Glazers To Ruin Football For All? European Super League Latest | Man Utd News

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19 dager siden

Man Utd confirm they are taking part in an European Super League and turn their back on their history and fans. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here
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AFTV 19 dager siden
Saddened for fans of our great clubs that have absolutely nothing to do with this. This has nothing to do with football, it is greed and corruption of an unparalleled order.
James Worrall
James Worrall 18 dager siden
@M H94 t
Aaron Newman
Aaron Newman 19 dager siden
you need a back bone and stand for what is right!
jim1a2a 19 dager siden
Conspiracy Mark Twain A conspiracy is nothing more than a group of men meeting in a room in secret and making a decision that they wish to keep secret from the people. Well they have now decided to let the people know Screw You….
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 19 dager siden
@Bharath R I wish
Bharath R
Bharath R 19 dager siden
@Ben Jacobs he is Joel Glazer in disguise. Don't waste your time on him
Stephen best
Stephen best 17 dager siden
we now need to punish these clubs - certainly hurt the owners, hard
M. joe
M. joe 18 dager siden
Honestly if any of the remaining 14 clubs would have been invited they would have have happily signed the agreement. It's the system that needs changing, not the super league way but still it has to change. I don't like Perez but he did make one decent point: Why financial dealings of UEFA aren't public? How much they actually make from CL or Europa? It's time UEFA is held accountable too not just a handful of clubs
Rich Winn
Rich Winn 18 dager siden
The fans of the big six need to get together and find ways of fighting this
Ed m
Ed m 18 dager siden
Who cares. I will be watching .
Martin Berry Photography
Martin Berry Photography 18 dager siden
Great statement from the Everton Board
619 Trading
619 Trading 18 dager siden
ole(aka "'just happy to be here") was told to play dumb in his press conference.... I suspect he will not make a peep of opposition to whats going on
Kamil akram
Kamil akram 18 dager siden
Too many adverts guys - your like a mini glazer yourselves 👍
Roach is Alive
Roach is Alive 18 dager siden
If this happens I hope everyone support there local team go to your local football club and get behind them but hopefully this doesn’t go ahead
Kirk Hamilton
Kirk Hamilton 18 dager siden
Flex none of these clubs in this super league, are founder members.. Please check.
K Forbes
K Forbes 18 dager siden
I wasted so many prayers on ManU going thru each game in the Europa League and the EPL, was all fr nothing. Feel like a right Prat now 😒😔
timw2007 18 dager siden
Jesus christ you got enough adverts on this video?, You should get rid of some and just have a super advert.....wait a minute.
Rick an Rob's Crypto Ramblings
Rick an Rob's Crypto Ramblings 18 dager siden
SL is just wrong dude. Can't follow at that point. I say start the Manchester United Premier Club and back it with a crypto coin that is controlled 70% by the fans 30% by developers.
packerd00 18 dager siden
It would be like if English owners bought up all the legendary Baseball clubs like the New York Yankees and removed them from the MLB.
Crispen Daysh
Crispen Daysh 18 dager siden
I agree with you guys. They’ve ruined the game. I hope they don’t go ahead with it. And I think all six should get relegated
Stephen J
Stephen J 18 dager siden
Man is really holding a pencil ✏ 🤣
sportsman22 philly
sportsman22 philly 18 dager siden
Ander Herrera is one of my heroes, He should be put as the representative of fans for Manchester United not franchise united to oppose this nuclear option
Jeff Sparey
Jeff Sparey 18 dager siden
If everyone walks away and cancels season tickets they might take notice
John Gallacher
John Gallacher 18 dager siden
Spearheading this honestly your the man get in their
John Gallacher
John Gallacher 18 dager siden
John Gallacher
John Gallacher 18 dager siden
John Gallacher
John Gallacher 18 dager siden
Adam McCourt
Adam McCourt 18 dager siden
Capitalism at its worst..god bless football
Splendiferous Finch
Splendiferous Finch 18 dager siden
Fucking hate even the sight of a Glazer
Joey 75
Joey 75 18 dager siden
Last time i just mocked it but it’s truly now we gonna support Salfold city fc
Dylan Myers
Dylan Myers 18 dager siden
These adverts are killing my head
Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews 19 dager siden
This sums up the whole fu--ing world that's why we are all in the mire now with covid no respect for anyone or anything anymore 😱😱😱
Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews 19 dager siden
I do not think there is a cat in hells chance of this going ahead people if the governments say you cannot play in our country where are they going to play outer space ?
geoff harris
geoff harris 19 dager siden
UEFA President describes this as ''disgraceful and self serving', Well that's calling the kettle black isn't it ? Blatter and Platini had their snouts in the trough for years and were criminals.. Some sort of super league has to come, we can't carry on with the same old format where United and the top clubs in UK have to play two games a season against the likes of Fulham and Norwich... Haaland and Pogba and the top players want to play at the summit in Europe not the Carabou and FACup. it's old hat... Remember Kerry Packer ? they all said he wouldn't succeed but he did and changed the game of cricket for ever. I don't agree with the super league format proposed, but EUFA's latest idea of adding more games to the champions league is a backward step and the top teams don't want yet more games playing s*** teams.
Norman Smith
Norman Smith 19 dager siden
what is the commodity that is being sold.?....the players what is really required to stop this farce if for the players to refuse to play for the teams that have signed up for it......and I mean all players who play for whatever team in or out of the Super players no league
Stop Lockdown Nå
Stop Lockdown Nå 19 dager siden
The pandemic is bullshit. We could use Ivermectin or covid Organic and the problem would be solved 😡.. Why is nobody takling about this 😡
Patrick Clayton
Patrick Clayton 19 dager siden
All owned by people who dont yet understand our anger
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell 19 dager siden
What team is everyone supporting once this goes through?
X 64
X 64 19 dager siden
Small club FC.😂
T.H.R 19 dager siden
I can see it now pop concerts at halftime and all kinds of bullshit
New Happiness
New Happiness 19 dager siden
Whichever way you look at it, it’s rich against poor. The ESL is banking that the other clubs will sell their young talents. This will inevitably reduce the quality of our English leagues
ShayZ 19 dager siden
everyone come to fc united of manchester lads
brendan darkside
brendan darkside 19 dager siden
covid has been invented for a lot of things
jim1a2a 19 dager siden
Conspiracy Mark Twain A conspiracy is nothing more than a group of men meeting in a room in secret and making a decision that they wish to keep secret from the people. Well they have now decided to let the people know Screw You….
Rob P
Rob P 19 dager siden
The government should tax the hell out of ESL, we should unfollow, stop buying merchandise when fans are permitted start boycotting games.
Gerard Bryan
Gerard Bryan 19 dager siden
Glazers out.
Boocollective 19 dager siden
Virtually everything is a conspiracy flex
Era 19 dager siden
I still tryna get my head round it it's simply disgraceful
jim1a2a 19 dager siden
Excellent Video....
Christian 19 dager siden
So what team we gonna support now lads. West Ham? Leicester? maybe get crazy and everyone get behind German Football for their 51 rule lol
Ed m
Ed m 18 dager siden
You can't be watching Leicester vs west ham .
Owen Mcgowan
Owen Mcgowan 19 dager siden
Stop super league, disgrace
Sorrynation St
Sorrynation St 19 dager siden
Brilliant point about picking the lesser of two evils
Neale Hughes
Neale Hughes 19 dager siden
They will move OT to China
Anthony Ross
Anthony Ross 19 dager siden
Good job lads. Screw the ESL..
Ranendra Narayan Bose
Ranendra Narayan Bose 19 dager siden
American colonization of Europe through Football
Sandra Becht
Sandra Becht 18 dager siden
Rather: Chinese colonization...
Ranendra Narayan Bose
Ranendra Narayan Bose 19 dager siden
This is very similar to colonization. England is on the receiving end.. that's the surreal part. The quality of football will drop just like the economies of the colonies. The slaves or the English fans here will suffer the most. The Glazers came to England as simple traders and then cunningly tool over... this is the 21st century and English fans must fight this. For fans not from the UK, this will not really impact us.
Κωστας Μπαμιχας
Κωστας Μπαμιχας 19 dager siden
rombo jombo
rombo jombo 19 dager siden
Football supporters are stupid. In one year this will all be forgotten and the fans will buy t-shirts, season-tickets and access to tv-channels sending football. Simple minded.
William N
William N 19 dager siden
hope this failed experiment will expose the Glazers/Woodward forcing them to sell United ASAP....... GGMU
Mishal Gudka
Mishal Gudka 19 dager siden
The way I see it, it is not my club United whose reputation is ruined. This is ALL on these people (owners) and luckily United fans have always been against the Glazers and Woodward! They saw that these people were evil and tried for years to get them out. Now everyone has to suffer.
Nohman Ahmed
Nohman Ahmed 19 dager siden
i hope the goverment fa who eva can stop this tbh i dont see it its like a hostile take over my dad said to me iff i wana change my bussines son i can an i will simple
UP YER KILT!! 19 dager siden
Welcome to CAPITALISM people, first the working class jobs go because of greed now the working class game has been sold to the rich. why is anyone surprised??!
metal 2
metal 2 19 dager siden
No one in europe or the caribbean thinks this is okay
SwazzerProductions 19 dager siden
“DREAMS CAN’T BE BUY.” - Bruno Fernandes 2021
penhaligano 19 dager siden
David Beckham has already been Americanised, I'd love to know what he thinks of this proposal.
Jared Brewer
Jared Brewer 19 dager siden
Damn my club was really reborn and killed in the same year.....
Jordan Reed
Jordan Reed 19 dager siden
Why does that guy in blue say everything twice. Everything twice
terry honeycutt
terry honeycutt 19 dager siden
The Super League will not happen. This is an attempt by the premier league “big 6” to negotiate with UEFA for a bigger share and more control over revenue. Fans want a team to spend 150 million dollars on a single player and the next minute you say the owners are greedy. How many of you have been wanting to sign Haaland? This nothing more than teams attempting to get more revenue to pay consistently increasing player salaries.
In the loop
In the loop 19 dager siden
I don't really see the big deal? We will be apart of the top league in the world fighting against the biggest clubs in world football. I like the idea and hope it manifests.
TheDelta57 19 dager siden
All fans need the actual players to come to their saviour. If any player signs up to this, then they are as much a mercenary as the one's perpetrating this idiocy! The utter arrogance of these owners make me sick to my stomach!!!!
AZ 19 dager siden
They can’t otherwise they get fired. They’re employees mate they have no say
TheDelta57 19 dager siden
This is the last straw. Football is completely dead as we know it. Communities have been thrown to the dogs. Everything the American's touch turns to dust for all, but them. JP Morgan are corrupt to hell and this is the ESL investor. A sad day for football which has died as of now. All EPL Clubs should be relegated and thrown out of every competition they go against.
Coach Los
Coach Los 19 dager siden
It’s like us Man United fans are Obi Wan Kenobi, United is Anakin Skywalker, the Glazers are Darth Sidious and Anakin is about to become Darth Vader. To me it feels like he’s already turned. I’m so disgusted I’m having crying fits. The things this club has gotten me through is incredible and I feel like that’s been ripped away. As an American I’m completely embarrassed and I apologize.....
The Monarchy
The Monarchy 19 dager siden
Don’t be embarrassed mate, the snakes who own our club deserve hate and shame for this
S L Jones
S L Jones 19 dager siden
Watch Rugby
Brojendro Chanambam
Brojendro Chanambam 19 dager siden
Man united can dominate all football club in the world if we train regarding motivation in order to very very high attacking form without using any single defensive form from first minute to last minute
OM DUTT DIXIT 19 dager siden
We want super leauge.
jeff judo
jeff judo 19 dager siden
And how much are the glazers investing in this league, where has this investment been at united for years ???
jvfred84 19 dager siden
Yea, lets have the government fix this. Nothing can go wrong there. Right!!
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake 19 dager siden
Managers & players are stuck between a dock & a hard place as things stand.
jeff judo
jeff judo 19 dager siden
If this happens what impact will it have to the transfer matket in the coming years does it mean the big signings rotate in one common league ?
Dale Deson
Dale Deson 19 dager siden
This what happens when you sell your soul to the devil, and when i say the devil I mean them yanks, because make no mistake this is beings driven by the Americans, the Glazers
Little Games
Little Games 19 dager siden
It's very sad day for the premier league I can't believe this we need the fans at old Trafford in the next game like liverpool as did let your voice be heard
G MCU 19 dager siden
United84 19 dager siden
What a quality show. The one thing Man Utd had is a soul and romance about the club. But the actions of the guys in charge has shat all over it. We can’t let this happen to the club. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
Unfollow United in every social media platform. I don't see a reason to support them anymore.
Aitch Ess
Aitch Ess 19 dager siden
The British government, should strip Man united of their name and badge. If the glazers want to do this, let them leave, and we start a new Manchester united with our badges that we earned! Let the glazers rename their united to Manchester Lakers and they can follow the nba way themselves.. I'm sick...
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 19 dager siden
Thank the American's for saving the most poorly organized sport in the world. A sport that doesn't have a salary cap is a joke, being able to buy a player under contact is a joke, having players play all these meaningless cups is a joke, the fact that most players break down by the time they're 30 is a joke.
dan smith
dan smith 18 dager siden
There may indeed be elements of poor organization Mike,but don't forget the whole world plays football unlike in the USA were you can be World champions by playing against other Americans in what is basically a closed industry. The cups are simply an opportunity for small grass root clubs to play against bigger teams to generate revenue and competition to keep the sport healthy, and bear in mind there a community element to sport in Europe and the UK unlike the USA where simply move your teams to other parts of the country.....think of the poor fans who invested in their local team like the Oakland Raiders for example ,buying contracted players is by mutual consent, after all they are not slaves ,and Ronaldo is 36
tank tutorials
tank tutorials 19 dager siden
Taking my dog up the lane here and im not taking poo bags taking my united top instead
OrcasRule x
OrcasRule x 19 dager siden
This has nothing to do with players managers or fans, they don’t hold the legal powers. The club owners need to be challenged by the British government and nip it in the bud. If these owners aren’t happy about it they can sell and leave.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 19 dager siden
Thank the American's for saving the most poorly organized sport in the world. A sport that doesn't have a salary cap is a joke, being able to buy a player under contact is a joke, having players play all these meaningless cups is a joke, the fact that most players break down by the time they're 30 is a joke.
Sam Medley
Sam Medley 19 dager siden
"This is a OCG bruv" 🤣🤣
Jean-Paul 19 dager siden
Tonight its Leeds vs Liverpool, if I was a Leeds player go on the pitch and sit down for 90 min. Let them win the way the always want to do in the future cheating.
HoneyBadger 19 dager siden
Well the players of all 6 teams should refuse to kick the ball
Jason shields
Jason shields 19 dager siden
Atleast this has shown that none of these companies really care about kicking out racism or any other good cause. They can pull out all kinds of bans when it effects their bottom line
Ed m
Ed m 18 dager siden
That's true. That's why I am in support of the super league.
will 19 dager siden
I’m walking away!!! This is just horrendous.
Jean-Paul 19 dager siden
Its very simple, the national leagues don't select those players.
Jack Carter
Jack Carter 19 dager siden
If this goes ahead I’m genuinely boycotting man united until this “super” league fall apart
Ed m
Ed m 18 dager siden
Who cares.
Ed m
Ed m 18 dager siden
I can't boycott.I will be watching Manchester United.
shubh 19 dager siden
Have been supporting Manu for over 15 years now but Unfollowing Manu stand and all manu related pages and channels. So long my friends... Will be switching to some better clubs now.
jeff judo
jeff judo 19 dager siden
Its now a poker game
dan edis
dan edis 19 dager siden
I don't know what huge fuss is can you not see that because the big clubs are predominantly owned by banks !!! That this is part of a US UK brexit trade deal ??? But using covid as the backdrop to trigger change which also opens up conspiracies of was covid birthed by brexit it's almost as if this is where we were heading after a no deal but covid shocked the system and this is the reboot
Orang Utan
Orang Utan 19 dager siden
When banks come in with 5 billion bucks bet...they expect to get it back. How? This "business proposal" is made on ONE assumption. Loyal supporter to remain loyal. Your call...
Peter Smigiel
Peter Smigiel 19 dager siden
Glazers OUT! make it trend
John Bamford
John Bamford 19 dager siden
Good on fifpro. The players shouldn't be punished because of the owner's. Maybe stop them if they sign for them knowingly but those that are under contract shouldn't be punished!
Serginho Da Jamaican
Serginho Da Jamaican 19 dager siden
I’m in a America and I will NOT watch this Super league. Smh very sickening
Niall Doyle
Niall Doyle 19 dager siden
Will ye shut down the United stand ??? Will ye stop match watch alongs ????
Sinzu Special
Sinzu Special 19 dager siden
Americans destroyed sports
Jordan Sobkowiak
Jordan Sobkowiak 19 dager siden
The football we all know and love is dead. This is 'SOCCER' at its finest!!
Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews 18 dager siden
@Jordan Sobkowiak to right mate but that's going to lead to the downfall of us all that's the tragic outcome
Jordan Sobkowiak
Jordan Sobkowiak 18 dager siden
@Andy Matthews world's gone mad my friend! One thing covid has exposed is just how greedy the wealthiest are in all walks of life, not just in football unfortunately haha
Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews 18 dager siden
@Jordan Sobkowiak I think you could well be right mate
Jordan Sobkowiak
Jordan Sobkowiak 18 dager siden
@Andy Matthews Government just want a bribe of their own most probably 😂😂
Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews 19 dager siden
It wont go ahead you cannot beat government rules they are idiots if they think they can
Josh Cox
Josh Cox 19 dager siden
Tut tut if them players wanna play World cups and Euros thryll have to breach there contracts 🤣 no player will choose there club over representing there whole country not a chance 🤣 it's massive comp bigger than this shitty super league crap
Throwing Shade
Throwing Shade 19 dager siden
As fans, we should create a new man united. Call it Newton Heath. We can have 51% ownership and get a proper board and manager in place. Recreate our history.
Throwing Shade
Throwing Shade 19 dager siden
@Todd Sumner get goldbridge to be the director of football
Todd Sumner
Todd Sumner 19 dager siden
Goldbridge should start a go fund me
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