GOLDBRIDGE! Manchester United 2-1 Brighton Match Reaction

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The United Stand

6 dager siden

Manchester United 2-1 Brighton. Mark Goldbridge reacts to a big result for Solskjaer's United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. Player Ratings Vote Here
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bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 4 timer siden
I would love to see a bar chart at the end of season computed out of all MOTM we have voted for and vote for a POTS by us United stand fans! ❤️ completely!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 22 timer siden
Something not right with Rashford despite 19 goals
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag siden
I was actually very impressed with our performance we were great in the second half kept the ball well, Donny running off the ball with Dan James made a big difference.
P K 2 dager siden
Pogbas first half performance was the worst he had in a United shirt.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 4 timer siden
Donny should have been on for Fred from the start. No need to play a holding midfielder in these games. He's not great at holding mid anyway so just play an attacking player
Kyle Bene
Kyle Bene 2 dager siden
Happy Birthday Mark! Much respect to you and everyone at TUS. Have an excellent day!!!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 22 timer siden
they made are part of the pressure their defence was under but Man Utd should have been playing so much better to force those mistakes sooner.
Anthony Bardsley
Anthony Bardsley 3 dager siden
Nothing to do with luck. A deserved victory. Bulk of possession best pass completion. Utd are getting better. We will be a great team next season.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Dag siden
performances which has put united were they are not a team or due to tactics!
Jamie Adam
Jamie Adam 3 dager siden
De gea, awb, kounde, maguire, shaw, bissouma, pogba, bruno, rashford, greenwood/martial (rotation), sancho
Authentic The Exception
Authentic The Exception 4 dager siden
spoke about last nights game on my channel.....trash game over all but we got the win....PLAY DVB!!!!!!!!! him bruno and pogba are going to be a handfull for every defence in world football....we DONT need to play so defensive against the lower half of the table
Buster Tuffguts
Buster Tuffguts 4 dager siden
What you talking about mark Fred WAS terrible AGAIN
Dillon Sarkar
Dillon Sarkar 4 dager siden
If only we had someone to coach these players
Mohamad Jefri
Mohamad Jefri 4 dager siden
how many penalties ??? without penalty MU wouldn't be in the top four. 😂🤣
Damien Daly
Damien Daly 4 dager siden
is phil jones still getting paid ?
Decimus Septimus Tutelus
Decimus Septimus Tutelus 4 dager siden
"Remember lads, they score first and they let us score two in the second half". Typical Muckchester prematch team talk.
Nani Nels
Nani Nels 4 dager siden
Fact that we going to next season with Ole makes me very worried
Joshua Hancock
Joshua Hancock 4 dager siden
Pogba tried to shoot 🤦
Kyebalize Jonan
Kyebalize Jonan 4 dager siden
onotu aliyu ohindase
onotu aliyu ohindase 4 dager siden
This victory has sealed the top4 for United
Ellis Wiggins
Ellis Wiggins 4 dager siden
Play Maguire and Bailly week in week out for god sake. Lindelof and Maguire force us to play deep. Bailly will push us up the pitch.
Kings Of The Game
Kings Of The Game 4 dager siden
Football videos on my page, let me know what you think :)
Marrow452 4 dager siden
Donny should have been on for Fred from the start. No need to play a holding midfielder in these games. He's not great at holding mid anyway so just play an attacking player in his place. It's infuriating to watch how slowly Maguire and Lindelof move the ball and when it gets to Fred it's no better. Brighton were defending well all game and the mistakes they made are part of the pressure their defence was under but Man Utd should have been playing so much better to force those mistakes sooner.
Imran Malik
Imran Malik 4 dager siden
Consistently dreadful performance which is why we sacked JM but since it is OLE a club legend who was a supersub we brush it under the carpet. It is only inspired personal performances which has put united were they are not a team or due to tactics!
Thomas Pepperspeed
Thomas Pepperspeed 4 dager siden
Umm didn't we get second under Mourinho with a similar point deficit to first place? Didn't we fire him eventually? You're essentially telling us to be ok with Groundhog day? Nah pass bro
Reverend Kane
Reverend Kane 4 dager siden
Plucky ole and his 500m + squad. He’s got to one of the best coaches in the history of the game.
PixelStacker 4 dager siden
I would love to see a bar chart at the end of season computed out of all MOTM we have voted for and vote for a POTS by us United stand fans! ❤️ completely!
Allan Taylor
Allan Taylor 4 dager siden
Obviously polishing a TERD
Richard Markland
Richard Markland 5 dager siden
Jesus this community is toxic. We beat a good Brighton team and you lot are still moaning. Never happy
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin' 5 dager siden
How United are second, is astonishing! How anyone is impressed & encouraged, is mindblowing!!
Nemboy 5 dager siden
Ole out, Henderson out.
Peter Jamison
Peter Jamison 5 dager siden
Another example of scraping thru with a little luck... going forward next season this is not enough ..
GE 5 dager siden
Pogba is overrated. Slows the match down, sometimes doesn't run, and had treated the club like poop. Get rid.
Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford 5 dager siden
Utd are where they are not because of Olle, but despite him. Like the guy but....
Wes Valamsos
Wes Valamsos 5 dager siden
Ole is the new George Graham
A. Long
A. Long 5 dager siden
It was a deserved victory. Brighton’s attack was sporadic and didnt really bother United’s defence and we were in control for much of the match.
AQSAPAL 5 dager siden
YES WE WON, but sick of shitting myself thru the game
Wes Valamsos
Wes Valamsos 5 dager siden
Then don't employ a Tony Pulis like manager
Rizwaan 5 dager siden
This whole season has just been a grind. When are we actually gonna take control of games and win comfortably?
Always Done Swiftly
Always Done Swiftly 4 dager siden
Not with ole
tobi kayjaykay
tobi kayjaykay 5 dager siden
Yea agree with you on Bissouma... best African CDM/CM by a mile...class
Michael Hinchliffe
Michael Hinchliffe 5 dager siden
Fred a 6? Time to change your glasses Mark!
Jamie Wain
Jamie Wain 5 dager siden
Deserve to be where we are 🤣🤣🤣 lucky to be where we are
Nick callcutt
Nick callcutt 5 dager siden
What happens when the luck runs out
ICYX1 5 dager siden
Ole a Mourinho clone? 😂
Ritish 5 dager siden
What a run by Donny to free the space for Mason to head in the winner, by dragging Ben White along with him.
Wizard Wizzad
Wizard Wizzad 5 dager siden
Just asking why don’t we play van de beek as a cdm can’t he play there
Andrew Tomlinson
Andrew Tomlinson 5 dager siden
Why is it that when McTominay has a poor first half and a better second half, he gets marked and judged on his first half, but when Fred has a dire first half and a better second half he gets plaudits for improving throughout the game?
thethreelions3 5 dager siden
Bissouma over Rice everyday, 30m roughly and sell Matic and Mata for roughly 5m each. 20m net and Midfield is sorted for years.
rollsgames 5 dager siden
The teams a mess the clubs a mess but everybody else is messing up we just got lucky next season if no really good quality signing i agree ole will be gone before Christmas just to cover the Glazer's yet again. We need new owners and a plan to take the club forward its not rocket science.
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 5 dager siden
Clear penalty that...can't believe that you lot are paying off VAR only to finish 2nd...embarrassing
Nigel Green
Nigel Green 5 dager siden
Not ole turkey😂
Nigel Green
Nigel Green 5 dager siden
Ole gunner be gone by Christmas 😂
L P 5 dager siden
I will accept De Gea being sold if it is to clear the wage bill and we go and Sign a quality CDM. And a CB. I genuinely think we will turn into a decent team with a solid CDM. I'm saying it now next year Van Den Beek breaks into the team and we. Start creating and looking a better side.
Damien Daly
Damien Daly 4 dager siden
declan rice would be perfect to let donny and bruno express , sancho on wing rash on other and mason down middle
The Knights Templars
The Knights Templars 5 dager siden
This is mourinio ball and the common denominator is Carrick so get rid of Carrick and Phelan bring in two up and coming coaches (Nicky Butt?) and play better football.
Mancunian Candidate
Mancunian Candidate 5 dager siden
Alex Ferguson had a clear identifiable way of playing football that he implemented from day one? Seriously? Clearly you were nowhere near Old Trafford during his first 4 years. 88/89 and 89/90 the worst football seen at OT in 45 years of supporting the club and only clearly identifiable by how bad it was and the decline in crowds. The narrative that Mourinho was sacked due to style of football is equally nonsense.
Barry B
Barry B 4 dager siden
Ralph Milne......Jim Leighton........🤣🤣🤣
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch 5 dager siden
Getting away with it all messed up. That's Utd
Patrice Hopeng
Patrice Hopeng 5 dager siden
Every team except city is having a poor season and ole is doing a good enough job this season we all know and you said it mark united n ole didn’t get the right players we can all say we are playing with almost the same players from last season. So give it time and one more transfer and hope that we get couple of players to strengthen the team. United and ole did better this season that we all thought
rayyan syed
rayyan syed 5 dager siden
Its tough, De Gea was at his best when United were at their worst... End of era
Michael Webb
Michael Webb 5 dager siden
bissouma was brilliant id take him white wasnt bad but we need better but again id take him to replace bailey but we still need another cb without having to replace bailey
Kyle 5 dager siden
Mark is actually an idiot, good grief
Sergio Aguiar
Sergio Aguiar 5 dager siden
Not good news if Ole's out by Xmas, who are we going to get after the summer?
Gang Jitsu
Gang Jitsu 5 dager siden
U are all sleeping on fred, my motm
let's talk football LTF
let's talk football LTF 5 dager siden
Mark " we cant talk about sacking the manager" why not ?
Wes Valamsos
Wes Valamsos 5 dager siden
On Oles payroll
Asjad Abdul-Rehman
Asjad Abdul-Rehman 5 dager siden
The "ad" stand
leonard sang
leonard sang 5 dager siden
We need wingers period.
Zachary Duhaney
Zachary Duhaney 5 dager siden
What did fred do wrong today ?
dag torp
dag torp 5 dager siden
How stupid are many of you ? When utd are under so many times but still win, its just luck ???? Ole does something about it and make changes. Luck has nothing to with it. Get real dude. You dont got a clue what you are talking about.
J T 5 dager siden
AWB is not good enough! His positioning is dreadful and his attacking play is laughable
Reza Razak
Reza Razak 5 dager siden
massive win. not a great game. but ill take it.
Good Game
Good Game 5 dager siden
tbh, this is positive & fresh from ole. put Pogba in pivot makes the attack more variative. not only hoping for the individual magic from bruno (centre) or hoping RB/LB to do something like usual. only need Bailly back and maybe McTominay instead of Fred. we're big team, but if you look at Brighton last 7 games, they seems always be the team that dominate the match & have a lot of shot, but this game we really win midfield battle (not at the start of the match tho, but good progression until the end). we need this pogba/vdb pivot more
S.M.K 5 dager siden
Pranad Dessai
Pranad Dessai 5 dager siden
Why is mark not doing the Chart show with his singing
Paulo Ramírez
Paulo Ramírez 5 dager siden
Disappointed about the De Gea dropping, Solskjaer is naive if he allowed the media made the keeper decision. I really hope we won't regret about this is a couple years, there is a reason why top 6 clubs never have english keepers, as soon Pepe took over City, he got rid off Hart.
Rufaro Chikovore
Rufaro Chikovore 5 dager siden
well done
Arnab Baag
Arnab Baag 5 dager siden
Donny had a good impact.
Jacque Legoy
Jacque Legoy 5 dager siden
With our PE teacher that what we must expect again next season
Khairun Nufail
Khairun Nufail 5 dager siden
If De Gea is forced out,im done supporting United Longetivity at club deserve more respect Owner and top management too greedy to my liking
Soccer worldwide
Soccer worldwide 5 dager siden
Better go, who cares, u r very funny
vladimir lazo
vladimir lazo 5 dager siden
Liverpool got a title grinding for results.... Ffs people in this club find anything to complain about
acabdeen 5 dager siden
Mark Goldbridge hardly ever gives Luke Shaw a player rating of less than 7. To him, Shaw is a world-class left-back who seldom puts a foot wrong, and who is comparable to the likes of Paolo Maldini and Roberto Carlos. 😁
kevin curry
kevin curry 5 dager siden
yes , but if he was french he would be getting a 4 🤣mark is the typical; english brexiteer type , best ignored and laughed at
Samip Nepal
Samip Nepal 5 dager siden
United stand or paddok?
Khalfan Nadhief
Khalfan Nadhief 5 dager siden
Bissouma is basically Fred with a brazilian passport. Hahaha nice one mark 😂👍
Khalfan Nadhief
Khalfan Nadhief 4 dager siden
@Muhammad Hariz 07:16 mate, ur welcome 😉
Muhammad Hariz
Muhammad Hariz 4 dager siden
Which time stamp when he said that?
Hisham Ahmed
Hisham Ahmed 5 dager siden
Fred had a good game
Anthony 5 dager siden
You just know Ole is going to fail in this job because he's failed to realise that his coaching staff isn't adequate. If he doesn't know this but fans do, then it's a matter of when he gets the sack next season not if. And it will be completely on himself.
Damian Smith
Damian Smith 5 dager siden
"Lucky to get away with this one" is the new ManU motto ..... I've heard this way to much this season ..and I'm talking about calls .. THAT WAS A PEN ... 2nd best team, richest club, biggest club .. VAR United
Killian Donegan
Killian Donegan 5 dager siden
0.5x = drunkbridge
John Melrose
John Melrose 5 dager siden
1.5 cokebridge
Kieron Moore
Kieron Moore 5 dager siden
People who didn't witness the fergie years oh my God you missed something very very special and unique
Chris Odukwe
Chris Odukwe 5 dager siden
How many points behind Manchester City? We were lucky .... once again .... our quality of football is just frustrating to watch!
Joshua Stafford
Joshua Stafford 5 dager siden
we are starting to see greenwood playing like a poacher jumping onto loose balls and getting into dangerous positions hes clearly learning from cavani and this with his already great pace finishing and skill is crying out fo a run of him as a number 9
Francis Namaya
Francis Namaya 5 dager siden
Don't underestimate this win... Liverpool and Totenham were defeated by this same side. And knowi g that Liverpool play a more attractive soccer than Manchester United.
House Electronics
House Electronics 5 dager siden
This channel loves to criticize
Pratyush Prasad
Pratyush Prasad 5 dager siden
Pogba,Fernandes and Cavani in the same team we win 💯 adding Van de beak 🚫 we lose removing Cavani not a lot of difference adding martial We lose Greenwood in center decent not as good as Cavani
Abinandan Murali
Abinandan Murali 5 dager siden
I feel Pogba and McTominay or Pogba and Van De Beek are better partner Fred gives away the ball
Mark Joshua
Mark Joshua 5 dager siden
Now I definitely know you don’t watch Man Utd games if you think this
3chords 5 dager siden
This team keeps having to go behind and then they play with urgency to come back. That’s a mentality issue.
Fras77 5 dager siden
In my opinion, finishing 2nd in the league (comfortably in the top 4) and potentially competing for the Europa League would be a massive success for this season. If we transported back in time to the start of the season, I don’t think many of us expected to win the league or finish above Liverpool.
Tunir - About YouTube
Tunir - About YouTube 5 dager siden
But we need a trophy mate
EVA NOVIKA 5 dager siden
Harry the Hoover and Victor the Vacuum😂😂😂😂✌✌✌ Nice quote Mark.
trickle teeth
trickle teeth 5 dager siden
Been using it for months lol
marc johnson
marc johnson 5 dager siden
We scape though ,grind out results which we shouldn't complain about.....but my god there's zero entertainment value at all,it's harder and more frustrating to watch than listen too that's for sure....watching fred pass to no one watching fred give the ball away is easier to listen to than watch,so talk sport commentary or watch alongs are far less entertainment is not good, apart from leeds👌
Abhijit Roy
Abhijit Roy 5 dager siden
We need to control games! When???
DRGUKIINAUGANDA2016 5 dager siden
the team lack imagination and ideas. that is the quality of coaching. The coaching is poor. very poor.
Steven Ow
Steven Ow 5 dager siden
SAF idiom: Play like crab and crawl out a win. OLE is a good least.
Jacinta Malone
Jacinta Malone 5 dager siden
Mark also sounding very much in the ole out brigade now ?? All because hes putting faith in our young quality gk?
Jacinta Malone
Jacinta Malone 5 dager siden
So so much to improve on in the players we have already and major investment needed no questions! But we have this squad for the rest of the season so can we all just get behind them
Bharath R
Bharath R 5 dager siden
Lucky. He is clueless
Alvito Ezequiel
Alvito Ezequiel 5 dager siden
Lucky and deserved
Tim Jones
Tim Jones 5 dager siden
Ole didn't have the balls to drop De Gea while he was playing well, he took the easy n cowardly option of replacing him when he was away. Bit Like ending a relationship or marriage via a text message, a real cop out!😡😡😡
Muhammad Halim
Muhammad Halim 5 dager siden
United the cure for insomnia
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