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Man Utd can get Raphael Varane for 40 million as they look at bringing in Sancho and Trippier as well. Get the latest Man Utd transfer news on The United Stand. United Stand Exclusive Hoody collection united-stand.myshopify.com

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bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 6 dager siden
4:15 The rhyming game is on point
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 8 dager siden
​Thoughts on Yves Bissouma or Kalvin Phillips as a cheap alternate to Rice
Zach Moritz
Zach Moritz 10 dager siden
SpaztasticSheep 10 dager siden
"Real madrid can't afford 12m for Rapha Varane" -cries in David alaba-
Grzegorz Rafal
Grzegorz Rafal 11 dager siden
Sometimes I wonder why no one is talking about sacking OGS.. that lad knows nothing about trophy. He's a middle class coach. Very satisfied with his position. Conte is a serial winner. And he proves that everywhere he goes even with dead wood players. United on the other hand have the high quality needed anytime. Just a few touches on the market. We are gud. Conte is the Bomb. OGS knows the best players to buy. But know nothing about coaching.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 8 dager siden
Zidane is from Marseille. There is a very low percent chance from him to go in Paris
Romaine Soobramoney
Romaine Soobramoney 11 dager siden
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 6 dager siden
Deja vu
Charlie Walker
Charlie Walker 11 dager siden
What a sad state our club is in when 40 million is deemed a bargain. Absolutely ludicrous. May I remind you this “Bargain” is the 10th biggest transfer fee in our clubs history.
Terry Njekwa
Terry Njekwa 11 dager siden
we need patson daka to strengthen upfront
Jonas Gustafsson
Jonas Gustafsson 11 dager siden
We dont get varane Sancho
mobility saf1
mobility saf1 11 dager siden
No guys why are we not in for grealish. I'm ok to let pogba be swopped for varane. Then replace pogba with grealish.
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa 11 dager siden
Ole out if Sancho doesn't come.
Onell Karr
Onell Karr 11 dager siden
We will get Zlatan and Buffon
Jonathan 11 dager siden
The thing that all pundits and fans forget is we have tops 100m without sales of players, so please bear this in mind when DREAMING about a sudden blitz in the way UTD does transfers compared to the last 15 years...How do you expect the same people managing the process to suddenly change?
Rizwaan 11 dager siden
We have £150 mill of deadwood in the squad. We could easily sign sancho, a DM and a CB and still make a net profit
Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus
Slabicus ‘Deadwood’ Headicus 11 dager siden
Trippier would overtake AWB
Nadja Andralea Maliki
Nadja Andralea Maliki 11 dager siden
Another 40-60 m? Goodness me... release jones first... get koulibaly
Jarrod Mccann
Jarrod Mccann 11 dager siden
Would take hakimi from inter if they want to let a player go instead of cash.
just Me
just Me 11 dager siden
SAD.... Most good folk cant aford to but a dinner on the table for there kids and ur going on about fuking football players
ChrisKatsu 11 dager siden
Deja vu
Malick 12 dager siden
Zidane is from Marseille. There is a very low percent chance from him to go in Paris
dan day
dan day 12 dager siden
If we had just played tuanzaibe (can't spell it before some smart ass says it's wrong) we wouldn't need Verane next season
Don Tynan
Don Tynan 11 dager siden
Don't worry about spelling, you make a good point, i think Tuanzebe deserves an extended run, good player!!!
ManUtdElite_ _
ManUtdElite_ _ 12 dager siden
Varane will choose psg over us
Art Blab May tejura
Art Blab May tejura 12 dager siden
We need a manager that can coach player, make them much better and buy into a philosophy
S L Jones
S L Jones 12 dager siden
Sancho is worth 60m max no more
Art Blab May tejura
Art Blab May tejura 12 dager siden
We need a cdm, first and foremost, then a centre half, desperately
Art Blab May tejura
Art Blab May tejura 12 dager siden
I think grelish would be a better buy than sancho
Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander 12 dager siden
how could mark forget he was only in his grundies live on youtube hahaha
DAVID WING 12 dager siden
Heaton and trippier is the two garuneed signings £15 million net spend 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Terence Cloete
Terence Cloete 12 dager siden
thepeakycarper 12 dager siden
I'll be surprised if we sign any targets this summer the glazers will be happy with oles achievement this season and I dont think.they will spend
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele 12 dager siden
Varane is overrated.
Henri Vargas
Henri Vargas 12 dager siden
we Will get Fernando torres and gerrard🤣🤣🤣
LN KJV only
LN KJV only 12 dager siden
Repent to Jesus Christ! Are you a sinner? Mark 2:17 King James Version 17 When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.
blitzinNinja 12 dager siden
Nikunj Pasari
Nikunj Pasari 12 dager siden
Glazer : Can't fix the swimming pool nonsense....we need dividends ! Get Mings, another Dan James and make Jones a CDM !
Paul Westlake
Paul Westlake 12 dager siden
So much talk but it never happens so Man U
Cadell J
Cadell J 12 dager siden
To me wan bissaka should be back up to trippier instead
Wuming Kelvin
Wuming Kelvin 12 dager siden
swap mctominay for phillips swap fred for bissouma
Matthew Gillies
Matthew Gillies 12 dager siden
Man if we can get Varane, Sancho, Saul and another quality CM...I'm okay with thay
Caroline Mård
Caroline Mård 12 dager siden
I dont know how he has not gone crazy from all of this bullshit News.
Lester Lee
Lester Lee 12 dager siden
Its still the same Board. No change. Glazers out!
tamil333 12 dager siden
Achraf Hakimi from Inter would be incredible! Look at how good him and Sancho were for Dortmund. AWB is awful going forward!
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 12 dager siden
So Mark is a Giver
Michael Hill
Michael Hill 12 dager siden
Ole just wants more players he can keep on the bench and not bring on
Zachariah to memba
Zachariah to memba 12 dager siden
OLE has failed man U Team along with David De gea, the two must go now to allow Zidane or Conte to come and lead man U To Trophy 🏆 winning Team.OLE out now
Grzegorz Rafal
Grzegorz Rafal 11 dager siden
I somehow don't understand why nobody is talking about sacking OLG... And bring in Conte
WolveWick 12 dager siden
varane? really? why Man Untd doesnt target real good players?
Another Channel
Another Channel 12 dager siden
tbf LVG got di maria who at the time was top 5 in the world
sachin sreekumar
sachin sreekumar 12 dager siden
but pochettino has just joined PSG right?how can Zidane replace him ? will PSG do this?
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United 12 dager siden
Fast forward to deadline day & ta da it's Sarr............ Last hour transfer bid for Peter Crouch & negotiations continue 😂
ah lau
ah lau 12 dager siden
Varane? Really? City almost destroy that man career
Giovanni Reyes
Giovanni Reyes 12 dager siden
Mark you are a naturally funny lad 💪🏽 love the channel bro. Wishing you continued success!
Martin Dennison
Martin Dennison 12 dager siden
suicideking 69
suicideking 69 12 dager siden
I need someone in my life who will love me like mark loves fabrizio romano😹
Tj Moran
Tj Moran 12 dager siden
b khan
b khan 12 dager siden
80m a fucking bargain what do you mean
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross 12 dager siden
When does the tranfer window open??????
LOYALIST U.Y.M 12 dager siden
Order your kits on line from China £11 excellent quality and the glazers get f#@k all and you get your new top
MG GAMING 12 dager siden
Lutora Martinez
Erik Boye
Erik Boye 12 dager siden
Buy Bruno G from Lyon, DM
Joey Ward
Joey Ward 12 dager siden
Literally every 5 Minutes there is an ad Jesus
Harsh Shah
Harsh Shah 12 dager siden
Fabregas to Fellaini God what we have seen with this board
Zs07 Btw
Zs07 Btw 12 dager siden
I think it’s fairs
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross 12 dager siden
I don,t beleive anything YOU HAVE NO PROVE!!!
Roy Keane
Roy Keane 12 dager siden
Even with a year left, no way Perez is selling Varane for 35m
christopher bradley
christopher bradley 12 dager siden
If City sign Kane you can honestly give them next seasons title before a ball has been kicked.
Teach United
Teach United 12 dager siden
12 mil for Verene and 500gpw for Sanchez return !😮😟🤣
Ice Racks
Ice Racks 12 dager siden
100m for ben shite instead please!
Nigel Green
Nigel Green 12 dager siden
Tripier could be an excellent signing tbh
Jonathan Fa
Jonathan Fa 12 dager siden
Here we go again another drama continues 🤣🤣
Anonymous 12 dager siden
Yeah, looks like I'm gonna stop watching the United Stand for a couple of months. Listening to our transfer "rumous" is painful AF!! And Mark repeating himself all day everyday wears thin.
Vladdyimpaler 12 dager siden
News is something that actually happens. Transfer rumours are not news.
Nigel Green
Nigel Green 12 dager siden
I don’t think that rashfords been right since he done his back in over a year ago
Rizwaan 11 dager siden
Hasn't been given a minute to rest since he came back after that injury
John Reus
John Reus 12 dager siden
Collin Bain
Collin Bain 12 dager siden
Bissouma > Rice
Nigel Green
Nigel Green 12 dager siden
Didn’t sancho sign the extension first just before we agreed everything with him ? And I’m sure the price they want this year is what we wanted to pay last year
United84 12 dager siden
They will drag this out by time we’re not even excited anymore. They always do this
denzel mosore
denzel mosore 12 dager siden
Sell Dan James and get Raphinha
Reload TV
Reload TV 12 dager siden
What on earth was that 20 month joke😂😂
Kelcie Marques
Kelcie Marques 12 dager siden
😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 this man is a legend lol
Johan Van rooyen
Johan Van rooyen 12 dager siden
Mark there is another channel elite football something saying Pau Torres is our first choices and he has proof....
Give it to Mikey
Give it to Mikey 12 dager siden
“Getting the players he wants” isn’t just down to the board getting them. You have to consider, given the choices the top players have before them, why would any top player crave coming to play for Ole when they have PSG, City, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc to choose from. Ole’ abilities and football are going to factor in their decision making
Cyril Mathew
Cyril Mathew 12 dager siden
Romero and Botman should be our transfer targets. Varane is injury prone.
Jan Inge Hoff
Jan Inge Hoff 12 dager siden
Remeber Andy Mitten is living in Barcelona and have a lot of contacts in spain from the clubs there. Is writing on the Atletic about spanich clubs
Brad Hugh Skynryd
Brad Hugh Skynryd 12 dager siden
Bastoni doesn't even have to add a y lol
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath 12 dager siden
Varane is not worth 40 million he worth 60 65 million and on Sancho he not worth 80 million he worth about 85 90 million pounds.
Brad Hugh Skynryd
Brad Hugh Skynryd 12 dager siden
I'd love hakimi from inter
PC PLANET 12 dager siden
Man u at it again players with big price tags only got to look at pogba look how that's worked out for you lol
Roy Dean
Roy Dean 12 dager siden
Play trippier as right back and play wan bissaka as a cdm, he could be our kante!!!!
S I C A R I O 12 dager siden
Fcking Varan, all Madrid fans i know want to get rid of him !!
Isaac XCII
Isaac XCII 12 dager siden
Now that they signed Alaba they can release him
Karezza Kenosis
Karezza Kenosis 12 dager siden
I love football
Aiden Gopaul
Aiden Gopaul 12 dager siden
Breaking News:Joel Glazer has resigned from Manchester United with Mark Goldbridge leaving the United Stand and Thats Football fufilling his role
The Mog
The Mog 12 dager siden
Not a penny more? Green and Gold until the club gets sold 2.0? We all know nothing came of Green and Gold :)
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha 12 dager siden
If Varane goes to PSG we should go after Kimpembe man is an athletic monster on the way up
Yj 12 dager siden
I’m still getting a sancho top lol. Glazers out
Saqib Akbar
Saqib Akbar 12 dager siden
Would Varane want to play for a manager like Ole?
Sudharshan v e
Sudharshan v e 12 dager siden
He played for Rafa Benitez FFS!!! He will play for anyone as long as his role os defined.
Jenny Neame
Jenny Neame 12 dager siden
Of course not. He has already turned utd down
Yj 12 dager siden
I’m still getting a sancho top lol
GE 12 dager siden
Breaking: United in final stages of contract offers to Massimo Taibi, Eric Djemba-Djemba, Kleberson, William Prunier and Jordi Cruyff. "We wanted a new Goalie, a CDM or two, a central defender and a wide man. We know these players, and they give us what we need to challenge for the top prizes in the coming years." - Ole Gunnar Solksjaer
power ranger
power ranger 12 dager siden
Name the players Ole has sold and brought and look at who he went for as his first choice players.
Kamal Azam
Kamal Azam 12 dager siden
I think ole should put ronaldo, messi, varane, sancho as 4th or 5th choice to the board, im sute the board would have signed all of them yesterday
Ayebi Austin Ikponmwosa
Ayebi Austin Ikponmwosa 12 dager siden
If I was the decision maker @ Man Utd, I'd us less than £200 to make United a title contender next season. I'll bring in the following players; Sancho 70-80m Varane 35-40m Yves Bissouma 35-40m Trippier 10-15m If Pogba doesn't sign, I'd sell him and get Grealish in and the team is ready to go. Who else agrees with my line of thought?
Moha Albashir
Moha Albashir 12 dager siden
I agree solid signings to improve the quality of the team
Milzy _019
Milzy _019 12 dager siden
Why not just recall Dalot or darmian (whichever one is on loan) from loan rather then sign tripper. I believe pogba Donny Bruno are a great midfield three that can Contest Liverpool,man c and Chelsea’s midfield, so I don’t see why we need another cdm
V P 12 dager siden
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