sadek rahman
sadek rahman 10 timer siden
Unless our board has access to millions of new pounds to invest in United
Lam Do
Lam Do 10 timer siden
United need to get rid of Lingard, Mata, Jones, Pereira, Dalot, get Pogba to Sign new contract, sign Jack Grealish or Sancho, sign Kounde. promote going players to subs James Garner, Pelesstri, Amad, Hanibal, and other young talents. This will help us grow Young players and close The gap between subs and first team. Why can’t we trust our young players like Arsenal? we have so many good players but they never get to play or even don’t want to loan them out for maturity, why are we locking them up??
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 10 timer siden
Where is our CDM, CB and RW?
sadek rahman
sadek rahman 10 timer siden
We dont have a proper CDM or CB and RW.
silva vanessa
silva vanessa 10 timer siden
we have James garner
KEVANI 10 timer siden
Mark if you read this let me know your thoughts plz. I was watching Liverpool v Chelsea and how fast the tempo was , do you think MAGIURE slows things down too much and wants to play his way only. Eric passes almost immediately and if he goes forward it’s with pace. Where Harry seems to to take forever and mostly passes back ?
Joe Whiting
Joe Whiting 10 timer siden
Imagine we signed Haaland and he gets used as much as Donny
Jonny Walker
Jonny Walker 10 timer siden
Man City will get him, no point in even talking about this.
Chrisxerri 10 timer siden
If Ole really thinks that a striker is our main priority this summer then he needs to be let go and someone with some football intelligence brought in.
DBL Playss
DBL Playss 10 timer siden
Grealish plays off the left mark and can also play 10
Robert Elias
Robert Elias 10 timer siden
Mbappe has been on Woodwards dream signings list for several years, if he becomes available Woodward will spend the entire budget to get him regardless of who the Man Utd manager is at the time. He is also very keen on Neymar
Rusty James
Rusty James 10 timer siden
Haaland would-be wasted in our squad Peace family
Murathime 10 timer siden
Arteta is at position 10 but arsenal are not thinking about sacking him instead they are thinking about backing him because they did not back him well, we are here thinking about sacking ole when we all know what the problem is
RTL 10 timer siden
Haaland will NEVER come to United. Keane ended his dad's career and Raiola is his agent. Haaland is going to Barcelona if Laporta wins the Barcelona elections on Sunday.
TrueRedDevil 10 timer siden
MARK ARE U BLIND? saying we need carrick back from retirement, we have MATIC FFS
The Barca Central - News & Match Reactions
The Barca Central - News & Match Reactions 10 timer siden
United need a cdm, but the club haven't recognized that yet.
Tim collins
Tim collins 10 timer siden
Haaland or not, we need consistent shooting boots with fresh eyes & drive. Fringe & underperformers out this summer, with an eye on 1-2 decent incoming. Feather in the yoot or else what's the purpose of the Academy.
James Fagan
James Fagan 10 timer siden
Talking rubbish as usual
Yaqub Degoalen
Yaqub Degoalen 10 timer siden
27:20 it aint that hard bro
MrUmxhosa 10 timer siden
Is “trust the process” still a thing?
Louis Payne
Louis Payne 10 timer siden
Would love Harland but we don’t have any quality from behind to feed him!!
Rupak Lingwal
Rupak Lingwal 10 timer siden
Apparently Haaland has been linked with Man City and if they manage to get him (which they probably will), City will be virtually unbeatable.
Abhishek Savant
Abhishek Savant 10 timer siden
Then you can be sure City will move heaven and earth to get him.
SOURAV AGASTY 10 timer siden
As much as I want him in my team, please don't bring the kid..he is a monster. Ole will turn him into a mouse with a dead midfield and sideway passing providing him zero service. Let him stay in Dortmund or go to man city
John McGoldrick
John McGoldrick 10 timer siden
There is no way Man Utd are getting Haaland this summer, and absolutely no chance in hell they will get Mbappe with the Glazers being owners of the club. Hell will freeze over before any of those players come to Old Trafford, unless it's to play AGAINST Man Utd.
Michael Tomko
Michael Tomko 10 timer siden
Why bother he’d just be starved of service here. And he’s not leaving this summer. They’re selling Sancho and they won’t sell both their stars in one window
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 10 timer siden
Mark:There is nothing wrong with Man United squad looking like:De Gea, Henderson,Wan Bisaka, Williams,Shaw,Telles,Maguire, Lindelof,Varane,Bailey,Rice,Fred,Pogba,Mctominay, Fernandez,Van De Beek,Martial,Rashford,Greylish,James,Haarland, Greenwood; Experience:Grant,Matic,Mata,Cavani =squad of 26 to realistically compete with Man City and Liverpool for the Premier and Champions League Titles ! ; The present squad is a Joke !
michael king
michael king 10 timer siden
Lay of the Booze Mark.!!!!
Nani Nels
Nani Nels 10 timer siden
Again AGAIN. I will say this again , Ole will never manage Haaland ever again.. his more matured n he actually knows what tactics are , how a proper system will help him move forward with his game .
yabadabadoooo123 10 timer siden
Generational talent isn’t easy to get, so if the best chance is now I’d say go for it & not wait for the perfect moment.
omar Smith
omar Smith 11 timer siden
We will be lucky if we make top 4 playing like this.. Ole have no tactics
William Huxley
William Huxley 11 timer siden
Calm down mark..lol
pacefalm 11 timer siden
Grats on one mill!
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright 11 timer siden
The Woodward ‘List shitting’ scenario was Golden Mark!
DeMarcus B
DeMarcus B 11 timer siden
What United need in this order New Owners Sporting director New Manager Cdm Cb
Butters Stoch
Butters Stoch 11 timer siden
It’s not going to happen..weak manager doesn’t attract the biggest upcoming stars..
Reverse Flash Plays
Reverse Flash Plays 11 timer siden
I have a feeling ole will sell Dan james but he might get sacked at the end of this month
Sindo M
Sindo M 11 timer siden
Can't wait till 31st August to only get a last min 3rd class attacker😂
Charlie Howarth12
Charlie Howarth12 11 timer siden
I would prefer to get sancho
Anmol Jain 174
Anmol Jain 174 11 timer siden
Is bruno having pogba problem where he is the only man for creativity
Brad Carling
Brad Carling 11 timer siden
Halaand will never go to united
Domjayceon 11 timer siden
all the positions we need cb,rb,cdm,rw
Domjayceon 11 timer siden
yhy acha
yhy acha 11 timer siden
Mark has no clue 🤦‍♂️ Flex and KG keeps this channel relevant
Matthew Flatters
Matthew Flatters 11 timer siden
Bruno’s issue is pogba isn’t there to support and teams just know if they take him out of the game...we can’t create anything
regnig10 11 timer siden
We need wingers both sides, our strikers are playing on the wings
Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt 11 timer siden
Natural wingers not players out of position . Give the kids a run . Got to have more enthusiasm than martial. Who I think he knows the clocks ticking on his time here.
Arthur LS
Arthur LS 11 timer siden
You say Haaland will be waiting for the ball but Haaland drops back like Cavani but then sprints forward like Ronaldo so mute point. If UTD don't get Haaland now, someone else will and it's over. You can't say no to a Ronaldo/Messi that's why they've prioritised correctly.
Paul Hynes
Paul Hynes 11 timer siden
so over the summer we are going to be hyping over a player we don't sign if they are backing this 3rd rate manager then it might be decades before we see the club winning a league titles again
Walter White
Walter White 11 timer siden
Rashford Haaland Sancho Bruno Mctominay Ndidi
J WELSHEY 11 timer siden
We are crying out for a better CDM. Our midfield doesn't dominate weaker teams. CB and CDM would transform our team.
Wai hlyan Moe
Wai hlyan Moe 10 timer siden
@Ivan Donson I think mengi has better potential. Tuanzebe can be a good player for us but maybe not a starter like mengi can be. Has potential like Evans but not good enough to start
Nikky Blammon
Nikky Blammon 10 timer siden
Brilliant comment you just forgot the new manager as well 😁👊🏽
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson 10 timer siden
@Wai hlyan Moe rice was a center back in youth and switched to cdm in west ham. Axel gets 45 minutes a month cameos. Hard to be solid playing that much... he was captain in every age group in youth and was the best cb in our youth ranks. Guy is low on confidence and makes rash tackles. Give him game time, we will could have a new Rio on our hands.
Wai hlyan Moe
Wai hlyan Moe 10 timer siden
@Ivan Donson rice was a cdm when r started but axel isn’t. Axel does look shaky whenever he starts
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson 10 timer siden
In the mean time, i want to start a pwtition to give Axel more time. In CDM, CB or RB. I liked his tryout in midfield. He was always a ball playing center back, maybe he can do what Rice did and switch from CB to CDM... not saying that he will, i just want him playing more, but that is personal bias, i think he is our best potential defender
Erin J
Erin J 11 timer siden
The smelly parent wailly grip because moon anaerobically load opposite a false familiar famous dance. towering, slim burst
Yusuf F
Yusuf F 11 timer siden
You can put the Haaland story under the file “bullshit”
RTL 10 timer siden
Keane ended his dad's career he wont be coming to us. He has offers from Barcelona, Madrid, City and Bayern. He's not coming.
Blas4 Bird
Blas4 Bird 10 timer siden
You can put most of their news and reports as that
Paul Hynes
Paul Hynes 11 timer siden
he would crazy if he choose Man Utd over Man City
Craig Taney
Craig Taney 11 timer siden
We need a midfield that retain possession. That's the biggest problem.
Just Emeka
Just Emeka 11 timer siden
Where is the creativity from the wings - None
Hmm 11 timer siden
We all already know that whenever ole talks a lot he's lying
pisko 21
pisko 21 11 timer siden
We will end up with Ings and a center back from Indonesian league.
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson 10 timer siden
Harsh... that Ighalo panic signing will live on in memories for a while
Rebuild FC
Rebuild FC 10 timer siden
We won't have funds for the CB after we pay 80mn for Ings
Josh Cox
Josh Cox 11 timer siden
Just get haaland I bet we don't but let's see lol 😂
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor 11 timer siden
If haaland is oles priority then that's another reason to get rid. Yes he's a good striker but it's not what we need most. Ole is obsessed coz he's norwegian
Paul Hynes
Paul Hynes 11 timer siden
I would not Give OGS another penny to spend
juggu1 11 timer siden
A cdm should be the first priority. Having just an aging matic as cdm is not good. At least there is coverage at CB, with Bailey and Tuanzebe.
Your mum LovesCharlesDickins
Your mum LovesCharlesDickins 11 timer siden
We need a cf
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 11 timer siden
This wants to get EnglIsh players to MUFC that's why he is hyping on the issue
Your mum LovesCharlesDickins
Your mum LovesCharlesDickins 11 timer siden
Mark said he wanted mbappe
Unbearable 2020
Unbearable 2020 11 timer siden
Halland and and Mbappe 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joseph de selva
Joseph de selva 11 timer siden
Sell martial and get Harland
Casey Ofoma
Casey Ofoma 11 timer siden
I don’t want anyone to say after this that Ole is not backed if this is true. I would also add that we can’t have the blind leading the blind. We deserve at least one competent person in the room!
bright 11 timer siden
the priority was Sancho and we failed, now Halaand here we go again
RTL 10 timer siden
Sancho is Lingard 2.0.
The Lizard King
The Lizard King 11 timer siden
Been saying since the last transfer window, a CDM would absolutely transform this team. A better CB would help this defense quite a bit, but a true CDM would essentially free up a slot on the pitch, instead of using a CM duo, giving us much more dominance in midfield. This also gives us more formational freedom with the ability to play a 4-3-3.
ashley Kyrie
ashley Kyrie 11 timer siden
If Dean and Tony are being sold that is extra budget there
Harshit Dube
Harshit Dube 11 timer siden
So, where will Greenwood play if he joins us? We already have Diallo to play on the right.
yhy acha
yhy acha 11 timer siden
@KING DEDEDEDEDE he will be a backup and slowly grow into a proper player. Cavani will be at the club for short term only.
KING DEDEDEDEDE 11 timer siden
Wdyn where will greenwood play if he joins us???
yhy acha
yhy acha 11 timer siden
It's to early for him to be the main man upfront.
chris cooper
chris cooper 11 timer siden
I would normally agree but where haaland is concerned go and get him. He's too good to miss out on.
Rahil Patel
Rahil Patel 10 timer siden
@shane O’Reilly no one competent enough.... if we sign haaland and he doesnt get the service doesnt score hell get unhappy and be the next martial
Rahul Wanjari
Rahul Wanjari 10 timer siden
@shane O’Reilly Bundesliga doesn't give him much exposure to viewers. Once he will play for any La liga or Premier league club, he is going to become the player everyone will like to watch. The club will get massive audience to cheer.
shane O’Reilly
shane O’Reilly 10 timer siden
Absolutely 100%. He’s the real deal. Can I ask, do we REALLY need a CDM? Don’t we have enough players to fill this position?
Rahul Wanjari
Rahul Wanjari 10 timer siden
Definitely, United should not let Haaland go anywhere.
juggu1 11 timer siden
Its all about distracting from current situation with not scoring goals by showing postive for the future. A future we probably never going to see.
A Z 11 timer siden
The Cbeebies reference had me....😭😂
eyob tekle
eyob tekle 11 timer siden
This is all a smock screen bro nobody is coming
Bob Burgers
Bob Burgers 11 timer siden
Here we go again with Håland.
Idk what’s my Content
Idk what’s my Content 11 timer siden
Cdm, zakaria, box to box camavinga (if pogba leaves, sancho rw, varane cb or kounde
Classical Chateau
Classical Chateau 11 timer siden
Sounds like yet another summer of the club hyping up big transfers with zero intent of actually signing any of them, you go to be a mug if you're still buying into this crap
Blas4 Bird
Blas4 Bird 10 timer siden
@The AJ 😂😂😂😂
The AJ
The AJ 10 timer siden
Manchester United are also rumored to be linked with an alien in Mars
Daire Finnie
Daire Finnie 10 timer siden
Mark is the poster boy for the millions of deluded "man yoonited" fans.
Blas4 Bird
Blas4 Bird 10 timer siden
David Brooks
David Brooks 11 timer siden
Declan Rice for CDM
c y b e r w e s s
c y b e r w e s s 11 timer siden
Id rather Haaland than not.
Classic Cookie
Classic Cookie 11 timer siden
If and it’s a big if, if we got a haarland or whatever, we have to either keep pogba or sign a new cm as well as a cb. We need to start controlling games, counterattacking tactics figured out from last season. It’s just not working anymore
Shane Heffernan
Shane Heffernan 11 timer siden
Sell pogba, martial, matic, Jones and Mata all the deadwood out and Sancho and varane in then if we have enough get a CDM and haaland after a while. But the board won't do this because they don't care for our club
King Ronaldo
King Ronaldo 11 timer siden
Don't sell pogba
Green Arrow
Green Arrow 11 timer siden
Here we go again!! Harland 90% to sign!! 🤔