EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE SHOCK! Manchester United 3-1 Burnley | LIVE Fan Forum

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20 dager siden

Manchester United 3-1 Burnley
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Cooldre 13 dager siden
I agree with Jay also about Maguire, he always go for the weaker attacker!
Cooldre 16 dager siden
I partly agree with the super chat about Rashford atrocious passing. Also KG is right about Maguire offensive headers he owes the team 14 goals and counting!
Arne 18 dager siden
Idiots dont understand the danger.
Aegon Stark
Aegon Stark 18 dager siden
Jhardwork Pays off
Jhardwork Pays off 18 dager siden
ray bp
ray bp 19 dager siden
lmaooo Tough crowd. They were going for any of the jokes/bombs 🤣
Go Humberto!
Go Humberto! 19 dager siden
FCMU for me soon I think. We, and the other 5, should be thrown out of the premier league immediately. If they want out then fucking throw them out. Hand Leicester the FA Cup today. Hand Leicester the Premiership title today.
Bags of sauce 90
Bags of sauce 90 19 dager siden
Love how flex made a bigger thing about Burnley banter than the super league. Grow up man
mojobag01 19 dager siden
Congratulations to Leicester City on a second surprising Premier League title.
Gareth Stirling
Gareth Stirling 19 dager siden
No way Sky or BT sport will get anywhere near TV rights. 100 percent it will go to a US giant corporation such as NOwindow or Amazon, they will price out even our UK TV rights. They have been chomping at the bit for years.
Robert Riggon
Robert Riggon 19 dager siden
😂😂 yo KG you can't be dropping bombs for the super League cos I'm well gutted
hp probook
hp probook 19 dager siden
This guy talks to much
Only Hooman
Only Hooman 19 dager siden
Rashford, Greenwood, AWB and Shaw were great today. They played some really nice passes. Bruno was mediocre just like in the last game he played.
AJP Reactions
AJP Reactions 19 dager siden
If Super League happens I’m not going to support Man United anymore and I hope heaps of other fans will do the same
Nathan Young
Nathan Young 19 dager siden
Drama queens
Andrew I
Andrew I 19 dager siden
Following United since 1977 and am done if the club joins super league
kevani coco
kevani coco 19 dager siden
Joel Glazer has actually been quoted saying he doesn't understand the offside rule.
Mike Willis
Mike Willis 19 dager siden
Why can't the top six be dropped and six be brought up. Then salaries will be less and more young players will be seen.
Wreckin 45
Wreckin 45 19 dager siden
Kev 🙌🏽😂
IC7 says GLAZERS OUT 19 dager siden
Aaron D
Aaron D 19 dager siden
Joe glazer is the vice president of the super league where in it
b_ammar 19 dager siden
the European clubs need to build a connect with the indian market by touring here and joining with the local clubs here..have Leicester supporting east bengal, have west ham supporting northeast fc..only then will this big 6 power will be stopped
Nathaniel White
Nathaniel White 19 dager siden
If United owners go ahead with this i will find another club that aren't involved !
Nathaniel White
Nathaniel White 19 dager siden
KG if you don't take a stand for something, you will fall for everything! Jay is right about stop supporting this club if they go ahead with this.
New Happiness
New Happiness 19 dager siden
You have to feel for Players like Greenwood and Rashford who will have no future playing in World Cup, or advancing in other competitions
AfroBuddy 19 dager siden
Is this that bad an idea though. Lets be real, who wants to watch barcelona vs cadiz or man city vs plymouth fc? The big clubs have no obligation to carry the little clubs. UEFA are the once causing trouble, they are the ones that are threatening eviction of the big clubs from their leagues. If you read the press release, the super league is played alongside everything else. This is just business and capitalism at work
SinGames 19 dager siden
How long before the Majority wake up? Its all on us because it us that feed them without question.
B Date
B Date 19 dager siden
as someone who is fairly new to the English football environment, thanks for explaining why the super league is so detrimental. great work!
Alex United Stand
Alex United Stand 19 dager siden
Screw this club - They've destroyed football.
Giles Chapman
Giles Chapman 19 dager siden
With international flights maybe not commencing till 2024 how does this league finance itself without supporters in stadiums
Spirit Fish
Spirit Fish 19 dager siden
Me after hearing about the super league Big up Bournemouth
S Peled
S Peled 19 dager siden
Comparing goals as a teen for united when rooney joined us at 19 is redondant
S Peled
S Peled 19 dager siden
@Amir Mekanovic at everton ? Where he made a name for himself
Amir Mekanovic
Amir Mekanovic 19 dager siden
Rooney also had Ronaldo giggs scholes etc making chances for him to score while mason has mcfred
Nhlonipho Msweli
Nhlonipho Msweli 19 dager siden
Dont forget that Flex said this is NOT the game for Greenwood, he needs to come off for Cavani at half time 🤣
Jordan Sobkowiak
Jordan Sobkowiak 19 dager siden
Not being funny who are spurs and arsenal to think they are so much better/bigger than clubs like licester, west ham etc etc. Get out of here JOKE
Flee Danso
Flee Danso 19 dager siden
Man said Mark noble will be capped by England now...
B S 19 dager siden
Yeah it's fun for a year or two, imagine 4 years of the same fixtures same bullshit! I agree I'm done with united if this goes through
Shawn Mccarthy
Shawn Mccarthy 19 dager siden
Rashford tends to do too much with the ball at times...
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 19 dager siden
We can’t allow the Americans to monopolise us people
Wesley B
Wesley B 18 dager siden
@Max leigh grace 88 well if that is true, where are the powers from the other countries to step in and make something happen. because clearly these big clubs that generate the bulk of their league's revenues feel they have gotten the short end of the stick
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 18 dager siden
@Wesley B It’s being bankrolled by Americans mainly
Wesley B
Wesley B 19 dager siden
It ain’t just American’s m8. Look at all the clubs doing this
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies 19 dager siden
Why are we always compensating for Harry 'Potter' Maguire 'The Fake Captain'? When he's a 80M, 100kg 15st 10.5lb Joker who can't Defend or Run! Maguire and Lindelof are the 'Usual Suspects', Individually & as a pair cannot defend 'Unacceptable' Not Man Utd type. But Bailly & Smalling are 'World Class' Individually & as a pair can defend 'Acceptable' Man Utd type! The Team as a Whole is more confident & plays better when Bailly the 'World Class Defender' is in the Team, So Our chance of winning the game is a lot higher! Maguire & Lindelof are the worst defensive due at Man Utd for 35 years! So Yes, Sell Maguire & Lindelof for £30M each and Replace them with Koulibaly & Smalling for £60M or Konate & Smalling for £60M or Koulibaly & Konate 80M. That would be Excellent Business!
Nobert Fernandes
Nobert Fernandes 19 dager siden
Killer ending to the show 😂😂😂😂
Jon Oconnell
Jon Oconnell 19 dager siden
It would not surprise me if it was the glazers idea about the super league
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 19 dager siden
Joel Glazer is head of the Super League.
Terry Houston
Terry Houston 19 dager siden
Was the sun setting at the other end in his eyes??
Rafique Solomon
Rafique Solomon 19 dager siden
The top 6 are the top 6 because of us, the fans. Ultimately we hold the power. What we do with it is up to us.
Aldo Gjipali
Aldo Gjipali 19 dager siden
They wont do it. Look at the reaction from the fans.
Bara Tibza
Bara Tibza 19 dager siden
I am disappointed to see that you guys have today's attitude when analysing player performances. Dean deserve a chance to atleast work on his mistakes without being harshly criticised by the fans (One bad game then you're trash). Even David was shocking when he took over but became gr8 over time. It sounds like you forget most of these United players are still young and in desperate need of our support as fans.
UP YER KILT!! 19 dager siden
does that mean that all the top teams from every country gets in or is it just the usual biast big teams?
Philip Burkinshaw
Philip Burkinshaw 19 dager siden
If there is a super league I'll go back to supporting Bradford Park Avenue. The conceit of some Americans knows no bounds, that is why they have a "World Series" of baseball. In american sports there are no consequences for being lousy and losing all the time because no one will ever take your place. Bad teams are even rewarded by first choice in draft picks. KEEP THE YANKS AWAY FROM BRITISH SPORT!
Boomhauer Oo
Boomhauer Oo 19 dager siden
I can still watch it tho, right? Right?!! 😉
dredrev 19 dager siden
Imagine loosing the moral highground to PSG...
Aldo Gjipali
Aldo Gjipali 19 dager siden
Exactly. Makes me so angry
Darkstar8473 19 dager siden
The super league would be epic I'm so excited if this happens.
Darkstar8473 19 dager siden
@Wesley B But how is that their fault? It's the fault of the leagues not United or Arsenal etc. I'm 100% for this it would make the sport better in the long run; remember the Prem was a break away league.
Wesley B
Wesley B 19 dager siden
Seeing those clubs play week in week out would be great football, but it’s greed that would destroy all the other leagues that makes it horrible. It’s just wrong
Nii Adjei Kul Alfred
Nii Adjei Kul Alfred 19 dager siden
Ted Stan
Ted Stan 19 dager siden
Ray 19 dager siden
We bleed life revolves around every single game, and I'm from Cape Town...I never miss a game, ever...and to hear this shambolic league that wants to be created! It's a travesty and disgusting! I sincerely hope someone comes in and buys our club and makes us a proper football club for the fans, as it was and as it shud be!
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 19 dager siden
I too will support City too.
Tunir - About YouTube
Tunir - About YouTube 19 dager siden
City are in it
Mick Moore
Mick Moore 19 dager siden
City are also joining Super League
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 19 dager siden
Our greedy owners will mug us off even more …
mac oye
mac oye 19 dager siden
Wait a minute is the idea that the teams want to leave the local leagues completely I don't think so , the super league from what I understand will happen simultaneously with the Premier league it's the champions league that loses its value. How does it affect the fans I want to understand ?
mac oye
mac oye 19 dager siden
@Vvs Paris so if it isn't why is the EPL threatening then with expulsion from the league?
mac oye
mac oye 19 dager siden
@Vvs Paris so if it isn't why is the EPL threatening then with expulsion from the league?
Vvs Paris
Vvs Paris 19 dager siden
its not simultaneous. its a breakout league
Andy w
Andy w 19 dager siden
Nope KG , local club . com , f@uk united and the glazer's
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 19 dager siden
Mason who everyone is just talking about Foden these days I like Pogba he actually putting effort in
Ewan Evans
Ewan Evans 19 dager siden
Hopefully they ban United from the prem now 🤞🤞
pppscooby 19 dager siden
UEFA & FA are worried about their own coffers. However i think this is a bargaining chip to get more from UEFA.
AKSHAY PADMASHALI 19 dager siden
Could someone please explain the context of six fingers joke ?
Inspector jack
Inspector jack 19 dager siden
like I've said before Deadwood Woodward and the Carpet Bagger Boys are implementing an aggressive takeover of European football just like they did with united!!!
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell 19 dager siden
Just wait for them to bring in Americanised terms like they want to with Cricket.
b_ammar 19 dager siden
well said... cricket is already dead , just a show not a sport...i hope the same doesn't happen to football
Kristóf Jakab
Kristóf Jakab 19 dager siden
I am not sure I will ever really care about football if this superleague will happen.
Wesley B
Wesley B 19 dager siden
Full English
Full English 19 dager siden
I must complement most of you, I’m pleased that your passion is this strong. Regardless of whatever happens our memories and past love for UNITED will always be intact. But the truth is our club and others need to be heavily punished, even if they reversed their statements , their intentions and ambition is out of the bag! There is more than just football hierarchy at work here, people need to open their eyes to Entitled Billionaires and their schemes and designs that effect our lives and we the people/fans have no say in!
Rhys Powell
Rhys Powell 19 dager siden
I almost hope this goes through just for them to lose everything to their greed. I wouldn't watch a game, buy a shirt, buy ticket. Think it would actually be good for the Premier League as well.
Jet Cleveland
Jet Cleveland 19 dager siden
Yeah let's go down a division and see what gazers would do then
mthefirst 19 dager siden
Might have to support Palace now 😅
Gabriel 19 dager siden
Palace or Charlton for me, more than likely palace
Gary Thompson
Gary Thompson 19 dager siden
As an American who started supporting United in 1992 when I was a young lad in the Army I embraced the the Premier League and the pyramid structure of English football. My favorite weekend was after the new year when we joined the FA Cup which I consider the purest and one of the most prestigious trophies in all sports. I feel sick to my stomach and this must be stopped at all costs to save the sport!
Gary Thompson
Gary Thompson 19 dager siden
@Alex United Stand you’re correct my friend! This has sickened me on so many levels. I remember when the Glazers bought the club and how they purchased the club and being worried about the future back then. Remember a few years before that the Premier League denied Rupert Murdoch from purchasing United so looking back at the last 20 years, the Premier League shares some blame in letting all this nonsense even begin
Alex United Stand
Alex United Stand 19 dager siden
I feel it must attract you guys because it's so different to your sports structure, when European sport become americanised it also alienates the americans watching those sports too.
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob 19 dager siden
DeGea cost himself his job. Priced himself out, GF and child want to live in spain and too many howlers last year. Henderson was fine today. Yeah he needs to dial back some of the aggressiveness, but otoh DeGea NEVER leaves his line. Easier to dial back aggression that to try to create it when it doesn't exist.
Bleachguy 19 dager siden
maguire doesnt like to do the gritty stuff why he spare man and lindelof is man mark man just bad leadership in my opinion maguire a flop missing headers in opponents box just like his pass to fred ik alot ppl blame fred but fred was put into an uncomeatable position id put maguire into flop category him and gk are responsible for setting up defence if we sold maguire id get koulibaly and varane
Simon Perkins
Simon Perkins 19 dager siden
If United go in the super league I'm out. That would be enough for me personally. I've supported the team for 30 years but I care about the overall game more than united getting rich.
Hardy Atwal
Hardy Atwal 19 dager siden
In all honestly.. what do we care about the little teams and coming up from the bottom and all that .. I don’t .. if this all goes through then smaller teams have incentive to join the best ??!! More aim for the likes of wolves and West Ham to better themselves no ?? The best of the best sounds like okkk .
Wesley B
Wesley B 19 dager siden
The league itself would be great football yes, but the damage it does to all other league losing its biggest clubs is so terrible. It changes everything
Inspector jack
Inspector jack 19 dager siden
If the big 6 go into the super league Arsenal will make the top 4?
Tunir - About YouTube
Tunir - About YouTube 19 dager siden
Arsenal are in the super league... somehow
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 19 dager siden
I don't want to see Mc Fred play again for United... these are dead midfielders playing Ole's tactics of protecting Lindelöf and Harry together...
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 19 dager siden
Ole is not a competent manager, we need to bring in a new manager in May, or Ole will get sacked if he continues to play Mc Fred and Lindelöf and Harry together...
Guy from the 80's
Guy from the 80's 19 dager siden
We’re second you plastic
tramaine maloney
tramaine maloney 19 dager siden
Flex and Kg I was an international in scholarship in America and trust me it runs way deeper than what you guys just said. The only way this stops is by fans and mostly importantly the players turning on this type of deal and thinking.
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 19 dager siden
We need billionaires who can buy United and save us for these evil and greedy owners.
kevin curry
kevin curry 19 dager siden
billionaires are billionaires because they are business men/ women , the world has moved on , brexit will have made these clubs look outside
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 19 dager siden
Ole plays boring football and he wins because of individual performance and he has been really lucky.
Harris Asjad
Harris Asjad 19 dager siden
if it doesn't happen now it will happen eventually
roders007 19 dager siden
You guys need an Intro Music
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob 19 dager siden
Jay is gonna give up following Utd if they join this super league crap. Zein thinks it can't be a super league if the goonies are involved. And therein lies the difference b/n Utd and Arsenal fans. Class.
Jayant Jha
Jayant Jha 19 dager siden
Relax Flex that was not really offensive 🤣🤣
SIDE M 19 dager siden
@Alex United Stand I’m aware, I’m from manny
Alex United Stand
Alex United Stand 19 dager siden
@SIDE M but he was obviously joking lol it’s just Burnley / Manchester banter
Tunir - About YouTube
Tunir - About YouTube 19 dager siden
@SIDE M offended 👍
SIDE M 19 dager siden
To you. Because you’re not from there
Ideozu Blake
Ideozu Blake 19 dager siden
Please what does he mean😂. I’m lost
Bleachguy 19 dager siden
mason needs more chances at striker next season
Tunir - About YouTube
Tunir - About YouTube 19 dager siden
In the super league
Bleachguy 19 dager siden
de gea should be prem gk dean europa
SkullyCane 19 dager siden
Jay going Cantona's seagull on the super league
jgauk Gary
jgauk Gary 19 dager siden
Jet Cleveland
Jet Cleveland 19 dager siden
If you are at true red you won't support the super League.
Robin Birgerson
Robin Birgerson 19 dager siden
Big ups to Flex, Jay and Kev for firmly standing up for what they believe in. Some of the others are way out of their depth when talking about the Super League, though.
Alex United Stand
Alex United Stand 19 dager siden
Having a different opinion isn't being out of your depth.
Jet Cleveland
Jet Cleveland 19 dager siden
If we join a super League my days of supporting utd are over simple
Damien Daly
Damien Daly 19 dager siden
amen im out but we need to remember its our club not the glazers its our club , get them out and we cant blame the players but they need to stand up its the american owners and there greed
iman afdar
iman afdar 19 dager siden
goodbye then 👋
charles zouch
charles zouch 19 dager siden
@Mohon Toi it's like winning a preseason friendly competition. No one cares
Mohon Toi
Mohon Toi 19 dager siden
What if we win it
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson 19 dager siden
I'll just watch old videos of the glory days, will never support this nonsense Football is officially dead if this happens what an absolute mess it would be
Kris C
Kris C 19 dager siden
First the yanks ruin our club now they are trying to ruin our english league... why try to fix something thats not broken ffs
kevin curry
kevin curry 19 dager siden
you broke your own league and your own country by voting for the self destruction that is brexit
TrueRedDevil 19 dager siden
no ricky, no watch
Inspector jack
Inspector jack 19 dager siden
the super league will drain the life out of the premiere TV deal which in turn could easily mean some of the smaller clubs go out of business!!!
Nathan McGuckin
Nathan McGuckin 19 dager siden
Super league for a side that struggles to beat Burnley Fulham Brighton West Brom Sheffield 😂😂😂 we would get absolutely destroyed in it so what’s the point we struggle in the Europa league as it is
Wesley B
Wesley B 19 dager siden
Do you see our position in the Premier League right now? How have we performed vs City, honestly the best side in the world currently. Why you talking like we have been terrible? Yeah inconsistencies vs super defensive low blocks has been a problem for a long time. All other clubs in the country struggle vs that as well besides City
AC DC 19 dager siden
All banter aside here..seriously. How can it be considered a "European Super League" if clubs like Spurs (7th) and Arsenal (9th) are supposedly in there? There's just no point. The CL takes the BEST each year from all leagues and crowns one the champion of Europe - this fucking shite league wont even have the best teams playing in it ffs.
EyeInTheSky 19 dager siden
So are you going to shut down this channel if the Superleague goes ahead then, I doubt it you will backtrack like a first grade B
Dr.Nikhil Dhorepatil
Dr.Nikhil Dhorepatil 19 dager siden
De gea has made some absolute howlers last two seasons and all De gea lovers are forgetting that !!
Dandroid5000 19 dager siden
Yeah, true......but Henderson's never gonna be the solution, he's a bang average keeper that's punching above his weight! Just another questionable signing that should never have been offered a contract at United...
fe4less 19 dager siden
Blame the players - greedy salaries!
josh 19 dager siden
3:00 jay is💯 spot on
eugene borowski
eugene borowski 19 dager siden
We don't need another EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE since we already have one. We can watch Mark Goldbridge playing in EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE as Manchester United!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tunir - About YouTube
Tunir - About YouTube 19 dager siden
Aged well
Jake Atkins Video
Jake Atkins Video 19 dager siden
31:20 for Super League chat
Amirreza Mohajer
Amirreza Mohajer 19 dager siden
mthefirst 19 dager siden
zacster 55
zacster 55 19 dager siden
Ayuub Muse
Ayuub Muse 19 dager siden
Thank you
Idk why i am here
Idk why i am here 19 dager siden
thnx bro
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie 19 dager siden
The clubs embarrassing for being a part of this disgrace to football competition.
M V 19 dager siden
You have to respect Jay, his quote about cashing cheques is priceless. On a serious note, I dont think Henderson is ready, someone at the club for whatever reason is bigging him up. Great to see Donny having an impact. He is good enough to wear the jersey.
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