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Man Utd will deliver a Jadon Sancho transfer to the fans and Joel Glazer and his family try to rebuild trust in the United fanbase according to reports.. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here

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Manchester United fan
Manchester United fan 5 dager siden
The glazers are so bad they probably don’t even know the main colour of our kit
dolita windo
dolita windo 6 dager siden
Donny was definitely recommended by van de sar
sokin jon
sokin jon 7 dager siden
equal to a box of Snickers.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 8 dager siden
Wally will bench Sancho until he is ready lol
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 8 dager siden
Sancho coming when he's near the end of his career. That's the "United Way"
M P 8 dager siden
Sancho is silly English player that will doom all all other no 7's bare cavani
dolita windo
dolita windo 6 dager siden
Ole out
Gili Armson
Gili Armson 8 dager siden
Does anybody else hate his shouting ?
sokin jon
sokin jon 7 dager siden
Is this your first video on sancho? I've never seen this kind of content on your channel before? 🙄💤💤💤
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 9 dager siden
£80 million total irrespective of Structure £60 million + £20 million in add ons etc for Sancho;Varane for £50 million pounds;and a reasonable CDM like Bissouma for a reasonable fee since Rice may be too expensive even if Chelsea is not looking at him
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 8 dager siden
Swap Eric With Pau Torres
Sam Call
Sam Call 9 dager siden
How come a RW has bekom a priority buy n a 90% club issue
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 8 dager siden
Glazers out
Adnan Kurmallee
Adnan Kurmallee 9 dager siden
What about Joshua kimmich?? Don't know why we don't even consider him! Top quality player
Vladdyimpaler 7 dager siden
Bayern are a great club and players stay there
BoyInTheRoom 9 dager siden
𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐜𝐤 𝐌𝐞 𝐍𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐓𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐈𝐟 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐀𝐫𝐞 𝐁𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐫𝐮𝐡.♤♡♡•○
DavidJB -
DavidJB - 9 dager siden
‘Glazers Deliver’.... Oh dear
D K 9 dager siden
We need new stadium and players are glazers going to do that no so get out not interested anymore no way I buying shirts no chance till they go go go.🤬
Sharon Hibbert
Sharon Hibbert 9 dager siden
Players have been baught over the past 8 years...we just haven't baught the right players in til Ole
Amir Mekanovic
Amir Mekanovic 9 dager siden
They had months to work on sancho deal but they are doing it now?? When Dortmund said to do it before euros wtf? Alba to Real Madrid was done like a month ago city and Barca been working on aguero yet United just started... shows how badly we are run as a club when other clubs already been doing deals for months and yet United just starting.
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena 9 dager siden
Add some point, common sense must £100M for a winger and after that, how many more quality players do fans expect the team to buy?...Sancho alone is not winning league for Manchester United!
Wayne L
Wayne L 9 dager siden
Just watching the Ferguson documentary. Sir Alex just said: "a third of my life was at United, building a certain type of football club...". The Glazers should be a-fucking-shamed of themselves.
Jamie O Donoghue
Jamie O Donoghue 9 dager siden
If we got Sancto last summer how many games would world class? Could be anything
Jamie O Donoghue
Jamie O Donoghue 9 dager siden
If they got Sancto last how many games would your world class? can be anything greenwood have played
Da A
Da A 9 dager siden
Ole out
Jack Donoghue
Jack Donoghue 9 dager siden
Is this your first video on sancho? I've never seen this kind of content on your channel before? 🙄💤💤💤
Ivar 9 dager siden
Swap Eric With Pau Torres
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan 9 dager siden
Glazers out
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 9 dager siden
We've gone behind city,l,pool,chelsea, ... thanks to the glazers... nothing but them selling.
Mick Foskett
Mick Foskett 10 dager siden
Why all this fuss over sancho when Bellingham would be a better buy!😜👹
Kenny Milne
Kenny Milne 10 dager siden
We need to strengthen the spine , not the wings , get Verane and Rice , then Sancho , why sign Sancho when Lindelof is an accident waiting to happen
Eric Ole Mørk
Eric Ole Mørk 10 dager siden
​How much did bvb buy Sancho for?
Paul Reilly
Paul Reilly 10 dager siden
Glazers out.
Freeza 10 dager siden
We’re not signing anymore.
Dragon 789
Dragon 789 10 dager siden
No matter what Get the Fucking glazers out
619 Trading
619 Trading 10 dager siden
Our first signing should be a Declan Rice as holding mid if not then get a specialist destroyer in Bissouma. Ideally would be both and trade or sell Pogba to get Varane. That would be a good window in my eyes. Sancho should not be a priority no matter how hard Beth whines!!
Karan 10 dager siden
Where do you buy the shirt that Mark is wearing?
steelflexy 10 dager siden
Glazers OUT!! keep it going boys!
Geeky Collector
Geeky Collector 10 dager siden
united dont need sancho
ARUN JOSHI 10 dager siden
2031- Negotiations for Sancho failed as he is too old
Michael Powell
Michael Powell 10 dager siden
Mark lets say we get the desired transfers, how much confidence do you have in Ole & this coaching staff? How much will Ole change his his tactics if at all?
G M 10 dager siden
Nah transfer doesnt matter.. Glazers Out.
romano de sousa
romano de sousa 10 dager siden
If they bought Maguire for the amount they paid, they should feel more than happy to pay that amount 70million for varane.
Merit Festus
Merit Festus 10 dager siden
To me I prefer grealish just let go of sancho
Carson McFall
Carson McFall 10 dager siden
Shireen Groh
Shireen Groh 10 dager siden
30 million times per two years and 20 million cash...
Pawel Czerniakowski Football stories
Pawel Czerniakowski Football stories 10 dager siden
Borussia are idiots,100 millions. He is never worth it. I don't care if he scores even 100 goals,same with Haaland.He is good and nothing more.
Niko F.
Niko F. 10 dager siden
i already congratulated you for this transfer last summer.. but congratulations again, this is a huge transfer, big player
Keenan 10 dager siden
In: Sancho Verane Rice Out: Glazer's
SEAN NEWSOME 10 dager siden
According to uniteds spending figures, it seems they have been delivering for years 🤔
Gza Ob1 (Graham Miller)
Gza Ob1 (Graham Miller) 10 dager siden
Don't want him for that price. It's absolutely ridiculous Man United get bent over backwards on every fkn deal. Liverpool and City sign world class players for under 40 to 50 million.
Broks Kii
Broks Kii 10 dager siden
We don't need Sancho smh
Shankar Arunthathiyar
Shankar Arunthathiyar 10 dager siden
Sven botman is good 6.5 and left footed we should buy him
Ronaldo Gawaseb
Ronaldo Gawaseb 10 dager siden
Get sancho plz😃
harry j
harry j 10 dager siden
deluded glazers don't have to spend at all they might buy sancho but to expect a chelsea style window you're crazy silly comments english ac milan
Joe Kavanagh
Joe Kavanagh 10 dager siden
The Glazers are not afraid of the Glazers Out movement. They know that they can crap all over the fans, who will still continue to turn up like sheep at Old Trafford and continue to buy United merchandise
Reza Razak
Reza Razak 10 dager siden
lol mark talking as if sanchos in the bag already
Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan 10 dager siden
Maybe now theve won their superbowl they might buck up regards to man utd.yeah right.
Lester Lee
Lester Lee 10 dager siden
Glazers out! Sancho, Varane, CDM, fix OT, and upgrade the training grounds. That is ONLY a start.
C OMalley
C OMalley 10 dager siden
Sancho, Bissouma, Kounde, Trippier bonus
William Starck
William Starck 10 dager siden
I'd still be fine with United paying £108m this year as well, so £80m + £20m is very acceptable.
Ishan Vij
Ishan Vij 10 dager siden
Who else need to decrease the volume as soon as mark starts talking?
Roy Dean
Roy Dean 10 dager siden
We won loads with Anderson in midfield and he was worse than fred
Alantown 10 dager siden
Glazers still out tho
Faiz Kaswadi
Faiz Kaswadi 10 dager siden
The only way I will back the Glazers is if they sign Sancho, Varane, Rice and win the league anything lower than that I’m forever Green and Gold 🔰🔰🔰
Fento GK
Fento GK 10 dager siden
Newton Heath over Man utd any day
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom 10 dager siden
Wait it has happened??? 👀👀
Bleachguy 10 dager siden
the choice for madrid is let him go now for cash or nothing on january
charles thompson
charles thompson 10 dager siden
Tripper could play cdm because he's good on the ball can play both positions
Steven Farr
Steven Farr 10 dager siden
Need a CB more
MattyIceyyy 10 dager siden
biggest waffle merchant on the internet
Ilir United 4live
Ilir United 4live 10 dager siden
I'm sick off this sancho I hope I dont come pay 80 milion for city reject this is you united crap board
Fento GK
Fento GK 10 dager siden
Ok just gat another Alexis sanchez then got it
jonathan evans
jonathan evans 10 dager siden
This is a hard listen these days☹️
oscar oscar
oscar oscar 10 dager siden
Sancho and De Gea your two favs will ruin ManUtd next year sick.
Bleachguy 10 dager siden
if dortmund dont agree on 80mil id take bissouma and trippier
Friends Of Ood-Kind Media Productions
Friends Of Ood-Kind Media Productions 10 dager siden
“Some people are on the pitch, they think it’s all over” GlazersOut
Gaz Gaz
Gaz Gaz 10 dager siden
Millions of UTD fans all over the world will buy the new shirt in the first week it is released whether we sign Sancho or not & the Glazers know that. The Glazers haven't delivered Sancho yet.
agent-utd 10 dager siden
Why do we need to buy £100m players all the time
Michael O'halloran
Michael O'halloran 10 dager siden
The fire went out in 2005
Adam Harding
Adam Harding 10 dager siden
How is that delivering sancho? 🤣🤣
Shawn Mccarthy
Shawn Mccarthy 10 dager siden
Zaha?..kmt..Zaha is Westham n Everton standard
Israel Vince
Israel Vince 10 dager siden
7:50, lol it's so funny that Mark now knows that we shouldn't let our pants get pulled down in transfer market. Last summer he wanted us to pay €120mil to Dortmund for Sancho lol. Tbh I still don't know why Mark still blames United for not getting Sancho last summer, I wouldn't have paid Dortmund that amount either whether in a covid market or not.
david cox
david cox 10 dager siden
Michael O'halloran
Michael O'halloran 10 dager siden
Then we have the Pogba issue.
Domanic Lunn
Domanic Lunn 10 dager siden
Did Bruno actually almost go to spurs 🤣 LOL
Raymond Mountford
Raymond Mountford 10 dager siden
Absolutely PR movement, Glazers OUT. BUSSINES VAMPIRES.
Sourav Dhar
Sourav Dhar 10 dager siden
🔰glazers out🔰
FazTV 10 dager siden
Exactly the next nicolas gaitan…
Arunabha Mitra
Arunabha Mitra 10 dager siden
2035: Jadon Sancho declares he will retire next season. Breaking News: Manchester United trying to close the deal with Sancho but they are coming short in the deal by funds equal to a box of Snickers.
Craig D
Craig D 10 dager siden
Bissoma to Arsenal
Alan Mcmichael
Alan Mcmichael 10 dager siden
Old Trafford is such an embarrassing stadium even school boys would not want to play there when they could play at the Etihad
Through_The_Turnstiles 10 dager siden
The Etihad wipe the floor with the swamp
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 10 dager siden
It's Groundhog transfer day again 🤣😂🤣
[Drip] Paul ___
[Drip] Paul ___ 10 dager siden
Glazers in now then ?
The Contractor
The Contractor 10 dager siden
So Glazer is YET to deliver. Cheers.
reiner braun
reiner braun 10 dager siden
u know mcfred can progress , especially scott , he played very good in the europa final , he's young , he can get better ,i don't think it would be a disaster if we stick with Mcfred
Rishi Bissumroy
Rishi Bissumroy 10 dager siden
When we see the player holding the shirt or signing the contract then we can say yes the deal is done
Harry khaw
Harry khaw 10 dager siden
That's good news 👍
EyeInTheSky 10 dager siden
Ahh the old "shirt sales" myth... The club doesn't get a cut of the profits 9 time out of 10, the sponsors get most if not all of it depending on the deal structure.
mircea grigore lazar
mircea grigore lazar 10 dager siden
Spot On Mark!
Alan Mcmichael
Alan Mcmichael 10 dager siden
Mark you work very hard on this channel, but you talk utter garbage. The United forum is far better
Streets IsWatching
Streets IsWatching 10 dager siden
Get Rice with a swap deal for lingard
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson 10 dager siden
All I know is if mcfred and lindelof are starting for us next season we are fucked.
Plugged Scope
Plugged Scope 10 dager siden
STOPPED ur GLAZERS In propaganda. Sancho wont pacify the fans.
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright 10 dager siden
Down to the pub for a curry?
Adam Motley
Adam Motley 10 dager siden
Don't buy tripper
Romeo Daley Jr
Romeo Daley Jr 10 dager siden
Mark the reason we aren't looking at other options because ole doesn't know better. He doesn't know the European market. That's the lack of experience. He always goes for obvious signings and the one under the radar he can't get the best out of. Can you really trust him with signings?
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