Out
Joey Soyebo
Joey Soyebo 5 dager siden
It is so simple. 4 3 3 next year, two 8s and one holding. Sell martial, bench rashford, sell fred, sell maguire sell dan james. Grealish on the left, greenwood or cavani in the middle. Amad or elanga on the right, donny and bruno as the 8s with koopmeiners holding. Sven Botman and Axel at the back with bailly on the bench. And actually coach them. No point buying Jadon Sancho, will take him at least a half a season before he gets going, where as jack is cheaper and is ready made for us...
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell 5 dager siden
By Mark's logic Gerrard would have been the greatest midfielder ever had he not played in awful Liverpool teams.
The Flash
The Flash 4 dager siden
I ain’t watched the vid so I ain’t got a clue what you’re talking about but, Gerrard didn’t play in awful Liverpool teams, he played in great Liverpool teams good enough to challenge for the title, good enough to reach multiple champions league finals and even win it.. The whole Gerrard didn’t play with top players or a top team thing is bullshit, Gerrard reached his potential, would have performed no better at any other club
DENNIS JOHN RYAN 5 dager siden
once more bullsgit eminates from this video loads of talking but saying nowt.
Trevor Webster
Trevor Webster 5 dager siden
Liam Harding
Liam Harding 5 dager siden
If Chelsea are signing Verratti ..... then they will hardly sign Rice.. be good if we could do a deal there involving Lingard
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