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Man Utd's progress under Solskjaer is questioned by Jose Mourinho as United transfer news slips in to reverse. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. Watch Paul Ince Interview

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Greatlove Wonsee
Greatlove Wonsee 2 dager siden
some may hate Jose but can never hate his true Jose is the golden book all need to have
linda stanley
linda stanley 2 dager siden
Saying Ronaldo would win the golden boot if he came back to the Prem is fucking ludicrous 😂😂 maybe if he joined Citeeeh 😂😂😂
wayne calvert
wayne calvert 3 dager siden
Dangenda again. The only player we have that can cross a ball. If Cavani picked the united team he would pick him first on the sheet. And on the left wing. His position
chris ambrose
chris ambrose 3 dager siden
If Mourinho >Ole, then they can't be judged by the same standards
Benito007 3 dager siden
The reason he is bitter is because he loved United. He longed to manage United, he loved those United fans. He really wanted to bring back that PL title to Old Trafford
jamie radmore
jamie radmore 4 dager siden
you have spent the most in transfer markets hahahaha
Marlon Morgan
Marlon Morgan 4 dager siden
But he ain’t wrong. 2nd place is not a 🏆 we United is the new Arsenal where 4th place is a trophy 🏆
JCab87 4 dager siden
Cristiano would be top scorer in the Premier league. Zlatan came to UTD at a old age and proved his worth. Cristiano is miles better than Zlatan and always has been.
Daniel 4 dager siden
He said 'People will turn on Ole'....whose with him right now???
manmohan dhama
manmohan dhama 4 dager siden
jose had a worse squad and way better achievements than ole and he was considered a failure. while ole with a way better squad couldn't do anything still he progressed the club. 😂😂😂 what a joke.
eazy e
eazy e 4 dager siden
He is not blaming OLE but ole is lowering standards of this club himself personally...what a joke...
eazy e
eazy e 4 dager siden
I heard people are jumping ship on united STAND...
Brains 247
Brains 247 4 dager siden
Love it Jordan, "No Dan James slander for 4 weeks." 😂😂😂😂
Remi Sofola
Remi Sofola 4 dager siden
Jose is not a hypocrite, what he said about the second place was a great achievement for him, but this was not good enough for Man U then. Then why should it be good good enough now?, the point is prejudice is shown to olle than Mourinho.
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn 4 dager siden
The Hungarian national team's gesture is a true anti-racism gesture. Taking the knee is the go to cop out but it suggests more of a support for Marxism than tackling racism!
Christos Joseph
Christos Joseph 4 dager siden
The difference is when Jose took over, I think Leicester were champions and us as supporters were still hopeful/naive to think we were a big club that wanted to compete. I think we all know now that this is just a fantasy
Ezichi Nwosu
Ezichi Nwosu 4 dager siden
Ole needs to take this words of mourinho seriously, he needs to be ruthless next season and pressure the board into backing him
KingArtoriusTV 4 dager siden
Jose is hurt about losing the UTD job more than any other job he lost. He came in thinking he was going to get the SAF treatment. This the reason why he keeps moaning about it. the man is hurt!!
Julia Richards
Julia Richards 4 dager siden
He looked so poorly after every press conference,I mean I know a very stressed person when I see one,the board were so wrong to do what they did,not backing him financially,the siding with Pogba.That in itself is the root of our problems smh.😡😡
Ritchie Beckett
Ritchie Beckett 4 dager siden
Jose not backed
mind waves
mind waves 4 dager siden
Fabrizio just announced that Man U have reached a personal agreement with Sancho!
Rajeev Paul
Rajeev Paul 4 dager siden
neither is being kicked out by Spurs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
RTL 4 dager siden
Messi is still a great playmaker and footballer. Ronaldo just stands in the box waiting for tap ins, this infuriates the Juventus fans. Ronaldo's overall game is very bad now.
Nenif Shamouel
Nenif Shamouel 4 dager siden
Ronaldo would win golden boot? No chance mark. Get of the acid
tcbarton 4 dager siden
Mourinho tearing United to pieces 😂
Sam 4 dager siden
Mourinho is right!!! He is also a very arrogant and selfish man, however i kind of think thats what makes him a great manager.
Denzil Mathers
Denzil Mathers 4 dager siden
Bitter or not, he's still right.
Shashank Makhija
Shashank Makhija 4 dager siden
Pogba for Varane for me
Kieran M
Kieran M 4 dager siden
Jose is right, Ole inners are either nostalgic or idiots
Auditing London
Auditing London 4 dager siden
The man who gets consistently fired should not mock anyone!
The Yanimator
The Yanimator 4 dager siden
It seems fans are more focus on the position UTD finished rather than points earned..
Matthew Black
Matthew Black 4 dager siden
We should bid for Kounde and Kim Min-Jae sell lindelof
John Brown
John Brown 4 dager siden
Mourinho will be looking for another job soon. Is that progress?
Baconchilly 4 dager siden
SEND OLE ON LOAN 👏🏻 He is not the man to take us back to glory days
Matthew Black
Matthew Black 4 dager siden
mark and jordan are the perfect combo, what a great addition to the team!
Icecold Noob
Icecold Noob 4 dager siden
below average manager with a super boring style , that's exactly what ole is.
sun ny
sun ny 4 dager siden
I like Jordan reminds me of Dean whyte with out the man bag and gangster aura
Alexandre Fanfan
Alexandre Fanfan 4 dager siden
Of course the standard has dropped,we are not the Man United we used to be and that's a fact,this team never would have won the prem and we should be realistic with our standard.
Desmus Otieno
Desmus Otieno 4 dager siden
Ole gunnah not good for Manchester look linderlof when he was at benfica he was better than Diaz now people are singing DIAZ . Now you are saying linderlof not good enough buy defender to play with Maguire this legends are killing our team they don't want the club to perform as before. Ole we want trophies not talk to much in press conference.
Alexandre Fanfan
Alexandre Fanfan 4 dager siden
Finishing second was Mourinho's greatest achievement at Manchester United,he said it himself.
Cal Clark
Cal Clark 4 dager siden
If 2nd place isn’t progress, 6th sure as hell isn’t 😂
Wantali TV
Wantali TV 4 dager siden
80% of teams in the prem either put 2-3 players on Pogba or play the low block on a team that cant really unlock such teams. With International games he has space and plays alongside player who have quality so it is hard to mark just one player. You can’t fault him for his commitment this season.
Jason Girvin
Jason Girvin 4 dager siden
Glazers out out oooout
Jason Girvin
Jason Girvin 4 dager siden
Everything is a failure if we don't win trophies, fact
Jason Girvin
Jason Girvin 4 dager siden
Jose's prem life is over , what a drip
Ali B
Ali B 4 dager siden
Man said Ben White isn’t that bad. Wow.
KEVANI 4 dager siden
Harry M hints at Ben W to be his preferred CB ? 😂😂😂🤔😂🤔
A askar
A askar 4 dager siden
That's less deluded than England being joint favourites to win the euros
Alain Freeman
Alain Freeman 4 dager siden
We won two cup with Morino
Wai Hong Koh
Wai Hong Koh 4 dager siden
Maybe some of the fans would argue that since ole's reign, we have been playing better football, not parking the bus anymore. But is it????
Vicram 4 dager siden
dont think theres progress at all
Alan Everton
Alan Everton 4 dager siden
Willenhall red says. jose is absolutely right . 2nd is the first losing place . Couldn't beat a bang average spanish side in the Europa league. Wake up utd fans !
Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe 4 dager siden
Who celebrated 2nd? We were very lucky everyone else played shite, currently on the fence about Ole :-\ if no improvement or title race gone for Xmas?
Sergio Aguiar
Sergio Aguiar 4 dager siden
Ole likes McFred? Ole Out Zidane in. Glazers out if they don't see things the same way.
Amin Johari
Amin Johari 4 dager siden
I believe mourinho wasn’t able to replace Rui Faria. The duo worked wonders and when Faria left, Mourinho suffered.
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 4 dager siden
Ben white is better than Maguire and linderlof.
Dhiraj Desai
Dhiraj Desai 4 dager siden
Manchester United only want to pay 70 M so forget about sancho naw guys Move n sign ikone or rafinha or stick with amad
Antipodeano 4 dager siden
Glazers havent backed any of our managers, even Fergie.
Steven Stefan
Steven Stefan 4 dager siden
Solskjaer has spent almost £300m as manager of Manchester United
Julia Richards
Julia Richards 4 dager siden
Just proves what a great manager he was.
Antipodeano 4 dager siden
We have to start scouting great players and buy them cheaper, stop buying the 'finished' (age wise) product. We should only buy players aged 17-25.
Ben Red
Ben Red 4 dager siden
Jose Mourinho reached a reasonable high at United - a greater high than Ole has reached so far. However after Jose's achievements there was a rapid decline culminating in his sacking. Good progress has been made under Ole since that point when Jose had to be axed. The difference is Jose's high is fixed in history, Ole at least has a chance to advance on his progress so far - I hope he exceeds Jose's achievements and wins more for United.
Aditya Meena
Aditya Meena 4 dager siden
Jose won the eurpa league when top 4 was out of his sight.. We were at 6th position that season. .while ole reached europa league final and got 2nd place in the same season
Matt Tweed
Matt Tweed 4 dager siden
I'll be honest. I don't think the points is the problem with Mourinho, the difference with Ole is that he makes the players want to get up and play, I've never seen our club morale that low. No doubt that as a tactician Mourinho is fantastic, a true legend but his man management is an atrocity.
Errol Khan
Errol Khan 4 dager siden
Mourinho has lost his magic, and cannot maintain strong working relationships with his players. He was amazingly successful, but in recent years, his greatest failing has been his overwhelming bitterness. I suspect it's the beginning of the end for Mourinho. As for Ole, I would give one more season as there has been progress.
Desmus Otieno
Desmus Otieno 4 dager siden
Romeo is right ole gunnah is not a good coach he is looking big names to keep him for another season ole out
Harsh Agrawal
Harsh Agrawal 4 dager siden
40 million at the most - Pogba's current wortg
David Patterson
David Patterson 4 dager siden
The big difference was Sir Alex!!!!!!!
ian reid
ian reid 4 dager siden
So wats a better season coming 2nd in a 38 league season or winning a europa league and coming 6th in the league ? Also wats the differents in winning a league with 90 points or 78 points apart from the 12 point difference?
Perry Francis
Perry Francis 4 dager siden
“Top 6” snobbery strikes again.
Jason Private
Jason Private 4 dager siden
pogba wants real Madrid varane wants out man u need proper defender swap all day long
wy 4 dager siden
i would spend 80m on a world class center back, 80m on a world class CDM, 80m for jadon sancho, and try to convince pogba to sign a new contract... new contract itself worth 100m...
Chaitanya k.n.
Chaitanya k.n. 4 dager siden
Man City weren't 13th in December like they were this year, when Jose got 2nd. Man Utd bottled it when they let Man City get 20+ points over them within half a season.
Louis Lim
Louis Lim 4 dager siden
Reason why ole said trophies are for egos cos he cant win any. Its very sad coming out from the mouth of a man united manager.does it mean under him he wont want to win any trophies? The statement is an insult to fergie who won so many trophies. Ole if u cant win, just get the hell out and give it to someone who can.
Julia Richards
Julia Richards 4 dager siden
Subho Adhikari
Subho Adhikari 4 dager siden
Finally none of the BS transfer talks. We know our board is incompetent yet we build high hopes for worlds class players coming into the squad. Like how we talked about Gareth Bale coming to MUFC for 5 years before he joined back Spurs
Louis Lim
Louis Lim 4 dager siden
Mourinho may have lost his mojo now but look at the trophies he won. Ole is never going to match his trophies haul, that is for sure. He had a chance to win his first trophy but he blew it in the europa league. I dun remember mourinho team being knocked out of champions league group stage. Enough said.
A askar
A askar 4 dager siden
He hasn't lost his mojo is clueless English media and fans dragging him down.
Louis Lim
Louis Lim 4 dager siden
The whole setup is a shambles from owners to ceo, to manager to coaches and transfer team. All are not good enough
Chandrra Manogaran
Chandrra Manogaran 4 dager siden
If Erling goes to Chelsea, ManUtd wont win any Silver even with Sancho.
navn 23
navn 23 4 dager siden
Ole out
Its All Rigged
Its All Rigged 4 dager siden
Mourinho wasn't good enough for Spurs Spurs I don't think his opinion matters
Steven Stefan
Steven Stefan 4 dager siden
Still did better at United than Solskjaer
rohith sathappan
rohith sathappan 4 dager siden
The spurs team who won 6-1 at old trafford
Santhosh Umesh
Santhosh Umesh 4 dager siden
We have a man manager at the helm, who has accepted he is not responsible for tactical decisions. Who takes the calls on substitutions, signing then? He is as incapable as Glazers.!
James DaT WoN
James DaT WoN 4 dager siden
Mourinho would have won the villarreal game, and is spot on about standards dropping. Alot of people now championing the same dire if not worst 6 at the back football.
SM 99
SM 99 4 dager siden
Mourinho spot on. Ole was not backed with his preferences in the transfer market. So the board has to take responsibility for all failure. We should be aiming to play CL finals and we cant even win against Villareal a team that finished 7th. We have to be quick in transfer window in clearing the deadwood. That's the priority
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle 4 dager siden
Bruno took us to second not Ole
Steven Stefan
Steven Stefan 4 dager siden
Don't forger VARinho, one of Solskjaer's best players
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 4 dager siden
What with penalties 😁😁😁😁🆗
Ederies Cottle
Ederies Cottle 4 dager siden
Ole not a good coach
Abraham Chinye
Abraham Chinye 4 dager siden
this guy is so boring ngl.
irfan q
irfan q 4 dager siden
ole is a fraud
Denis Jekim
Denis Jekim 4 dager siden
Ole out!!!
Denis Jekim
Denis Jekim 4 dager siden
2nd place for the past three years ago isn't the same achievement with 2nd place right now. Definitely a huge different achievement. And absolutely clearly that ole didnt mdking sny progress
Kaushik Ramji S
Kaushik Ramji S 4 dager siden
Keep buying into Mourniho's BS
Colm McDonnell
Colm McDonnell 4 dager siden
Ex girlfriend’s are much better than ollie
Sam Call
Sam Call 4 dager siden
Jose had to deal wiz leftover team n got trophies n 2nd place.. 6-1 wiz spurs
Kelvin Goh
Kelvin Goh 4 dager siden
All things aside, Ole and his coaching team are ordinary
Tony Barry
Tony Barry 4 dager siden
Ordinary!?🤔 You're being far too generous.....
Colm McDonnell
Colm McDonnell 4 dager siden
Ollie out
mausam pradhan
mausam pradhan 4 dager siden
Semi Ajayi is way better than another overhyped British Ben white...
Valsan 13
Valsan 13 4 dager siden
Who dat
Paul Lee
Paul Lee 4 dager siden
Lmao. What do you expect from Ole as a coach? A PE teacher who has no experience
R'as Moriarty
R'as Moriarty 4 dager siden
Ha who cares what Mo thinks. Two words. Fired, fired.
CHOCCY BARR 4 dager siden
So Mark thinks Ole has done well man management wise. Bullshit! Rashford run into the ground, Maguire playing every game. Greenwood overplayed too. Tuanzabe, VanderBeek, Amad not played enough.
Hassan A abdi
Hassan A abdi 4 dager siden
Legendary superchat 😂 send ole on loan 💀lmao
Duc Nguyen
Duc Nguyen 4 dager siden
Ole out
Richard Ting
Richard Ting 4 dager siden
the truth is with Jose, we would won again Villarreal easily with this current squad. The only reason y Ole got 2nd is Chelsea had Lampard while Liverpool had half a squad.
Cobolt Blue
Cobolt Blue 4 dager siden
@Prometheus Tv tbf it’s spurs it’s a miracle he even had them challenging back in January
Prometheus Tv
Prometheus Tv 4 dager siden
@parth bhogle They lost to Croatian Farmers 3-0 that’s pitiful for any manager not just Jose
parth bhogle
parth bhogle 4 dager siden
@Prometheus Tv Never been the same since then eh ??? ....
Prometheus Tv
Prometheus Tv 4 dager siden
@parth bhogle Same team that beat us 6-1.
Chaitanya k.n.
Chaitanya k.n. 4 dager siden
@Prometheus Tv Also, United lost to Sevilla under ole as well, Sevilla won at old Trafford.
Mohamed Rasheed
Mohamed Rasheed 4 dager siden
Van Gaal and Maurinho both often criticize Manchester United. They may be bitter but it could be a reflection of how poorly the club is managed.
mathew holman
mathew holman 4 dager siden
Yeah United fans always criticise the way the club is run until a former manager comes out and says it
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena 4 dager siden
ronaldo makes €31M net per year........are you serious! Juve almost did not make to CL........move on people!
Richie Frass
Richie Frass 4 dager siden
The swap deal wouldn’t make any sense because juve paid ntn for cr7 and if we give them pogba they have the valuable player lol the club owners and board who ppl thought are good business ppl have fail again pp would have leave the club for free twice under their leadership that’s shocking lol the state of the club is massively in a mess
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena 4 dager siden
what is he drinking.....the 7th team just fired him....blame Pogba all you want.....what about Shaw, Iker? His ego is what gets him fired!
Zahier Mezichel
Zahier Mezichel 4 dager siden
Bitching about Manchester united? Utter garbage! Mouhrino spitting home truths! 😅 Both Pogba and Mouhrino should have left!
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