eslermanu47 3 timer siden
Sancho why the guy can't get into the England team he is not that good
Pawel Czerniakowski Football stories
Pawel Czerniakowski Football stories 3 timer siden
I telling you Sancho won't be better than Rashford,Diallo or Martial. Another very similar player to those. We need someone like Grealish. No Haalland who will be total flop,no Kane(great player but too expensive). Only Grealish for forward position,world class or at least very good CDM and good CB.
Bleachguy 3 timer siden
we could easily say to varane wait till january and we will get u
Mathew Tunks
Mathew Tunks 3 timer siden
Eric Djemba-Djemba was better than Fred
impact zone
impact zone 3 timer siden
Sancho close but actually miles away
Orange Sloth
Orange Sloth 3 timer siden
Abel Makori
Abel Makori 3 timer siden
Sancho Deal yesterday
S A 3 timer siden
Were crap
conel costigan
conel costigan 3 timer siden
book em dano
Stephen Hope
Stephen Hope 3 timer siden
95 million euros is 83 million pounds..just saying
conel costigan
conel costigan 3 timer siden
noyhing happening here move along please
Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint 3 timer siden
SEAN NEWSOME 3 timer siden
Sancho is no way a 100 million pound player. Madness!
Space Lantern
Space Lantern 3 timer siden
Not sure which is more comical, everyone waiting for the deal or your shows repeatedly talking about the deal. This month, this week, tomorrow, immediately, definitely this month, 100% this year, soon, very soon…😂
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 3 timer siden
This is wrong keeping players that have gone past there best, Ole playing the mate's act again this is why we will Never win anything under Ole, Ole Out And glazers Out
hamed A
hamed A 4 timer siden
I don't even know if would be worth it if he isn't even a starter. For the price they want you, you expect him to be a guaranteed starter.
Daniel Paton
Daniel Paton 4 timer siden
I think its going to be rotated, Sancho & Chilwell will play as much as Rashford & Shaw
Crystalblade 4 timer siden
*Sancho deal is like an asymptote, closer and closer but never reaching an end*
Milind Kunwar
Milind Kunwar 4 timer siden
Yesterday you told not imminent
MUFC 45 4 timer siden
this Sancho transfer is dragging on way to long now, just get it done so we can move on and get a few more players signed
LiveWireRed B.
LiveWireRed B. 4 timer siden
We put in a £80M bid last summer. Logically our bid this summer will be lower.
metube 4 timer siden
Let's just drop this Sancho subject. It's been dragging on too long and the United Stand may stand accused of being distracted by Glazer marketing hype
Shaarang Abhayankar
Shaarang Abhayankar 4 timer siden
Mark as you say daniel james will be better for leeds united then what about a swap deal between phillips and daniel james?
Neville Gti
Neville Gti 4 timer siden
Ben White for United too. 🤔😐🤣
Ahmadou Baba Diallo
Ahmadou Baba Diallo 4 timer siden
Isn’t €90M too expensive for someone who doesn’t even make it to match day squad? He fail to be in the 23 men list. It’s worrying me
Yazid Aji
Yazid Aji 4 timer siden
If Pogba leaves, besides Grealish, I'd like us to go in for Bellingham again
VoiceInTheCyberness 4 timer siden
This deal has got long Covid
adam boujnane
adam boujnane 4 timer siden
Bulshit greedy youtuber he doesn't paying he's staffs good wages
Wesley Selkridge
Wesley Selkridge 5 timer siden
What will Mark talk about when Sancho signs.
TheDisruptiveOne 5 timer siden
Sell Martial. Need the funds.
Retro Rube
Retro Rube 5 timer siden
A little bit lethargic, mate I'm bored off my tits with it. I honestly have zero emotion invested in this deal. The only thing that will get me remote excited, is if a CDM and top CB roll in behind his deal. More chance of Mata and Matic getting new deals and Phill Jones playing CB than that happening!
Benjamin Kollie
Benjamin Kollie 5 timer siden
We have Dalot who has the exact same qualities as Trippier, he’s even young and hungry....why we don’t persist with him and improve him is mind boggling.
Benjamin Kollie
Benjamin Kollie 4 timer siden
@Justice Dike spot on
Justice Dike
Justice Dike 4 timer siden
Because he hasn’t got the English passport bro Ole only wants British player’s
Su11piece 5 timer siden
Same nonsense as last year, and every year before it. We are incapable of getting business done early.
Ian Baldock
Ian Baldock 5 timer siden
Not excited. I just see another overpaid kid. Why don't we bring in world class players?
3000KJH 5 timer siden
Sancho Saga is going on longer than Goku's fight with Frieza on Namak!
Clifford Bradley
Clifford Bradley 5 timer siden
Usual speculative rubbish !!!!!!!
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena 5 timer siden
Martial is shy.......it is a label used for most black players when they want to be politically correct! Duncan Castles can kiss where the sun does not shine!
Kwei Kwabena
Kwei Kwabena 5 timer siden
a fullback is a defender....Diego cannot defend.......
MrBandalone 5 timer siden
I thought the Bruno transfer drug on now it puts that to shame
Shaun Bradley
Shaun Bradley 5 timer siden
What's going on I believe that United put a bid of 95m plus add ons Romero tweeted it over the weekend
yogi akita
yogi akita 5 timer siden
Thought he signed already
Anthony Bardsley
Anthony Bardsley 5 timer siden
They need to get sancho deal done quickly to save embarrassment.
Bass 6ix
Bass 6ix 5 timer siden
Mark your analysis on sancho yesterday was spot on, dembele keeps contributing to the french team with assists and goals, i think sancho isnt what we need
yippee kiyay
yippee kiyay 5 timer siden
Pogba wants extortionate wages which is likely why his transfer value will be lower than Varane
halmia 5 timer siden
greatonesv 5 timer siden
90%😂 is back
Teekay_ Doughlife
Teekay_ Doughlife 5 timer siden
He's not kicking away and miss passing a lot of balls that we usually see him do
Teekay_ Doughlife
Teekay_ Doughlife 5 timer siden
Mark every match Brazil plays since lately he plays good
Gee Cash
Gee Cash 5 timer siden
Man City do get a percentage if Sancho goes to any team, thought he would've knew this
John Evans
John Evans 5 timer siden
City get 15% of the fee (the fee less 8 million which is what Dortmund paid for him)
Hardy Atwal
Hardy Atwal 5 timer siden
Hunter 5 timer siden
Headlines later today…”Sancho deal on hold.”
Dee Mcclelland
Dee Mcclelland 6 timer siden
Hi mark ur boring me now with ur BS storys just stop with all these paper talk and believing there lies
Andrew 6 timer siden
I agree Mark. The dead wood needs to go with ed Woodward.Marta .Matic. must go. Open space for youngsters
Legit Walrus
Legit Walrus 6 timer siden
Mark you even said so yourself that you’re sick of the Sancho transfer rumours so why don’t you just reduce the transfer daily show to maybe 2-3 times a week. I love the channel but it all feels forced now for the sake of content.
Andrew Ebanks
Andrew Ebanks 6 timer siden
This is why we will not buy any one by keeping mata and the dead wood
MoOokA 6 timer siden
Been a subscriber for more than 4 years but to be honest this is getting desperate and boring… I know its a man utd news show but asking the fants to not watch it if we are bored not the reply i want to hear because me and others subscribed to watch contents here and if we wouldn’t want to watch we would’ve subscribed 👍🏾
GEORGE ROE 6 timer siden
dont be taken p.brown debrun
Music 6 timer siden
Manchester United are inept in the transfer window. Who else does this????? They show themselves up in the football world as a club who just cannot do anything right.
ViewVidz 6 timer siden
Isnt it today the uk government debate about the 50+1 rule
Bra Ciyee
Bra Ciyee 6 timer siden
Mark if you care one bit about your followers please stop this Sancho bs . Cmon man
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse 6 timer siden
Lukaku left because Ole wanted Martial to be his main no9...oops
Jamous 3 timer siden
Well it worked last season when he was then Cavani was the main no 9 this season gone .
Aidan Yip-Hoi
Aidan Yip-Hoi 3 timer siden
Actually no. Lukaku left cuz he didn't want to be bench by Rashford👍
M.A 6 timer siden
Sancho will wear a Utd Shirt literally and media will be like ‘deal is imminent’
Zacky Boy boy 2
Zacky Boy boy 2 6 timer siden
I love you I love you not I love you I love you not I love you I love you not
Andrew Tunstall
Andrew Tunstall 6 timer siden
Sancho doesn´t play in England, Premiership players get more exposure in England.
c j
c j 6 timer siden
Looks like we better get ready for Kingsley coman 🙄
Beardsy04 4 timer siden
He’s too good for utd ahahahahah get a grip
Berg 6 timer siden
Fred is a Kante type player box to box high presser in a more defensive system
Tony Barry
Tony Barry 5 timer siden
What are you smoking!?🤷
gavin greensmith
gavin greensmith 6 timer siden
I dont understand why there is all this hype over sancho. Personally couldnt care less, never have. Never seen him play so aint hyped at all and to be honest having a hype train for a year is beyond boring.
Belii 6 timer siden
they know bvb want €95m but offer them €70m hahahahahahaha pathetic
Nick Ng
Nick Ng 6 timer siden
Just stop the sancho saga!! Im getting tired of this... it wont happen...full stop
United stand by me
United stand by me 6 timer siden
I think Malen dont have the United identity, he seems a bit cocky, and think he is the best and the finished article… Trust me… However, he is a fanstastic player, and Sometimes attitude and personality doesnt matter, so maybe he would do good, but yeah…
Choon Sayavipulya
Choon Sayavipulya 6 timer siden
Regardless of this deal, we must stay Glazer Out!!!
Bruno Kagawa
Bruno Kagawa 6 timer siden
If I get $1 every time someone says the Sancho deal is close, I'd never have to work again for the rest of my life.
Anthony Keaveney
Anthony Keaveney 6 timer siden
June 2031 Sanchez deal nearly done!!
Trevor Cross
Trevor Cross 6 timer siden
If the glazers buy sancho for 80+ mil,then they certainly wont be getting anybody else
Dre Mac
Dre Mac 6 timer siden
I hate the comparison with current players to past players ... is like Shaw in the same boat as any of our past lb???? NO NOT EVEN THE SAME LIBRARY .... is Scott mctominay NO ...is rashford No ... stop ✋🏽 please because this united team is no Comparison to past united team at all .. stop the individual banter if ur not gona do it across the board
Nejc Sribar
Nejc Sribar 6 timer siden
Please stop with Sancho untill the deal is done. You deserve all the banter if it doesnt happen again. Probably over 100 videos talking about sancho deal is done, close,....
Jannik Nielsen
Jannik Nielsen 6 timer siden
Apparantly Utd went from a £67 mil bid to a €70 mil bid, while knowing the price is non-negotiable at €95 mil.
Danyal Saleem
Danyal Saleem 6 timer siden
At this point I dont even want Sancho cos this is a never ending saga. We have many young high potential RW's so by signing Sancho it will hinder their development.
Cliff Milne
Cliff Milne 7 timer siden
Signing him again this week, that will be his 29th time he has signed for Utd. If this was Liverpool the deal would be completed by now
kamindra gurung
kamindra gurung 7 timer siden
Stop talking about sancho