KOUNDE Transfer Price Set! Man Utd Transfer News

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Man Utd have been given transfer price for Jules Kounde and there are reports that Hakan Calhanoglu is on Solskjaer's transfer list. Get the latest Man Utd transfer news on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE To THAT'S FOOTBALL here buff.ly/2pKx1mL

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Em Simpson
Em Simpson 5 dager siden
1:19 in and I get an advert -_-
CCgold 121
CCgold 121 12 dager siden
Mark if one of kunde or varan goes Chelsea will be out of the race for a CB
Tayoz Jr
Tayoz Jr 12 dager siden
Better United should go for kounde rather than varane
Allan Farran
Allan Farran 12 dager siden
More fake transfer news from liar Goldbridge
MAD MAX GAMING 10 dager siden
He is the one making the booooorring news up 😑
Pierre Alberts
Pierre Alberts 12 dager siden
Lets keep in mind we conceded more goals than arsenal and liverpool think varane and koulibaly is needed
IZ 12 dager siden
Lol, if konde takes "that next step" to ManU that step is towards the cellar.
The Nobody
The Nobody 12 dager siden
Stop putting wholes in the perfect crisp 😑🤣
Avi Nayee [L4A]
Avi Nayee [L4A] 12 dager siden
If we get Canaogulo (can’t spell his name) what happens to Mejbri and Shoretire
Lee Maïtuerø
Lee Maïtuerø 12 dager siden
Mejbri can play CM,LW,CAM. Shoretire can play ST,LW,RW. Hakan play in all these position except striker
Xelton Plays
Xelton Plays 12 dager siden
would take kounde over varane
Joel Bailey
Joel Bailey 12 dager siden
Rinse and repeat
Bob Burgers
Bob Burgers 12 dager siden
Just get Pogba OUT, and let players who actually wants to play, get the game time.
Gabe 12 dager siden
Would a winner like Varane want to come to United? With Ancelotti joining Real, Varane will be looking to leave for sure because they didn't share a good relationship. But Varane could go to Chelsea.
Sand Singh
Sand Singh 12 dager siden
We need new players, we can't even beat villa real, with our team way stronger than theirs
Sand Singh
Sand Singh 12 dager siden
Solskjaer is a legend, but he ain't gonna win anything
Sand Singh
Sand Singh 12 dager siden
Bro how do u know exactly wat man u are doing behind the scenes, u lot r impatient
Jack Dandy
Jack Dandy 12 dager siden
Mark you look like you’ve put 10 years on without your glasses 🤣 love u mate the one and only mark goldbridge what a guy
Nicholas Hardy
Nicholas Hardy 12 dager siden
Id be SO happy with Hakan Çalhanoğlu tbh especially for free very good move if he is happy to come in and play as an extra attacking/flair option to replace mata I'd be happy plus he is VERY good at set pieces
Mustak Ahmed
Mustak Ahmed 12 dager siden
Mark please never leave United stand
Mustak Ahmed
Mustak Ahmed 12 dager siden
Mark Varane will be perfect CB for us and he is better than all our CB
James Patrick
James Patrick 12 dager siden
Is that what we are now get a manager so a player signs a contract
Andrew I
Andrew I 12 dager siden
Jodie April Mae
Jodie April Mae 12 dager siden
FFS this guy is no faster than Tuanzebee, he is shorter than Tuanzebee, and has zero Premier league experience... Axel would be as effective in Italy as Kounde....
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 12 dager siden
I would like to get Hakan on a free, can play at a 10 or wide and provide some quality from our bench. Him as a 4th player would be great but only as a 4th signing
Karl brocklesby
Karl brocklesby 12 dager siden
Its utter garbage. Sancho? Please lets stop this nonsense
TheDisruptiveOne 12 dager siden
Ben Shite.
TheDisruptiveOne 12 dager siden
I bet Harry could beat Mark in a 100m race.
Brian Fairfax
Brian Fairfax 12 dager siden
My eyes are bleached
Jaidan Tiene
Jaidan Tiene 12 dager siden
What’s marks real name ?
Luffytaro 12 dager siden
Sell dean Henderson and add a 30-40 million buy back clauss
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan 12 dager siden
No one leaves....and only sancho come in...
J W 12 dager siden
United are signing everyone every year apparently
Adrian steele
Adrian steele 12 dager siden
If a transfer idea makes good sense then you can expect United not to do it....I'm in the 90% club: I'm 99.9% sure the man utd board is made up of a bunch of tw@ts
JG 12 dager siden
What an awful shirt
JG 12 dager siden
What an awful shirt
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn 12 dager siden
Goldbridge be looking like he works for ParcelForce in that shirt 😂
Osavthejury 1
Osavthejury 1 12 dager siden
Mehdi demiral could be a shout
ShoniShash 12 dager siden
By what standard Varane and Chalhanoglu are suitable for club such as Manchester United. The fact that Varane plays for Real doesn't necessarily make him a good player. Real are known for having big time flops in their squad. Varane is one of the most overrated players at the moment. Pogba could play this Pogba play that...NO HE COULDN'T because HE CAN'T and HE NEVER COULD. Chalhanoglu...Jesus what a joke...
Anna Hawula
Anna Hawula 12 dager siden
Pogba is a waste of space. Stop hyping pogba up Mark. Had another very average season.
Anna Hawula
Anna Hawula 12 dager siden
Lol yes he is good but goes missing in midfield and is far over hyped. Man utd don't need to spend millions. Just get some decent midfielders. James WP from Southampton. And chap at Alkmaar looks good too. Sell pogba lingard and few others.
J W 12 dager siden
But but but, he won a world cup
John McMullin
John McMullin 12 dager siden
forget about buying players get the stadium sorted out first
Jay Ham
Jay Ham 12 dager siden
Have we officially Made any CDM or CD or RW or RB offers ?
Jay Ham
Jay Ham 12 dager siden
What have Manchester United actually reached out to so far ?
dr.gaurav Goyal
dr.gaurav Goyal 12 dager siden
I am highly impress with pau Torres if its available at 45 million
Lee Maïtuerø
Lee Maïtuerø 12 dager siden
Rather sign botman then,much stronger and intelligent than him
Ronster Ronster
Ronster Ronster 12 dager siden
The winner takes it all .the loser has to fall
Ivan Cruz
Ivan Cruz 12 dager siden
All these class players can come and play Oles Sunday league tactics
Peter George
Peter George 12 dager siden
KOUNDE would be a good reserve, nothing else.
love lettuce
love lettuce 12 dager siden
Grealish is the only actual Man Utd player of old that exists out there Foden and Sancho are no way near Grealish they will get there but rightnow they are no way near!!!!!
Triple Makumbi
Triple Makumbi 12 dager siden
True man..they don't even see that..buy both grealish n Sancho..my choice is grealish
geoff harris
geoff harris 12 dager siden
The dead wood at United won't move on because they are all on hugely generous contracts like Jones, Fred, Lindellof Matic And Pogba won't go unless he gets as much elsewhere..
Jake Payne
Jake Payne 12 dager siden
I would keep matic as a backup CDM and loan out Gardner for one more year at a higher level.
Lovejoy 12 dager siden
Kounde is such a bad buy. He's the same height as Gary Neville and Gray Neville was always too small to play CB and so was shipped out to the right. Shows how far the Clubs recruitment policy is if they are in for a 5ft 10inch CB.
Messymouf Entertainment
Messymouf Entertainment 12 dager siden
so around the same as varane then
Paul McLennan
Paul McLennan 12 dager siden
Glaziers will be looking to buy one player and get 50% off another from same club.
Koba 12 dager siden
I kunde believe it. This guy is whack. Why are we even in for him.
Jordan Gayle
Jordan Gayle 12 dager siden
Wow just googled Marks real name. I did not know that 🙂
zeus godofthunder
zeus godofthunder 12 dager siden
What is it? I'm lazy
Nhlonipho Msweli
Nhlonipho Msweli 12 dager siden
It hurts how slow this club is. We should be getting KOUNDE for that £50m+ , before we are stuck with Varane 😷
Dillon Sass
Dillon Sass 12 dager siden
United's board doesn't know what to do quick business like Liverpool did with Konate ☺️
magicmanc2000 12 dager siden
Why is the date wrong in bottom left corner??? Sort it out Goldbridge
Teo Fitness
Teo Fitness 12 dager siden
The first transfer should be Zidane ,get rid of Ole asap
Kim Louisy
Kim Louisy 12 dager siden
John Pasifull
John Pasifull 12 dager siden
Mark Andrea's pereira and Joel pereira and swap with Santos for soteldo he's lightning quick and very skillful and very tricky and wants to come to man utd and ole wants players who want to play at man utd after all and Santos really want to get Andrea's pereira and Joel pereira fact. So makes sense to do it NOW.
David Burgess
David Burgess 12 dager siden
Why would we want a midget in the heart of our defence? We are already terrible at defending set pieces. At 5 feet 10 inches this lad would perish in the Premier League. High balls into the box. Blimey
David Burgess
David Burgess 12 dager siden
@Ifty Crown He'd get eaten up in the Premier League. I'm sure there are much better options than this lad. He's good with the ball at his feet but at 5ft 10in he's far too small to have in central defence. We are already poor at defending corners and free kicks into the box. Mind you when we have a tactically inept coach in Ole so you could put a lot of that down to him. He will lose us big games at any time during any match. His in game management is possibly the worst of any coach I've ever seen.
Ifty Crown
Ifty Crown 12 dager siden
Still better than lindelof
Ifty Crown
Ifty Crown 12 dager siden
Pr spin is in full effect.
Tan Bernie
Tan Bernie 12 dager siden
Fans want Sancho and Varane, club get Willian & David Luiz.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII 12 dager siden
Maybe in 2030 Sancho will still be rumored to United
Brian Kihara
Brian Kihara 12 dager siden
😅😅😅🤦🏽‍♂️same stories
MAD MAX GAMING 12 dager siden
Everyday bullshit
Joseph Aaron
Joseph Aaron 13 dager siden
There's absolutely no way Mark beats Maguire over 100ms. People don't know the difference between speed and acceleration. I remember when they did a random stat one of the fastest people over 100ms in the prem was Chris Smalling. Bigger guys are usually good over 100ms. More power and more time to get that power used. The issue in football is you're very rarely running 100ms in a straight line. You're having to stop turn and sprint 40ms, 30ms, 20ms. Distances so short that top speed isn't an issue, it's the ability to go quick, quickly that matters. That's why players like Maguire and smalling look "slow" but they're going to absolutely smoke you over 100ms
Lifa Ngcobo
Lifa Ngcobo 13 dager siden
Ronaldo goat
Ronaldo goat 13 dager siden
We're not signing anyone that you've done a video on in the last week its all a pipe dream
Blackest Eyes
Blackest Eyes 13 dager siden
Mark honestly, that shirt is a shocker. 😕🤢🤮
Brad Hugh Skynryd
Brad Hugh Skynryd 13 dager siden
Hakan hakin I'd love him in the squad
10rockyman 13 dager siden
Why not do a show tomorrow mark about united making an approach for George Best, we here hes not half bad.. Other clubs are signing players why as usual right throughout every window United talk shite......
Suwi Sinyangwe
Suwi Sinyangwe 13 dager siden
Monitor FC is at it again.🤣
fcom123 13 dager siden
Whatever happened to the trophy or ole out video that was supposedly in the works guys?
Brett Butler
Brett Butler 13 dager siden
Because all the best players are still looking in July during the euros
Lee Wesley
Lee Wesley 13 dager siden
why don't united just go after david raya,ollie watkins,ben white,tyrone mings and luka jovic!
Roger Benjamin
Roger Benjamin 13 dager siden
bloody Ole didn't even know how to use pogba at first... and at last
Mr. S.A.
Mr. S.A. 13 dager siden
MAD MAX GAMING 12 dager siden
It is so boring
74castle 13 dager siden
If you’ve also come to the realisation that we could keep our stars, buy what we actually need and have an actual winner of a coach in charge instead of tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber.. how are we supposed to move past this summer without screaming ole out.. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Kevin njalla
Kevin njalla 13 dager siden
Buying all this players when Ole can't use them makes nonsense
Owen Mighty
Owen Mighty 13 dager siden
I love the transfer new it make me no what happen in and around my club . Mark ... 🇯🇲🇯🇲
jigmeey sherpa
jigmeey sherpa 13 dager siden
makes no sense signing him (Hakan).... He will jus b another VDB rotting on the bench...
A Ali
A Ali 12 dager siden
Vdb isnt a 10 he needs to play in the pivot. At 10 we got mata lingard and periera. Get rid of all of them and have hakan as backup who plays like bruno and will give good competition
christopher bradley
christopher bradley 13 dager siden
Grealish and Kane both fancy City,i wonder if it's because City have the best manager in the world and we have a PE teacher as manager and awful owners?
74castle 13 dager siden
Canaloglu can jogaloglu on.. I want Donny to get in the chuffin team
Red Olsen
Red Olsen 12 dager siden
Lol. Jogonaloglu👍. I like it
A Ali
A Ali 12 dager siden
donny is a 8. If mata, lingard and idk if periera is still a footballer we will need a backup am
HARITENE 2171 13 dager siden
Legit Walrus
Legit Walrus 13 dager siden
No disrespect to Mark or fans who want Sancho but you’re making the same mistake asking for Sancho as the Glazers make. Whereas you have Liverpool in for Raphinha who is about 1/3 of the price with the potential to be the next Mane/Salah. Get Raphinha, get Koopmeiners AND Bissouma, get Botman, then decide on either keeping Dalot or replacing with Trippier.
Niall Ireland
Niall Ireland 13 dager siden
I really think varane is the only proven cb , I think axel is a good any of the rest them if not possibly better ! If was playing anywhere else wally would be mad to buy him
momo sanchez
momo sanchez 13 dager siden
You can forget kounde Real Madrid want him. Nobody want to come to a club who's going downhill.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII 12 dager siden
@momo sanchez Last year.....not this year.
momo sanchez
momo sanchez 13 dager siden
@Isaac XCII no you are wrong Real Madrid won the Liga last year and played Champions league semis. Manchester United are nowhere near Real Madrid, light year behind.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII 13 dager siden
Like Real Madrid is at the moment
Mihir Wairkar
Mihir Wairkar 13 dager siden
Don't know when mark will get some quality content for us other than these boring transfer rumours. Fed up of it.
Mihir Wairkar
Mihir Wairkar 12 dager siden
Lets not get into whether the manager is doing good or no. The way we lost that final showed that there are larger issues at hand than getting in new players. As a fanbase, we need to know how and why things go wrong. Transfer rumours are the same whether you hear it from mark or from the newspaper. But opinions and analysis about what went wrong differ from person to person. Which is the reason I want Mark to focus on that instead.
Micky R
Micky R 12 dager siden
@Mihir Wairkar Ole has found a way to win, with the players he has got. He needs four signings and we will be challenging for the league. He is keeping himself in a job while winning games. He can't change anything from the outside, so he waits. Smart.
Mihir Wairkar
Mihir Wairkar 12 dager siden
Mate, the performance in the finals didn't give any hope whatsoever in regards to the immediate future. I strongly feel Mark should do make an analysis of Ole's tactics and player weaknesses rather than wasting energy and time on transfer rumours!
Micky R
Micky R 12 dager siden
We live in hope!!! Don't let the Bs grind you down, keep going.
MAD MAX GAMING 12 dager siden
So damn boring
Lee Wesley
Lee Wesley 13 dager siden
when ancelotti takes over at real madrid they can have solskjaer then we can get zidane!
LiamMufc100 13 dager siden
Squad depth wise if Mata and Jesse are no longer in the club Calhanoglu on a free transfer would be ideal
Ifty Crown
Ifty Crown 12 dager siden
Would be agood move. Which means mata and lingard will stay
Akshay v
Akshay v 13 dager siden
Hakan can play wing forward
inglorious Bastards
inglorious Bastards 13 dager siden
Mark get some tattoo sleeves
Nishanth Radhakrishnan
Nishanth Radhakrishnan 13 dager siden
Sancho 90% IN or Ole 90% OUT
Lee Wesley
Lee Wesley 13 dager siden
@Isaac XCII i do not think that there is any team on the planet that could afford him!
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII 13 dager siden
@Lee Wesley Haaland too
Lee Wesley
Lee Wesley 13 dager siden
sancho 99.9% staying in germany,solkskjaer 99.5% staying unfortunatly!
inglorious Bastards
inglorious Bastards 13 dager siden
Ole out
Micky R
Micky R 13 dager siden
The United Stand, giving us yesterdays transfer news, tomorrow, AGAIN.
Micky R
Micky R 12 dager siden
@MAD MAX GAMING I agree. It's yesterdays news tomorrow. If all goes well, I will have some some interesting news for some during the June 4 fans forum.
Micky R
Micky R 12 dager siden
@b v34 Well, that's too much information for me, never mind, whatever floats your boat!!!
Micky R
Micky R 12 dager siden
@KING DEDEDEDEDE I will refer you to my reply to the honourable @ Terrance Twonk.
Micky R
Micky R 12 dager siden
@amyton3043 Well, there is only so much repetition a person can take.
Micky R
Micky R 12 dager siden
@Denton Bruintjies Well, I suppose so, as he makes up old news.
D W 13 dager siden
Kounde is another Nathan Ake
Lee Wesley
Lee Wesley 13 dager siden
MAD MAX GAMING 12 dager siden
Mark is the one making up these news
Jeff Marron
Jeff Marron 13 dager siden
Sven Botman for CB. Played well for a side that won the league in a race agsinst PSG. Pau Torres is so lanky. He will be just another Lindelof.
Stephen Ainsworth
Stephen Ainsworth 13 dager siden
Can Kounde play CDM?
Callum Pettitt
Callum Pettitt 13 dager siden
the obsession with selling Pogba from TUS 😴 I'd rather sell Rashford
Duvaughn Kelly
Duvaughn Kelly 12 dager siden
@Callum Pettitt like what? I have seen no indication pogba will extend
Callum Pettitt
Callum Pettitt 12 dager siden
@Duvaughn Kelly the only person saying he's going on a free is the idiot that runs this channel and his minions that regurgitate everything he says. Everything we're seeing in the press suggests he's signing a deal
Duvaughn Kelly
Duvaughn Kelly 13 dager siden
Would you prefer the embarrassment of losing him twice for free?
Jordan Quant
Jordan Quant 13 dager siden
CB-Kounde £55m CDM-kessie £20-30m (plus dalot) only got a year left RW-sancho £70-80m Back up CAM calhanoglu -free
Jordan Quant
Jordan Quant 12 dager siden
@LiamMufc100 he has played a lot in the CDM role this season or a double pivot with pogba, he is a beast
F D 13 dager siden
@LiamMufc100 kessie is a cdm
LiamMufc100 13 dager siden
Kessie isn’t a CDM he’s more like box to box defensively he is ok nothing special we need a specialist in CDM
Joshua Kaumba
Joshua Kaumba 13 dager siden
We are getting a crap CDM, no CB, jadon sancho and Trippier
daniel densen
daniel densen 13 dager siden
Sancho, kounde, declan rice 🔥💪🏽
Jeff Marron
Jeff Marron 13 dager siden
Who are the shittiest Gen Z players in the world? Those are the ones Man Utd will sign.
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII 13 dager siden
Even Sancho is not that great, I mean he's good but BVB has better players
D W 13 dager siden
Varane has many blunders
KING DEDEDEDEDE 12 dager siden
Only bad game I can think of is city last season tho
Lee Wesley
Lee Wesley 13 dager siden
varane is injury prone for most of the season
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