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BabsW 4 dager siden
We all love Keane and Scholes, but we wouldn't make them permanent Manchester United managers.
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam 6 dager siden
I think a better manager will get the best out of the current crop of players. I think Beth is angry because I think a lot of United fans have seen so much change in the recent seasons, that they want a bit of stability and continuity
Micah Mclaughlin
Micah Mclaughlin 9 dager siden
Only backing Ole cause he played for the club lol Top Reds and Olesexuals ruining this club day by day ffs
Rohaan Kayum
Rohaan Kayum 10 dager siden
Lorin McDonald
Lorin McDonald 10 dager siden
Like this Jordan guy, bring him back on👏
David Burgess
David Burgess 10 dager siden
Ole in or Ole out. Think of it this way. City have Guardiola. Liverpool have Klopp. Chelsea have Tuchel. We have Ole? Say no more.
A G 10 dager siden
Time for Ole to be replaced 100%
Gaming Bear
Gaming Bear 11 dager siden
Love a good discussion/debate. Great show.
tim nkosi
tim nkosi 11 dager siden
I agree with Berth
3879keith 11 dager siden
I am in no doubt........ Ole out!!!!!!! .......... makes far too many mistakes....... the last taking off the guy who was our penalty taker (Pogba) when we are about to take Penalties.....unforgivable
pezarian 11 dager siden
We got 2nd by default, liverpool injury struck all season but finished just behind us & chelsea got a manager change. Massive smoke screen and great tool for all OLE IN gang to use to make their point.
Mahad 11 dager siden
Ole Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Norman Mugisha
Norman Mugisha 11 dager siden
“Inexperienced manager” hasn’t Ole been in management for 10 years plus?
trav morgan
trav morgan 11 dager siden
I hate how they’re saying tuchel came into a 200m squad. Last year they had a transfer embargo and Man Utd have spent more over two years than Chelsea have. It’s just all excuses. Ole is trash and we need to move on
Mohd Khairil Azhan
Mohd Khairil Azhan 11 dager siden
i agree with u. i also wat poch.. hes miles better than ole
Mohd Khairil Azhan
Mohd Khairil Azhan 11 dager siden
this time i dont support beth anymore.. why girls dont see like we boys see football?
Mohd Khairil Azhan
Mohd Khairil Azhan 11 dager siden
beth - when u say rebuilding.. if there anything like this in modern football? look at tuchel girll
Mohd Khairil Azhan
Mohd Khairil Azhan 11 dager siden
beth - if telles, vdb is not his signing.. why tuchel come to chelsea with no transfer can win them UCL??? is the team tuchel signing??
Mohd Khairil Azhan
Mohd Khairil Azhan 11 dager siden
beth is a fraud
Craig Marshall
Craig Marshall 11 dager siden
Interesting really. I watched all of you this time last year say we would struggle to reach top four with this squad. Ole got probably his 4th of 5th choice signings and took that team to second. Perhaps you should all look at yourself and think about resigning as your obviously not that great in terms of pundits Equally remember this fergie took 6 years to win the league. Under moyes, LVH and mourinho we would of killed to see this football, getting regular top 4 and reaching 6 semis/finals in a row. I think we need to remember that ole is still limited by owners who put profit and dividends over players and success Clubs like City, leicester, Chelsea and Liverpool have all seen hundreds of millions pumped in while United have had hundreds of millions taken out. Ask yourself this if serial winners like mourinho can't win the league with that level of investment, who can? Even if we landed pep, the owners won't give him 421 million mo ry for defenders to get defense right will they?
Gift Mumba
Gift Mumba 11 dager siden
Ole is not good enough for manutd better Look for sameone else. There is nothing like building the team look at Chelsea with the new coach. More time for ole more problems for Manutd.
Mohd Khairil Azhan
Mohd Khairil Azhan 11 dager siden
Ole Out 100%
DAZZA 11 dager siden
Ole in!
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 11 dager siden
Johnny Bravo is hosting!!!! Does he have an off button?😂😂😂
Marcus Tan
Marcus Tan 11 dager siden
So many dumb people.
Sudan Pandey
Sudan Pandey 11 dager siden
Ole has already shown his plateu. I don't think he will win us any trophy.
Connor Macleod
Connor Macleod 11 dager siden
Team beth ❤️
Jonathan 11 dager siden
CONTE would be a good manager but looks like (as usual) Spurs will snap him up. And so we continue with Ole who can't sub a marine.
Lee Mcdermott
Lee Mcdermott 11 dager siden
I’ve never been an ole in since day dot but I’ll give him another season but one more season of mcfred it’s game over next season is huge! Beth is absolutely spot on about naglesmann he is the only manager I think would take us to the next level he’s German and proven him self at mochengladbach Leipzig just shame he has gone to Bayern
L. Sibisi
L. Sibisi 11 dager siden
Shout out to Jordan for not Beth control the narrative on signing. All them are ole signings, bad and good.
Rob P
Rob P 11 dager siden
Beth hes got a squad; tellis, dvb axle they've more chance of a place on a rocket to the space station than playing regularly in the premier league for Utd
Jawad Liaquat
Jawad Liaquat 11 dager siden
Legit disagreed with everything Beth said. Ole out! Beth out!
Abz Da
Abz Da 11 dager siden
Ole in glazers in
B-Bands Swirl
B-Bands Swirl 11 dager siden
Beth has forgotten we got lucky with injuries in the prem compared to other clubs if a competent manager was in the job we acc could’ve finished 2nd with more points maybe even have won the league (maybe too far) but certainly would’ve got past the champions league group staged
Kob 11 dager siden
Just want to check has Jay admitted he was wrong about Maguire? He was adamant for weeks the captains armband should be given to Bruno. Bruno had it vs Villarreal and once again in a big game went missing. Chelsea missing. Arsenal missing. Villarreal missing I could go on. Will Jay admit his mistake?
Jens Hansen
Jens Hansen 11 dager siden
Beth, what you say makes sense! You see the whole picture! You need situation awareness. Let's see how Tuchel(from PSG who lost to Ole's united in Paris) does next season, cause MAN CITY gave him that final. Making points to back your feelings are not facts.
dan day
dan day 11 dager siden
Turn off everything this guy hosts
Reyes Silva
Reyes Silva 11 dager siden
Remind me again where Zidane coached before he went to a stacked real Madrid team with not as drastically much of a rebuild did as united needed. Zidane could never go to a team that needs a rebuild and be a successful just like pep wouldn't be able to either if it wasn't for his huge budget
X Doubt
X Doubt 11 dager siden
I kinda agree. Both these managers know their limits. I'm even sure Pep stated this at some point in his managerial career too. Now same can't be said of Ole. Pep & Zidane have systems. Zidane is a question mark. He's had a dream team to work with. Argueably no one could fail under that RM team with Ronaldo, modric etc. In their prime.
Shansuki Nakamura
Shansuki Nakamura 11 dager siden
Beth knows ball
Shawn Mccarthy
Shawn Mccarthy 11 dager siden
Ole is the reincarnation of Arsene Wenger will battle to finish top 4th and might win a FA Cup but nothing more. Manchester United can not settle for this. We need a coach that can bring us title
Chris Andromeda
Chris Andromeda 12 dager siden
This was the best show Ive seen so far, the passion was really high all around good job guys
Zachariah to memba
Zachariah to memba 12 dager siden
Ole will not guide man U to win any trophy 🏆,He lacks Tactics,He must go to allow Zidane or Conte to take over to bring in the needed winning changes within short notice
toe cutter
toe cutter 11 dager siden
@Wazza15695 ole 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wazza15695 12 dager siden
Zidane 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Does Jordan have his own NOwindow channel?? Anyone??
jekendra singh
jekendra singh 12 dager siden
we need coaching staff if ole stay,, we arent running buddy club,,if ole is inexperience we want experience football coach
Zachariah to memba
Zachariah to memba 12 dager siden
Ole and David De gea have Betrayed man U Players efforts hence he should just go to allow Zidane or Conte to take o
Zachariah to memba
Zachariah to memba 12 dager siden
Man U needs a coach like Zindane or Conte who will convert the Team into Trophies, Ole has no Tactics he can Go Germany or Spain to coach .
Zachariah to memba
Zachariah to memba 12 dager siden
Ole wouldn't win any trophy 🏆 with Man U,He should go along with David De gea must go now, Zidane or Conte in now, Ole must go now
agc 12 dager siden
Trophies are what football is all about, but they don't give you the full picture. Arsenal recently won the FA cup... And Arsenal fans were ecstatic to get a trophy. Now they're out of Europe for the first time in decades and their club is a joke. And if you look at City, in the champions league, they've never made it to the pinnacle, despite arguably being the best team in Europe for the past few years. They've never lifted that cup by its big ears. Neither have PSG. Guardiola consistently bottled it in the champions league despite winning competitions of consistency, such as the league. Is Guardiola a fraud? No he's proven his consistency via the premier league. And so that's where I think you should assess him mainly, (and his ability to at least consistently get into semi-finals time after time in knock-out competitions.) Ole has done that for United. He's improved United's chances of reaching finals (but has never gotten over the line) and he has improved United's league consistency too. United are improving. Ole hasn't won a trophy this year sure, but's not reason enough to sack him. You have more confidence in them to win games nowadays (many here said they expected United to beat Villareal, and it wasn't a silly thing to say, because on paper they should have, but anything can happen in knock out matches.) If you keep banging on the wall, eventually the dam will break and the silver will pour through. The consistent progress means he deserves a chance to continue that progress.
Kingdiver Dks
Kingdiver Dks 12 dager siden
Beth had a MOTM performance icl
puppygirl13830 12 dager siden
I was "Ole out" months ago, for the reason that, with Ole in charge, what world class players would want to sign for the club? Rashford. Donny. Coaching. Subs. McFred. Insecurity. Stubbornness. There is too much wrong going on. When a match is going badly, how can the answer be to change nothing? MAYBE if he replaced the coaching staff I'd give him more time.
Paul Doffman
Paul Doffman 12 dager siden
Is Beth mad. Why will Ole learn from the losing the final when he never learnt from losing 5 semi finals.
Wantali TV
Wantali TV 12 dager siden
Ole we love you, but times up! OLEOUT!
toe cutter
toe cutter 12 dager siden
@Iman Lal 😂😂
Jake Snake
Jake Snake 12 dager siden
@Iman Lal Lmao that's not how that works. You want the class of 92. Even Alex stated it was a one off!
Wantali TV
Wantali TV 12 dager siden
@Iman Lal so we stick with the cycle we are in now? Semi Final merchants, Prems second best and McFred?
Iman Lal
Iman Lal 12 dager siden
but if we sack ole the whole cycle starts again there's no point
Wantali TV
Wantali TV 12 dager siden
We play a back 7 now with the CDMs in the pivot. Love Jays analysis!
Brad Hugh Skynryd
Brad Hugh Skynryd 12 dager siden
I thought Busby played for Liverpool but they maybe wrong read it on wiki lol
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 10 dager siden
He did!👹
Junaid Amin
Junaid Amin 12 dager siden
Such fickle man utd fans, no trust in the manager. Disgrace fans.
Rowan YT
Rowan YT 12 dager siden
I’d give ole the summer and see what he does but mostly due to the lack of an obvious manager for me. What do people think about ten hag? Or would you want someone more proven?
franc corleone
franc corleone 12 dager siden
Ole has done well but its time for an elite..he's probably a better director than actual coaching..Simeone or Poch.Simple
kejo skipper
kejo skipper 12 dager siden
We shouldn't compare oursleves too much with Chelsea and their appointment with Tuchel. Through the years they've built an institution of sacking and hiring managers. Abramovich made sure that he can sack a manager and be winnig with a new one within months, theyve been doing this for years.
Tarek Gaba
Tarek Gaba 12 dager siden
Beth with all respect go to sleep .
Azfar Azahari
Azfar Azahari 12 dager siden
Giving Ole the permanent job in the first place was the mistake.. Genuinely thought we're going for Lauren Blanc
Peter Kasneci
Peter Kasneci 12 dager siden
Go on Beth you are rocking 👍
SYED NAQVI 12 dager siden
Beth is gorgeous, but deluded. I'm with Jay, Conte in
Ivan Ibhawoh
Ivan Ibhawoh 11 dager siden
No ten hag in this guy is the way. He plays magnificent football with less quality players than we have.
Two Off The First Golf
Two Off The First Golf 12 dager siden
No manager is winning the league with this team.
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 12 dager siden
@Two Off The First Golf He showed he could win with Park + Fletcher in midfield. Because he knew their qualities. He's done this whatever teams he has built. He utlises tactics. Oles not in that mould. Giving him players like Pogba & Bruno just confuses him further. He's not ruthless, & will continue to play it safe, while misusing players. This isn't about emulating the greatest hits in the 90ties/2000's. This is about finding another manager who has tactical ability, innovation to systems or original systems. The board went for van gaal. He's not been good for decades since his ajax & Barca days. Mourinho decended into defensive, disruptive football on & off the pitch, wherever he went. Oles never had a successful managerial CV, appointed on sentiment. He's not done anything remotely of significance, apart from raising morale. It's not my job to scout Europe or the world for the next manager. But I strongly believe that they won't make the same mistake again. They will do their due diligence.
Two Off The First Golf
Two Off The First Golf 12 dager siden
@Zeon Eons I don't think them or any team will win at a clip that United used too. Competing for titles if they bring more quality in is possible though. Fergie is the greatest for a reason but let's not forget how good his squads were. If you had the power, who are you replacing Ole with that's realistically available?
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 12 dager siden
@Two Off The First Golf Not going to happen. SAF was a one off. This has been throughly proven. Oles a bad manager in the sense he hasn't learnt much in the time he's failed to achieve basic concepts. Tactically. Everyone knows this year will be his last if he doesn't produce something of note.
Two Off The First Golf
Two Off The First Golf 12 dager siden
@Zeon Eons Valid points. I just don't know who comes in and makes this squad that much better. Ole certainly isn't a great manager but I don't think he's a terrible one either. It all comes back to the board in my opinion. I just want United to get back to the level they once were.
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 12 dager siden
But they would have qualified from the CLs group stages, esp in that group. They would have made subs in a final. They wouldn't lose 4 semi finals on the bounce. Oles has no experience to draw on nor tactical ability as to someone who has all this. As bad as Jose was with his outrage to certain players, he still produced two trophies with Smalling & Jones.
Muhammad Saifullah SAIPUDIN
Muhammad Saifullah SAIPUDIN 12 dager siden
We have seen what VDB can do, stays on the bench. Admit manager is inexperienced, blame coaching for being crap. OLE didn't get the players he wants, haarland didnt want to come. Lets blame everything except the manager, thats how u spoil a child.
Jamie Macdonald
Jamie Macdonald 12 dager siden
Pep is good because everywhere he gets to spend 6 billion every time
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 12 dager siden
That's true but lecister city, Villarreal don't have that luxury. And we lost to both of them. Days apart. One being the final ofc.
DefectDan 12 dager siden
Beth is absolutely spot on about Ole.
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 12 dager siden
Agreed, he's that bad of making subs!
Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan 12 dager siden
These lot need to get this long term nonsense out of their heads, fergie has gone and was a one off!
Kamanzi Roland
Kamanzi Roland 12 dager siden
We have a player or manager in every nomination this season and people still want the manager to be sucked for losing to a team our glorious Furgie failed to beat or score in four meetings how we dont see improvement baffles me. no manager since SAF has given us hope in our team and somehow we find ways of getting rid of him. We want mou mentality of focusing on just europa and finishing 7th rather than fighting on every level. yes we havent won anything yet but this team has fought on all fronts for two seasons now and when they start winning we will be back to being winners at all fronts but I guess most of us dont see any of that.
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 12 dager siden
The team can win but Ole is not the one to lead them to that. He's tactically clueless. He's racking up losing 4 semi finals, comprehensively & now a final, against a medicore inferior Villarreal team. Attempting to compare the days of SAF is nonsense. Villarreal had some world class players. Baffles me how deluded fans are
steviehoang 12 dager siden
I was on the verge of ole out , but beth has changed my mind 😆
toe cutter
toe cutter 11 dager siden
@Daniel it’s scary isn’t it listening to some of these olesexual’s. They really are a cult at this point.
Nani Nels
Nani Nels 12 dager siden
Stick to Ole out mate , she doesn’t know much of what she’s saying
Daniel 12 dager siden
Easily persuaded I see....someone you definitely wouldn't want to go to war with
kxng mxrcus
kxng mxrcus 12 dager siden
Stop capping
Mark Gallagher
Mark Gallagher 12 dager siden
TIMES UP...OLE OUT 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Miatalif3 12 dager siden
To many fake fans if you won't ole out go somewhere else not sure if its a 21st century thing but you cant just get a new manager every few years and expect us to go anywhere in the future absolute idiots. Thats not manchester united we need to believe in the bosss. Remember when it was fergie out??
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 11 dager siden
@Miatalif3 Any manager that's capable of tactics, vast experience & managing squads. Idk whos available right now or who can be lined up, when Ole inevitably fails this season. But we have to treat any manager with the same expectations. Failure should not be rewarded.
Miatalif3 11 dager siden
@Zeon Eons who would you replace him with?
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 12 dager siden
@Miatalif3 4 failed semi finals. Failed a final. Knocked out of the champions league groups. Has failed to bring an identity & style to his team. The list goes on & on. It has nothing to do with trust. Trust doesn't make him a good manager or a winning one. A manager who has Tactical ability. A system that doesn't confuse players everytime they play. Someone capable of utilising a squad, someone capable timing subs or hell... Using subs.
Miatalif3 12 dager siden
@Zeon Eons well if you give up on someone that easy thats fair but i wouldn't and thats cause i trust ole. Who would you have replace him?
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 12 dager siden
@Miatalif3 He's not building anything remotely great. Stop with your delusional beliefs. Our football is no better than it was when he was appointed. We aren't great & never going to be under Ole. He's proven he's not a winner but a serial loser. Ole out!
DFWORLD 12 dager siden
I love the host 😂🤣🤣😂
Jonathan Tang
Jonathan Tang 12 dager siden
JUST GET HIM OUT HE literally relegated CARDIFF and he's so INEXPERIENCED the back room staff are aswell he needs to go GET OLE OUT
Veeren Lav
Veeren Lav 12 dager siden
Good show jay was amazing as host everyone is amazing voicing their opinions.
Andrae Lewis
Andrae Lewis 12 dager siden
I Enjoyed this show No holding back, we know what this club is about
Charlie Powell
Charlie Powell 12 dager siden
Bruno came in from the Portuguese League and was slotted into the first team just like that. His displays weren't always great and his physique isn't anything special, but Van de Beek doesn't even get a shot because he comes from Ajax? Donny can run the midfield, he just needs the chance to play a few games in a row! He, like every footballer, needs rhythm! And not just next to Matic, he can do a job along with other midfielders. He has played with all kinds of players and systems at Ajax and the Dutch national team, for which he is now a bench sitter thanks to Ole. The Utd staff should watch some Ajax (and study tactics in general) and give him a bloody chance. Ole out.
ogunshakin dammy
ogunshakin dammy 12 dager siden
Concerning this ole out thing I think we should just give him a little more time, remember that ole has barely gotten the player he wants. If the board gives him the player he wants and he still flops its a win-win cause you have a better squad to prosecute the games.
Zeon Eons
Zeon Eons 12 dager siden
He has been given the players he wants. But some players don't want to play for a manager thats not done anything.
paul alba
paul alba 12 dager siden
Haaland and jude who got a tour of utd camp refused to come. Man couldn't even convince haaland to come cause they turned utd down. Beth rebuilding takes a proper structure from top to bottom. Stop banking on rebuild and start again cap.
TheMwillmott 12 dager siden
I know he’s with Australia now but I would have bought back Rene Muelensteen over Mike Phelan, the guy is a master tactician and would improve the coaching set up immediately.
Alan Kenny
Alan Kenny 12 dager siden
Ole has improved the team but I feel he has reached his ceiling. His in game management is very poor. He seems to be able to set a team up well to counter other teams but when something goes wrong in game or he needs to change it, he is like a lost child. He is frozen in fear of making changes. That is the biggest issue I have. Ole needs to have a great start to next season, we need to win 7/8 games out of first 10. Under Ole we either start the season crap or finish it crap. If we lose 2/3 games and draw 1/2 games in first 10 next season then he will be under serious pressure. I get the sense that United will strengthen the wrong positions this summer and we will be no better next season.
Adam Ford
Adam Ford 12 dager siden
Beth In.
Meregini Emmanuel
Meregini Emmanuel 12 dager siden
Brojendro Chanambam
Brojendro Chanambam 12 dager siden
Don't discuss such type of meaningless topics we have to discuss very meaning topics how to win league and cup trophies don't blame to others
Mystic 12 dager siden
I don’t understand why Ole inners say he hasn’t gotten his targets. What manager or club gets there first pick 100% of the time
toe cutter
toe cutter 11 dager siden
They think he should have a 100m player in every position.
Adam Kay
Adam Kay 12 dager siden
Patience is key. Worst US video ever.
Lloyd Milliner
Lloyd Milliner 12 dager siden
There has been progress, no doubt, but I wouldn't call it a successful season. The Glazers are one issue but Ole is another. I can't trust him to get the best out of new star signings. He will ruin them. He needs to go.
Eidun Lahn
Eidun Lahn 12 dager siden
I don't think Ole has reached his potential. I think he can become a very good manager but he's got a long way to go. So the question is if this should happen at Manchester United? I do like Solskjaer but I think he should've gotten the experience somewhere else first. However he's here now. Give him more time.
Eidun Lahn
Eidun Lahn 11 dager siden
@L. Sibisi Maybe he needs subs he can use... We went over this last summer as well.
L. Sibisi
L. Sibisi 11 dager siden
He's been coaching for 10 years now and doesn't know how to use subs. How much better can he get?
Lemmy from Hamburg
Lemmy from Hamburg 12 dager siden
Nice to see..... d wade and stefan effenberg again....🤣🤣
3000KJH 12 dager siden
Obi Wan could be a right sided CB
Football Dynasty
Football Dynasty 12 dager siden
Which idiot could sack Ole and hire Simeone? Simeone is more pragmatic than Mourinho, Conte and Sean Dyche put together
Makavelli Tha Don
Makavelli Tha Don 12 dager siden
Beth all due respect but that treble final has got absolutely nothing to do with his managerial career and you have basically highlighted the issue of our fanbase- SENTIMENT FC. Big clubs are ruthless when it comes to business we are not i guess..
Mpumelelo Mandi
Mpumelelo Mandi 12 dager siden
Get Rid of the Owners Support the Manager he needs backing Get Varane Get A Good CDM Sign Sancho Man Utd should buy Mbappe
RED RULES 11 12 dager siden
Beth is so delusional. When was united a club that took on managers learning on the job?
kriti gupta
kriti gupta 12 dager siden
I totally agree with what Beth said. If we sack ole now we again begin cycle of new manager and he again wouldn't succeed. No one could hv done better than getting second in league this year with our squad. Though the europa final was horrid, we cant sack a manager becoz he failed his only final. We should back him with players he want this summer and then see how it goes till December. If it doesn't work out, then sack him ! Like Chelsea did. But without good players it doesn't matter who u bring in!!!
biggy3rd 12 dager siden
So she is saying don't get Conte cos she doesn't want Wan Bissaka to be replaced?
Oisin Daly
Oisin Daly 12 dager siden
Who would have brought this current squad further? We finished second. I don’t think any manager would’ve pushed us up to 1st. Not even pep so I think we should persevere with ole. He’s made lots of mistakes but he’s learning a lot and improving. We are unbeaten away from home in the premier league, the signings he wanted have been successful look at Maguire Bruno and AWB have all improved our team
Peter From
Peter From 12 dager siden
It took Ferguson several years to build his Man Utd. Give Ole the time. The girl is the smartest of you lot.
Victor 12 dager siden
At utd,the manager and the assistant don't do the training,hahahaa now that's a joke!!!
turborags 12 dager siden
I'm even more depressed after this.
3000KJH 12 dager siden
Ole was carried by the best manager there will ever be and world class, and legendary players. He was a super sub Sir Alex used to give his first choice CF rests
Michael T
Michael T 12 dager siden
Ole In!! Ole needs two more seasons. Pochettino got 5 seasons at Spurs didn't win anything. It took Klopp 4 years to win the Champions League and 5 years to win the league. Ole needs more time. He has stabilized and improved Man United in two full seasons and one half season
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