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6 dager siden

Man Utd vs Liverpool called off as United fans make their feelings against the Glazers known. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand.
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Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 7 timer siden
decide over them. Unfortunately, i just think a new investor is coming in from another country but with the same intentions ...
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Dag siden
Dont buy merch boys keep the heat on dont give them a penny
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 dager siden
United should be docked points. Absolutely Madness, slashing a cops face over football. Madness! United fans should be ashamed!
Vikesh 3 dager siden
Let’s keep the momentum 👍🏼
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 7 timer siden
With 20 premier league teams.
Harvey Meddings
Harvey Meddings 4 dager siden
Never heard Goldbridge talk so many facts
Siddarth Mp
Siddarth Mp 4 dager siden
Mun players get rest by their fans, wat a way to treat
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Dag siden
They will be angry when the FA doc points 😆
jakeyboi1o 4 dager siden
I don’t agree with a lot of things you say but fair play for this! 👏🏼
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 dager siden
This postpone is great for Liverpool and Man United they get these extra days rest and recover 👍🏼
Nicholas Yip
Nicholas Yip 4 dager siden
Well said Mark !!!!!! Glazers out !!!!!!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 dager siden
Protest in your own time not game time
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 4 dager siden
All the bets were canceled worldwide....strong statement 💛💚GGMU 💛💚
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 dager siden
This postpone is great for Liverpool and Man United they get these extra days rest and recover 👍🏼
An Gobán Soar
An Gobán Soar 4 dager siden
Had to be total collusion with staff to be allowed entry into the ground. Neville talks a lottta shyte.
N K 4 dager siden
Biggest game yet Arsenal aint a part of it 😂
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 4 dager siden
😂😂😂 biggest fixture of calendar year man is funny .🤡🤡🤡
Mr P
Mr P 5 dager siden
Neville backing the status quo due to his Salford co ownership, he needs to have a good look at himself.
ASIF RAJA 5 dager siden
Liverpool saved again
Bad Gnasher
Bad Gnasher 5 dager siden
One of the best videos you've done.
Ad J
Ad J 5 dager siden
Drastic times call for drastic measures
W KR 5 dager siden
100% Agree with Mark And yesterday with Carra and Neville and even a few points that micah richards made aswel. This is the push that we need to make to finally get the glazers out otherwise what else can we do. We have been backed in to corner and this is what happens when owners are like the glazers are. Destroying our club for over a decade.
sandie Ag
sandie Ag 5 dager siden
twats without the Glazers Man U would be poor. Who'd want to buy an average team?
bertie magoo
bertie magoo 5 dager siden
Attacking police and attacking stewards and you think it’s good ????? ........ viva the Glazers may they keep you doing nothing for years to come yeeehaaaas one Joel Glazer one Joel Glazer
Qhama Liyana
Qhama Liyana 5 dager siden
With 20 premier league teams.
neilson lindsay
neilson lindsay 5 dager siden
They will be angry when the FA doc points 😆
soto 5 dager siden
This postpone is great for Liverpool and Man United they get these extra days rest and recover 👍🏼
Nino Boccanfuso
Nino Boccanfuso 5 dager siden
Protest in your own time not game time
Nino Boccanfuso
Nino Boccanfuso 5 dager siden
Man Utd should be penalized and kicked out of semi final of Europa League and deducted points from the EPL.
Lloyd Milliner
Lloyd Milliner 5 dager siden
Completely and 100% behind the protest. No gain without pain. The should not have invaded the grounds, could be counter productive. But this is just a result of 15 years of frustration. The Glazers went one step too far.
gomey70 5 dager siden
Imagine if Liverpool fans were owned by the Glazers... Er...Hicks & Gillet? We've been there, done that. I support your right to protest, but don't expect us to support you on that front. Utd's owners are your business. If you want to protest against other problematic aspects of modern football, then maybe we can talk. But there needs to be a more focused set of aims first, other than just getting rid of owners.
Darren Nunn
Darren Nunn 5 dager siden
Yes well done you so call fans we are on the verge of loosing points ...
Akshat 5 dager siden
😂😂😂 biggest fixture of calendar year man is funny .🤡🤡🤡
Chris Bruce
Chris Bruce 5 dager siden
Well done everyone who was there
AlexJ Airey
AlexJ Airey 5 dager siden
Is anyone gonna talk about how they just happened to have stopped maybe Man City winning the league oh yeah it’s all about the owners this protest 😂
azeem ahmed
azeem ahmed 5 dager siden
Will man Utd vs Liverpool be played what day i they playing today but I don't think Liverpool vs man Utd play today West Brom vs wolves Burnley vs West ham
M3th0d 5 dager siden
Glazers won't care, the only way you can defeat them is to not attend matches and cancel your sky sports subscription
Peter Baxter
Peter Baxter 5 dager siden
We United supporters control the real solution, stop buying shirts etc, stay away from matches, the Sponsors will start pulling their financial support, the Glazers will suffer. This is the only way to force the Glazers out.
serenity overload
serenity overload 5 dager siden
keep postponing all the matches until the glazers have no option but to sell our beloved club... GGMU.....
Jack Bollard
Jack Bollard 5 dager siden
WE are Manchester United, look what WE can do
Blue 5 dager siden
Yannick Noel Tshibangu
Yannick Noel Tshibangu 5 dager siden
Peter Sykes
Peter Sykes 5 dager siden
Well done to the absolute idiots that stormed the pitch. Makes us look like absolute knuckle draggers with zero intelligence. This really will hurt us. Turn up en masse......:protest but donor the correct way!!!!
Roddie Leung
Roddie Leung 5 dager siden
Agreed. Support from USA.
pedro nunes
pedro nunes 5 dager siden
Well done United FANS! Lets do this every home game until they are gone!! GLAZERS OUT!!!
LosoMUFC 5 dager siden
46.06 that “disgusted” with a passion Mark. Just brilliant
1988rixy 5 dager siden
Well done to all Utd fans today even the ones who got on the pitch well done. Let’s keep it going. To the people disliking this video go and jump off a cliff
Dielowren 39
Dielowren 39 5 dager siden
No adidas we're not happy with united not informing them about European super league intentions
Bailey Jones
Bailey Jones 5 dager siden
Idm protesting if it's peaceful but the fact of the matter is what those fans did regardless of if it is good or not is break the law by breaking into the stadium. What is a peaceful protest turned into people throwing flares. Now as for the protest itself I don't think it will make much difference to your football club. The Glazers don't care. They are safe in their homes in America. Next season they will inject a bit more cash into the transfer budget so you can buy better players and all will be forgotten about with most fans. It's sad but it's the truth unfortunately
Pro-am 5 dager siden
Don't buy season tickets or any merchandise, hitting them is the pocket is the only thing the Glazers will understand.
Dark Monk
Dark Monk 5 dager siden
Holigans going into the pitch !!!! And mark shitbrighe loves it
Dark Monk
Dark Monk 5 dager siden
How come fans in manchestet decide for other million fans in world?! Whom waiting for this match !!!! Shameful
Joe Kidd
Joe Kidd 5 dager siden
and manchester UNITED did it first
whiteisalright white
whiteisalright white 5 dager siden
I liked souness until he gave his view on this protest, sky sports should sack him immediately 🇬🇧👋🇬🇧
whiteisalright white
whiteisalright white 5 dager siden
Well said Mark, as always 🇬🇧👏🇬🇧
Paul M
Paul M 5 dager siden
Man City, Chelsea and even Liverpool were purchased relatively cheap and although there has been investment, if they were to sell, Sheik Mansour & Abramovich will make their total investment back and a very tidy profit. If somebody buys Man Utd for £4B, how are they going to recoup this back with a profit?
thomas bryant
thomas bryant 5 dager siden
A godzillian stars I'll shot for them all
Chris Brailsford
Chris Brailsford 5 dager siden
I was there
Jay London
Jay London 5 dager siden
Everyone unfollow them on twitter Instagram everything no one buy kits and at the start of next season everyone cancel bt sky for a hole season unity and doing these things together hits them in the pocket start protesting outside the sponsors to to make united less lucrative to sponsors we can make united great again
Barney 5 dager siden
and Mark said protests don't achieve anything, biggest message that has been sent to the Glazers since they took over, its funny see people change there tune about protests
Crap Head
Crap Head 5 dager siden
Crooks,crooks and crooks Is saying...regards Tony
Anthony Tomln
Anthony Tomln 5 dager siden
Listen to carra very closely.what a idiot his comments are wrong,he has got away with it again,says what he likes spits when he likes and nothing said wake up sky.Andy gray Richard keys Rodney March all got the sack think about it.
Crap Head
Crap Head 5 dager siden
MG...talked about going to war....In war someone one will from protesting they might get a good kickin from old bill so get real MG...regards Tony
Tom James
Tom James 5 dager siden
By try to destroy your own Stadium you fans are stupid
Tom James
Tom James 5 dager siden
Thanks for cancelling the game no need to go that far
nares2005 5 dager siden
It's still wrong. Anarchy is wrong but this generation may be too entitled to care. The message it sent is MUTV fans are hooligans. That's it. This achieves nothing.
LuManU 5 dager siden
So if this will stop then no use. We need to go next step. No match should be plyd at old trafford. No merchandise to be bought. Lets keep up the protest. REMOVE THE GLAZERS.
malaika263 5 dager siden
I can't help but feel there's a nationalistic aspect to this protest. This was the very same energy during Brexit. I hope I'm wrong, but I really can't see how these protests will do anything but damage the Man Utd brand.
Og renny Dx
Og renny Dx 5 dager siden
United rule 🔰❤️
AJP Reactions
AJP Reactions 5 dager siden
I’m glad what the fans did because who cares if the game got cancelled we going to finish top 4 and we are not going to win the League so there is nothing to play for
Gary Edmonds
Gary Edmonds 5 dager siden
I'm not bothered about the game being cancelled, but I am bothered the glaziers haven't been cancelled
Mayank Basran
Mayank Basran 5 dager siden
Ambani innnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!
Mayank Basran
Mayank Basran 5 dager siden
Ambani innnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!
CLARE_28_ 2_19_R.I.P xx
CLARE_28_ 2_19_R.I.P xx 5 dager siden
Glazers are selling to Disney has they want a Mickey Mouse club.
TheAmal316 5 dager siden
I would happy if Glazers are out. But will this lead to the fall of Manchester United in the pitch?
Charlie James
Charlie James 5 dager siden
That's embarrassing I just wanted to watch a football game u cant do this for ever so your wasting your time u think that game will hurt the glazers who are billionaires no stop wasting people's time I hope United keep doing it and get a point reduction
Ernest Simson
Ernest Simson 5 dager siden
As if the next billionaire will actually care about investing into the club is all an investment for them like please they all have that mentality
Barney 5 dager siden
generalizing to the extreme
bigmac12171984 5 dager siden
Protests to save...your club from horrible owners is all worth it and necessary, but not at the cost of the players or other teams involved. Protesting in ways that don't indirectly or direct affect other clubs is also respectable
Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker 5 dager siden
I've seen nothing but abuse from Liverpool fans on my Facebook
Real talk Reactions
Real talk Reactions 5 dager siden
The working man from Manchester !!!!! Exactly- all these from outside of Manchester that pay to watch and call them selfs united fans are equally as guilty- support your local club !!! It pisses me off fans from Manchester can’t get a seat because fans from London , Birmingham, and other major city’s take our tickets - Manchester club for Manchester people - it’s more than football pride it’s about pride of the city you live and were born in !!!!!!! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CLUB !!!!
Jake gold
Jake gold 5 dager siden
Neigfatrest Niguious
Neigfatrest Niguious 5 dager siden
This is not Trafalgar, this is just Liege, there are Sommes ahead for sure, keep the heads held high
Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor 5 dager siden
Lets stop all the Premier league games being played for the rest of the season at these 6 clubs who wanted to breakaway
Andrew Hylton
Andrew Hylton 5 dager siden
This was hooliganism and vandalism stop using the word protest .
Mark Russell
Mark Russell 5 dager siden
I'd be happy being relegated if it meant we got our club back. Big picture and long term viewpoint much more important. Every year that goes by is £50-80m spunked away on loans and divs that cud of gone on World class player and investment in the club.
DJ KEPPA U 5 dager siden
lucky mtshweni
lucky mtshweni 5 dager siden
Protest at your own time.Don't annoy us.We want to watch football.
Conor 5 dager siden
If you think United Liverpool is the biggest game in england in 2021 you’re utterly deluded
1989davecass 5 dager siden
explain how the songs about killing joel glazer was ok?
Akhtar Hussain
Akhtar Hussain 5 dager siden
Disgraceful scenes attacking police officers smashed cameras staff hiding Glazers going nowhere 😭😭
Supremedopdealer 5 dager siden
I beg, please don't buy this seasons kits and merchandise.
1989davecass 5 dager siden
The United Slashers.
DS 5 dager siden
Manchester United have the highest wage bill in the PL. They have spent billions on transfers. Peaceful protests are fine (if ultimately ill thought out and infantile), the violent protestors should be condemned by all.
Mark Keating
Mark Keating 5 dager siden
The fans did a grate job well done to who ever was on the porte we l9ve you man utd come on utd
stevechapman2301 5 dager siden
A police officer got attacked with a knife.
Manchester Aung
Manchester Aung 5 dager siden
Always Manchester United
Asha Singh
Asha Singh 5 dager siden
The next thing is we all must stop people going to old Trafford for football match as it would effect the finance of club and the glazers still think we would attend games.
Powpud 5 dager siden
I am not going to lie, I understand why this should happen but I felt extremely disappointed. I live in another country and to watch it I got to wake up really early in the morning, I was heartbroken to not see the match
Suky Gill
Suky Gill 5 dager siden
I'm proud of all those involved
Ja Morant
Ja Morant 5 dager siden
Class to whoever set it up
thomas bryant
thomas bryant 5 dager siden
I'll take his spot 20 pound a hour will do
Victor 5 dager siden
They're just mad because we as fans have the balls to do what they wish they could do! We need to get this cancer out of our football club!
thomas bryant
thomas bryant 5 dager siden
Why is poo on gold nuggets
Nesta Folkes
Nesta Folkes 5 dager siden
Glazer out mu . for Life love mu fans big up good day . love you fans
Faisal Miah
Faisal Miah 5 dager siden
Imagine if the staff at United were part of it by leaving the gate open and then ushering then out again..
Ifty Crown
Ifty Crown 5 dager siden
Aaron Barnes
Aaron Barnes 5 dager siden
This isn't on the fans it's on the glazers it's there fault it's came to this simple as that
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